What is the highest salary in VMware?

VMware is a leading provider of cloud computing and virtualization software and services. The company offers competitive salaries across many roles to attract top talent.

What is the highest salary in VMware?

The Highest Paying VMware Jobs

The highest paying jobs at VMware based on average salaries are:

Principal Architect

  • Salary: $201,000-$250,000
  • Designs and develops VMware’s complex software architectures

Principal Engineer

  • Salary: $150,000-$225,000
  • Leads engineering projects and oversees software development

Distinguished Engineer

  • Salary: $250,000+
  • Technological visionary that solves complex problems

Sales Director

  • Salary: $150,000 – $300,000
  • Leads business sales teams and initiatives

The most lucrative roles require exceptional skills and experience in areas like software architecture, engineering, and sales leadership. The salaries for these senior-level positions can exceed $250,000.

What Impacts VMware Salaries?

There are several key factors that influence salaries at VMware:


VMware salaries vary significantly based on job location. Software engineering and architect roles in high-cost areas like Palo Alto, CA (VMware headquarters) or San Francisco tend to pay the highest.


Higher pay grades accompany greater responsibility and leadership oversight. Principal and Distinguished roles represent the most senior technologists and decision-makers.


As a leader in virtualization and enterprise software, VMware seeks the best talent in competitive fields like cloud computing. High market demand enables VMware to offer generous compensation packages.


Salary negotiation during the interview process presents opportunities to increase base pay and incentives. Those with rare skill sets tend to fare better.

Highest Paying VMware Departments

The departments at VMware with the highest salaries include:


Senior software engineers and architects drive innovation and are well-compensated, especially those specializing in growth areas like cloud and containers.

Product Development

Leaders guiding VMware’s product strategy and roadmaps earn top salaries while managing large, business-critical initiatives.


Experienced lawyers and legal executives ensure VMware meets regulatory and IP protections requirements while optimizing deals.


The competitive world of software sales offers uncapped earning potential for those landing and expanding key enterprise deals.

Key Takeaways on VMware Salaries

  • The highest salaries at VMware exceed $250,000 for select principal and distinguished roles.
  • Location, seniority, demand, and negotiation impact salary offers.
  • Engineering, product, legal, and sales departments tend to offer generous compensation packages.
  • VMware pays top dollar for leadership and expertise in strategic growth areas like cloud computing.


VMware’s industry leadership in virtualization and enterprise software fuels the need for world-class talent. For highly skilled and experienced candidates, especially in future-focused domains like cloud platforms, opportunities for substantial compensation abound. Principal architects, distinguished engineers and top-performing sales executives can earn salaries over a quarter million dollars. Location also plays a major role, with VMware’s Palo Alto headquarters topping salary surveys. Candidates that negotiate firmly backed by in-demand expertise fare best. As VMware continues innovating in a fast-moving industry, salaries for top talent likely have room to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are commonVMware salaries?
    Salaries at VMware range widely by role and experience level. Software engineers typically start between $100k-$150k while experienced engineers can earn $200k or more. Sales reps usually earn $100-$200k including commission and incentives. Executives and distinguished architects can make over $250,000.
  2. How much do VMware interns get paid?
    VMware interns are paid competitively with salary offers averaging $8,000 per month. Interns receive opportunities to build industry experience while working on meaningful projects.
  3. What benefits does VMware offer?
    VMware provides comprehensive benefits including full medical, dental and vision coverage, 401(k) matching, life insurance, parental leave, fertility and adoption assistance, professional development, and more.
  4. Do VMware employees get stock options?
    Yes, VMware employees at certain levels receive stock option grants and restricted stock units (RSUs) to reward performance and encourage ownership. The amounts can become substantial over time.
  5. What is the work culture like at VMware?
    VMware is recognized for its collaborative and dynamic work culture. Employees tend to be bright, motivated, and drawn to working on cutting-edge technology.
  6. Do VMware salaries increase each year?
    VMware conducts annual performance reviews with merit-based salary increases averaged at approximately 3% company-wide. Larger increases accompany promotions. Long-tenured employees typically see steady salary growth each year.
  7. Which VMware office pays the most?
    The Palo Alto headquarters has the highest salaries on average followed by other California offices. Globally, salaries vary based on local markets. Post-pandemic remote policies provide pay parity across U.S. locations.
  8. How much paid time off do employees get?
    VMware employees receive considerable time off with 15-25 days of PTO, 10 paid holidays, and additional sick time. Parental leave is up to 20 weeks for new mothers and fathers.
  9. What percentage of VMware employees are engineers?
    Roughly 60% of VMware employees are engineers developing products and solutions. Another 15% are in sales, 10% in marketing/corporate roles, 5% human resources, and 10% other areas including legal, finance, etc.
  10. How much revenue does VMware generate?
    As of 2022, VMware generates over $13 billion in annual revenue and is aiming to hit $15 billion within a few years. Revenue has increased in the double digits year-over-year.
  11. Is it hard to get a job at VMware?
    VMware receives thousands of applicants annually for a few hundred positions, so being hired can be competitive. Referrals and demonstrated expertise in VMware technologies aid candidates.
  12. Do software engineers work overtime?
    Some periods like major product releases require extended hours, but VMware aims to maintain good work-life balance. Paid overtime for non-exempt employees also applies per state laws.
  13. What screening process is used?
    VMware uses a comprehensive 4-6 week hiring process including resume review, two technical phone interviews, onsite panel interviews, background checks, and reference checks. An offer occurs pending final approval.
  14. What questions are asked in VMware interviews?
    Interviews focus mainly on behavioral and technical abilities. Questions test competency in data structures, algorithms, debugging, system design, VMware products, public cloud, and other relevant knowledge.

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