How To Fix Party Animal Client Version Outdated?

Party Animal is a popular multiplayer online game where players can create custom animal avatars and explore a vibrant, colorful world. However, players may sometimes encounter the “Client Version Outdated” error when trying to launch the game. This article provides solutions to fix this issue on various platforms so you can get back to playing Party Animal.

How To Fix Party Animal Client Version Outdated?

What Causes the “Client Version Outdated” Error?

The “Client Version Outdated” error occurs when your installed version of the Party Animal game client is older than the latest version supported by the game servers. As developers release new updates and features, older game client versions eventually become obsolete.

Some common triggers for this error include:

  • Installing an older version of the game client
  • Failing to update the game after a new patch is released
  • Issues arising from game file corruption or mismatches

Keeping Your Game Up-To-Date

To avoid version errors, it’s important to promptly install any patches, hotfixes, and other updates released for Party Animal. Generally, the game client should auto-update itself when launched if an update is available.

However, if auto-updates are disabled or not working, you may need to manually check for updates and install them to sync your game client version with the servers.

Fixing “Client Version Outdated” on Windows

If you encounter the version outdated error in Party Animal on Windows, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Launch the Party Animal game client. Even with the error, attempt launching the game anyway. This will trigger the auto-update check.
  2. Check for Windows updates. Use Windows Update to install the latest updates for your operating system, which can sometimes resolve software issues.
  3. Verify game file integrity. Use the Steam client’s “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option to check for corruption or mismatches with game files. This will re-download any missing or outdated files.
  4. Manually update the game. If auto-updates aren’t working, try manually updating by restarting the Steam client and re-downloading Party Animal to get the latest version.
  5. Reinstall the game. If all else fails, uninstall Party Animal completely using Steam, restart your computer, then reinstall the game fresh. This will ensure all files match the latest version.

Fixing “Client Version Outdated” on Mac

Here are troubleshooting steps for the client outdated error in Party Animal when playing on Mac:

  1. Relaunch the game. First try simply relaunching Party Animal on your Mac. This could trigger a stalled auto-update.
  2. Check for macOS updates. Install the latest macOS updates from System Preferences to resolve any OS-related issues.
  3. Verify game files. In the Steam client, right-click Party Animal, select Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Files.
  4. Delete config files. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Party Animal in Finder, move the “Config” folder to your desktop, then relaunch the game. This resets game settings which could be causing issues.
  5. Reinstall the game. If the error persists, uninstall then reinstall Party Animal on your Mac via Steam to fully refresh the game files.

Fixing “Client Version Outdated” on Linux

For Linux users receiving the client outdated message in Party Animal, try these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Update the game. In the Steam client, right-click Party Animal and select Properties. Go to the Updates tab and click “Check for Updates” to manually update.
  2. Restart Steam. Completely restart the Steam client and try launching Party Animal again to trigger an update check.
  3. Verify game files. In Party Animal’s Properties window, navigate to Local Files > Verify Integrity Of Game Files to check for issues.
  4. Delete config data. Navigate to ~/.config/PartyAnimal and delete files in this directory, then relaunch the game to reset config data.
  5. Reinstall the game. As a last resort, completely uninstall then reinstall Party Animal on your Linux system via Steam to refresh all game files.

Preventing Further “Client Version Outdated” Errors

Here are some tips to help avoid further client version errors while playing Party Animal:

  • Enable auto-updates for games in your Steam client settings so updates can be seamlessly installed in the background.
  • Periodically verify your Steam game files to check for corruption issues.
  • Avoid using outdated third-party mods or customizations that may conflict with official updates.
  • Monitor the Party Animal forums and announcements for notices about recently released updates.
  • Completely restart your Party Animal game client and Steam regularly when prompted to ensure updates apply properly.

Staying up-to-date with all latest game patches, hotfixes, and other updates is key to avoiding version errors and other out-of-sync issues in online games like Party Animal.

