What is odmfa?

ODMFA stands for On Demand Mobile Food Assistance. It is a service that provides free groceries delivered right to your doorstep via an app on your smartphone or tablet. ODMFA aims to make nutritious food more accessible to those in need by eliminating transportation barriers.



What is odmfa?

How ODMFA Works?

The ODMFA process is quick and convenient:

  1. Download the ODMFA app – Available on both iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to order groceries and track your delivery in real-time.
  2. Check eligibility – You will need to verify your eligibility by submitting documents through the app. Eligibility is based on income and household size.
  3. Browse food options – ODMFA offers a variety of grocery items including fresh produce, milk, eggs, meat, pantry staples, and more. The selection changes weekly based on availability.
  4. Order groceries – Add groceries to your cart on the app. Orders are limited to a certain number of items per household size. There are no delivery fees or charges.
  5. Schedule delivery – Pick a convenient delivery day and 2-hour window. Deliveries are made by a third-party service.
  6. Receive delivery – Your contactless grocery delivery will arrive at your door as scheduled. Enjoy your fresh groceries!

Key Benefits of ODMFA

  • Free grocery delivery – There are no costs, fees, or charges to use ODMFA. Groceries are delivered free.
  • Healthy food options – The grocery selection focuses on fresh produce, dairy, meats, and nutritious pantry items.
  • Reduced mobility barriers – Delivery right to your doorstep helps those without reliable transportation.
  • Flexible scheduling – Pick a delivery day and 2-hour window to fit your schedule.
  • Contactless delivery – Groceries are safely left outside your door with no direct hand-off.
  • Easy online ordering – The entire process from ordering to delivery is handled through the app.

ODMFA Eligibility Requirements

ODMFA is available to households who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Household income is below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines based on household size
  • Applicant must live within the ODMFA delivery zone
  • Proof of identity and residence required
  • Public assistance recipients are automatically eligible

Eligibility is verified by submitting documents such as pay stubs, tax returns, and ID through the ODMFA app. Eligibility must be renewed every 6 months.

ODMFA Household Income Limits

Here are the maximum household income limits to qualify for ODMFA:

Household Size Annual Income Limit
1 $27,180
2 $36,620
3 $46,060
4 $55,500
5 $64,940
6 $74,380
7 $83,820
8 $93,260

*Income limits are based on 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines and are subject to change annually.

What Food Items Are Available from ODMFA?

ODMFA offers a wide variety of nutritious grocery items including:

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Fresh produce like apples, oranges, carrots, salad greens and more
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Canned fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh herbs

Dairy and Eggs

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Eggs

Meat and Protein

  • Chicken
  • Ground meat
  • Canned tuna/salmon
  • Dried beans
  • Nuts and nut butters

Grains and Bakery

  • Breads and tortillas
  • Pastas and rice
  • Cereal
  • Oatmeal

Other Pantry Items

  • Cooking oils
  • Condiments
  • Canned soups
  • Snack foods

The specific items available can vary weekly based on supply and seasonal availability. There are also options available that meet various dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

How Do I Sign Up for ODMFA?

Signing up for ODMFA grocery delivery is quick and easy in 4 steps:

  1. Download the ODMFA app on your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account in the app with your name, address, contact info, and household details.
  3. Submit eligibility documentation such as pay stubs, tax returns, and photo ID through the app.
  4. Once approved, start ordering groceries on the app and schedule a delivery time.

The ODMFA app allows you to manage everything from initially applying to ordering and tracking your deliveries. Be sure to verify your delivery address and eligibility during the sign-up process. Approval can take 2-3 business days.

Tips for Signing Up

  • Have eligibility documents ready to submit
  • Double check your address is correct
  • Add all household members during sign-up
  • Request delivery on a day you will be available
  • Get notifications by enabling push notifications

Signing up early ensures you get access to ODMFA grocery deliveries as soon as possible. Reach out to ODMFA customer support if you have any issues getting started.

What Are Other People Saying About ODMFA?

Since launching in 2017, ODMFA has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users:

“ODMFA has been a life-saver during the pandemic. As a single mom without a car, I can’t easily get to the grocery store. Now healthy food comes right to my door which helps me feed my family.” – Sara D., ODMFA User

“The app makes it so easy to add the food I need to my cart and choose a delivery time that works with my schedule. I love not having to drag my kids to the store.” – James T., ODMFA User

“As a disabled veteran, the grocery delivery from ODMFA has improved my quality of life tremendously. I can maintain a healthy diet with ease.” – Frank L., ODMFA User

“I don’t drive and buses don’t run near my neighborhood so getting groceries has always been a challenge. ODMFA has been a total game changer for me. I can finally get what I need each week.” – Carla P., ODMFA User

The service has been especially helpful for elderly, disabled, and low-income users who face accessibility challenges getting to a grocery store. ODMFA has received praise for its quick and easy online ordering process, free delivery, healthy food options, and exceptional customer service.


