How to Print from an HTC Phone to a Printer?

Printing photos, documents, and webpages from your HTC phone allows you to produce physical copies that you can share or archive. Fortunately, most HTC phones make wireless printing to compatible printers easy with a few taps.

How to Print from an HTC Phone to a Printer?

What You Need to Print from an HTC Phone

Before learning how to print from an HTC phone, ensure you have the following:

  • An HTC phone running Android 9 or later
  • A wireless printer or a printer connected to the same WIFI network as your phone
  • The manufacturer’s printing app installed on your HTC phone

Most HTC phones will have either the HP Print Service or Epson iPrint app pre-installed. Install one of these apps if missing.

HTC Phone Printing Capabilities

Modern HTC phones can print:

  • Photos and images from the gallery
  • Webpages and content from Chrome or Firefox browsers
  • Documents like PDFs, Microsoft Office files, and text files
  • Contacts list
  • WhatsApp and text messages

However, functionality varies across HTC phone models. Check your device’s specs and OS version from Settings to confirm.

Step-by-Step Guide to Print from an HTC Phone

Printing from an HTC phone takes just a few taps once you complete the initial printer setup. Follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1 – Connect Phone and Printer to the Same Network

Ensure your HTC phone and target printer connect to the same local WiFi network. Connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi band if available, as most printers don’t support 5GHz.

Step 2 – Add Your Printer in Printing App

Open the HP Print Service, Epson iPrint, or another printing app on your HTC phone. Start the printer addition process.

The app will automatically detect compatible printers on your local network. Select yours from the list to add it.

If your printer does not show, select the Add Printer > Add Manual option. Then, enter your printer’s brand, model, and IP address to add it manually.

Step 3 – Choose Content to Print

Navigate to the content you want to print from the app or file manager. For example, go to Gallery to print photos.

Tap the share button (usually three connected dots), then select Print to start printing.

Alternatively, open a webpage or document, select print from the share options.

Step 4 – Customize Printing Options

Before confirming print, you can customize options like:

  • Number of copies
  • Color or black/white
  • Page size
  • Page orientation
  • Page margins

The available adjustments will depend on your printer model and app. Select options suitable for your content.

Step 5 – Tap Print

When ready, tap the Print, Share, or Submit button, depending on your printer app.

The content will be sent wirelessly from your phone to the printer and start printing shortly.

And that’s it! With just those few simple steps, you can print from many apps and services on compatible HTC phones.

Printing Problems and Solutions

Review these common HTC phone printing issues and fixes:

Printer not found

  • Reconnect phone and printer to the same WiFi network
  • Reset router or switch WiFi bands
  • Manually add printer using IP address

App crashes when printing

  • Force close and restart the app
  • Update printing app to latest version
  • Restart phone

Part of content missing

  • Check page size and orientation settings
  • Print in landscape mode if content gets cut off

Low ink warning

  • Replace ink cartridge in printer
  • Print in black/white or draft mode to conserve ink

Blurred print quality

  • Clean printer heads according to manufacturer instructions
  • Switch out old ink cartridges
  • Use higher quality photo paper for images

Nothing prints

  • Confirm printer has paper loaded
  • Check for printer errors like paper jam on display
  • Resend print job

For unresolvable issues, consult your printer manufacturer’s troubleshooting guides. Calling their tech support line for your model may also help.

Wireless Printing Tips and Tricks

Apply these useful wireless printing tips when using your HTC phone:

  • Shorten the phone-to-printer distance to boost reliability.
  • Adjust orientation to landscape mode for better formatting.
  • Enable automatic photo enhancements in the app for improved image quality.
  • Select black/white or draft quality to use less printer ink.
  • Schedule print jobs during off-peak times so pages don’t get stuck in queue.
  • Consider an e-Printer for digitized copes that save paper and ink.
  • Switch paper size setting to legal or letter to match what’s loaded.

Taking a minute to set expectations and optimize settings goes a long way to seamless wireless printing from your HTC phone!

Does My HTC Phone Support Printing?

If you are considering buying an HTC phone or have an older model, refer to this printer compatibility chart:

HTC Phone Model Release Year Print Capable?
HTC U11 2017 Yes to new printers via WiFi
HTC U12+ 2018 Yes to new printers via WiFi
HTC U19e 2019 Yes to new printers via WiFi
HTC Desire 20 Pro 2020 Yes to new printers via WiFi
HTC Wildfire E3 2021 Yes to new printers via WiFi
HTC Desire 22 Pro 2022 Yes to new printers via WiFi

HTC phones released from 2017 onward support wireless printing. Older models may work with WiFi print adapters or by connecting a USB cable.

