Who is the cheapest internet provider in Dubai?

Dubai has a range of internet service providers to choose from, but picking the most affordable option can be tricky. This comprehensive guide examines the cheapest internet providers available in Dubai based on pricing, speeds, data caps, and value for money. Read on to find the best budget internet provider for your needs.

Who is the cheapest internet provider in Dubai?

Evaluating the Cheapest Internet Providers in Dubai

When looking for an affordable internet provider in Dubai, here are some key factors to consider:

Monthly pricing

The monthly fee is one of the most direct ways to compare internet plans. Cheaper plans typically range from AED 200-300 per month. More expensive plans can cost over AED 500 per month.


Faster internet speeds allow for quicker downloading and streaming but come at a higher monthly cost. Cheaper plans may offer speeds around 10-25Mbps while faster plans deliver 50-100Mbps. Consider how much speed you need.

Data caps

Most internet plans limit the amount of data you can use per month. Cheaper plans often have caps around 100-200GB. Heavier internet users may require unlimited data plans.

Contract length

Longer contracts of 12 or 24 months often come with discounts on monthly fees. Shorter or no-term contracts offer more flexibility.

Bundled services

Some providers offer bundles with TV, home phone, and mobile services. Bundling can sometimes lower your total monthly costs.

Value for money

Compare prices, speeds, data, and contract terms to find the best overall value. Avoid plans with inflated prices or slow speeds.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Dubai

Taking value, download speeds, and monthly pricing into account, here are the most affordable internet providers in Dubai:

1. Etisalat by eLife

  • Starting monthly price: AED 299
  • Speeds: Up to 250Mbps
  • Data caps: 500GB and unlimited options
  • Contracts: No contract, 12 months

eLife by telecom operator Etisalat offers fiber broadband plans with strong speeds and competitive pricing. The starter eLife Lite plan costs just AED 299 per month for 10Mbps speeds and unlimited data. Lite plan customers can pay an extra AED 100 per month for faster 100Mbps speeds. eLife’s 12-month Smart Pack comes with 100Mbps speeds and 500GB of data for AED 349 per month.

2. Du

  • Starting monthly price: AED 299
  • Speeds: Up to 500Mbps
  • Data caps: 500GB, 1TB
  • Contracts: 1 month, 12 months

Du has a fiber broadband plan starting at AED 299 per month with speeds up to 100Mbps and a 500GB data cap. For AED 50 more per month, you can get the Home Starter package with 500Mbps speeds and 1TB of data. No-contract options are available.

3. Etisalat by Ufone

  • Starting monthly price: AED 249
  • Speeds: Up to 100Mbps
  • Data caps: 200GB, 500GB
  • Contracts: None

Ufone by Etisalat has an unlimited internet package starting at AED 249 per month. Speeds reach up to 100Mbps. The AED 299 package upgrades to 500GB of data. No long-term contract is required, making Ufone a flexible choice.

Other Cheap Internet Providers in Dubai

Here are a few other affordable internet providers in Dubai worth considering:

  • JioFiber – Starting from AED 299 per month for 100Mbps speeds. No-contract options available.
  • Virgin Mobile – Prices starting at AED 275 per month for 50Mbps and unlimited data.
  • Skyline – Packages from AED 289 per month for 50Mbps speeds. No contracts.
  • Cobone – Offers discounted bundles from Etisalat and Du.
  • WifiUAE – Starting AED 305 per month for 100Mbps and unlimited data. No contract.

Getting the Best Deal on Cheap Internet in Dubai

Use these tips to help ensure you get the lowest price when signing up for budget home internet in Dubai:

  • Compare prices from multiple internet providers. Rates can vary.
  • Ask about promotions and discounts for new customers.
  • Opt for longer 12 or 24-month contracts to lower monthly fees.
  • Downgrade your speeds if you don’t need maximum throughput.
  • Reduce extras like TV bundles you may not need.
  • Purchase your own router to avoid equipment rental fees.
  • Set up automatic payments to avoid missing out on discounts.
  • Check your community for any special group internet deals.

Key Factors When Choosing Cheap Home Internet

Keep the following important criteria in mind as you evaluate affordable internet plans in Dubai:

Speeds – Faster speeds support more simultaneous connected devices and streaming. But you may not need maximum speeds.

Data caps – Lower data caps can lead to overage charges for heavy users. Consider unlimited plans if needed.

Contract terms – No-contract plans offer the most flexibility if you may move soon. Long-term contracts provide the best rates.

Bundling – Bundling internet with TV and home phone services may provide savings. But avoid unnecessary services.

Support – Check ratings for customer support and technical issues resolution. Find a provider who can provide quick support when needed.

Modem costs – Using your own modem avoids expensive modem rental fees. But confirm compatibility first.

Price vs performance – Compare monthly pricing to speeds and data caps to find the best overall value. Don’t overpay.

