How To Fix Error Code 520? is one of the largest online fanfiction archives, allowing users to read, write, and interact with a variety of fanfiction stories and communities. However, users sometimes encounter error messages that prevent them from accessing the site properly. One common error is the 520 error code.

How To Fix Error Code 520?

What Does Error 520 Mean on

The 520 error code on indicates that the site’s servers are having issues connecting to the origin server that hosts the content. This connectivity issue is typically temporary and often resolves on its own within a few minutes as the servers reestablish contact.

Some common causes of the 520 error include:

  • High traffic overwhelming the content delivery network
  • A server outage or downtime event
  • DNS issues or misconfigurations
  • Problems with the origin server itself

While annoying, error 520 does not indicate any issues with a user’s individual account or device. Simply waiting a bit and refreshing is often the easiest fix, but other solutions can help expedite access.

Steps to Fix Error Code 520

Here are some troubleshooting steps users can take when encountering the 520 error message on

Refresh the Page

The first step is the simplest:

  1. Refresh the browser page by clicking the refresh icon or pressing F5.

This will force a fresh connection attempt and often resolves transient 520 errors. Allow the page a minute or two to reload fully before trying other solutions.

Clear the Browser Cache

If a simple refresh does not work, try clearing the browser’s cache and cookies:

  1. Open browser settings
  2. Find the clear cache/browsing data options
  3. Delete all temporary data including cookies
  4. Close and reopen the browser
  5. Refresh the page

Clearing this data forces the browser to re-download the site, eliminating any corrupted files that could be causing issues.

Try an Alternate Browser or Device

Connectivity issues may be browser or device specific, so trying an alternate option can help determine where any problems lie:

  • Open in a different web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge
  • Access the site on a mobile device or separate computer on the same network
  • Connect to the site from a device using a cellular data connection

If the error 520 message persists across different browsers and devices, then the issues likely lie with the website itself rather than anything on the user’s end.

Use a VPN or Proxy Service

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy service routes your connection through a remote server, essentially giving you a new IP address. This can bypass network-level connectivity issues between the user’s device and the Fanfiction site:

  • Enable a secure VPN service and select an endpoint in a different geographic area
  • Configure the browser to access through a proxy server or anonymizing service
  • Force a fresh connection by disabling and re-enabling the VPN/proxy after a minute

As the issues stem from network problems, altering the connecting routeing path often resolves error 520 messages.

Disable Browser Extensions and Plugins

Some browser extensions like ad blockers, privacy plugins, or download managers can interfere with page loads and cause errors like code 520.

Temporarily disabling any installed extensions can rule out problems:

  1. Open the extensions manager in the browser
  2. Disable all active extensions/add-ons
  3. Reload and see if the error persists
  4. If disabling extensions fixes it, selectively re-enable them one at a time to identify any conflicts

Don’t forget to re-enable important extensions once confirmed they are not the source of the errors!

Edit DNS Network Settings

In rare cases, DNS server problems between the device and Fanfiction’s servers can manifest as error 520 messages.

Flushing the DNS caches and registers can overcome this:

  • Windows: Open Command Prompt as admin and run ipconfig /flushdns
  • Mac/Linux: Open Terminal and run sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

On networked devices, also consider adjusting DHCP and DNS servers configured for the local network. Static DNS entries for can also help.

After updating any DNS or network settings, reboot devices fully and try connecting to again.

Preventing Error Code 520 in the Future

While occasional 520 errors will happen due to unavoidable hiccups in server infrastructure, users can take steps to minimize future occurrences:

  • Upgrade internet connection speeds for more robust service during traffic spikes
  • Use wired connections instead of WiFi whenever possible for stable connectivity
  • Manage browser extensions carefully to catch any new additions causing conflicts
  • Clean browser caches/temporary data periodically to clear out accumulated stale files

Setting up enhanced network infrastructure and proactively managing browsers reduces the chances of interruptive 520 errors occurring going forward.

Key Takeaways: Resolving Error Code 520

  • The 520 error points to connectivity issues between Fanfiction’s CDN and origin servers
  • Refreshing pages, switching browsers, using VPNs, and DNS edits can quickly restore access
  • Disabling browser plugins helps identify any third-party conflicts
  • Upgrading home internet speeds and using wired networking prevent frequent errors

With fanfiction being a primary pastime for millions of readers around the world, site stability and uptime is crucial. While error 520 messages can be annoying, a few simple troubleshooting steps typically get users back to accessing their favorite fanfic communities quickly.

Being proactive with network and browser maintenance can also minimize future instances of error 520 interruptions across and other sites.


Error 520 warnings on are caused by temporary connectivity problems between the content delivery systems and source servers that host the actual site. While disruptive, these connection issues are often quickly resolved by retries from the infrastructure side.

Users encountering 520 errors can get back to reading and posting swiftly by refreshing pages, using alternate devices/browsers, clearing caches, or rerouting connections via VPNs and proxy services. Problems can also stem from browser extensions and network DNS settings in some cases. Being proactive with general network and browser upkeep helps minimize future occurrences.

