How to Know the Ink Level of Epson Printers?

Understanding your Epson printer’s ink levels is important to ensure high quality prints and avoid unexpected disruptions from running out of ink. This comprehensive guide will teach you several easy methods to check ink levels for various Epson printer models.

How to Know the Ink Level of Epson Printers?

Checking Ink Levels from the Printer Interface

Most Epson printers have built-in interfaces that allow you to quickly view ink levels right from the printer screen or buttons.

Checking Cartridge Ink Levels

For cartridge-based Epson printers like the WorkForce, Expression Home, and Ecotank models, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Ink or Supply Status button – This is typically a physical button on the printer interface.
  2. View ink levels on the screen – The printer display will show ink level bars or percentages for each cartridge color.
  3. Print ink status sheet – Enter the printer settings to print a page showing detailed ink volume information.

Checking Tank Ink Levels

Epson EcoTank printers with refillable ink tanks make monitoring easier with ink level windows:

  1. Check ink level windows – View the physical fill levels through transparent windows on the ink tanks.
  2. Confirm with ink level icons – The printer interface also displays icons indicating approximate tank levels.
  3. Print ink status sheet – For precise tank ink remaining, print the status sheet from printer settings.

Key Takeaway: Most Epson printers have built-in interface options to conveniently check ink cartridge or tank levels.

Using the EPSON Status Monitor

The EPSON Status Monitor desktop software provides an easy centralized way to track ink levels across multiple Epson printers:

  1. Download and install the monitor – Available free for Windows and Mac computers.
  2. View at-a-glance ink levels – The main interface shows all connected printers with clearly labeled ink levels.
  3. Customize alerts – Set preferences for notifications when cartridges reach low levels.
  4. Access detailed statistics – Ink level percentages, yield counts, and part numbers provided.

The Status Monitor runs conveniently in the background and adds invaluable precision for monitoring usage over time.

Checking Ink Levels with the Printer Settings Utility

Epson printer settings accessed through your operating system provide additional options:

Windows Printers & Scanners Utility

  1. Open Windows Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Printers & Scanners
  2. Right-click your Epson printer and select Printer properties
  3. Navigate to the Levels, Ink, or Supply tab showing cartridge or tank levels

Mac Printers & Scanners Utility

  1. Click the Apple menu and go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
  2. Select your Epson printer and click Options & Supplies
  3. View ink levels from the options shown

Accessing directly through the OS printer settings allows checking levels without printing while giving usage statistics.

Key Takeaway: The built-in OS utilities provide an alternative way to quickly check ink levels for Epson printers alongside cartridge details.

Using the Epson Printer Companion App

Epson offers iOS and Android apps with remote printing and scanning plus handy ink management:

  • Epson iPrint – View, print, scan and check ink levels.
  • Epson Smart Panel – Get ink status alerts sent to your mobile device.

The convenient apps connect wirelessly to give on-the-go visibility into how much ink remains in the printer.

Key Takeaway: Epson mobile apps enable checking cartridge ink levels from tablets and phones for added flexibility.

Knowing When to Replace Ink

Understanding when ink levels are critically low can prevent unexpected disruptions mid-print job:

  • Cartridges should be replaced once they reach below 10% capacity
    • Quality declines below this level as cartridges run dry
  • Tanks should be refilled when they drop below the minimum fill line
    • Running tanks completely empty risks damage
  • The Status Monitor app provides customizable alerts at preferred thresholds
  • Ink replacement icons activate on the printer display when levels are too low

Pro Tip: Keep replacement cartridges or extra bottles of tank ink on hand to refill once low levels are reached.

Key Takeaway: Configuring alerts and notifications ensures ample warning to replace cartridges or refill tanks before they fully run out.


Monitoring ink levels on Epson printers is simple when leveraging the built-in interface displays, Status Monitor software, OS utilities, and mobile apps. Combine several checking methods to ensure you never get caught off guard or scramble with completely depleted cartridges. Feel confident staying stocked on the specific ink formulations your printer requires. With a routine way to check levels, you can keep productivity high and printing costs under control.


  1. How do I check ink levels on my Epson WF-2860?
    Press the Ink button on the WF-2860 interface, then view levels on the LCD screen for each cartridge or print a detailed status report page. You can also install the Epson Status Monitor.

  2. Does Epson EcoTank show ink levels?
    Yes, Epson EcoTank printers have physical fill level indicator windows on the transparent ink tanks themselves along with approximate ink level icons on the interface screen.

  3. Why does my Epson say ink is low when cartridge is full?
    If the ink cartridge chip is damaged or contacts are obstructed, inaccurate ink levels can display. Carefully clean cartridge contacts with isopropyl alcohol and check if the issue persists.

  4. Can I check ink levels from my phone?
    Yes, installing the Epson Smart Panel and iPrint companion apps allows checking cartridge levels in Epson printers remotely from iOS and Android mobile devices.

  5. How do I turn off low ink warnings Epson?
    To disable ink level notifications on Epson printers, access the printer configuration settings from the interface panel or Epson printer software utilities to turn off alerts and warnings.

  6. What happens when Epson ink runs out?
    When an Epson ink cartridge runs below 10% capacity, print quality declines significantly. The printer may stop printing entirely once a cartridge fully runs out to protect print heads. Refill tanks immediately once they drop below minimum lines.

  7. Why does my printer say ink is low when it was just replaced?
    If a cartridge is refilled instead of replaced fully, the chip may still detect and report a low level. Using incorrect cartridges can also cause inaccurate readouts.

  8. Where are ink levels stored on Epson printer?
    Ink cartridge levels are detected via an embedded chip in Epson cartridges that stores the ink fill data which is reported to the printer. Tank models measure via optical sensing. This data displays on the panel and software utilities.

  9. How often should Epson ink be replaced?
    For best results, replace Epson ink cartridges every 1-2 years even if ink remains to avoid clogs from evaporation in the print head. EcoTank ink bottles have up to 2 year shelf lives unopened, or up to 6 months in tanks.

  10. Why does my Epson printer say ink is low when I just replaced it?
    If an ink cartridge runs fully empty before replacing, residual ink may have dried within the print head causing inaccurate readings. Run 1-2 cleaning cycles to fully reset the ink system after cartridge replacement.

  11. Can Epson EcoTank print if one color is empty?
    Yes, Epson EcoTank models will continue printing using only available inks. But running tanks fully empty risks damaging the print head. So refill any tanks reading below minimum lines promptly to maintain system health.

  12. What happens if ink gets too low in Epson ecotank?
    Allowing EcoTank ink reservoirs to run below the minimum fill line can lead to air entering and drying within the printer system. This could result in permanent clogs or costly print head damage over time.

  13. How do I check ink levels on Epson ET 2760?
    Press the Ink button on the ET-2760 interface to view LED percentage levels for each tank. Or open the Epson Status Monitor utility for detailed metrics on the ET-2760 tanks.

  14. Why does Epson printer show low ink when cartridges are full?
    If recently refilled cartridges display inaccurate levels, carefully clean the cartridge ink chip contacts using isopropyl alcohol on a swab. If issue persists, an embedded cartridge chip may have failed.

  15. Where can I buy Epson 252 ink cartridges with low ink chips?
    Reliable vendors to purchase resettable Epson 252 cartridges with low ink chips include LD Products, InkPal, Print-Rite, and more via Amazon or official sites. Use cartridges designed specifically for your printer model.

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