How To Fix (R6) Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 3-0x000c0054?

Experiencing issues launching or playing Rainbow Six Siege? Error code 3-0x000c0054 indicates there is a problem connecting to game servers. This can occur for several reasons – from problems with your internet connection to corrupted game files. The good news is that in most cases, this error can be easily fixed by working through some troubleshooting steps.

How To Fix (R6) Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 3-0x000c0054?

What Causes Error Code 3-0x000c0054?

Error 3-0x000c0054 occurs in Rainbow Six Siege when there is a failure to establish a connection with the game servers. Here are some potential causes:

Connectivity Issues

  • Disconnected or unreliable internet connection
  • Router, firewall, or port issues blocking connectivity
  • Outages or issues with Ubisoft/Rainbow Six Siege servers

Corrupted Game Files

  • Missing game files or invalid install
  • Problems from abrupt game crashes or power loss during play
  • Game file corruption from bugs, glitches or unsupported system

System Software Problems

  • Outdated network drivers, DirectX, Microsoft packages
  • Antivirus/security software blocking Rainbow Six Siege
  • Issues with system permissions or administrator rights

How to Fix Rainbow Six Siege Error Code 3-0x000c0054

Fortunately, there are various troubleshooting steps you can take to diagnose and resolve error 3-0x000c0054:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first step is verifying your internet connection is working correctly:

  • Reset router and modems – unplug for 60 seconds
  • Check connection speeds – test on Speedtest
  • Verify Rainbow Six Siege server status here
  • Disable VPNs, proxies, firewalls temporarily for testing
  • Power cycle networking equipment if issues persist

This will determine if connectivity problems are causing the error.

2. Port Forward Rainbow Six Siege Ports

If you have a strict router firewall, you may need to manually forward the following ports used by Rainbow Six Siege:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 13000, 14000-14016, 3074
  • UDP: 3074, 3478-3479, 3659, 14000-14016

Here are details on forwarding these ports for various router models. This will ensure your firewall is not blocking connectivity.

3. Repair/Reinstall Rainbow Six Siege

If you still get error 3-0x000c0054, try repairing and reinstalling the game using Ubisoft Connect:

  • Hit “Verify Files” to check all game files
  • Select “Uninstall” then “Install” to fully reinstall the game
  • Restart your PC after reinstall completes

This will replace any corrupted, invalid or missing Rainbow Six Siege files causing issues.

4. Update System Software

Another source of connectivity problems can be outdated system software:

  • Install the latest video card drivers
  • Update Windows and all Microsoft packages
  • Check for antivirus/security app updates
  • Reboot your PC after updates finish

Updating this software can resolve conflicts blocking multiplayer connectivity.

5. Reset Network Adapters

As a last resort, resetting your network adapter will reinitialize all connections:

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  • Type “ipconfig /release” and “ipconfig /renew”
  • Type “ipconfig /flushdns” to reset DNS cache
  • Restart computer for changes to take effect

After working through these troubleshooting steps, Rainbow Six Siege error 3-0x000c0054 should be resolved in most cases. Be sure to also check Ubisoft forums/status pages for any current server outages.

Key Takeaway

  • Error code 3-0x000c0054 in Rainbow Six Siege is generally caused by connectivity issues, corrupted files, or software conflicts
  • Solutions include checking internet connection, port forwarding, reinstalling the game files, updating system software and resetting network adapters
  • Following a structured troubleshooting approach usually resolves the error allowing you to play

Hopefully this guide has given you the tools to diagnose and fix Rainbow Six Siege error 3-0x000c0054 when it pops up. Just work through these connectivity, game file, and software solutions until you get the game running smoothly again. Now get back to breaching and clearing with your squad!


Error 3-0x000c0054 can certainly be frustrating, blocking you from connecting to matches in Rainbow Six Siege. Fortunately as outlined in this guide, the problem can typically be narrowed down to connectivity, corrupted files, or software conflicts. Methodically verifying your internet connection, reinstalling game files, updating system software, port forwarding, and resetting network adapters should resolve the issue in most cases. Be sure to also check the status of Rainbow Six servers for any ongoing outages. Following this structured troubleshooting approach will have you back in action gaming with friends and squad mates in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Rainbow Six Siege error code 3-0x000c0054?
A. Error code 3-0x000c0054 indicates there is a connectivity issue preventing Rainbow Six Siege from accessing the game’s servers. This prevents online multiplayer and causes the error message.

