How to Print from Mobile to HP Printer?

Connecting your mobile device to an HP printer allows you to print documents, photos and more whether you’re at home or on the go. Modern HP printers are designed to easily sync with smartphones and tablets using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or apps.

How to Print from Mobile to HP Printer?

Choosing an HP Printer Model

When selecting an HP printer to use with your mobile device, consider these key factors:

  • Connectivity: Choose a model with wireless printing capabilities or Wi-Fi Direct to connect directly without a router. Many HP printers also support Bluetooth.
  • Mobile Printing Apps: Many HP printers work with HP mobile apps such as HP Smart which allows you to print from iOS or Android devices. Some support third-party apps like AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.
  • Print Capabilities: Make sure the printer meets your needs whether printing documents for work, photos from your latest vacation, or tasks like scanning. All-in-one HP models can handle multiple functions.

Popular mobile-friendly HP printers include ENVY, Tango, DeskJet and OfficeJet models among others.

Connecting Mobile to HP Printer on Home Wi-Fi

If your HP printer is already on your home Wi-Fi network, connecting your mobile device is simple:

On the mobile device:

  1. Go to Wi-Fi settings and select the same home Wi-Fi network that your HP printer is connected to.
  2. Install your HP printer’s mobile app, like HP Smart. This will automatically detect the printer.
  3. Print directly from the app, or use mobile printing options like AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

On Windows devices:

  1. Go to Devices > Printers & scanners and select “Add a printer or scanner.”
  2. Select your HP printer and follow prompts to connect over Wi-Fi.

Once set up, access your printer as you normally would to print from apps and web pages.

Connecting Mobile to HP Printer with Wi-Fi Direct

Many HP printers have Wi-Fi Direct, allowing you to connect directly without a Wi-Fi router:

On the HP Printer:

  1. Press the Wireless or Wi-Fi Direct button on your printer, often signaled by this symbol:
  2. Open your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings to detect and select your printer’s Wi-Fi Direct connection.

On iOS/iPadOS:

  1. Tap the Share icon or Export in an app with the file you want to print > Print > Select your printer > Print

On Android:

  1. Tap Print in an app > Select Share > Wi-Fi Direct > Select your printer> Print

For Windows/Mac computers, select the Wi-Fi Direct connection the same way then add the printer to your PC.

Connecting Mobile via Bluetooth

Some HP printers support Bluetooth for direct wireless printing:

On the HP printer:

  1. Press the Bluetooth button on your printer, often marked by this:
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on your mobile device, select the printer and pair following prompts.

On iOS/iPadOS:

  1. Tap the Share icon or Export in an app > Select Print and your printer > Print

On Android:

  1. Tap Print in an app > Select your Bluetooth printer > Print

For Windows/Mac computers, enable Bluetooth, detect the printer then add it.

Printing with HP Printer Apps

HP printers often use mobile apps like HP Smart to facilitate wireless printing:

  1. Download the app like HP Smart to your mobile device. This will automatically detect compatible printers.
  2. Enable both the mobile device and the HP printer’s wireless/Wi-Fi Direct connections.
  3. In the app, select a photo or file you want to print then access your printer and print options.

HP Smart also lets you scan, access printer settings and order ink right from your phone.

Tips for Printing from Mobile

To ensure your mobile prints properly with an HP printer, follow these tips:

  • Keep printer firmware updated using the HP Smart app for best performance.
  • Position your mobile device and printer closer together when first pairing for a strong connection.
  • Reduce network interference by closing excess browser tabs and apps during printing.
  • If printing issues occur, restart both the HP printer and mobile device.
  • For the best photo prints, use high resolution images from your device when possible.
  • If an HP printer supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi typically provides faster printing.

Key Takeaways

The key things to remember about mobile printing with HP printers include:

  • Choose a compatible mobile HP printer with wireless/Wi-Fi Direct options for connecting your device.
  • Setup is quick by adding the printer to your Wi-Fi network or directly connecting using Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth.
  • Use HP Smart and similar apps to easily detect and print from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Position devices close together when first pairing and minimize network interference.
  • Keeping firmware updated, restarting devices if needed and using high resolution source files can optimize printing.