Contacting Party Animal Support

If all above troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the client outdated error in Party Animal, you should contact the game’s customer support team via:

  • The “Contact Support” form on the Party Animal support site
  • Posting on the Party Animal support forums
  • Chat with online support agents through the game launcher

The support team can further investigate any persisting client version issues, as well as possibly fix corrupted installs if reinstalling the game does not work. Make sure to provide your system specs and game client version when contacting support.

Key Takeaways: Fixing “Client Version Outdated” in Party Animal

  • The “client outdated” error occurs when your installed game version is older than what the servers support
  • Promptly update Party Animal whenever patches, hotfixes, or updates get released
  • Use Steam’s verify game file feature to check for corruption issues
  • Completely reinstall Party Animal as a last resort
  • Enable auto-updates in your Steam settings
  • Monitor the Party Animal forums and announcements for recent updates
  • Contact Party Animal customer support if troubleshooting does not resolve the issue

Staying updated with the latest game version is the key to avoiding “client outdated” errors and keeping access to all the newest features in Party Animal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does the “client outdated” error happen?
    This error occurs when your installed Party Animal game version is older than what the game servers support from outdated files or failing to update the game.
  2. How can I enable auto-updates for Party Animal?
    In your Steam app settings, go to the “Automatic Updates” section and check the box for “Automatically keep my games up to date”.
  3. Does verifying game files reinstall Party Animal?
    No, verifying only scans for corrupted files or mismatches and re-downloads any necessary files. It does not do a full reinstall.
  4. Can I resolve the error without reinstalling the game?
    Yes, first try less drastic solutions like restarting Party Animal, verifying files, checking for updates manually, or contacting tech support for assistance.
  5. Will reinstalling Party Animal erase my save data?
    No, only your game settings stored locally on your PC will be reset. Your online save data is stored separately in the cloud and will not be affected.
  6. How do I backup my Party Animal save data?
    Enable cloud saving in Steam, then make local copies of any save files located in
    Documents/PartyAnimal/SavedGames as an extra precaution.
  7. Does macOS have file verification like Steam?
    Yes, similar file verification is done in the Mac version by right-clicking Party Animal, selecting Properties then clicking “Verify Integrity Of Game Files”.
  8. How do I delete config files on a Mac?
    Open Finder, hit Command+Shift+G to open the Go To Folder dialog, type in
    ~/Library/Application Support/, go to Party Animal folder, move Config folder to desktop.
  9. Where are Linux config files located?
    Linux config data for Party Animal is stored in the
    ~/.config/PartyAnimal directory. Delete files inside to reset when troubleshooting.
  10. Is there a way to see my current Party Animal version?
    Yes, starting the Party Animal client with the “-version” command line parameter added will display your currently installed game version number.
  11. Can I still earn achievements in Party Animal while offline?
    No, your game client must to be able connect to the Party Animal servers and match the latest version in order to properly track achievements.
  12. Will my Party Animal leaderboard rankings be reset?
    No, your online leaderboards and ranks will be intact after resolving version issues since this data is saved on remote game servers.
  13. Who do I contact about refunds for Party Animal?
    If you purchased the game on Steam, you would need to open a support ticket with Steam requesting a refund for Party Animal due to technical issues.
  14. Does Party Animal client outdated error happen on consoles?
    No, the game auto-updates itself in the background on console platforms like Xbox and PlayStation, so version mismatch issues are rare on consoles.
  15. Can I copy game files from another PC to fix?
    No, you should re-download fresh files directly from Steam servers instead of copying files to avoid further sync issues.


Keeping your Party Animal game client updated is crucial to avoiding “client version outdated” errors and related disconnects. Enable auto-updates, periodically verify your game files, avoid outdated mods, and promptly install any new patches to stop issues before they start. Reach out to the helpful Party Animal support team if troubleshooting does not get the game back up and running.

Staying involved with the player community by following Party Animal announcements will ensure you never miss important update notices. Now get back out there, update your client, and have fun exploring the wild word of Party Animal again!

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