How to Turn Off Canon Printers

Shutting down your Canon printer correctly is important for performance and safety. An improper shutdown can lead to issues like ink clogs or print quality problems over time. This guide will cover the proper procedures to turn off different types of Canon printers.

How to Turn Off Canon Printers

Reasons to Shut Down Your Canon Printer

There are a few key reasons you should make sure to properly power off your Canon printer:

  • Prevent Ink Clogs- If a printer is left idle for an extended period, ink can dry up inside the print head and clog the nozzles. Turning it off helps prevent this.
  • Safety- Electrical devices should always be powered down correctly to prevent issues like shorts or fires. This is especially true before unplugging the device.
  • Save Energy- Printers in standby use some electricity even when not actively printing. Turning them fully off reduces energy waste.
  • Reset Settings or Errors- Sometimes powering a printer off and back on will clear up error messages or other issues.

So unless you will be printing again soon, properly shutting down your Canon printer is advised.

Turning Off Canon Inkjet Printers

Canon manufactures several types of inkjet printers for home and office use. Here is how to properly turn off common Canon inkjet printer models:

1. Press the Power Button

Most Canon inkjets like the MG2522, MG3620, and TS202 have a power button or switch located on the front, back, or side of the printer. Press and briefly hold this button to initiate the shutdown sequence.

2. Wait for Print Head to Stop Moving

After pressing the power button, you’ll hear some noise and see the print head assembly start to move back to its resting position on the right. Wait for these movements to fully complete before continuing.

3. Confirm Power Light Turns Off

Look for the power light on your Canon inkjet printer to turn off completely. This may take 30 seconds after the print head stops moving. Do not unplug the device or interfere with it until the light is fully shut off.

4. Finish Exiting and Close Trays

Once powered down, the LCD display should be blank. Finish by safely exiting any open trays, then close them gently to protect internal components from dust.

Turning Off Canon Pixma Printers

Many Canon PIXMA models like the MG3620, TS202, and G6020 popular all-in-one printers have additional steps:

  1. Press the Power Button- This starts the shutdown process. Wait for noises and movement to stop.
  2. Press and Hold Power Button Again- PIXMA models require holding the power button until the power light starts flashing. Release immediately once flashing.
  3. Confirm Shutdown- The power light will then turn off completely after 5-10 seconds. Wait to ensure it powers down fully before handling.

So PIXMA printers need the power button held a second time to complete the shutdown. Take care not to hold it too long or it can initiate a forced reset and cause issues.

Turning Off Canon Laser Printers

For Canon laser printers like the imageCLASS models, use the following power off steps:

  1. Allow Current Job to Finish- If currently printing, give the job time to fully complete. It’s unsafe to force power off during operation.
  2. Press Power Button- Laser printers have a main power button or switch located on the side or front. Press and release this to start shutdown.
  3. Check Interface- The interface display should now say “Cooling Down” or show a percentage countdown as internal parts safely cool.
  4. Await Power Light Off- Finally the power light will turn off once cooldown finishes after about 30 seconds. This signals full shutdown.

Note that after printing many pages in a session, laser printers may run cooling fans for couple minutes before fully powering off. Be patient and allow the process to completely finish.

Special Cases

For a few other special printer types, check the user manual for specifics on the power off sequence. For example:

  • All-in-One Machines- If the printer is part of a multifunction copier/scanner device, there may be an overall system power switch to use instead.
  • Large Format Printers- Big professional photo printers often have special displays and procedures. Consult documentation.
  • Battery Power- Portable wireless Canon printers powered by batteries often have alternate shutdown methods depending on battery charge.

So inspect your unique Canon printer closely and reference user manuals if needed for custom power off methods.

What to Avoid When Powering Off

There are also a few unsafe shutdown methods to avoid with Canon printers that can cause issues:

  • Pulling the Plug- Never forcibly yank the power cable out without properly shutting down first via the power button. This poses an electrical risk.
  • Interrupt Operation- Wait for all noises, movements and “cooling down” to finish before cutting power during the shutdown sequence.
  • Ignoring Errors- Resolve any error messages before attempting to power off. Forcing power off to “reset” errors should only be a last resort.

Patience and care when powering off printers prevents problems like jammed carriages and clogged nozzles over time.


Always being mindful to turn off any Canon printer properly, using the steps outlined for your specific model, will help ensure reliable ongoing performance and safety. Allowing orderly shutdown prevents premature wear, ink issues, or electrical risks in the future. Be aware as well of situations where special power off procedures may apply based on printer type, battery power, or multifunction systems. With the right technique for powering down, your Canon printer will deliver quality prints time after time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turning Off Canon Printers

  1. Why does my Canon printer make noise when I turn it off?
    The noises are normal mechanical movements of the print head and ink cartridge carrier returning to its home position. Let this complete before cutting power.

  2. Should inkjet printers be left on all the time?
    No, you should turn off Canon inkjet printers fully when not in use to save energy and for best printer health over time.

  3. Is it safe to press the power button while printing?
    No, never turn off a Canon printer during active printing. Wait for jobs to fully complete first.

  4. Can print heads clog if left off for over a week?
    Possibly, though regular short maintenance cycles will prevent nozzles from fully drying out in most cases.

  5. Why does my PIXMA printer have 2 power off steps?
    PIXMA models require holding the power button a second time to complete the full software shutdown process.

  6. How long should I wait before unplugging after hitting the power button?
    Wait until noises totally stop and the power light turns fully off to confirm the shutdown completed.

  7. Why won’t my laser printer power back on immediately?
    Laser printers require an internal cool down period first. Wait approx. 30 seconds after powering off before turning back on.

  8. Is it safe to briefly remove batteries to reset a portable printer?
    Generally it’s best not to interrupt power abruptly. But with batteries, briefly removing them can serve as a reset.

  9. My wireless all-in-one has a main wall switch, should I use that?
    Yes, if available, main overall power switches are preferred to shutdown multifunction devices.

  10. Why does my LED power light stay on dimly even when powered off?
    Some printers have a standby LED mode which stays slightly lit. But main functions are fully powered down.

  11. How can I configure auto shutdown on my Canon printer?
    Printer settings, mobile apps, or the Canon Print Inkjet app usually provide options to set auto-off durations.

  12. Is there a keyboard shortcut to shutdown Canon printers in Windows?
    No universal shortcut, but some Canon printer software allows defining custom keyboard power controls.

  13. If my Canon printer loses power abruptly, will files be lost?
    Ongoing print jobs may fail to finish properly. But printer memory and settings are preserved.

  14. Does Canon offer printers with built-in UPS battery backups?
    Yes, some high-end models feature uninterruptable power supply batteries to protect during outages.

  15. Where can I find my specific Canon printer’s voltage specs?
    Always check labels on the device or electronic manual for exact voltage and power supply requirements.

  16. Is it safe to use sleep mode instead of fully powering off?
    Yes, sleep and auto-off modes also help protect printers when idle without full manual shutdown.

  17. How do I know if my Canon printer firmware is up-to-date?
    Check current firmware versions in printer settings menus and compare to latest listed for your model on Canon’s support site.

  18. Why does my Mac sometimes fail to see the USB printer after rebooting?
    Occasionally USB devices require replugging after a system restart to reacquire connections.

  19. Does frequent power cycling shorten the lifespan of a Canon printer?
    Within reason, normal power off methods won’t significantly reduce the overall printer lifetime. But very frequent starts could add wear over many years.

  20. Where can I find video tutorials for maintaining my Canon printer model?
    Canon’s YouTube channel features instructional videos for many current printer models and tips for care.

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