Why is Jio 5G slow?

Jio launched its True 5G services in October 2022, becoming the first telecom operator to roll out 5G in India. While there’s a lot of excitement around 5G with its ultra-high speeds and low latency, some Jio users have been reporting slow internet speeds on 5G.

Why is Jio 5G slow?

There could be several reasons why you may be experiencing slow internet speeds on Jio’s 5G network:

Limited 5G Coverage

Jio has been rolling out its 5G network in a phased manner and coverage is still limited to certain areas in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Varanasi. If you are not in one of Jio’s 5G coverage areas, you will latch onto 4G or 3G networks which offer lower speeds.

You can check Jio’s 5G rollout map to see if your location is covered with 5G. More cities and areas will get 5G coverage over the next few months as the infrastructure gets ready.

Issues with Cell Tower Firmware

As 5G gets rolled out on Jio’s network, they are upgrading the software and firmware powering their cell towers and 5G equipment. There could be some initial issues with 5G cell tower firmware that may cause inconsistent speeds in some areas. Jio will be working to smooth out these firmware issues which should improve speeds.

High Initial Demand

Since Jio was the first to launch true 5G services, many users are eager to try out the 5G speeds. This has led to high consumption and traffic on the limited 5G spectrum that is currently available to Jio. Once they are able to add to their 5G spectrum capacity after the 5G auctions, the capacity constraints should ease out.

Incompatible Phone Hardware/Software

To access 5G speeds, your phone needs to be truly 5G-enabled with 5G network bands and 5G-capable hardware. Many phones sold in India come with unsupported or incomplete 5G capabilities that may not deliver the full 5G speeds.

Additionally, your phone may not have the latest software and firmware optimized for Jio’s 5G infrastructure. Confirm that your phone has fully supported 5G and update to the latest software for best performance.

Improper 5G Settings on Phone

In some cases, your 5G-enabled phone may not be automatically latching onto Jio’s 5G network even when coverage is available. Go into cellular settings on your phone and make sure that 5G connectivity is enabled (automatic 5G network selection may need to be switched on). Restarting your phone can also help connect to 5G.

Indoor vs Outdoor Connectivity

5G signals provide the fastest speeds outdoors with clear line of sight to a cell tower. If trying to use 5G indoors, the building construction type, windows, placement of towers and other factors can impact signals leading to reduced speeds vs outdoors. For best results, try using Jio 5G in open outdoor areas.

Too Many Connected Devices

If too many devices in a locality are simultaneously connected to the same 5G cell, bandwidth gets shared and each device is able to achieve lower peak speeds. As 5G coverage expands to more towers, this congestion and bandwidth crunch should reduce.

Tips to Optimize Jio 5G Speeds

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try to optimize and improve slow Jio 5G internet speeds:

  • Confirm you are in a Jio 5G coverage area on their 5G rollout map
  • Update your smartphone software and firmware to latest version
  • Enable 5G network settings on your phone
  • Restart your smartphone to reconnect to 5G
  • Use outdoors in open areas for best speeds
  • Avoid areas with heavy usage that may cause congestion
  • Turn on airplane mode for 15-20 seconds before reconnecting to refresh network
  • Clear cache and data of network setting apps like Jio 4G Voice
  • Contact Jio customer support if issues persist for over 72 hours

As Jio keeps expanding True 5G coverage across India and works on their network capacity and software, 5G speeds and user experience are expected to significantly improve in coming months.

Key Takeaways

  • Jio 5G is still being rolled out in phases leading to limited coverage in select areas
  • Teething issues with 5G cell tower firmware can cause inconsistent speeds
  • Spikes in initial demand have congested bandwidth allotted for 5G
  • Unsupported 5G phones, improper settings can prevent you from accessing 5G speeds
  • Updating software, restarting your phone may help connect your phone to 5G
  • Outdoor areas provide faster speeds versus indoor usage
  • Expanding coverage & capacity over next few months should improve Jio 5G speeds


Jio kicked off the 5G revolution in India with the launch of True 5G services. However, users have been reporting slower than expected internet speeds on Jio’s 5G network during initial days of the rollout.