ODMFA provides an invaluable service by delivering free groceries right to the doors of those in need. The easy-to-use app, focus on nutritious options, and lack of mobility barriers gives families access to healthy food with convenience. So far, ODMFA has received outstanding feedback for the positive impact it has made through grocery deliveries. As the program continues expanding across the country, it has the potential to help countless low-income and disadvantaged households get the groceries they require in an accessible, dignified way.

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  2. How ODMFA Works
  3. Key Benefits of ODMFA
  4. ODMFA Eligibility Requirements
  5. What Food Items Are Available from ODMFA?
  6. How Do I Sign Up for ODMFA?
  7. What Are Other People Saying About ODMFA?
  8. ODMFA Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions About ODMFA

  1. How do I qualify for ODMFA grocery delivery?
    To qualify for ODMFA, your household income must be below 200% of the federal poverty limit based on household size. You must also submit eligibility documents such as pay stubs or tax returns through the ODMFA app and live within the delivery zone. 
  2. What food and groceries are offered by ODMFA?
    ODMFA offers a variety of grocery staples like fresh produce, eggs, dairy, meats, grains, and pantry items. Food options meet various dietary needs and change weekly based on availability. 
  3. How often can I use ODMFA grocery delivery?
    You can place 1-2 grocery orders per week depending on household size. Your order frequency resets weekly on a specified day. 
  4. Do I have to pay any fees to use ODMFA?
    No, ODMFA is completely free including the grocery delivery. There are no hidden costs, charges, or tips expected. 
  5. How do I schedule a grocery delivery timeslot?
    In the ODMFA app, you can select a available delivery day and 2-hour window that fits your schedule. Deliveries are made daily during specified hours. 
  6. Can someone else accept my ODMFA delivery?
    Yes, you can designate another person such as a roommate or family member to accept the contactless delivery if you are unavailable. 
  7. How long do ODMFA grocery deliveries take?
    From the time you place your order, deliveries are made within 2-4 business days during your scheduled 2-hour window. 
  8. How do I change my delivery address for ODMFA?
    You can update your delivery address at any time through your account settings in the ODMFA app. Contact customer support for immediate address changes. 
  9. What if my ODMFA order is incomplete or has an issue?
    Reach out to ODMFA customer support via in-app chat, email, or phone if your delivery has an issue. They can assist with refunds, credits, or redelivery. 
  10. Can I tip the ODMFA delivery driver?
    No, tipping is not required or expected for ODMFA orders. There is no tipping option since deliveries are free. 
  11. Is there an ODMFA app for iPhone and Android?
    Yes, the ODMFA app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to order groceries from your smartphone. 
  12. How do I cancel an upcoming ODMFA delivery?
    You can cancel a scheduled delivery in the ODMFA app up until 11:59 pm the day before delivery. Reach out to customer service if less than 24 hours remain. 
  13. Is my personal and payment data secure on the ODMFA app?
    Yes, ODMFA protects all user data and financial information using encryption and other security measures per our strict privacy policy. 
  14. Can I redeem SNAP or EBT benefits on ODMFA?
    At this time, ODMFA does not accept SNAP or EBT payments. However, your EBT card may qualify you for eligibility if income limits are met. 
  15. What if my household income changes after I’m approved?
    If your household income changes, contact ODMFA support to have your eligibility updated or re-verified based on the new income details. 
  16. Are deliveries made if I’m not home during the scheduled time?
    If no one is available for a contactless delivery hand-off, your order will be returned back to ODMFA. Contact us to reschedule or arrange reorder. 
  17. What grocery brands and types of food are offered?
    ODMFA offers national brands and private label items across categories like produce, dairy, pantry, etc. Selection varies weekly based on availability. 
  18. How do I update my household size or details in the app?
    Use the account settings in the ODMFA app to update details like household size, members, address etc. Changes can affect your eligibility and order limits. 
  19. Can I use ODMFA if I don’t have a smartphone?
    While the app is required to order, you can work with a family or friend to use their device. Contact support about limited non-app options. 
  20. Are there discounts for seniors, veterans, or medical needs?
    At this time, ODMFA does not offer specialized discounts. Eligibility and deliveries are free for all qualifying applicants regardless of age, background, or health needs.

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