How To Fix Xbox App Error Code 0xd05e0125?

The Xbox app error code 0xd05e0125 is a relatively common issue that prevents users from opening or using the Xbox app on Windows 10. This error occurs due to various reasons like corrupting system files, pending updates, incompatible applications etc. But not to worry – in most cases, this issue can be easily fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

How To Fix Xbox App Error Code 0xd05e0125?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various causes of the 0xd05e0125 error code and the different solutions to resolve it. We will share easy DIY tips to diagnose the root cause and fix the problem for good. So whether you are encountering the issue for the first time or have tried everything else without success, follow the instructions outlined here to get your Xbox app working again.

Understanding The Error Code

Before jumping into the fixes, let’s first understand what the 0xd05e0125 error code means and what could be triggering it on your system.

This is a generic error code that indicates the Xbox app is unable to start or open on your Windows 10/11 device. When you attempt to launch the app, you may see error messages like “Something went wrong” or “We can’t open Xbox right now. Try again later.” along with the code 0xd05e0125.

Some common causes for this error include:

  • Corrupted Windows system files required by the Xbox app
  • Pending Windows updates interfering with the Xbox app operations
  • Incompatible or conflicting applications blocking the Xbox app
  • Outdated graphics card drivers resulting in crashes
  • Temporary profile glitches preventing app launch
  • Xbox app cache errors and corrupt downloaded files
  • Problems with Windows Store and related services

So in most cases, the error indicates that there are underlying problems with system files, drivers, updates or services needed for the smooth functioning of the Xbox app.

Fixing Xbox App Error Code 0xd05e0125

Now that you know what’s causing the headache, let’s look at proven solutions and step-by-step instructions to resolve error code 0xd05e0125:

Method 1: Restart Your Device

The simplest first troubleshooting step for any Windows issue is to restart your computer. A quick reboot helps clear out any temporary glitches, refreshes system processes, ends unresponsive programs and initiates pending updates.

Follow these steps:

  • Save and close any open apps and data
  • Click on the Start menu
  • Click on the Power button
  • Select Restart

Once your system has successfully restarted, open the Xbox app again and check if the error persists. A restart should resolve any runtime conflicts that were preventing the app from starting.

Method 2: Update Windows & Drivers

Outdated Windows system files and drivers are a leading cause of Xbox app crashes. Make sure that:

  • Your Windows version is fully updated with the latest patches and cumulative updates. You can check for pending updates in Settings > Update & Security.
  • Your graphics card drivers and other hardware drivers are up-to-date. Visit your manufacturer’s website to find the latest drivers.
  • Required Windows services like Windows Store, gaming services, Xbox services are running properly. Re-register them if needed.

Updating these critical components rules out any compatibility issues that could be breaking the Xbox app functionality after a Windows/drivers update.

Method 3: Run SFC and DISM Scans

System File Checker (SFC) and Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tools help detect and repair corrupted Windows system files. Running them could resolve the app errors if the problem is caused by system file corruption.

To run SFC scan:

  • Open the Command Prompt as admin
  • Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter
  • This will scan Windows files and replace any damaged ones

To run DISM scan:

  • Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and hit Enter
  • DISM scan will also fix system file errors and inconsistencies

On completing the scans, restart your device and open the Xbox app to see if the error code is resolved.

Method 4: Uninstall Recent Updates

If you started getting the 0xd05e0125 error shortly after a Windows update, it’s possible that the new update is incompatible with the Xbox app. You can uninstall the latest Windows updates as follows:

  • Go to Settings > Update & Security
  • Click on View Update history
  • Select Uninstall updates
  • Pick the recent update(s) and uninstall them
  • Restart your device and open the Xbox app

This will roll back any faulty Windows updates causing conflicts with the Xbox app files. Reinstall the updates after some time once Microsoft fixes the bugs.

Method 5: Reset Xbox App

Resetting the Xbox app clears out all temporary data, caches and configurations that could be causing launch failures.

Here are the steps to reset the Xbox app:

  • Open the Windows Settings
  • Go to Apps > Apps & features
  • Locate the Xbox app, click on it and select Advanced options
  • Click on Reset button to initiate the reset
  • Once it completes, restart your device

The app will be reset to default settings, allowing you to open it cleanly without old corrupted data.

Method 6: Create New User Profile

Sometimes, the 0xd05e0125 error might be linked to your user account and profile. Creating a new user profile will determine if that is the case.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Family & other users
  • Click on Add someone else to this PC
  • Select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information > Add a user without a Microsoft account
  • Create a new local user profile with a username and password
  • Log out of your current account and switch to the new profile
  • Check if the Xbox app opens without issues on the new profile

If the error is limited to your user profile, this simple step would allow you to bypass it and use the Xbox app. You can then transfer your apps and data to the new profile.

Method 7: Perform Clean Boot

Performing a clean boot will start Windows in a minimal state with only essential apps and services. This can isolate any 3rd party conflicts causing the Xbox app error.

To clean boot your system:

  • Press Win + R and type msconfig
  • Go to the Services tab and check Hide all Microsoft services
  • Click Disable all > Apply > OK
  • Now go to the Startup tab and open Task Manager
  • Disable unnecessary startup apps here
  • Restart your PC and open the Xbox app in clean boot state

Check if the app starts without issues. If yes, you can enable apps/services in batches to pinpoint the conflict.

Method 8: Reinstall Xbox App

If all else fails, completely uninstalling the Xbox app and reinstalling it from scratch should fix the 0xd05e0125 error for good.