Key Takeaways

  • The cheapest internet providers in Dubai include Etisalat by eLife, Du, Etisalat by Ufone, JioFiber, Virgin Mobile and others.
  • Top affordable plans offer speeds from 10Mbps to 500Mbps with monthly prices starting between AED 249 to AED 349.
  • Consider speeds, data caps, contract length, bundling, and customer support when choosing a budget internet plan.
  • Compare prices across multiple providers to find the best deals and overall value.
  • Optimize with long-term contracts, your own equipment, and avoiding unnecessary services.


Finding an affordable yet reliable internet provider in Dubai requires careful comparison of pricing, speeds, contracts, and features. Etisalat by eLife, Du, and Etisalat by Ufone emerge as top picks for cheap home internet in Dubai based on their competitive pricing, speeds, data allowances, no-contract options, and bundled deals. Review your monthly usage, budget, and connectivity needs. Then use this guide’s tips to maximize value and minimize costs for your home internet. With Dubai’s many affordable providers, seamless connectivity doesn’t have to break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap Internet Providers in Dubai

  1. How much does cheap internet cost in Dubai?
    Cheap internet plans in Dubai typically range from AED 249-349 per month. The cheapest plans offer speeds around 10Mbps while faster options are available for AED 50-100 more per month.
  2. What is the cheapest Etisalat internet package?
    The cheapest Etisalat internet package under its eLife brand starts at AED 299 per month. This includes speeds up to 10Mbps and unlimited data. Faster 100Mbps plans are available for AED 399 per month.
  3. Does Du offer any budget internet plans?
    Yes, Du’s cheapest fiber home internet plan costs AED 299 per month. It includes speeds up to 100Mbps and a 500GB data allowance. Additional data can be purchased if needed.
  4. Is there truly unlimited internet in Dubai?
    Most internet providers in Dubai advertise unlimited data plans. However, some may implement throttling or deprioritization after certain extremely high usage thresholds. Always check with providers for specifics.
  5. Can I get internet in Dubai without a contract?
    Yes, many cheap internet providers in Dubai like Etisalat by Ufone, JioFiber, and Virgin Mobile offer no-contract options. These provide more flexibility but monthly prices may be slightly higher.
  6. How can I get the cheapest deal on internet in Dubai?
    Opt for long 12 or 24 month contracts, avoid unnecessary TV bundles, use your own router, make automatic payments, and check for new customer promotions to get the lowest price on internet.
  7. What’s the difference between Etisalat and Du internet packages?
    Etisalat and Du offer very similar internet speeds, data caps, and pricing. However, Etisalat may have better coverage in older communities while Du is focused on new developments.
  8. How fast of internet speed do I need?
    10-25Mbps is sufficient for basic browsing, emails, and streaming on 1-2 devices. Gaming or HD streaming on multiple devices requires faster 50-100Mbps service.
  9. Should I buy or rent my internet modem in Dubai?
    Purchasing your own modem saves the monthly rental fee. But some providers require you to use their modem on certain plans. Always check compatibility before buying your own.
  10. Can I bundle my home internet with other services?
    Yes, Etisalat and Du both allow you to bundle mobile, TV, and home phone services together with internet. This can provide savings when compared to purchasing each service individually.
  11. What should I look out for with cheap internet deals?
    Watch for slow speeds under 10Mbps, low data caps like 50-100GB, short 6 month contracts without discounts, excluded modem fees, and poor customer service ratings with cheap plans.
  12. Does the internet provider matter for gaming or streaming?
    Fast speeds and low latency are crucial for gaming and 4K streaming. Etisalat provides strong performance. Du also offers speedy fiber suitable for gaming and streaming in Dubai.
  13. Are there any risks with choosing cheap home internet?
    The main risks are slower speeds that may bog down connectivity, lower data caps that can incur overage fees, and poor customer support. Check plans thoroughly and read reviews.
  14. Will my internet price increase after the first year?
    Internet providers will sometimes raise prices slightly year over year. Locking in 12 or 24 month contracts keeps your monthly rate consistent during your contract term.
  15. Can I get internet only without TV or phone service?
    Yes, standalone internet-only plans are widely available from Etisalat, Du, JioFiber, Virgin, and other providers. Bundling is optional for additional savings in some cases.
  16. How do I choose between cable vs fiber internet?
    Fiber is newer technology providing faster gigabit speeds and lower latency. Fiber is the top choice for performance. But availability depends on your area and building.
  17. Are there startup costs for home internet service?
    Some providers charge one-time activation and installation fees around AED 150-300. Ask if any startup fees are waived for new customers. Equipment purchase can also add startup costs.
  18. Can I use my internet provider’s WiFi router as an extender?
    Most internet provider routers can be switched to an access point mode to boost WiFi signals in spots with weak coverage. Alternatively, purchase your own dedicated WiFi extender device.
  19. What troubleshooting tips help boost cheap internet speeds?
    Upgrading to a faster plan, testing wired connections instead of WiFi, updating your modem firmware, reducing devices on your network, and restarting your router can help optimize speeds.
  20. Who has the best customer service among cheap Dubai internet providers?
    Etisalat generally rates well for customer service and technical support. Du also provides responsive support. Check reviews as smaller providers can sometimes lag on service.

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