How to Xerox in an Epson Printer?

Xeroxing, also known as photocopying, allows you to make copies of documents and photos using a machine called a photocopier. Epson printers have built-in photocopying capabilities, so you can easily xerox right from your Epson printer.

How to Xerox in an Epson Printer?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to xerox in an Epson printer. You’ll learn how to prepare your originals for copying, configure your printer settings, make 1-sided and 2-sided copies, adjust the copy size, quality and collation, and troubleshoot any issues. We’ll also provide tips to help you get the best quality copies from your Epson printer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Xeroxing in an Epson Printer

1. Prepare your originals

Before you can start photocopying, you need to prepare your original documents or photos. Here are some tips:

  • For single sheets, use clean, undamaged paper free of rips, folds, and creases.
  • For books or bound materials, lift the cover and photocopy one page at a time.
  • Remove any staples, paperclips, or sticky notes.
  • Load glossy originals like photos print-side down.
  • Place your original face down on the document glass.

2. Load copy paper

Make sure you have enough copy paper loaded in the main input tray of your Epson printer. Use plain white copy paper in Letter, Legal, or A4 size. For best results, use Epson brand papers.

3. Access the copy settings

On your Epson printer control panel, select Copy to access the photocopy menus and settings. This allows you to configure options before copying.

4. Select the copy quality

You can choose from draft, standard, or best quality copies. Draft gives you faster copies at lower quality. Best provides higher quality at slower speeds. Standard is a good middle ground.

5. Adjust the copy density

Make 1-sided copies darker or lighter by adjusting the copy density setting left or right. Keep it at the default middle setting for standard copies.

6. Choose the copy size

Select the paper size you want to copy onto like Letter, Legal, A4, etc. Make sure it matches the size loaded in your printer.

7. Copy 1-sided originals

For single-sided originals, just press the Start button to begin copying. The printer will automatically detect one-sided originals.

8. Copy 2-sided originals

To copy double-sided originals, enable the 2-sided copying setting. Place your first original face down and press start. Follow the prompts to flip over the stack and copy the second sides.

9. Set the number of copies

Use the numeric keypad on the printer control panel to select the number of copies you need (up to 99). The default is one copy.

10. Enable collation

Turn on the collation setting to print complete copy sets in sequential page order. Leave collation off to print all copies of each page at once.

11. Start photocopying

When all settings are adjusted as needed, press the Start button to begin xeroxing your originals. The printer will scan, process, and print your copies.

12. Troubleshooting

If the copies are too light, dark, blurry, streaked, skewed, or incomplete, refer to the troubleshooting tips below. Running a cleaning cycle can also help improve copy quality issues.

Tips for Better Quality Photocopies

Follow these tips and suggestions to get the best possible copy quality from your Epson printer:

  • Use high quality, blank white paper for the best looking copies. Avoid textured or colored paper.
  • Set the copy quality to “best” for important documents that need crisp, clear copies.
  • For photos and graphics, select a high quality photo paper and change the copy settings to “photo” mode.
  • Wipe down the scanner glass before copying to remove dust, smudges, and debris.
  • Make sure your originals lie completely flat against the document glass. No shadows, wrinkles, or gaps.
  • Adjust the density lighter or darker to compensate for very light or very dark originals.
  • Maintain a consistent distance between the cover and originals as you close the lid.
  • Keep your printer maintained by running nozzle checks and cleaning cycles periodically.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you encounter issues with the quality of your copies from an Epson printer, here are some troubleshooting tips:

Light or faded copies

  • Increase the copy density setting.
  • The toner cartridge may be low or expired. Replace toner.
  • The scanner glass may be dirty. Clean it thoroughly.

Dark or smeared copies

  • Decrease the copy density setting.
  • Check that originals are clean and placed properly.
  • Run a cleaning cycle on the printer.

Blurry or distorted copies

  • Make sure originals lie completely flat against the glass.
  • Use lower quality settings for photos or delicate originals.
  • Adjust the copy size to match the original.
  • Clean the scanner glass and run a nozzle check.

