How To Fix WOWtv Error Code 21?

WOWtv is a popular internet protocol television service that allows users to stream live TV channels and video on demand content over the internet. It utilizes advanced compression technology to deliver high-quality streaming across multiple devices like smart TVs, media streamers, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

How To Fix WOWtv Error Code 21?

However, many WOWtv subscribers encounter Error Code 21 when trying to access the service. This error prevents users from watching any content and can occur due to various reasons.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss what causes the WOWtv Error Code 21, how to diagnose it, and provide proven solutions to successfully fix it on different devices. Whether you use WOWtv on Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV box, or a smart TV, this guide will help you resolve Error Code 21 and enjoy uninterrupted streaming again.

What Causes WOWtv Error Code 21?

WOWtv Error Code 21 occurs when the video streaming service is unable to verify your account authorization due to connectivity issues. Here are some of the common reasons why you see this error on your device:

  • Incorrect Sign In Details – Entering a wrong email ID or password associated with your WOWtv account will lead to authorization issues and Error Code 21.
  • Expired Subscription – If your WOWtv subscription has ended, the service will prevent streaming and show Error Code 21.
  • DNS Server Failure – Incorrect DNS settings or failure to connect to WOWtv’s DNS servers can also trigger this error.
  • Temporary Service Outage – At times, a short-term disruption or maintenance break in WOWtv’s streaming servers may cause Error Code 21.
  • Conflicting VPN Usage – Using a VPN service that is not compatible with WOWtv can interfere with the authorization process and display error 21.
  • Internet Connectivity Issues – Weak wi-fi signals, unstable internet connection, or using restrictive networks like public/hotel WiFi can create streaming obstacles.
  • Incorrect Device Date & Time – If the date and time settings on your device are wrong, WOWtv may not validate your account and show error 21.
  • Corrupt App Cache & Data – Outdated or damaged WOWtv app files, cache and stored data may trigger authorization failures.
  • Buggy Firmware Update – Error 21 may also appear after a faulty firmware/OS update on your streaming device.

So in essence, Error Code 21 arises when WOWtv is unable to verify your subscription status and authorization due to technical glitches. Identifying the exact cause on your specific device is key to resolving this streaming failure.

How To Diagnose WOWtv Error Code 21?

When you attempt to play a video on WOWtv and only see error code 21 on your screen, begin troubleshooting by following these steps:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first step is to ensure your streaming device is connected to a stable internet connection. For wi-fi, move closer to the router if signal strength is low. Or connect via ethernet cable for the most reliable results.

  1. Confirm Your Subscription Status

Log in to your WOWtv account on a browser to confirm your subscription is current and active. If expired, you need to renew it before streaming.

  1. Test Other Internet Services

Try accessing different websites and apps on the problematic device to check if other internet services work fine. If it is only WOWtv that doesn’t work, the error is service-specific.

  1. Restart Your Modem & Router

If internet connectivity is unsteady, restart your modem and router. This clears any temporary glitches.

  1. Reboot Your Streaming Device

Restart your streaming gadget like the Amazon Firestick, Roku, Apple TV or smart TV. This resets the RAM and may clear Error 21.

  1. Delete and Reinstall the WOWtv App

Uninstall and reinstall the WOWtv app from your device’s app store. This refreshes the app files that may be damaged.

  1. Contact WOWtv Support

If the error persists, contact WOWtv’s customer support via live chat or phone call. They can investigate server-side issues and your account status.

These steps will help confirm where exactly the Error 21 problem lies so you can fix WOWtv streaming appropriately.

Fix WOWtv Error Code 21 on Roku

Roku media players and Roku smart TVs use the WOWtv channel to enable video streaming. Follow these troubleshooting tips if you only see error code 21 on your Roku device:

  1. Check your Internet Connection

Go to the Roku home screen and run an internet connection test. If the wi-fi signal is weak, move your Roku closer to the wireless router or connect it via ethernet cable.

  1. Update your Roku System Software

Navigate to Settings > System > System Update on your Roku and install the latest software update if available. This resolves any underlying firmware bugs.

  1. Restart your Roku Device

Restart your Roku streamer or Roku TV by going to Settings > System > Power > System Restart. Wait for it to reboot completely.

  1. Delete and Re-add the WOWtv Channel

Remove the WOWtv channel from your Roku by going to My Channels > Remove Channel. Then re-add it via the Roku Channel Store.

  1. Log Out and Back In on WOWtv

From the Roku home screen, open the WOWtv channel. Go to settings and select Sign Out. Then sign back in with your WOWtv account credentials.

  1. Adjust DNS Settings on your Roku

Set DNS to Google Public DNS and/or Cloudflare under Settings > Network > Advanced system settings > Custom DNS.

  1. Disable VPN if Enabled

If you are using a VPN on your Roku, turn it off as VPN usage may interfere with WOWtv authorization.

  1. Factory Reset your Roku

If nothing else works, factory reset your Roku device. This will clear all errors but also erase all other settings and channels.

