What is the free SMTP limit?

The free SMTP limit refers to the number of emails you can send through a free email service provider’s SMTP server per day, month or other time period before getting rate limited. This limit exists to prevent spam and abuse of the free email sending infrastructure.

What is the free SMTP limit?

The exact free SMTP limits vary by provider, but common free limits include:

  • Daily limits – Usually between 100-500 emails per day
  • Monthly limits – Often 1000-2000 emails per month
  • Sending rate/frequency limits – Restrictions on how fast you can send emails, like 10-50 emails per hour

Exceeding these limits will lead to your account getting blocked from sending any more emails until the quota resets. The restrictions encourage best practice email sending behavior.

Why free SMTP limits exist

Free SMTP servers have limits in place to prevent spamming and abuse. Without limits, spammers could send unlimited emails using the free infrastructure which costs the providers money. Limits also ensure fair sharing between genuine users.

Some reasons free SMTP providers have sending restrictions:

  • Avoid spam complaints and blacklisting – Spam damages sender reputation
  • Control infrastructure costs – Email costs money for providers
  • Ensure reliability for all users – Too much load can crash systems
  • Prevent malicious activities – Email can deliver malware payloads

Common free SMTP email limits

Provider Daily Limit Monthly Limit Rate Limit
Gmail 500 emails None
Outlook.com 10,000 recipients 30 emails in 10 mins
Mail.com 500 emails 4,000 emails 50 emails per 30 mins
Zoho Mail 500 emails 6,000 emails 50 emails in 5 mins
GMX 200 emails 1,500 emails 50 emails in 1 hour
Yandex Mail 100 emails 10,000 emails None

Daily and monthly limits may vary for different account types

Approaches to increase free SMTP limits

If you find yourself constrained by free SMTP limits, some options to send more emails include:

  • Switch providers – Each has different limits so comparing can help
  • Upgrade your account – Paid plans often support more emails
  • Use multiple accounts – Combine quotas from different accounts
  • Prioritize critical emails – Ensure most important emails get through
  • Consider paid SMTP services – Specialist email delivery services without hard limits
  • Build your own server – Host a dedicated SMTP server without restrictions

Building your own dedicated delivery infrastructure removes limits but requires more effort and maintenance. Paid services balance flexibility and convenience.

Key takeaways on free SMTP limits

  • Free SMTP servers limit emails to prevent spam and ensure reliable infrastructure
  • Limits include daily, monthly and frequency sending quotas
  • Standard limits allow reasonable personal and business use cases
  • Upgrading accounts, using multiple providers or paid services can increase capacity
  • Hard limits protect providers and customers but require planning around


In summary, free SMTP servers impose email sending limits, typically 100-500 emails per day to balance useful access with prevention of abuse. Understanding and planning for restrictions is key for sustained delivery. Paid services provide more flexibility for higher volume uses. The limits aim to allow genuine email whilst controlling spam and costs. Check provider details and upgrade accounts to suit higher sending needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if you exceed the free SMTP limit?
    Exceeding free SMTP limits will trigger rate limiting which temporarily blocks sending capabilities until the quota resets, usually after 24 hours. Some providers may ask for identity verification or restrict accounts completely if abuse is very excessive.

  2. How many emails can I send from Gmail for free?
    Gmail allows up to 500 emails per day to be sent for free on their SMTP servers. They have no stated monthly limit or fixed rate restrictions, although abusive behavior may still risk account suspension.

  3. Does Yahoo have an SMTP limit?
    Yahoo Mail has a limit of 2000 emails per day and 25,000 emails per month on their free SMTP servers, with burst allowances enabling short term increases. Yahoo also restricts sending frequency to 20 emails every 10 minutes as an anti-spam measure.

  4. What is the Outlook.com daily SMTP limit?
    The Outlook.com SMTP email limit is 10,000 recipients per day. They also enforce a per message frequency limit of 30 mails every 10 minutes. Outlook.com has no formally published monthly limit.

  5. Can I use multiple free SMTP accounts to increase limits?
    Using multiple provider’s SMTP servers with separate accounts is a workaround to increase total email capacity. For example, alternating between 3 accounts with 500 daily limits provides up to 1500 emails per day. Ensure legitimate coordinated use to avoid appearance of spam.

