How to Connect an HP Printer to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your HP printer to your local Wi-Fi network allows you to print documents and photos wirelessly from your computer, phone, or tablet. This provides added convenience as you don’t need to be physically connected to the printer with a cable to print from your devices.

How to Connect an HP Printer to Wi-Fi?

Setting up an HP wireless printer may sound complicated, but we’ll walk through the step-by-step process which only takes a few minutes. We’ll cover:

Benefits of Connecting an HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Before diving into the setup process, understanding the benefits can further motivate you to get your printer connected:

  • Print Wirelessly – Key advantage is to print from anywhere in your home over Wi-Fi instead of using printer cables.
  • Print from Mobile Devices – Connect not just computers but smartphones and tablets to the same printer easily.
  • Share Printing Access – Allow everyone on your Wi-Fi network to access and use the printer wirelessly.

Preparing to Connect

To ensure the setup process goes smoothly, let’s cover what will be needed:

  • Supported HP Printer – Printer must have built-in wireless/Wi-Fi capabilities. Verify yours has this.
  • Wi-Fi Network Name & Password – Have these on hand to connect the HP printer to the network.
  • HP Printer Software – Install the manufacturer’s printer software like HP Easy Start.

Connecting the HP Printer

With those basics ready, we can move forward with getting the printer hooked up to Wi-Fi:

  1. Turn on both the HP printer and computer you want to use for setup. Make sure they are near each other.
  2. Open the HP printer software like HP Easy Start which came with your device. It may have opened automatically when you connected the printer to your computer.
  3. Select the option to setup, configure or add a new wireless printer in the software. The terminology can vary but look for Wi-Fi, Wireless or Network menu choices here.
  4. Input your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password when prompted. These credentials will be transferred to the connected printer to authenticate onto the network.
  5. Allow a few minutes for the connection and setup process to complete between the software, printer, and Wi-Fi network router communicating.

When finished, you should see a message indicating something like “Printer Successfully Configured on Wireless Network” for confirmation.

Printing Over Wi-Fi

You’re all set to start wireless printing once the configuration has completed:

  • Print documents or photos with ease directly from Wi-Fi devices without using printer cables.
  • Manage printing options conveniently through most devices now on your network.
  • Enjoy remote printer access for printing from anywhere around your home.

If you ever need to move the printer’s location and use it on another Wi-Fi network, you’ll simply repeat the process to get it connected again.

Key Takeaways

The major points about getting an HP printer hooked up on Wi-Fi include:

  • Process only takes a few minutes when following setup software steps. Have Wi-Fi name/password handy.
  • All devices on same Wi-Fi network gain wireless printing abilities.
  • Enables convenient remote printing access from smartphones, laptops, etc around the home.


Connecting your compatible wireless HP printer to your local Wi-Fi network is simple when using the manufacturer-provided printer software to guide setup. Key next steps are installing drivers and software to gain full functionality with the printer from chosen devices. Benefits like wirelessly printing from anywhere in the home can then be enjoyed with convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What HP printers can connect to Wi-Fi?
    Most modern HP printer models have wireless capabilities built-in to allow Wi-Fi connectivity. Verify if yours has before beginning the setup process.
  2. Do I need any cables for wireless printer setup?
    A USB cable may be temporarily needed between the printer and computer only during the initial software configuration steps. It can be disconnected after.
  3. How do I find my Wi-Fi network password to connect printer?
    The default password is often listed on a sticker on the Wi-Fi router provided by your Internet service provider. Not finding it? Contact them to retrieve.
  4. What devices can print to my wireless HP printer?
    If on the same Wi-Fi network, many devices can gain printing access like PCs, Macs, iPhones/iPads, Android smartphones/tablets.
  5. How far can my wireless printer be from the router?
    Printers can be functional on Wi-Fi networks at distances of over 60 feet away with minimal obstructions. Connection speeds and reliability will reduce with greater distances.
  6. Can I use the same printer on multiple Wi-Fi networks?
    Yes, you can set up and store many different Wi-Fi networks to conveniently use the printer at multiple locations like work or a second home. Manual reconfiguration would be needed though when switching.
  7. Why does my wireless printer connection keep dropping?
    If experiencing intermittent connectivity problems, consider router placement, interference with electronics, firewall settings, network traffic levels or software issues on devices trying to access the printer as potential factors.
  8. How many devices can connect wirelessly to the same printer simultaneously?
    Many HP printer models can handle several devices wirelessly printing simultaneously thanks to memory capacities storing queued jobs more effectively these days. Traffic jams are less likely.
  9. What security precautions should I take with wireless printers?
    Use strong Wi-Fi password authentication always instead of keeping networks open. Update firmware when available too. Turn printer off when not needed as well to restrict wireless access.
  10. Can I connect my smartphone or tablet to my Wi-Fi printer easily?
    Installing the manufacturer’s mobile printing app with software like HP Smart simplifies discovering and printing remotely to Wi-Fi printers directly from those mobile devices conveniently.
  11. Does leaving printers on Wi-Fi use more electricity?
    Some increased power is used by electronics maintaining constant wireless connections. However, modern printers draw minimal wireless network power when in sleep mode not actively printing.
  12. How would I troubleshoot a printer not maintaining a wireless connection?
    Check router connections, restart devices, update software drivers, verify valid IP address assignment through OS/printer config menus, replace old network equipment or cables if issues persist.
  13. What wireless security protocols do HP printers support?
    Most models have encryption standards like WPA2 for securely transmitting documents over Wi-Fi networks. Some industrial models offer higher security, so verify which is right for your needs.
  14. Can I connect an older printer model without built-in Wi-Fi?
    Adding a wireless print server adapter accessory via USB or Ethernet ports enables older, non-wireless capable printers to be shared over Wi-Fi networks too for convenient accessibility.

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