How To Fix Virgin TV Box & TiVo Box Error Code m58?

The dreaded m58 error code on a Virgin TV or TiVo box can be frustrating to deal with. This error indicates there is a network connectivity issue preventing your box from downloading the electronic programme guide (EPG) and new software updates. But don’t worry – this error is usually easy to resolve with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

How To Fix Virgin TV Box & TiVo Box Error Code m58?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the various causes of the Virgin TV and TiVo m58 error and the different solutions you can try to fix it. Whether it’s issues with your broadband router, Virgin hub, cabling, or software updates, we’ve got you covered. Follow our step-by-step instructions below to get your Virgin TV or TiVo box back up and running.

What Causes the m58 Error on Virgin TV & TiVo Boxes?

There are several potential causes of the m58 error on Virgin Media TV and TiVo set-top boxes:

  • Connectivity issues – This is the most common cause of the m58 error. Anything that interrupts the connection between your Virgin TV/TiVo box and Virgin Media’s servers can trigger this error. This could include issues with your broadband router, Virgin hub, cabling, wifi signal interference, etc.
  • Incorrect network settings – If the network settings on your Virgin box are incorrectly configured, it may not be able to connect properly to download updates.
  • Outdated software – If your Virgin box is running outdated software, it may not be compatible with Virgin Media’s latest EPG data. m58 can occur when trying to update.
  • Hard drive issues – In rare cases, a faulty hard drive in your Virgin TV or TiVo box can cause m58 errors during software updates.
  • Temporary technical issues – Sometimes short-lived technical issues with Virgin Media’s servers can temporarily trigger the m58 error message.

Knowing the potential sources of the problem will help you systematically troubleshoot and narrow down the cause.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Virgin TV & TiVo m58 Error

Follow these steps in order to methodically diagnose and fix your Virgin TV or TiVo box displaying the m58 error:

1. Check your broadband / Virgin Media connection

The first thing to check is whether your broadband or Virgin Media connection is working properly:

  • Reset your broadband router and Virgin Media hub by unplugging them from the mains for 20 seconds. This will refresh the connection.
  • Connect a laptop or PC directly to your Virgin Media hub using an ethernet cable. See if you can browse the internet properly.
  • If you have slow speeds or no connection on a wired device, contact Virgin Media support to check for network issues in your area.
  • Try disconnecting any wifi extenders or powerline adaptors as these can sometimes cause interference. Connect your Virgin box via ethernet if possible.

2. Check cabling from your Virgin hub

Faulty cabling from the Virgin hub can interrupt the signal:

  • Inspect coaxial cables for any damage or kinks. Replace suspect cables.
  • Ensure cable connections are screwed in tightly at the wall socket, Virgin hub end, and back of the Virgin TV box.
  • Try swapping cables and using different wall sockets around your home to isolate any cabling faults.

3. Factory reset your Virgin box

Resetting your Virgin TV or TiVo box to factory settings can clear any software bugs:

  • From the home screen menu go to Settings > System > System Restart.
  • Select Factory Reset and confirm on next screen. This will wipe the box clean.
  • Re-run Guided Setup and reconnect to your Virgin Media network when box reboots.

4. Update software and retry

Virgin Media may have released a software update to fix the m58 error:

  • Go to Settings > System Details and check your current software version.
  • Go to Settings > System > System Update to manually check for a new software update.
  • Install any available updates and retry normal operation. The update may resolve the m58 error.

5. Change DNS settings

Using Google or Cloud flare DNS settings can resolve connectivity issues:

  • Go to Settings > Network > Broadband Connection.
  • Change DNS settings from “Automatic” to “Manual”.
  • Enter Google DNS servers and or Cloud flare and
  • Save settings and reboot. This DNS change could fix m58.

6. Contact Virgin Media support

If you still see the m58 error after trying all troubleshooting steps, contact Virgin Media technical support:

  • Run a diagnostic check on your Virgin box and check for issues in your area.
  • Reset your Virgin Hub to default settings in case of any misconfiguration.
  • Engineer visit to inspect cabling or swap the faulty box.

Following this step-by-step guide should help identify and resolve the cause of the Virgin Media m58 error in most cases. Be sure to also check the Virgin Media service status page for any known issues. With a systematic approach, you should be able to get your Virgin TV or TiVo box back up and running.