With Fanfiction being integral to the fan experience across various entertainment franchises, reducing instances of error messages ensures users can stick to engaging with their preferred fandoms and communities. A few simple troubleshooting steps makes error 520 warnings easy to resolve when they do crop up.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does show error 520?
    Error 520 on is typically caused by connectivity issues between the content delivery network (CDN) and origin servers hosting the actual site data. This causes interruptions loading page content.

  2. Is error 520 dangerous?
    No, 520 errors do not indicate anything dangerous or an individual security threat. They stem from transient network infrastructure problems that prevent site content from being accessible.

  3. How can I fix error 520 on
    Refreshing the page, using alternate browsers/devices, clearing browser caches, employing VPNs, adjusting DNS settings, and disabling browser extensions are common ways to resolve 520 connectivity errors.

  4. Is there a problem with my account when getting error 520?
    Generally no – 520 errors are network-level problems unrelated to individual user accounts. Being logged out when the error shows is normal. Users don’t need to change passwords or worry about account security.

  5. Does error 520 mean is down?
    Not necessarily. 520 errors point to issues between content delivery systems and source servers rather than complete site outages. Refreshing often lets you back in within a few minutes as connections are restored automatically behind the scenes.

  6. Why does error 520 happen even when loads normally for others?
    Connectivity issues can be localized, so a 520 error might only affect specific regions, internet providers, or networks temporarily. Users getting 520 errors can still access Fanfiction if routing connections through a VPN or proxy service.

  7. Will switching browsers fix error 520?
    Sometimes – trying alternate web browsers is recommended when encountering error 520. If the site loads normally in one browser but not another, it indicates an extension or caching problem with the problem browser versus general site connectivity.

  8. Does error 520 have anything to do with my home WiFi?
    Possibly. Weak WiFi signals, interference, bandwidth contention from other devices, and router firmware problems could manifest as intermittent 520 errors. Wired ethernet connections provide more reliable connectivity resistant to these wireless issues.

  9. What’s the best way to prevent getting error 520 in the future?
    Upgrading to faster and more reliable home internet service can help minimize connectivity problems leading to 520 errors during Fanfiction traffic spikes. Wired networking is also far less prone to interference than WiFi. Keeping browser extensions and privacy tools to a minimum also helps.

  10. Why do error 520 issues eventually fix themselves?
    The content delivery systems are designed to automatically re-establish connections with origin servers when transient network interruptions manifest as 520 errors. So users simply need to retry until the automatic retries occur on the back end.

  11. Is down for maintenance when error 520 appears?
    Not necessarily – 520 specifically indicates connectivity trouble versus planned maintenance outages. Maintenance downtimes for Fanfiction are usually scheduled overnight if at all. Error 520 can show at any time of day when CDN links with source servers are disrupted.

  12. Could my internet security and antivirus software cause Fanfiction error 520?
    Yes. Security tools like firewalls, ad blockers, and antivirus products can sometimes interfere with browser connections leading to pages not fully loading. Temporarily disabling any internet security suites is worth trying as part of resolving 520 error messages.

  13. Why does error 520 on Fanfiction happen more often to some people?
    Frequent 520 errors typically point to less robust home internet connections more prone to service interruptions, bandwidth contention issues, interference on wireless networks misconfigured network infrastructure like DNS, dated router firmware, or other connectivity problems subject to disruption.

  14. Will complaints to help fix error 520 problems?
    Not directly – while site operators work continually to enhance infrastructure, the 520 error itself stems from CDN interruptions out of their control. Contacting local ISPs about improving internet reliability is more constructive for users encountering frequent 520 errors across various sites.

  15. Does using a VPN help resolve error 520 problems?
    Yes – rerouting your device’s connection through a VPN endpoint in a different geographic location can often bypass transient 520 connectivity errors by essentially giving you a “new” IP address and network path to reach servers.

  16. What’s the easiest quick fix when shows error 520?
    Simply refreshing the browser page a few times typically reconnects the content delivery network to the source servers, loading site content normally again within a minute or two. Allowing extra time for caches to clear after pressing refresh helps.

  17. Why does my phone connect fine but 520 persists on my laptop?
    Network connectivity issues can manifest differently across devices even in the same location. Laptop WiFi hardware may be outdated or lacking 5GHz support compared to a modern phone, for example. Or a laptop VPN app could cause conflicts. Trying wired connections helps isolate the root device.

  18. Can error 520 be caused by my browser extensions?
    Yes. Privacy tools, ad blockers, download managers and other browser add-ons can sometimes disrupt page loading and cause 520 or other connectivity error messages. Temporarily disabling all extensions is a good troubleshooting step.

  19. If I keep getting error 520, should I stop using
    Not necessarily – 520 errors are an annoyance but typically clear up quickly on their own by simply retrying the page load after a minute or two. If errors persist for very long or affect other sites, then contacting your ISP about connectivity problems could be warranted versus avoiding Fanfiction itself.

  20. Why does error 520 happen more often at night for
    High traffic times coupled with maintenance downtime on shared infrastructure can make overnight hours more prone to transient 520 errors for sites like Fanfiction. Larger daily fluctuations in user volumes also put more strain on servers and networks in peak hours.

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