How to Send a Fax from an HP Printer?

Sending a fax from your HP printer allows you to quickly and easily share documents over telephone lines. With a few simple steps, you can have an important fax on its way in no time.

How to Send a Fax from an HP Printer?

Choosing the Right HP Printer Model

The first step is ensuring you have an HP printer capable of faxing. Many HP printers aimed at home and small office users include built-in fax capabilities. To determine if your printer can fax:

  • All-in-one printers – Most HP all-in-one printers (with print, copy, scan functions) support faxing. Check your model’s specifications to confirm.
  • Officejet printers – Many HP Officejet printers support fax functions. Again, confirm your specific model has fax capabilities.
  • Laser printers – HP monochrome laser printers typically do not support faxing. Color laser printers may have fax support.
  • Inkjet printers – HP inkjet printers aimed at homes and small offices often include fax abilities. Verify with your model documentation.

If your current HP printer does not allow faxing, consider upgrading to a model that supports this useful feature.

Connecting Your HP Printer for Faxing

Once you’ve confirmed your printer model can fax, the next key step is getting it properly connected:

  • Telephone line – Connect your HP printer to an active telephone wall jack using a telephone cord. This analog phone connection allows the printer to send/receive faxes. Make sure the phone line is active.
  • DSL – If you have a DSL internet connection, you cannot plug the printer directly into the wall jack. You will need to install a DSL filter. This filter blocks the internet signal and allows the printer to access the analog phone line for faxes.
  • VoIP networks – Most Voice over IP phone networks do not support traditional faxing. You would need to check with your VoIP provider to confirm if they offer fax abilities. You may require an analog telephone adapter (ATA) device.
  • Wireless connections – While wireless printers can connect over WiFi networks for printing and scanning purposes, they still require a wired telephone connection for fax capabilities.

Double check that your printer is plugged into a telephone wall jack, properly filtered from any DSL signals, in order to send and receive faxes

Configuring Fax Settings

With your HP printer physically prepared for faxing, some basic setup steps are required within the printer software itself:

  1. Launch printer display panel – Power on your HP printer and access the graphical LCD display panel on the device. Access your printer’s setup menu.
  2. Enter fax header – Define the fax number that will appear on top of documents you send from this printer. Enter your registered fax number and company name.
  3. Select fax mode – Choose the fax connection mode:
  • Analog telephone line
  • Digital telephone network
  • Internet fax

Most home and small office users will utilize the analog phone system.

  1. Adjust answer mode – Decide if the printer should handle fax call answering automatically or manually:
  • Automatic – Printer answers every call automatically. Best for dedicated fax lines.
  • Manual – You must press a button on the printer to accept incoming faxes. Allows for shared telephone lines.
  1. Check compatibility – Run a fax connection test to confirm the printer is registered properly on the telephone network you wish to use.

Sending Faxes via HP Printer

Once setup and network-tested, sending actual faxes through your HP printer is simple:

Load Document to Be Faxed

  1. Place fax pages in input tray – Start by loading the pages you wish to fax into the main paper input tray of your HP printer. Documents should meet standard fax paper requirements.
  • 2. Adjust settings from panel – Access settings from printer display panel to define resolution, contrast, and other fax parameters
    1. Dial recipient number – Using the printer’s numeric pad, input the full telephone number of the fax recipient.

Transmit Fax

  1. Confirm and send – Printer will confirm number entered and begin dialing. Review info and press start or send button.
  • 2. Fax activity begins – Your HP printer loads pages and scans content, converts documents to fax transmission signal, dials number, and transmits fax data.
    1. Confirmation prints – An activity report will print indicating transmission status, # of pages, success, errors, etc.

Save this confirmation report for your fax activity records. Your fax has now hopefully arrived successfully at its destination.

Receiving Incoming Faxes

Besides outgoing transmissions, most users will also have occasional need for handling faxes received on their HP printer:

Automatic Receive

  • If you configured your printer for automatic answer mode, no action is required. The HP device manages the inbound call, receives transmitton, and prints out the incoming document automatically.

Manual Receive

  • If set in manual receive mode, you will need to take action for each incoming fax call:
    1. Recognize incoming call – Distinct fax tones or display alerts indicate a fax is calling the printer.
    2. Accept call and receive – Press button to accept call or place printer into receive mode.
    3. Fax prints automatically – Allow printer to handle incoming transmission and print automatically.

Be prompt in responding to manual receive notices so you do not miss fax transmissions. Also keep the input paper tray stocked to handle printing activity.

Helpful Fax Management Tips

Follow these recommendations for reliable ongoing fax operations with your HP printer:

  • Keep the device stocked with plenty of blank 8.5 x 11-inch paper for active faxing.
  • Print confirmation reports after large batch faxes to confirm successful transmission
  • If faxes fail repeatedly, run analog fax connection test from printer
  • Sign all fax pages with your fax header showing sender details
  • For international faxes, dial country code before number
  • Adjust resolution and contrast settings for clearer fax prints

Staying organized and attending promptly to notifications will keep your printer fax activity running smoothly.

