Why should I join VMware?

VMware is one of the leading global companies in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. With breakthrough virtualization products, VMware revolutionized enterprise IT infrastructure. For technology professionals, VMware offers an exciting opportunity to be part of cutting-edge innovation and gain exposure to transformative technologies while enjoying lucrative compensation, flexibility and superb learning environment.

Why should I join VMware?

Company Overview

VMware is a pioneer and leader in virtualization, cloud infrastructure and digital workspaces:

  • Founded in 1998, based in Palo Alto, California.
  • Over 20,000 employees globally.
  • $11+ billion in yearly revenue.
  • 500,000+ enterprise customers including all Fortune 100 companies.
  • Comprehensive solutions portfolio for data center, networking, security, end-user computing etc.
  • Known for market-defining products like vSphere, vSAN, NSX, Workspace ONE etc.
  • Strategic partnerships with industry majors like AWS, Dell, IBM, SAP, Microsoft etc.

So VMware is at the forefront of enterprise infrastructure modernization and cloud transition.

Exciting Technology Domains

VMware operates in cutting-edge technology domains:


  • Revolutionized IT with solutions like vSphere and ESXi which dominate enterprise data centers.


  • Enables seamlessly leveraging mix of private and public clouds through unified management.

Digital Workspaces

  • Delivers seamless enterprise mobility solutions through digital workspaces.

Networking and Security

  • Modern software-defined networking and micro-segmentation solutions.

Edge Computing

  • Growing portfolio of products for distributed edge environments.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Incorporating AI/ML driven intelligence into management and automation capabilities.

So exposure to innovative and fast-evolving technologies.

Growth and Impact

VMware is experiencing massive growth:

  • Grew from ~$2 billion revenue in 2008 to over $11 billion in 2020 through game-changing technologies.
  • Virtualization technology now powering over 70 million servers globally.
  • Over 10 million employees use VMware digital workspace solutions daily.
  • Partner ecosystem exceeds 75,000 members globally.

So VMware technologies are driving workplace and infrastructure transformation worldwide.

Great Place to Work

VMware is regularly ranked amongst the best technology companies to work for:

  • Certified as a Great Place to Work based on anonymous employee surveys.
  • Ranked #92 in Fortune Best Companies to Work in 2021.
  • Ranked #3 in Fortune Best Workplaces for Millennials.
  • Featured in global, national and regional Best Places listings repeatedly.

So the culture and environment enable both personal and professional growth.

Flexible Environment

VMware offers flexibility sought after by modern workforce:

Work From Home

  • Nearly all roles made virtual-first going forward.

Hybrid Model

  • Most roles support partial remote work options.

Office Spaces

  • Modern campuses designed for collaboration and innovation.

Learning Culture

  • Strong focus on learning new skills. Time allocation for self-paced training.

So mix of remote and collaborative work styles supported.

Robust Technology Toolkit

Engineers at VMware get access to industry’s best technology toolkit:

  • Opportunity to work on ESXi hypervisor used in most enterprise data centers.
  • Exposure to building virtualization solutions for major public clouds like AWS and Azure.
  • Work with Silo and Instant Clones technology powering 10 million digital workspaces.
  • Develop next-gen applications for Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry using modern frameworks.
  • See creations power leading enterprises and cloud providers worldwide.

So direct hands-on experience with widely used pioneering technologies.

Work With Experts

VMware teams comprise industry veterans and luminaries:

  • Led by CEO Raghu Raghuram, respected technologist and cloud computing expert.
  • Executive team driving momentum headed by accomplished leaders.
  • Founders still engaged to mentor teams through their unmatched expertise.
  • Recognized thought leaders like Kit Colbert and Purnima Padmanbhan leading technology strategy.
  • Brilliant colleagues with deep technical brilliance willing to collaborate.

So the opportunity to be surrounded by experts.

Career Growth Paths

VMware cares deeply about career progression:

  • Formal job ladder framework to grow skills, impact and leadership in chosen track.
  • Structured new hire onboarding and mentoring programs.
  • Over 29,000 learning assets and certifications for skill development.
  • Leader-led monthly and quarterly alignment conversations focusing on growth.
  • Internal mobility opportunities like rotation program to expand expertise.

So emphasis on meaningful career advancement and learning.

Compensation and Benefits

VMware offers competitive rewards and care for employees:


  • Lucrative pay aligned to top talent with bonus, stock awards etc.


  • Comprehensive health, dental and wellness benefits.

Time Off

  • Generous paid time off, holidays, volunteering and sabbatical programs.


  • Excellent 401(k) matching and planning support.


  • Fitness reimbursements, product and travel discounts and more.

So emphasis on holistic wellbeing along with pay.

Prestige and Opportunity

Being part of VMware opens up wide possibilities:

  • Opportunity to work on globally acclaimed technologies powering world’s leading companies.
  • Door opener for joining industry giants and startups later.
  • Build brand value coming from an esteemed organization.
  • Option for international assignments to expand experience.

