How To Fix TurboTax Error Code 630?

Turbotax error code 630 typically occurs when Turbotax is unable to connect to the internet to download the latest tax forms and updates. There are several potential causes and solutions for this error, which this guide will cover in detail. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve error code 630 and get your Turbotax working again.

How To Fix TurboTax Error Code 630?

What Does Error Code 630 Mean in Turbotax?

Error code 630 in Turbotax indicates that the program is unable to connect to the internet to download tax forms and software updates. This connectivity issue prevents Turbotax from functioning properly, as the software relies on internet access to stay up-to-date with the latest tax codes and forms.

Specifically, error 630 arises when Turbotax cannot reach the download server at to retrieve the necessary data files. Without connecting to this server, Turbotax cannot update itself and subsequently throws the 630 error during initialization or when attempting to download forms.

Common Causes of Error Code 630

There are a few common reasons why Turbotax error 630 occurs:

  • Internet connectivity issues – If your internet connection is down, WiFi is disconnected, or your router/modem is not working properly, Turbotax cannot reach the download server. This will lead to error 630 when the software tries to update.
  • Firewall blocking Turbotax – Overly restrictive firewall settings can block Turbotax from accessing the internet. Both local firewall software and router firewall settings should be checked.
  • Antivirus software interference – Some antivirus programs detecting filtering Turbotax traffic may cause error 630. Adding an exception for Turbotax can resolve this.
  • Proxy server problems – If you connect to the internet via a proxy server, misconfigured proxy settings can prevent Turbotax from connecting.
  • Corrupt Turbotax installation – In rare cases, a damaged or incomplete Turbotax installation can cause error 630. Reinstalling Turbotax fixes this issue.
  • Outdated Turbotax version – Running an outdated Turbotax version that is no longer supported can sometimes trigger error 630. Updating to the newest version will resolve this.

How to Fix Turbotax Error Code 630

If you encounter Turbotax error 630, there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the problem:

Check Your Internet Connection

First, verify that you have an active, working internet connection. Reset your router and modem if necessary – unplug them for 20 seconds and plug back in to restart your home network. Connect your computer directly to the modem via ethernet if possible for testing.

Run a speed test at to confirm your internet connectivity. Turbotax requires a minimum connection speed of 3Mbps down and 1Mbps up. Contact your ISP if your speeds are consistently below this threshold.

Also ensure your WiFi signal strength is adequate in the location you are running Turbotax from. Move closer to the router or access point if the signal is weak.

Disable Firewalls and Antivirus Software

Temporarily disable any firewalls or internet security suites on your computer, including Windows Firewall and third-party software like Norton or McAfee. Also whitelist Turbotax as an allowed program in your antivirus.

This will determine if these protections are blocking Turbotax’s internet access and causing error 630. Re-enable them after testing Turbotax.

Check Proxy Settings

If you connect to a work or school network via proxy server, ensure the proxy settings are configured correctly in your browser and Windows settings:

  • In your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) go to the network settings and make sure the proxy is set correctly
  • Go to Windows Network Settings > Proxy and verify the address, port, and credentials match your network
  • Toggle off Use Proxy to disable and test Turbotax connectivity

Proxy misconfigurations can prevent Turbotax from accessing the internet.

Update Your Turbotax Software

Go to Help > Check for Turbotax Updates within the software and install any available updates. You may need to update to the latest Turbotax version in order to resolve error 630.

Also try fully uninstalling Turbotax using the Control Panel, rebooting your computer, then reinstalling the latest version fresh from This can clear up any corrupted files causing conflicts.

Contact Turbotax Customer Support

If you still receive error 630 after trying the steps above, contact the Turbotax customer support team:

  • Call 1-800-944-8596 and explain you are getting error code 630. The support agents can further troubleshoot or escalate the issue.
  • Initiate a remote session so support can connect to your computer and diagnose the problem.
  • As a last resort, they can provide you with replacement download files to manually install the tax forms and latest Turbotax version offline.

Following their specialized troubleshooting and remediation steps for error 630 often resolves this issue when other methods fail.

