How to Get HP Printer Password ?

Knowing how to get your HP printer password can be important for accessing your printer’s settings or printing documents securely. HP printers come with passwords enabled by default to protect their configuration, but these can be forgotten or lost over time. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to recover, reset, or remove your HP printer’s password if you get locked out.

How to Get HP Printer Password ?

Methods to Get HP Printer Password

Check Default Passwords

Most HP printer models have default admin passwords like 1111 or 1234. Refer to your printer’s manual or search online for your model’s default password. Enter the defaults into your printer’s control panel or HP printer software to see if they grant access.

Reset Using Printer Menus

Many HP printers allow you to reset the password directly from their control panel menus. Access your printer’s menu, select administrator settings, security options, and then password reset. Follow the prompts to enter and confirm a new password.

Use HP Printer Utilities

Specialized HP software like the HP Device Toolbox (for printers connected to your computer) allow resetting the printer password. Open the software, find the security section, select password settings, and assign a new admin password.

Factory Reset Printer

Resetting the device to factory default will remove all configuration settings, including the password. You can then access the printer without entering any password. Refer to your device instructions for the factory reset procedure. Just know you will have to reinstall software afterward.

Call HP Support

If you bought your HP printer from an authorized retailer and registered the device, call HP support at 1-800-474-6836. They can verify the ownership and give guidance on resetting the password or unlocking the device remotely.

Tips To Manage Printer Passwords

  • Set an easy to remember password after resetting
  • Write down backup passwords in a secure place
  • Enable PIN numbers for print release functions
  • Assign individual user passwords if available
  • Change the password every few months

Key Takeaways

  • Forgotten HP printer passwords can be recovered in several ways
  • Using default passwords, printer menus, utilities, factory resets or HP support
  • Set memorable printer passwords and back them up in a safe location
  • Change HP printer passwords periodically to improve security


Getting locked out of your HP printer due to a forgotten password can disrupt your ability to print documents and manage settings. However, HP provides both built-in and external methods to recover, remove, or reset printer passwords. Using default passwords, printer menus, specialized utilities, factory resets, or contacting HP support can help regain access. Make sure to create strong but memorable new passwords and properly back them up once your printer is unlocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my HP printer’s default password?
A: Check your printer’s manual or search for your model number online to find default admin passwords like 1111 that may still work.

Q: Can HP support unlock my printer remotely?
A: If you registered your printer upon purchase, HP can help verify ownership and may be able to assist with resetting passwords remotely.

Q: I reset my HP printer password but forget the new one. What now?
A: You will have to repeat the password reset process using the printer menus, HP utilities, or a factory reset to set another password.

Q: Do all printer models allow resetting passwords?
A: Most HP consumer and small business printers have menu options to reset passwords. Large enterprise models may require IT assistance.

Q: Can someone use a forgotten admin password to access my wireless network?
A: No, printer passwords only control access to device functions and settings, not other network devices or connections.

Q: How do I set user passwords on an HP printer?
A: Some business HP printers support setting individual user passwords to control access to certain features. Check your model’s software and manual for details.

Q: Should I update my printer passwords periodically?
A: Yes, it is recommended to change your printer passwords every few months to improve security, much like updating computer passwords.

Q: Is there a master HP backdoor password I can use?
A: Sorry, HP does not provide any official universal backdoor passwords. You will have to use one of the printer specific methods to reset it.

Q: How long does an HP printer password reset take
A: Resetting a printer password only takes 1-2 minutes typically. Just enter the menus and follow the prompts to assign a new password.

Q: Can factory resetting my HP printer delete its scanned memory?
A: All settings and jobs will be erased, but any encrypted secure data stored on an HP model with memory should remain intact after a factory reset.

Q: Where can I find my HP printer’s reset hole?
A: The factory reset pinhole is usually located in an indented area on the back or side of HP printers near connection ports, but check your model’s documentation to confirm.

Q: What happens if I enter the wrong HP printer password multiple times?
A: Typically after a few wrong password attempts, the printer will lock access for increasing durations before restoring back to defaults after a factory reset.

Q: Do I need the original install CDs to reset an old HP printer?
A: No, the built-in menus, utilities, and factory reset functionality should help recover passwords on most models without needing original software discs.

Q: Can resetting my HP printer Settings fix a stuck JOB status?
A: Yes, a factory reset often resolves stuck print jobs and statuses by restoring the entire device to original settings and clearing any corrupted memory.


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