Follow these steps:

  • Press Win + I to open Settings
  • Click on Apps > Apps & features
  • Locate the Xbox app, click on it and select Uninstall
  • Confirm the uninstallation process
  • Now open Microsoft Store
  • Search for and download the latest Xbox app
  • Follow the on-screen directions to install it
  • Launch the freshly installed app and see if the error persists

This will replace any corrupted Xbox app files with a clean new copy, addressing conflicts, glitches or inconsistencies.


The error code 0xd05e0125 generally pops up due to underlying issues with system files, drivers or OS updates affecting the Xbox app workflow. Applying the fixes like SFC scan, clean boot, Windows updates can help resolve the core problems. Resetting the Xbox app or reinstalling it from scratch serves as the last resort to eliminate any stubborn glitches.

Following the guide shared here should help you diagnose and troubleshoot the 0xd05e0125 error promptly. We hope these tips will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted access to the Xbox app and your games again. Let us know if the solutions worked for you or if you have any other questions!


Q1: Why does the Xbox app show error code 0xd05e0125?
A1: This error is typically caused by corrupted Windows system files, pending updates, incompatible applications or outdated drivers causing conflicts with the Xbox app operations.

Q2: How can I fix Xbox app error 0xd05e0125 on my PC?
A2: Restart your device, install Windows & driver updates, run SFC/DISM scans, uninstall recent updates, reset Xbox app, clean boot, and reinstall Xbox app to fix the 0xd05e0125 error code.

Q3: I reinstalled Xbox app but still get error code 0xd05e0125?
A3: If reinstalling the Xbox app didn’t resolve the issue, try updating Windows, your graphics drivers, creating a new user profile, performing clean boot and checking for any antivirus conflicts.

Q4: Why is my Xbox app not opening Windows 10?
A4: The Xbox app fails to open due to error 0xd05e0125 generally caused by system file corruption, pending updates, OS incompatibility or app cache errors. Apply the troubleshooting steps to fix the launch failure.

Q5: How can I reset the Xbox app on Windows?
A5: You can reset the Xbox app by going to Settings > Apps > Apps & features, selecting the Xbox app, clicking Advanced options and selecting Reset. This will clear app data and configs.

Q6: Should I update Windows to fix Xbox app error?
A6: Yes, installing the latest Windows updates is strongly recommended as outdated system files often trigger Xbox app crashes and error 0xd05e0125. Keep Windows updated to avoid incompatibility.

Q7: Where can I find and reinstall the Xbox app?
A7: You can easily reinstall the Xbox app by searching for it on Microsoft Store, downloading the latest version and cleanly installing it to replace any corrupted files.

Q8: Can running DISM scan help resolve Xbox app error code?
A8: Running DISM and SFC scans can effectively detect and repair corrupted system files that may be causing the Xbox app to crash or show error 0xd05e0125.

Q9: Is error code 0xd05e0125 related to Xbox Live sign-in issues?
A9: No, 0xd05e0125 indicates a general app launch failure due to system conflicts. If you have Xbox Live sign-in issues, those need to be debugged separately.

Q10: Should I rollback recent Windows updates to fix Xbox app errors?
A10: If the issues appeared after a Windows update, uninstalling that faulty update can resolve the 0xd05e0125 error and other Xbox app crashes.

Q11: Can I play Xbox Game Pass games if the app shows error 0xd05e0125?
A11: No, the error code 0xd05e0125 prevents the Xbox app from launching so you cannot access Xbox Game Pass games until the issue is fixed.

Q12: Is the 0xd05e0125 error specific to the Xbox app or does it affect other apps?
A12: The 0xd05e0125 error generally only affects the Xbox app launch and functionality. Other Windows apps and games should not be impacted.

Q13: What are the common symptoms of Xbox error code 0xd05e0125?
A13: Common symptoms include Xbox app failing to open, “Something went wrong” error messages, crashed app with 0xd05e0125, inability to sign in or access games/content.

Q14: Can third-party apps cause the Xbox app to show error code 0xd05e0125?
A14: Yes, sometimes security apps, VPNs, overlays and hardware monitoring tools running in the background can conflict with Xbox services and trigger this error.

Q15: Is Xbox app error 0xd05e0125 a Windows Store issue or Xbox issue?
A15: It’s primarily a Windows issue as corrupted system files and OS problems prevent the Xbox app from working correctly, even if the app itself is not damaged.

Q16: Should I contact Microsoft Support if I cannot fix error 0xd05e0125?
A16: Yes, if none of the standard troubleshooting steps work, it’s best to contact Microsoft Support for further assistance in resolving the persistent Xbox app error.

Q17: What information should I provide when contacting Microsoft for Xbox error 0xd05e0125 help?
A17: Provide your detailed error messages, screenshots, OS version, Windows logs, system specs, described troubleshooting steps attempted, and any other details to help them troubleshoot better.

Q18: Can I still access my Xbox account if the Xbox app shows error code 0xd05e0125?
A18: You will be unable to access your Xbox account or games if the app fails to start. But your account will remain intact to restore access after resolving the error.

Q19: Is there an Xbox app server status page to check if 0xd05e0125 is a wider outage?
A19: Yes, you can visit to see if the error is due to any known Xbox service outages before troubleshooting locally.

Q20: Where can I find more help fixing Xbox error code 0xd05e0125?
A20: Some useful resources are Microsoft’s Xbox Support Page at, Windows Central forums, Reddit’s r/XboxSupport community and popular gaming portals like IGN Boards for more help.

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