Reasons for slow Jio 5G include limited coverage, firmware issues, high demand, incompatible phones and improper settings. As Jio rapidly expands their 5G infrastructure and coverage, optimizes cell tower firmware, adds spectrum capacity and users upgrade devices, the 5G speeds are slated to drastically improve in coming months.

Following some connectivity best practices, updating your smartphone software and moving outdoors to less congested areas can also help improve Jio True 5G internet speeds. Over time, telecos will solve the initial hiccups to deliver on the full potential of high-speed, low latency 5G across India.


Q: What is the peak download speed possible on Jio’s 5G network?
A: Jio claims its 5G service can deliver peak download speeds up to 1 Gbps. However, real-world user speeds may vary depending on location, network congestion, device capability and other factors.

Q: When will Jio 5G services be available in my city?
A: Jio is rolling out 5G in a phased manner. Check their 5G rollout map to see if your city is included in any of the upcoming launch phases.

Q: Why am I not getting 5G network option on my phone?
A: Ensure your phone truly supports 5G bands used in India. Also check it is running latest firmware, has 5G enabled in network settings and restart it try connecting afresh to 5G.

Q: How much 5G data quota do Jio plans provide?
A: Most Jio 5G plans offer between 50 to 200 GB monthly fair-usage-policy 5G data quota. Plans with unlimited 4G data may not include unlimited 5G data.

Q: Will Jiohome WiFi router work on 5G?
A: Existing Jiohome Gateways do not support 5G network. Jio will likely launch new 5G-enabled Jiohome routers in the future once they have sufficient coverage.

Q: Is Airtel 5G faster than Jio True 5G?
A: Early user tests have shown mixed results regarding Jio vs Airtel 5G speeds. Overall there may not be a clear winner and user speeds are largely location & tower dependent on both networks.

Q: How much 5G spectrum does Jio have compared to Airtel & Vi?
A: As per latest spectrum auctions, Jio has acquired the highest reserves of 5G spectrum pan-India aggregating to ~58% share overall.

Q: Will Jio 5G work on eSIM supported iPhones?
A: Yes, Jio supports connecting to their 5G via eSIM activation on latest iPhones models in India. You can convert physical Jio SIM to eSIM by contacting customer support.

Q: When will Jio launch SA 5G which provides superior performance?
A: Jio has launched 5G NSA initially which utilizes existing 4G infrastructure. Jio aims to transition to standalone 5G network by end of 2023 once sufficient next-gen infrastructure is ready.

Q: Does the JioPhone Next support 5G services?
A: No, the JioPhone Next is a 4G smartphone. It does not have 5G network compatibility. A future Jio 5G smartphone could be launched later.

Q: Will Jio provide micro-level location targeted 5G services?
A: Yes, Jio aims to utilize edge computing capabilities of 5G to offer hyperlocal solutions such as enterprise private 5G networks, low latency services, network slicing to tailor connections etc.

Q: How can I get a Jio SIM for accessing 5G services?
A: You can convert your existing physical/eSIM Jio number to start accessing 5G services. New users can purchase latest Jio 5G ready eSIM/SIM and activate 5G through MyJio app using OTP process. Contact nearest Jio store for assistance.

Q: Are Jio 5G towers environmentally safer?
A: Jio claims to implement sustainable practices in setting up 5G infrastructure using renewable energy sources. Their 5G hardware is also compliant with international emission norms for radiofrequency fields as per reports.

Q: Will Jio retain its position as the largest telecom operator post 5G rollout?
A: Given their vast investments in 5G spectrum and rollout plans so far, industry analysts expect Jio to continue holding the highest subscriber base in India over next few years amidst 5G expansion by all telcos.

Q: Is there any health risk of using 5G internet?
A: As per experts, extensive research has found no adverse health impacts of 5G technology if transmission infrastructure adheres to international safety standards – which Indian telecom operators confirm is being enforced.

Q: How can I measure actual download speed on Jio 5G connection?
A: You can use speed test apps like Ookla Speedtest and MyJio apps to measure real-time download & upload speeds on your Jio 5G connection. Conduct tests at different locations and times to compare performance.

Q: Will Jio 5G drain my phone battery faster?
A: Accessing 5G network can consume slightly higher battery compared to 4G/Wi-Fi since 5G compatible hardware requires more power. Disabling 5G connectivity when not required and following battery best practices will prevent faster drain.

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