So the VMware brand provides great leverage for long-term career capital.

Key Takeaways

  • VMware is an industry pioneer with acclaimed virtualization and cloud technologies powering enterprises worldwide.
  • Opportunity to gain exposure to cutting-edge innovation around virtualization, multi-cloud, networking and digital workspaces.
  • Fast growth, great workplace culture, expert teams and robust technology toolkits expand impact potential.
  • Excellent compensation, benefits, learning resources and career progression support provided.
  • Being part of VMware opens up wide future possibilities.


For technology professionals, VMware represents a phenomenal opportunity to make an impact on industry-defining technologies while enjoying substantial benefits, flexibility and career advancement. The access to acclaimed experts, innovative projects and coveted tech stack builds valued skills. VMware’s commitments towards employee flexibility, growth and wellbeing enable bringing the best version to work. For technologists keen to push boundaries and grow exponentially, VMware offers a nurturing environment to thrive both personally and professionally while crafting solutions that shape how enterprises operate worldwide.


  1. Is VMware a good company to work for as a software engineer?
    Yes, VMware is a great place for software engineers owing to opportunities to work on acclaimed enterprise technologies, strong engineering culture and workflows, expert colleagues and growth prospects.
  2. How can I start my cloud computing career at VMware?
    VMware regularly hires graduate engineers and those with some experience for cloud platform roles. Having hands-on knowledge of VMware cloud solutions like vRealize, vCloud Director etc. will help application and interview process.
  3. Is remote work available at VMware?
    Yes, most roles at VMware offer good remote working flexibility. The virtual-first initiative makes complete work from home a viable option. Hybrid flexible work arrangements also possible.
  4. Does VMware provide opportunities to work abroad?
    Yes, VMware has offices and teams located worldwide. Employees can explore internal transfer opportunities to work on international assignments based on business requirements.
  5. Does VMware hire freshers?
    Yes, VMware regularly hires fresh graduates from top engineering colleges for their Future Graduate Engineer program to be trained on latest technologies and become part of teams.
  6. What backgrounds are suitable to work at VMware?
    Software development, cloud computing, infrastructure engineering, system administration, network/security engineering and technical project management backgrounds fit well for various technology roles at VMware.
  7. What learning opportunities does VMware offer?
    VMware offers certification programs, extensive training catalog of courses, learning time allocation, mentoring, reimbursements for external learning etc. to help employees continuously skill up.
  8. How is the work culture at VMware?
    VMware has been consistently rated as a top workplace with strong culture of innovation, diversity, open communication, work-life balance, teamwork and maximizing employee potential.
  9. Does VMware pay for certifications?
    Yes, VMware’s generous learning benefits cover costs of certification exams and prep courses for VMware as well as third-party technologies relevant to employee’s role and future growth plans.
  10. Does VMware provide stock options?
    Yes, employees are granted restricted stock units (RSUs) and mid-level+ employees get additional performance stock units (PSUs) enabling them to benefit from VMware’s growth and success.
  11. What technologies can I work on at VMware?
    VMware offers the opportunity to work on market-leading products utilizing virtualization, containers, AI, blockchain, edge computing etc. based on team assignment in domains like networking, end-user computing etc.
  12. How often does VMware provide appraisals?
    VMware conducts annual performance reviews and employees receive ongoing feedback through regular 1:1 meetings, monthly and quarterly checkpoints, peer reviews and manager conversations.
  13. Does VMware pay for relocation?
    Yes, for eligible roles VMware provides generous relocation assistance including home finding trip, temporary housing, household goods shipment, visa/immigration help etc. if employee needs to relocate.
  14. How much PTO does VMware provide?
    VMware offers progressive paid time off starting at 21 days annually along with 11 holidays. Additional perks like volunteer time off, sabbaticals, extended bereavement leave available.
  15. What is the dress code at VMware?
    VMware maintains a casual work environment with flexible dress code. Though no stated policy, employees are expected to dress smart casual keeping customer meetings and onsite schedule in mind.
  16. What is the interview process like at VMware?
    Interview process at VMware typically involves both behavioral and technical rounds along with discussion on past projects and case studies. Focus is on problem solving aptitude, core competencies and culture fit.
  17. How often are promotions given at VMware?
    Promotions are based on merit and performance. Goal-setting and career conversations provide avenues to discuss growth plans. Typical promotion cycles are annual to semi-annual at junior and mid levels.
  18. Are VMware salaries competitive?
    Yes, VMware pays top-tier salaries aligned with best technology companies in respective geographic markets along with equity, bonuses and comprehensive benefits.
  19. Does VMware provide healthcare benefits?
    Yes, VMware employees get access to robust health insurance options including medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, mental health and wellness benefits for themselves and dependents in the US. International coverage varies.
  20. Does VMware allow employees to change roles internally?
    Yes, VMware has good internal mobility. Employees can aspire to move into lateral roles in other teams or departments after meeting eligibility criteria through VMware’s rotation program facilitating cross-functional exposure.

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