Check that your HTC phone runs Android 9 or later before buying a new printer. Some older units will only support AirPrint.

Key Takeaways

To quickly recap how to print from an HTC phone:

  • Connect your phone and printer to the same Wi-Fi network first
  • Download the manufacturer’s printing app like HP Print or Epson imprint
  • Add your printer by selecting it or manually entering details
  • Adjust any options to optimize for content
  • Confirm print job to send to the printer

Refer to troubleshooting tips above if the content fails to fully print. And position phone and printer closer together to boost reliability.

Printing photos, documents, and more from your HTC phone to enjoy physical copies is easy with this process.


Thanks to built-in printing apps and WiFi connectivity, printing content directly from an HTC phone is quick and convenient once you complete setup.

Hopefully this guide covered the essential steps to start printing from your compatible HTC phone model right away. Whether you want photos for framing, webpages for notes, or documents for filing, wireless printing makes collecting physical copies simple.

Apply the troubleshooting advice for any quality or connection issues. And experiment with paper sizes, print modes, and orientations to tailor the output to your particular printing needs.

So pick up ink or toner for your desktop printer and start producing prints by following three key steps:

  1. Connect phone and printer to the same home WiFi
  2. Add your specific printer model in the printing app
  3. Select content like photos or documents and confirm print!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does my old HTC phone support wireless printing?
    Most HTC phones running Android 9 or later with Wi-Fi connectivity can print. Very old models will need a Wi-Fi print adapter or USB cable.
  2. Can I print Facebook posts and Instagram photos?
    It depends on your HTC phone model – some allow saving posts to your camera roll or offer social media printing integrations in the app. Try the share > print option.
  3. Do I need a wireless printer or Wi-Fi hotspot?
    An wireless network is preferred for convenience but you can connect your phone using USB cable as well. Wi-Fi provides printing mobility.
  4. Why does only half my document print?
    If part of a document or website doesn’t fully print, try switching orientation to landscape mode or increasing margins in the print options.
  5. Can I print emails from my HTC phone?
    Yes, open the email in your Mail app the tap the share button and select Print. Just adjust paper size for longer emails.
  6. Why is my phone not detecting my printer?
    If your phone can’t find your printer on the network, reset your router, reconnect devices, or add the printer manually using its IP address and details.
  7. How do I check printing app version on my HTC phone?
    Find the app icon like HP Print Service, tap and hold, select app info, then scroll to see version number and date. Update as needed.
  8. What printer brands does my phone support?
    Major brands like HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother have official printing apps. Generic options work with AirPrint printers. Check app info for compatibility.
  9. Can I print longer web articles from Chrome?
    Enable print preview in Chrome to see how a webpage will format. Set to landscape orientation or save as PDF if text gets cut off mid-article due to length.
  10. Why does my print come out blurry?
    Clean print heads on your printer to clear clogs according to manufacturer instructions. Or switch to a higher quality photo paper to improve sharpness.
  11. Where are print settings on Android phone?
    Print settings vary across HTC models but generally check under Apps > Printing or in your device settings. Here you can manage connected printers, paper size defaults and app permissions.
  12. Do games and apps support printing?
    It depends on the HTC phone model and specific app. Some provide printer integrations or allow image saving to print. Utility apps unlikely support direct printing though.
  13. Can I print text messages or call history?
    Print functionality for text messages, call logs, voicemail transcripts will depend on your messaging and dialing HTC apps. See if share menu has a print option.
  14. How do I know if my ink cartridge needs replacing?
    Your printer display or app will indicate with flashing lights or low ink warnings typically. Check levels regularly when printing often and keep spares ready to swap.
  15. Why does my phone show printer disconnected?
    If your WIFI connection drops or printer switches off, your phone will fail to communicate. Reconnect both devices to the network or power cycle printer.
  16. Can I print directions from Google Maps?
    Yes, you can print directions by tapping the share button in Google Maps and selecting print (or save as PDF to digitally print). Customize formatting as needed.
  17. How many pages can I print per month?
    Page allowances depend on your printer model ink cartridges or toner levels. Budget home models often permit 100-300 pages monthly but check manufacturer specs based on use intensity.
  18. Should I get an HP, Canon or Epson printer for my HTC phone?
    Major printer brands have specialized HTC phone printing apps including HP, Canon, Epson and Brother. Check for one that specifically supports your phone OS and features.
  19. Can I print boarding passes to my home printer?
    Yes, access your airline boarding pass email on your phone, tap share and print. Or take a screenshot of the barcode and print that way. Test before travel date.
  20. Why does my print job stay stuck in queue?
    Large complex jobs may stall if printer is overloaded. Cancel job and confirm printer online then resend individual pages instead of entire documents. Upgrade printer memory if persists.

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