Key Takeaways

  • Most HP all-in-one inkjet printers allow built-in faxing
    • Connect via analog phone line and configure fax settings
    • Load pages, dial number, and press start to send faxes • Enable automatic or manual answer modes for receiving .
    • Keep paper stocked, print confirmations, check connections


With some basic preparation steps complete, sending vital faxes directly from compatible HP printers is quick and convenient. Configure your device to access telephone networks, program your fax settings, load the desired content to share, input the destination number, and press start. Your printer will capably handle the analog fax transmission without the need to utilize a secondary fax machine. With automatic document feeding and answering, you can easily dispatch critical documents on their way and have productive fax communication capabilities integrated right within your existing HP printer investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of HP printers offer built-in fax capabilities?
    Most current HP all-in-one and Officejet inkjet models aimed at home and small office users include analog telephone fax abilities. HP monochrome laser printers typically do not support fax functions.
  1. Do I need a dedicated phone line for faxing with my printer?
    No, you do not need a dedicated line. But when faxing you should avoid picking up telephone extensions, as that can interrupt transmissions. With manual receive mode, you can share lines.
  1. How long does it take to send a fax from my HP printer?
    Fax transmission speeds can vary based on the telephone connection’s quality, distance, network congestion, and number of pages, but usually take approximately 15-60 seconds per page.
  1. Can I send a fax internationally from my HP printer?
    Yes, most HP printers allow international faxing. Just be sure to dial the country code ahead of the number. Clarify area codes as needed.
  1. Why does my HP printer have problems receiving faxes?
    If having issues receiving faxes, first check if paper and toner are available to print automatically. Confirm automatic answer mode is enabled. Try running the fax connection test.
  1. How do I include a cover sheet for faxes sent from my HP printer?
    Load the cover sheet face up at the top of the input tray prior to your content. Configure cover page settings in the fax settings menu. The device will pull the cover pages from the tray and add to transmissions.
  1. Can I use my HP wireless printer for fax capabilities?
    Unfortunately wireless printer connections only apply to printing and scanning functions. Faxing will still require your HP printer to be connected to telephone lines via an analog phone cord and wall jack.
  1. Why do my printed fax pages have lines through them?
    Fax-related lines typically indicate an issue with the connection. Check that the telephone cord is securely plugged into the printer and wall jack. Try replacing the cord or plugging the device into another phone outlet in your building.
  1. How do I update the fax number associated with my HP printer?
    Access your printer’s configuration menu from the graphical display panel. Navigate to fax settings and edit the stored fax number value paired to the device. Be sure this matches your registered fax number.
  1. How do I enable manual fax receipt on my HP Officejet printer?
    Enter the printer’s control panel menus, access fax configurations, and change the answer mode setting from “Automatic” over to “Manual.” The device will no longer pickup calls automatically. You will need to respond when fax calls arrive.
  1. Can I sends faxes from my smartphone to my HP printer?
    Yes, some HP printer models offer mobile fax apps. This allows sending faxes remotely from mobile devices rather than only at the printer itself. Check your printer’s app capabilities.
  1. Why is there no dial tone when I try sending faxes from my HP device?
    Double check all telephone connections from the wall jack to the printer line port. Try replacing cords. Confirm the wall jack works by plugging in a desk phone and listening for dial tone. The phone line may have a temporary issue.
  1. How many pages can I load to fax as one transmission?
    Most input trays hold 150-250 pages. Fax multiple document sets by stacking each beneath the prior. Adjust settings between sets if needed. For higher volumes, select automatic document feeder models.
  1. Can I receive color faxes if my HP printer only prints in black and white?
    Yes, your black and white capable HP printer will still receive an incoming color fax and automatically print it in greyscale black and white tones, converting the contents as necessary.
  1. How do I block junk faxes from reaching my HP printer?
    Some HP models allow configuring blocked fax numbers. Add known frequent junk transmitters to prevent the device from even receiving messages from those senders. This saves paper and ink.
  1. Why does my HP printer fax machine say there is a paper jam?
    Carefully inspect input and output paper paths for any stuck pages or ripped scraps present. Remove jams fully. Refill paper if empty and run cleaner page to reset paper sensors after major jams resolve.
  1. How do I redial the last number on my HP Officejet fax?
    From the graphical interface menu, access outgoing fax records, locate the latest/most recent call, and select the option to re-dial that specific number. Confirm details and press start to redial.
  1. Can I route incoming faxes to my HP printer from another fax number?
    Yes. Set your printer to manual fax receipt mode. Have calls forwarded from a separate fax number to the device’s paired telephone line. When forwarded fax calls ring in, manually accept at the printer.
  1. Why does my HP printer add extra blank pages when faxing
    Access the device’s fax settings and confirm the page size setting matches the actual paper in the tray to prevent pagination issues. You may also need to enable smart duplex loading which automatically detects single or double-sided originals.
  1. How do I set up speed dial destinations for frequent fax numbers on my HP multifunction device?
    Enter the printer’s configuration menu, select speed dial setup, and assign 2-digit codes to frequently dialed telephone numbers. When sending future faxes, input the 2-digit shortcut to pull up the number rather than entering the full telephone number repeatedly.

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