With these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve WOWtv Error Code 21 on your Roku device and seamlessly access the streaming service again.

Fix WOWtv Error Code 21 on Amazon Firestick & Fire TV

Like Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV stick and Fire TV streaming boxes also use the WOWtv app for video streaming. Try these steps to fix error code 21 on Firestick/Fire TV:

  1. Check Network Connection

Go to Settings > Network on your Firestick/Fire TV to confirm you have a strong internet connection. If not, move closer to the wi-fi router or use an ethernet adapter.

  1. Restart your Device

Restart your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV box from Device > Restart. This resets the RAM and may resolve error 21.

  1. Update Fire OS

Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates to install the latest Fire OS software update. Keep the firmware up-to-date.

  1. Disable VPN if Enabled

If you are using a VPN service on your Firestick or Fire TV, disable it temporarily as VPN usage could create WOWtv authorization issues.

  1. Adjust DNS Settings

Change DNS servers to Google or Cloudflare DNS under Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > DNS.

  1. Delete and Reinstall WOWtv App

Uninstall WOWtv from Manage Apps & Channels > WOWtv > Uninstall. Redownload it from the Amazon app store and re-login.

  1. Log Out and Back In

Open WOWtv, go to settings and select Sign Out. Then enter your WOWtv credentials again to sign back in.

  1. Perform Factory Reset

If the error persists, you may need to factory reset your Firestick/Fire TV. This will remove all data and apps.

With consistent troubleshooting, Error 21 can be fixed on Amazon Fire TV devices as well and smooth streaming can be restored.

Fix WOWtv Error Code 21 on Android TV / Android Box

Android smart TVs and Android streaming boxes like Nvidia Shield TV use the Android WOWtv app for video playback. Some quick tips to fix error 21 include:

  1. Check Internet Connection

Ensure your Android TV or Android box has a stable wi-fi or wired internet connection. Check the connection status in Network settings.

  1. Restart your Device

Reboot your Android TV or Android TV box via Settings. Restarting refreshes the operating system and clears temporary glitches.

  1. Update Android OS

If an OS update is available for your Android device, install it via Settings > System Updates. This resolves any framework bugs.

  1. Disable VPN if Enabled

Turn off any VPN service that may be running on your Android streaming device as it can interfere with WOWtv access.

  1. Clear WOWtv App Data

Go to Settings > Apps > WOWtv > Storage > Clear Data. This resets the app and may fix Error 21.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Deleting and reinstalling the WOWtv app can refresh corrupted components. Sign back in after reinstalling.

  1. Adjust DNS Settings

Change the DNS servers on your Android TV/box to Google or Cloudflare public DNS as the custom settings may resolve app issues.

  1. Log Out and Back In on WOWtv

Sign out of the WOWtv app from account settings and then log back in using your credentials. This re-authorizes your access.

  1. Factory Reset the Device

If nothing else works, you may have to factory reset your Android TV or Android box. Backup data before reset.

With consistent troubleshooting, Error Code 21 can be eliminated from Android streaming devices too.

Fix WOWtv Error Code 21 on Apple TV

For Apple TV users facing WOWtv issues, focus on these troubleshooting techniques to fix error code 21:

  1. Check Internet Connectivity

Go to Settings > Network on your Apple TV to confirm your internet connection is strong and stable, without packet loss. Use ethernet if WiFi is weak.

  1. Restart the Apple TV

Restart your Apple TV set top box from Settings > System > Restart. A reboot helps clear any temporary software glitches.

  1. Update tvOS

Install the latest tvOS update from Settings > System > Software Updates. Updating prevents any streaming issues due to older firmware.

  1. Delete and Reinstall WOWtv App

Delete the WOWtv app from your Apple TV homepage. Redownload it from the App Store and sign back in from scratch.

  1. Log Out and Log Back In

Open WOWtv settings and select Sign Out. Then enter your WOWtv credentials again to sign back in and re-authorize your access.

  1. Reset Network Settings

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will reset network components like DNS and DHCP client that may resolve Error 21.

  1. Disable VPN if Enabled

If you use a VPN service on your Apple TV, turn it off temporarily as VPN usage could interfere with WOWtv functionality.

  1. Factory Reset Apple TV

If the error still occurs, factory reset your Apple TV from Settings > System > Reset. This should clear any persistent bugs causing problems.

Careful troubleshooting and resetting various components can help resolve the WOWtv Error Code 21 on Apple TV.

Fix WOWtv Error Code 21 on Smart TV

Smart TVs like Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, etc also use the WOWtv app for video playback. Here are some quick fixes for error 21:

  1. Ensure Strong Internet Connection

Check your smart TV is connected to steady wi-fi or ethernet internet to rule out network issues.

  1. Restart your Smart TV

Reboot your smart TV from the settings menu. Restarting can reset any temporary software glitches.

  1. Update Smart TV Firmware

Install the latest firmware update for your TV from the system update settings. Keeping firmware up-to-date is important.

