How To Fix Darktide Error Code 2014?

Darktide is a new online multiplayer shooter game developed by Fatshark. Players may occasionally encounter error codes like Error Code 2014 that prevent them from properly connecting to Darktide’s servers. This article provides helpful troubleshooting tips on how to potentially fix Darktide Error Code 2014.

How To Fix Darktide Error Code 2014?

What Causes Error Code 2014?

Error Code 2014 typically occurs due to problems connecting to Darktide’s servers. Some potential causes include:

  • Internet connectivity issues on the player’s end
  • Server outages or maintenance on Fatshark’s end
  • Incorrect account permissions or settings
  • Corrupted game files or updates

5 Ways To Fix Darktide Error Code 2014

If you encounter Darktide Error Code 2014, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Check Darktide Server Status

Check the official Darktide server status page or @DarktideTheGame on Twitter to see if the servers are down for maintenance. If so, wait until the maintenance period ends.

2. Restart Your Internet Router

Restart your internet router and modem to refresh your connection. This can resolve temporary connectivity issues.

3. Verify Internet Connectivity

Run an internet speed test on your gaming platform to check for connection issues on your end. Reconnect to the internet if speeds are abnormally slow.

4. Reinstall/Update Darktide

If you have any pending Darktide updates, install them. Also try fully uninstalling then reinstalling the game to refresh corrupted files.

5. Contact Darktide Support

If the above steps don’t work, reach out to the official @DarktideSupport on Twitter or submit a ticket at Provide your username, platform, and any details on the issue.

Preventing Darktide Error Code 2014

To avoid Error Code 2014 going forward:

  • Maintain a stable, high-speed internet connection
  • Regularly install Darktide updates
  • Don’t overload your gaming platform by running other resource-intensive programs while playing

Key Takeaways on Fixing Error Code 2014

  • Error Code 2014 is typically caused by connectivity issues between the player’s system and Darktide’s servers
  • Checking server status, resetting your internet router, reinstalling the game, and contacting support may resolve the error
  • Keeping Darktide updated, avoiding system overload, and maintaining a quality internet connection helps prevent Error 2014

Hopefully the troubleshooting tips above help you get Darktide Error Code 2014 fixed quickly! Let the purging of the grim darkness of the far future resume.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is Darktide Error Code 2014?
    Darktide Error Code 2014 is a connectivity issue that prevents players from connecting to Darktide’s online servers.

  2. Is Darktide down right now?
    Check the Darktide Server Status page to see the live server status.

  3. How can I fix Error Code 2014 on my own?
    Try restarting your internet router, running an internet speed test, reinstalling Darktide, updating the game, and checking your account permissions.

  4. Why does Error Code 2014 happen?
    It’s typically caused by internet connectivity problems on either the player’s end or the game servers’ end.

  5. Does Error 2014 indicate a problem with my Darktide account?
    Not necessarily. The error code is usually due to connections issues rather than account-specific issues.

  6. Will reinstalling Darktide definitely fix Error 2014?
    It might potentially help resolve corrupted files causing the issue, but other networking issues could still be factors.

  7. Does Darktide Error Code 2014 mean I lost all my progress?
    No, it doesn’t indicate any progression or account data loss. Your progress should still be intact after fixing connectivity issues.

  8. Is a stable internet connection enough to avoid Error 2014?
    It’s a great start, but also keeps your gaming platform from getting overloaded, your Darktide game files up to date, and regularly check for any server maintenance.

  9. What info should I include when contacting Darktide support about Error 2014?
    Your username, gaming platform, frequency/timing of error appearances, troubleshooting attempts, and any error details shown.

  10. Who can I contact for official help with Darktide 2014 errors?
    Reach out to @DarktideSupport on Twitter or submit a ticket at with details on the issue you’re experiencing.

  11. Is there anything else I can try beyond the main troubleshooting tips here?
    You can attempt logging into Darktide via a different network connection to further narrow down any internet-specific issues.

  12. Does Error Code 2014 risk a ban if I try reconnecting too many times?
    No, you won’t risk getting banned. It’s safe to retry connecting while troubleshooting without penalty.

  13. Why does my internet seem fine for everything except connecting to Darktide?
    Darktide requires specific TCP and UDP ports to be open in order to play properly, so firewalls could potentially interfere.

  14. Can I prevent Error 2014 by forwarding ports?
    Yes, manually forwarding Darktide’s ports can help ensure your network connectivity meets all of the game’s online requirements.

  15. Will contacting my ISP help resolve Darktide Error 2014?
    If you’ve tried all other troubleshooting steps, contacting your ISP to inspect your connection for issues specifically interfering with Darktide could potentially help.

  16. Does Darktide Error Code 2014 affect all platforms?
    The error can appear across PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The same troubleshooting tips generally apply.

  17. Is Error Code 2014 always an issue on the player’s end?
    No, server outages or maintenance can also trigger the error, in which case players need to wait for connectivity to be restored on Fatshark’s end.

  18. Can I play Darktide offline without encountering Error 2014?
    Unfortunately no – Darktide is exclusively an online multiplayer game, so Error 2014 prevents logging in and playing offline.

  19. Is there a common trigger for Darktide Error Code 2014?
    While it can appear sporadically, it most often shows up when first attempting to connect to the Darktide servers upon launching the game.

  20. Do other games show Error Code 2014 too or just Darktide?
    The 2014 code is exclusive to Darktide connectivity issues. But other games may show similarly generic errors that also relate to server communication failures.


Error Code 2014 can certainly be frustrating, blocking you from purging the grim darkness of the 41st millennium with your friends. But systematically working through internet and game file troubleshooting, account verifications, and contacting Darktide support if necessary should help resolve the issue. Patience and methodically trying fixes allows you to narrow down the root cause. With the above guide, you should be back to wading through blood, bullets, and beasts in no time!

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