Q. Why do I keep getting error 3-0x000c0054?
A. Frequent 3-0x000c0054 errors are typically caused by an unreliable internet connections, firewalls/ports blocking R6 connectivity, corrupted game file installs, or outdated network hardware/software.

Q. How can I fix error code 3-0x000c0054 permanently?
A. Permanently resolving error 3-0x000c0054 requires troubleshooting root causes like connectivity issues, reinstalling Siege files, updating network software, and optimizing firewalls/ports until problems no longer block connectivity.

Q. What ports does Rainbow Six Siege use?
A. Rainbow Six Siege uses TCP ports 80, 443, 13000, 14000-14016, 3074 and UDP ports 3074, 3478-3479, 3659, 14000-14016. Forwarding these ports can fix connectivity issues behind strict firewalls.

Q. Should I reinstall Rainbow Six Siege to fix error 3-0x000c0054?
A. Yes, using Ubisoft Connect to validate/reinstall game files is recommended to replace any corrupted files which may be causing 3-0x000c0054 errors getting online.

Q. Can cheating cause error code 3-0x000c0054?
A. While cheating and hacks are disruptive to R6 connectivity, they are not directly related to error 3-0x000c0054 – this error specifically indicates a problem reaching game servers.

Q. I keep lagging in Rainbow Six Siege, could this cause error 3-0x000c0054?
A. Yes, frequent lag and latency issues with your Rainbow Six Siege connection can ultimately culminate in getting disconnected with error 3-0x000c0054. Boosting connectivity is recommended.

Q. How can I contact Ubisoft support for help with error code 3-0x000c0054?
A. You can contact @UbisoftSupport on Twitter or reach a support agent through for personal assistance troubleshooting error 3-0x000c0054 while playing Rainbow Six Siege.

Q. What information should I include when reporting error 3-0x000c0054?
A. When contacting support provide your gamertag/ID, when you receive the error, game mode & system specifications to help them diagnose the 3-0x000c0054 connectivity error.

Q. Is error code 3-0x000c0054 platform specific?
A. No, 3-0x000c0054 can occur on all Rainbow Six Siege platforms including Xbox/PlayStation consoles and Windows PCs as it indicates a general connectivity issue.

Q. Can my router cause connectivity issues like error 3-0x000c0054?
A. Yes, routers with firewalls, NAT issues, and port blocking can disrupt Rainbow Six connectivity. Port forwarding R6 ports or temporarily placing router in DMZ mode can help determine if router settings are causing 3-0x000c0054.

Q. Why does Rainbow Six Siege error 3-0x000c0054 happen randomly?
A. Sporadic 3-0x000c0054 errors can be caused by short intermittent network outages disrupting connectivity, background programs temporarily consuming bandwidth, game crashes/errors stacking up, etc. Making networking setup more reliable can prevent.

Q. Is Rainbow Six Siege down or having server issues right now?
A. Check sites like or Downdetector to determine if ongoing Rainbow Six Siege outages/server issues could be related to 3-0x000c0054 connectivity errors.

Q. Can anti-virus or firewall software cause connectivity issues with error code 3-0x000c0054?
A. Yes, security apps analyzing traffic can sometimes interfere with multiplayer connections. Adding game file exclusions, ensuring apps are updated, and pausing them as a connectivity test is recommended.

Q. Does error 3-0x000c0054 affect Rainbow Six Siege on console platforms?
A. Yes, this error can occur when connecting to Rainbow Six matches and lobbies across platforms – including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 consoles, indicating an issue reaching R6 servers.

Q. What type of connection issues can lead to Rainbow Six Siege showing error code 3-0x000c0054?
A. Unreliable Wi-Fi signals, ISP outages, port forwarding problems, DNS failures, DHCP errors, NAT conflicts and temporary connection drops can all contribute to connectivity issues behind error 3-0x000c0054.

Q. Can using a VPN connection cause error code 3-0x000c0054 in Rainbow Six Siege?
A. Yes, VPN connections can trigger 3-0x000c0054 by adding encryption, proxy connections, and general lag. Disable the VPN as a troubleshooting step when receiving this Rainbow Six error code.

Q. How can I prevent Rainbow Six Siege error code 3-0x000c0054 going forward?
A. Updating network drivers/firmware, improving internet speeds, forwarding necessary ports, reinstalling the game periodically, and ruling out any system or network issues can help mitigate and prevent error 3-0x000c0054 connectivity problems.

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