Vertical white lines

  • Clean the row of small glass strips under the scanner lid.
  • Make sure the scanner lid is closed properly while copying.

Blank copies

  • Confirm your original is loaded face down on the glass.
  • The original may be loaded upside down. Place it properly and re-copy.

Skewed or crooked copies

  • Reposition the original so the edges line up perfectly straight.
  • Verify the copy paper is loaded correctly.

Copy cutoff or missing content

  • Select a larger copy size to fit the entire original.
  • Reload the original properly centered on the document glass.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I xerox single sheets in my Epson printer?
Place your original face down on the scanner glass, select your copy settings, and press start to begin photocopying single sheets.

2. Can I copy 2-sided documents?
Yes, enable the 2-sided copying option to photocopy both sides of 2-sided originals. Follow the prompts to flip and reload the stack.

3. How many copies can my Epson printer make at once?
Most Epson printers can make up to 99 copies at a time. Enter the number of copies using the numeric keypad.

4. How do I copy photos on my Epson printer?
For best results, place photos print-side down and select photo paper and “best photo” quality in the copy settings.

5. What is the maximum paper size I can copy onto?
Epson home printers can generally copy onto Letter, Legal, A4, and 4”x6” sizes. Larger Epson office models accommodate bigger sizes like Tabloid and A3.

6. Do I have to scan first before Epson makes copies?
No, Epson printers scan and print copies automatically in one seamless process. You don’t have to initiate a separate scan.

7. Can I enlarge or reduce what I’m copying?
Yes, adjust the copy size percentage to reduce or enlarge your original to fit the copy paper size you have loaded.

8. Why do my copies have white lines on them?
White vertical lines are typically caused by dirt on the thin glass strips under the scanner lid. Clean them gently with a soft cloth.

9. How do I clear a paper jam when photocopying?
Open all covers and access doors, remove jammed paper, verify no torn scraps remain inside, then reload paper properly before resuming copying.

10. Why do my copies look blurry and pixelated?
Increase the copy quality to “best” and clean the scanner glass to improve blurry, low quality photocopies.

11. How do I adjust the darkness of my photocopies?
Use the copy density slider to make copies darker or lighter according to your needs. Move left for lighter, right for darker.

12. Can I stack multiple original sheets to copy as one document?
Yes, you can load a stack up to 30 sheets face down in the document feeder to copy the batch as one multi-page document.

13. How do I stop a copy job that is in progress?
Simply press the Stop button on the printer control panel to immediately halt the current copy job.

14. Why are my copies coming out blank?
Make sure your original is face down on the glass, aligned properly, free of rips or folds, and you’ve selected the number of copies needed.

15. How can I improve the quality of my photocopies?

Use high quality blank paper and set the copy mode to “best” quality.

Maintain the printer by cleaning it regularly and replacing ink/toner.

Ensure originals are clean and placed flat against the glass.

16. Can I photocopy thick books or magazines?
Yes, for best results lift the cover or binding and photocopy the pages one at a time, pressing down to flatten each one against the glass.

17. How do I copy mixed sized originals in one batch?
You’ll have to copy different sized originals like receipts in separate batch jobs, selecting the appropriate paper size each time.

18. Why do my copies have black streaks on them?
Black streaks are typically caused by dirt, grime, or toner buildup on the internal parts. Run a cleaning cycle and make a few test copies to clear it up.

19. How many original sheets can the automatic document feeder hold?
Epson automatic document feeders can hold around 30 to 50 sheets of standard copy paper. Heavier or thicker stock will be less.

20. How can I xerox without the margins showing?
Adjust the edge to edge copying option in the reduce/enlarge menu to fade out and eliminate the thin white margins around your copies.


Xeroxing important documents, photos, and more is quick and easy with the built-in copying functions of Epson printers. Now that you know the steps for preparing originals, selecting copy settings, executing single and double sided jobs, and troubleshooting issues, you can easily master photocopying on your Epson printer. Refer to this guide anytime you need a refresher on achieving high quality copies.

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