While the cryptic m58 error code may be frustrating, fixing it is usually straightforward once you methodically diagnose where the connectivity breakdown is occurring. In most cases, you can resolve it yourself by following the step-by-step troubleshooting guide outlined here. The key is to check your cabling, router, interference sources, DNS settings and software updates. If issues persist, enlist the help of Virgin Media technical support. Patience and a systematic approach is key to banishing the m58 demon for good. With the steps above, you will be on your way to enjoying uninterrupted TV entertainment in no time.

FAQs About Fixing the m58 Error

Q1: Why does my Virgin TV box show an m58 error code?
A1: The m58 error indicates your Virgin box is unable to connect to Virgin Media’s servers, often due to a network connectivity issue like a faulty broadband router, cabling problem, wifi interference or incorrect network settings on the box.

Q2: How can I fix the m58 error on my Virgin TiVo box?
A2: Try rebooting your router and Virgin box, checking cabling, factory resetting the box, updating software, changing DNS settings, or contacting Virgin Media support to properly diagnose and resolve the connectivity issue.

Q3: Does m58 error affect my Virgin TV service and subscription?
A3: No, m58 does not affect your actual Virgin TV subscription, only the box’s ability to download EPG updates and on-demand content. You can still watch live TV.

Q4: Why does factory resetting fix m58 error temporarily but then it comes back?
A4: If a factory reset only provides temporary fix, it indicates an ongoing network issue like faulty cabling or interference. You need to identify and address the root cause.

Q5: I get m58 error on just one Virgin box but others work fine – why?
A5: The m58 error is isolated to a connectivity problem with that specific box, likely due to cabling or network issues affecting that box only.

Q6: Can I replace my Virgin box if I keep getting m58 errors?
A6: Replacement should be last resort after you’ve tried troubleshooting, as the new box will likely see same error if connectivity issue remains.

Q7: Is m58 error a hardware or software issue with my Virgin box?
A7: In most cases, m58 is caused by external network connectivity factors, not a hardware or software fault with the box itself.

Q8: Does the m58 error mean my Virgin Media service is down?
A8: Not necessarily – the m58 error is specific to connectivity between your box and Virgin’s network. Check Virgin service status page to confirm wider issues.

Q9: How can Virgin Media fix the m58 error remotely?
A9: Virgin can check your connection status, reboot your devices, reset network settings, push software updates, and potentially identify any issues needing engineer visit.

Q10: Why do I only get m58 error intermittently?
A10: Intermittent m58 errors can point to cabling problems, faulty components like splitters, or connection issues during peak congestion times.

Q11: Can I prevent m58 errors happening in future?
A11: Ensure cabling is robust, use ethernet over wifi if possible, keep software updated, minimize interference from other devices, and maintain stable power and internet.

Q12: Does m58 error affect Netflix or other apps on my Virgin TiVo box?
A12: Yes, any apps requiring internet access to function will be disrupted by the connectivity issues causing m58 error. Streaming may fail.

Q13: Is there a quicker way to factory reset my Virgin box than normal method?
A13: Hold down power button on box for 30 seconds until light blinks – this forces immediate factory reset. Reboot and rerun Guided Setup.

Q14: How long will it take to reinstall all channels after factory reset to fix m58?
A14: After reset and Guided Setup, it takes 10-20 minutes to reinstall channels and latest EPG data.

Q15: Can I backup recordings before factory reset to avoid losing them?
A15: Yes, you can back up recordings to a USB stick or external hard drive before reset. Just reconnect after to restore.

Q16: Does the m58 error affect recordings stored on my Virgin box?
A16: Existing recordings should not be lost when having m58 issue. But you won’t be able to access on-demand recordings until fixed.

Q17: Is it safe to factory reset my Virgin box?
A17: Yes, factory reset is safe process and primary troubleshooting method recommended by Virgin Media to resolve issues like persistent m58 error.

Q18: Why does my Virgin box work fine then lose connection and display m58 error?
A18: This points to an intermittent fault like a loose cable connection, flaky splitter, brief power cut or temporary interference disrupting connectivity.

Q19: Can I fix m58 error without factory reset and losing recordings?
A19: You can try rebooting devices, checking cabling, updating software and DNS changes first. But reset may be required if those don’t work.

Q20: How long should I wait after troubleshooting before contacting Virgin Media about persistent m58?
A20: If you still see m58 error after 1 hour of concerted troubleshooting, contact Virgin support for further assistance.

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