How to Prevent Turbotax Error Code 630

Once you have Turbotax error 630 fixed, there are some steps you can take to avoid it recurring in the future:

  • Maintain a fast, reliable internet connection – Use broadband internet rather than slower satellite or cellular data connections which can cause interruptions.
  • Keep your Turbotax version up-to-date – Check Help > Updates to upgrade to the latest version whenever one is available. Update quickly if Turbotax notifies you a version is being phased out.
  • Add exceptions in firewall and antivirus tools – Allow/whitelist Turbotax so security software does not block its connections.
  • Clear download cache periodically – Go to File > Manage > Clear Download Cache to refresh Turbotax’s stored update files.
  • Disable auto-updates – Having Turbotax automatically check and download updates can sometimes fail, triggering error 630. Instead, manually check and approve updates yourself.
  • Run as administrator – Right-click Turbotax and select “Run as administrator” so it has full access to system resources.

Following these tips will help maintain steady connectivity between Turbotax and the update servers, minimizing instances of error 630 occurring. Be sure to follow the troubleshooting steps outlined earlier if the error does arise again.

Key Takeaways on Fixing Turbotax Error Code 630

  • Error 630 indicates Turbotax cannot access the internet to get tax forms and updates
  • Common causes include internet issues, firewalls, antivirus software, proxies, corrupt installations
  • Troubleshoot your network, disable security programs, check proxy settings, update Turbotax
  • Contact Turbotax customer support if needed for further assistance
  • Prevent future instances by maintaining connections, adding exceptions, clearing cache, running as admin

Following specialized troubleshooting from Turbotax support when necessary can resolve error 630 when general fixes fail. Maintaining proper internet access and keeping Turbotax up-to-date provides the best protection.


Error code 630 is a common connectivity issue that prevents Turbotax from updating properly. It can often be resolved through troubleshooting internet and network settings, configuring security and proxy exceptions for Turbotax, installing software updates, and contacting customer support if needed. Following best practices around firewalls, antivirus tools, internet connections, and regular Turbotax maintenance can help avoid error 630 occurrences in the future. With the right approach, this error can be fixed quickly to get Turbotax functioning normally again.


  1. What causes error code 630 in Turbotax?
    Error 630 is typically caused by an interruption in Turbotax’s ability to connect to the internet to download tax forms and updates from Intuit’s servers. Internet connectivity issues, firewalls, antivirus software, proxies, and outdated Turbotax versions can prevent access and trigger this error.

  2. How can I fix Turbotax error code 630?
    Troubleshoot your internet connection, disable firewalls/antivirus temporarily, check proxy settings, install Turbotax updates, and contact customer support for help fixing error 630. Re-enabling security tools and maintaining proper internet access can prevent future occurrences.

  3. Why does Turbotax error 630 happen even with internet access?
    If you have internet but get error 630, a firewall or antivirus program may be blocking Turbotax traffic. Network proxies may also interfere with connections. Check settings and whitelist Turbotax in security tools.

  4. Should I reinstall Turbotax to fix error 630?
    Reinstalling the latest Turbotax version can potentially fix error 630 if your current installation is damaged. First try updating within Turbotax and troubleshooting other causes. Reinstall only if all else fails.

  5. How can I prevent Turbotax error 630?
    Make sure you have a fast, reliable internet connection. Maintain your Turbotax software version, clear download cache periodically, add exceptions in firewalls/antivirus for Turbotax, disable auto-updates, and run Turbotax as administrator.

  6. What is the Turbotax download site the error refers to?
    Error 630 arises when Turbotax cannot access to download tax forms and software updates. Connectivity issues prevent connecting to this Intuit server.

  7. Should I contact Turbotax support for help with error 630?
    Yes, if you cannot resolve error 630 through troubleshooting, reach out to Turbotax customer support. They can diagnose your specific issue and provide fixes like replacement download files to manually update Turbotax offline.

  8. What internet speed does Turbotax need?
    Turbotax requires a minimum internet connection speed of 3Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Faster speeds are recommended to prevent connectivity issues that can cause error 630.

  9. Can I use Turbotax without an internet connection?
    No, Turbotax requires an active internet connection to download tax forms, updates, and file returns electronically. You may be able to install replacement files from Turbotax support to temporarily use it offline when troubleshooting error 630.

  10. Will Turbotax error 630 prevent me from filing my taxes?
    Error 630 blocks Turbotax from updating properly but does not directly prevent tax filing. Resolve the underlying internet connectivity or software issue first. You can still file as normal once error 630 is fixed.

  11. How can I tell if my Turbotax version is up-to-date?
    Open Turbotax and go to the Help menu > Check for Updates. Install any available updates. If it says your version is no longer supported, you need to upgrade to the current year’s Turbotax version.

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