  6. What is the Gmail SMTP server sending rate?
    Gmail does not publish defined SMTP server rate limits, however they actively monitor account behavior and may throttle or restrict accounts that send emails too frequently to prevent abuse. Recommended best practice is to keep Gmail sending below 50 emails per 5 minutes.

  7. How many emails can I send per month with Zoho Mail?
    The published monthly email sending limit on Zoho Mail’s free SMTP server is 6000 emails. Daily limit is set at 500 emails. They also enforce a frequency limit of 50 emails in 5 minutes to prevent spamming through their infrastructure.

  8. What is better for sending emails – SMTP or API?
    Dedicated email sending APIs like Send Grid provide more flexibility and higher limits than free SMTP servers. However, SMTP is simpler to use for basic delivery to small contact lists. As scales and complexity of distribution increase, commercial API services often become a better solution.

  9. What are the limits on Fast Mail’s SMTP service?
    FastMail adjusts SMTP limits dynamically based on reputation and sending patterns. New accounts start with 500 emails per day. Established legitimate use cases can qualify for higher SMTP limits with FastMail. Daily limits can scale well above 2000 emails for approved senders.

  10. How do I check if my emails are rate limited on Gmail?
    Warning notifications are presented right in the Gmail interface if any rate limit is exceeded when trying to send mail. Gmail will also email the account holder to notify them of actions taken if unusual behavior is observed related to email sending patterns.

  11. Can I get more SMTP emails by using multiple Gmail accounts?
    Setting up multiple Gmail accounts can let you combine the 500 email daily limit on each one. For example, rotating between 3 accounts enables up to 1500 emails to be sent per day. Make sure coordinated use across accounts does not appear as spammy behavior though.

  12. Is Yandex SMTP better than Gmail?
    Yandex offers a lower 100 email daily limit but higher 10,000 monthly limit compared to Gmail’s 500 daily without monthly restrictions. Overall Gmail can deliver more total emails in smaller consistent batches, whereas Yandex enables fewer daily emails but sustained longer term delivery at moderate levels.

  13. What is the daily SMTP limit on iCloud mail?
    Apple’s iCloud email SMTP service sets a limit of 500 incoming and outgoing emails per day from their mail servers. This applies to both free and paid iCloud accounts. Limit helps prevent spam and abuse according to Apple guidelines.

  14. Can changing SMTP ports allow more emails?
    Changing SMTP ports will not influence email sending limits imposed by the mail server provider. Limits are set intentionally based on account and usage factors rather than port configuration. Ports instead address connectivity and security, without capacity impact.

  15. What is the default SMTP port number?
    The standard default Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) port number for email delivery is 25. Common alternatives configured on mail servers include ports 465 (with SSL encryption) and 587 (for TLS encrypted SMTP).

  16. Is 80000 emails a day a lot?
    80,000 emails per day is considered a very high volume, far exceeding typical free and common low cost SMTP provider limits. Delivering that scale of email reliably requires dedicated email infrastructure and protection against blocking as spam sources. Careful list building and sender reputation is essential.

  17. What are the consequences of hitting Send Grid’s SMTP limits?
    Exceeding Send Grid account limits triggers SMTP blocking until the quotas reset. Chronic issues may lead to additional throttles or restrictions applied. Ultimately accounts sending excessive unauthorized mail without mitigation can face permanent suspension per the Send Grid terms.

  18. How can I optimize emails for free SMTP limits?
    Strategies to optimize emailing approach for free SMTP limits include: tracking usage carefully, considering email priority, trialing different provider limits, building timed sending patterns safely within restrictions, and leveraging paid services strategically rather than entirely free infrastructure.

  19. What are the alternatives if I exceed free SMTP limits?
    Top alternatives if free SMTP email limits are inadequate for distribution needs include leveraging multiple accounts and providers, upgrading to higher tier accounts with increased limits, purchasing dedicated pay-as-you go email services designed for marketing distribution, or evaluating purpose-built email API platforms and SMTP relay services.

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