HP printers make it easier than ever to print documents, web pages, photos and more directly from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows mobile device and more. Identify printer connectivity options as outlined above when purchasing to be able to directly set up wireless printing using Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth. HP’s printing apps also simplify the process for mobile users to get connected fast and start printing right away with just a few taps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable Wi-Fi Direct on my HP printer?

Most HP printers have a dedicated Wireless or Wi-Fi Direct button. Press this then open Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device to detect and connect directly to your printer.

Does my mobile device have to be on the same Wi-Fi network?

Not necessarily. With Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth from your mobile device, you can connect directly to an HP printer without using a shared home Wi-Fi network or router.

What mobile devices can print to an HP printer?

If your HP printer supports wireless connectivity options, you can typically print from iOS/iPadOS devices (iPhone, iPad), Android smartphones and tablets, Windows mobile devices and in some cases Chromebooks.

Why does my mobile device not detect the HP printer?

If your mobile OS doesn’t automatically detect the printer on your local network or via Wi-Fi Direct, try manually adding it using the device’s IP address or host name which is usually printed on the printer. Rebooting your router can also help.

How can I print PDFs from my mobile device?

When connected to an HP printer, you can use a compatible app like Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF Printer to print out full PDF files directly to your chosen printer using the same wireless options.

Is wireless mobile printing secure?

HP printers use standard wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth to communicate which are generally secure, especially Wi-Fi Direct. For maximum security though when printing sensitive docs, use a direct USB or Ethernet connection.

Why is my mobile print job failing?

Issues during printing are often due to wireless interference or going out of range. Move closer to the printer and disable background mobile activity. Also try rebooting your phone and the HP printer to reestablish the connection which usually fixes things.

How can I scan from my iPhone to an HP printer?

If you have an all-in-one HP printer model with scanning capabilities, you can install a mobile app like HP Smart then use your iPhone camera directly to scan documents. The scans save to the app and can be printed out wirelessly.

What does an amber blinking light mean on an HP printer?

On HP printers, a blinking amber or yellow-colored Wi-Fi light typically signals there is no active wireless connection. Reboot your home router if needed and restart Wi-Fi on both the printer and mobile device.

Can I print photos from Instagram or Facebook?

The HP Smart app lets you save photos from Instagram, Facebook or your Camera Roll then print them out. Photos auto-sync within the HP Smart app once you connect your accounts. You can also screenshot web images and print those.

How do I check my HP printer’s ink levels from mobile?

Once your mobile device is paired with the printer such as via HP Smart, you can directly check the ink levels right in the app. Helpful alerts also warn you when cartridges are running low so you can order replacements.

What is the maximum print size for a mobile device?

When printing from most mobile apps, you’re limited to standard sizes like 8.5 x 11 inches. But many HP printers let you make full use of larger formats like 8.5 x 14 or even 11 x 17 inches from web apps, cloud documents and some content sharing platforms.

Can I print emails from my Android phone?

Yes, open the email app on your Android phone, tap the More Options or Share icon for the email message, select Print then choose your networked HP printer and print options. This works for printing email attachments too.

How do I clear the print queue on my iPhone?

If print jobs get stuck in the queue when printing to an HP printer from your iPhone, reboot both devices then open Settings > Printers & Scanners on your iPhone. Tap your printer, then Job Notification > Cancel Print Jobs to retry.

Why does my printed document look blurry from mobile?

Blurry mobile printouts are typically due to low resolution source files or images. Enable highest quality outputs in printer settings when available. If printing a photo, use an editing app to increase resolution first for better results.

Can I print from Microsoft Office mobile apps?

Yes, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps for mobile support printing directly to HP printers connected over Wi-Fi. Tap the Share, Export or Print command within Office apps, select the printer then adjust settings as needed before printing.

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