  1. Delete and Reinstall the WOWtv App

Deleting and reinstalling the WOWtv app from your smart TV’s app store can refresh any damaged components.

  1. Disable VPN if Enabled

If you use a VPN service on your smart TV, disable it temporarily as VPNs often cause interference with video streaming apps.

  1. Adjust DNS Settings

Changing DNS servers to Google or Cloudflare public DNS may resolve connectivity issues causing Error Code 21.

  1. Factory Reset the Smart TV

If troubleshooting does not work, you may have to factory reset your smart TV to clear any system-level bugs. Backup data first.

  1. Contact WOWtv Support

Get in touch with WOWtv customer support if error 21 persists even after factory resetting the TV. They can investigate server-side issues.

With smart troubleshooting steps, Error Code 21 can be eliminated from various smart TV brands too for smooth WOWtv streaming.

Contact WOWtv Customer Support

If you are unable to resolve Error Code 21 despite troubleshooting your streaming device extensively, don’t hesitate to contact WOWtv’s customer support team for further assistance.

You can reach out to them via:

WOWtv’s customer service agents can look into your account status, streaming restrictions, server issues and troubleshoot advanced technical problems causing Error Code 21.

With their expertise, the error can be diagnosed correctly and fixed promptly without hassles. So contact WOWtv support if you are unable to resolve it yourself.

Key Takeaways: Resolve WOWtv Error Code 21

  • Error Code 21 arises on WOWtv when your account authorization fails due to technical issues.
  • Diagnose the problem by checking your internet connection, subscription status, DNS settings, VPN usage, and rebooting your device.
  • Troubleshoot your specific streaming device like Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV thoroughly.
  • Update firmware, reinstall the WOWtv app, adjust DNS, disable VPN, restart device, or factory reset as needed.
  • If DIY troubleshooting does not work, promptly contact WOWtv customer support for specialized assistance.
  • With the right troubleshooting technique, WOWtv Error 21 can be eliminated and smooth video streaming can be restored on your device.


WOWtv Error Code 21 can disrupt access to your favorite live TV channels and video on demand content. However, by identifying the potential causes behind the issue and using appropriate troubleshooting steps for your streaming device, the error can be resolved effectively.

Restarting your device, reinstalling the WOWtv app, updating firmware, adjusting DNS settings, logging in again, and factory resetting as required will help fix Error 21 in most cases. Contact WOWtv customer support if you need additional assistance.

With the right fix, you can once again seamlessly stream endless movies, shows, sports and entertainment on WOWtv across all your smart gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does WOWtv show error code 21?
    Error code 21 occurs when WOWtv is unable to verify your account authorization due to technical glitches like incorrect sign-in details, expired subscription, DNS issues, VPN usage, weak internet, incorrect device date and time settings etc.
  2. How do I troubleshoot WOWtv error 21 on my Firestick?
    To fix error 21 on Firestick, check your internet connection, restart the device, update Fire OS, disable any VPN in use, adjust DNS settings, reinstall the WOWtv app, logout and login again, and factory reset if necessary.
  3. Does WOWtv error 21 mean my account is suspended?
    Not necessarily. Error 21 is a generic authorization failure error and usually occurs due to temporary technical issues, not account suspension. You can confirm your account status by logging in directly on WOWtv website.
  4. What should I do if restarting Roku doesn’t fix WOWtv error 21?
    If restarting your Roku does not resolve error 21, also try deleting and re-adding the WOWtv channel, adjusting DNS settings, logging out and back in on the app, disabling VPN if enabled, and factory resetting your device.
  5. Why does WOWtv work on my phone but not on TV?
    If WOWtv works fine on your phone but shows error 21 on TV, it indicates a device-specific issue. Troubleshoot your smart TV, streaming device or HDMI connections to resolve any discrepancy preventing streaming authorization.
  6. Does using a VPN cause WOWtv error code 21?
    Yes, using VPNs that are not compatible with WOWtv can often interfere with the service’s authorization process and cause error code 21 to appear. Disable any active VPN connection as part of troubleshooting.
  7. How can I contact WOWtv customer support to fix error code 21?
    You can contact WOWtv customer support via live chat on their website, email to [email protected] or call them at 1-855-4WOW-TV1. Their technical team can help troubleshoot account and device issues.
  8. What is the meaning of WOWtv error code 20?
    WOWtv error 20 indicates an authorization failure specifically due to incorrect sign-in details like wrong email or password. Update your credentials or use Forgot Password option to resolve it.
  9. Does error 21 mean my WOWtv subscription expired?
    Possibly. Error 21 appears when WOWtv cannot validate your account, such as due to an expired subscription. Log in to WOWtv website and renew your subscription if it has ended.
  10. Why does my Roku say WOWtv is temporarily unavailable?
    The “WOWtv is temporarily unavailable” error points to a service outage. Check WOWtv’s status page or contact support to confirm any known technical issues. Also restart your

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