How To Fix The Finals Error Code -1 “Kicked From Server”?

The Finals error code -1 “Kicked From Server” is a common error that players may encounter while playing Finals. This error prevents players from joining or remaining in a Finals match and can be frustrating to deal with. Fortunately, there are several potential solutions that may resolve this error so you can get back to competing in Finals matches.

How To Fix The Finals Error Code -1 “Kicked From Server”?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover what may be causing the Finals error code -1 “Kicked From Server” to appear, troubleshooting steps to fix it on both PC and console, and tips to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What Causes The Finals Error Code -1 “Kicked From Server”?

There are a few potential reasons you may be seeing the Finals error code -1 and getting kicked from the server:

  • Connectivity Issues – Problems with your internet connection, lag, high ping, or network errors can cause you to lose connection to the Finals server and get kicked from the match.
  • Server Problems – Issues on Finals’ end such as overloaded servers, maintenance downtime, or bugs can sometimes cause error code -1.
  • Game File Corruption – Corrupted game files, invalid game settings, or problems updating/installing the game can result in connectivity issues that lead to error -1.
  • Banned Account – Receiving a ban or suspension for cheating, toxic behavior, etc. can cause you to get kicked from Finals with this error code.
  • Multiple Logins – Logging into Finals on the same account from two locations/devices at the same time will kick you from the server.

Knowing the potential reasons behind the error code will help guide troubleshooting. Next we’ll go through solutions for both PC and console players.

How To Fix Error Code -1 on PC

Here are the steps to try on PC to resolve the Finals error -1 and get back into matches:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Lag, high ping, and network errors can cause disconnects from the Finals server. Make sure your internet connection is stable and reset your network devices if needed. Test your ping in Finals or other online games to identify any connection issues.

2. Validate Your Game Files

Corrupted game files may be the culprit behind error code -1. Validate your Finals game files through Steam or Epic to check for problems and automatically reacquire any missing or corrupt files.

3. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can sometimes cause conflicts that lead to connectivity issues in games. Update to the latest graphics drivers for your GPU for optimal stability and performance.

4. Adjust Your Router Settings

If you’re on a strict firewall or your router settings are blocking certain ports, it can interfere with connecting to Finals matches. Try opening the necessary ports for Finals and adjusting firewall, NAT and QoS settings.

5. Reinstall or Repair Finals

As a last resort, fully reinstalling or repairing Finals through your game launcher may resolve any underlying issues that are causing error code -1 kicks from matches.

6. Contact Finals Support

If all else fails, reach out to Finals’ customer support team for further troubleshooting. They may be able to resolve server-side issues or identify any other problems with your account causing the error.

Fixing Error Code -1 on Console

For console players, here are troubleshooting tips for PlayStation and Xbox:

1. Check Console Network Settings

Ensure your console has a stable internet connection and check for any network errors. If needed, power cycle your console and router to refresh the connection.

2. Test Your Console Network Connection

Run a network test on your console to identify any issues with latency, packet loss, NAT issues, etc. Retry connecting to Finals after addressing any problems.

3. Restart Your Console

Close out of Finals fully and do a full restart of your console. This will clear any cached files/data that could be causing conflicts.

4. Reinstall Finals

Uninstall Finals fully from your console, power cycle the console, and reinstall a fresh copy of the game. This eliminates any corrupted data.

5. Contact Finals Support

Finals’ support team can further investigate on their end if you continue experiencing error code -1 when trying to play on console.

How To Prevent Error Code -1 Going Forward

Once you’ve resolved error code -1 using the relevant troubleshooting tips above, here are some ways to prevent it from happening again in the future:

  • Maintain a stable, lag-free internet connection with low ping times.
  • Regularly update your graphics drivers and console system software.
  • Don’t login to Finals simultaneously from multiple PCs or devices.
  • Avoid cheating, exploits, toxic behavior and other actions that could get you banned.
  • Periodically verify your game files to avoid corruption issues.
  • Keep your console and PC clean of dust and well ventilated to prevent overheating.
  • Close out of other programs that use internet bandwidth while playing Finals.

Addressing error code -1 quickly when it appears and following these preventative measures will help ensure you can login to Finals and compete in matches smoothly without getting kicked by this frustrating error going forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Error code -1 commonly occurs due to connection problems, server issues, game file corruption, bans, or multiple logins.
  • On PC, troubleshoot your internet, update drivers, adjust router settings, reinstall the game, and contact support.
  • For consoles, check network settings, test connections, restart the console, reinstall the game, and get help from support.
  • Prevent error code -1 by maintaining good internet, updating software, avoiding bans, verifying game files, cleaning your hardware, and closing other programs.


Dealing with the Finals error code -1 “Kicked From Server” can be aggravating, but using the comprehensive troubleshooting guide above should help you quickly resolve it and get back in the game. Check your own connection first, then work through solutions like reinstalling the game, contacting support, and updating your system. With the preventative tips provided, you can avoid this error interfering with your Finals matches in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I keep getting kicked from Finals matches with error code -1?
A: The most likely culprits are internet connectivity problems, server issues on Finals’ end, corrupted game files, receiving a ban, or trying to log in from multiple locations at once.

Q: How can I tell if my internet connection is causing the Finals error -1?
A: High ping times, lag spikes, frequent disconnects, and network errors indicate connection issues that could lead to error -1 kicks.

Q: Does reinstalling Finals get rid of error code -1?
A: Yes, a fresh reinstall or repair of Finals will replace any corrupted game files that could be causing error -1.

Q: I play Finals on Xbox. How do I troubleshoot error code -1?
A: On Xbox, restart your console, check network settings, test your connection, reinstall Finals, and contact Xbox support if the issue persists.

Q: Can cheating or toxic behavior cause you to get error -1?
A: Yes, receiving a ban for cheating, toxicity, or other prohibited in-game actions can lead to getting kicked from matches with error code -1.

Q: How do I prevent error code -1 after fixing it?
A: Maintain a stable internet connection, update your system software/drivers, avoid bans by behaving appropriately, re-verify game files periodically, and close other programs while playing.

Q: Why does Finals error code -1 happen on console but not PC?
A: Console connectivity issues tend to trigger it more often than PC. Check your console network settings and connection quality if you only see it on console.

Q: Is there a way to troubleshoot Finals error code -1 on mobile?
A: Unfortunately error code -1 primarily occurs on PC and console versions. Mobile versions have different connectivity systems.

Q: What Finals error codes other than -1 could cause me to get kicked from matches?
A: Error codes like -5, -24, -10027, and others can also kick you from Finals matches for various connectivity and server-side reasons.

Q: Can my router’s firewall settings prevent me from connecting to Finals?
A: Yes, having certain ports blocked by your router’s firewall can interfere with maintaining a stable connection to the Finals servers.

Q: Will restarting my PC or console help fix Finals error code -1?
A: Yes, fully restarting your device can clear any cached/temporary files that may be interfering with connecting to Finals servers.

Q: I keep getting lag spikes in Finals. Could this cause error -1?
A: Definitely, frequent lag spikes while playing Finals can cause you to lose connection and trigger error code -1 suddenly.

Q: What info should I have ready when contacting Finals support about error -1?
A: Have details on when you receive the error, your gaming system, internet connection, any troubleshooting you’ve tried, and relevant error logs.

Q: How long does it normally take to resolve error code -1 after troubleshooting?
A: If you identify and address the root cause, error -1 can often be resolved in minutes to hours. More persistent issues may take longer.

Q: Can I get banned for repeatedly getting Finals error code -1?
A: No, error code -1 itself won’t trigger a ban. But the actions that cause it like cheating or toxicity can result in bans.

Q: Does Finals error code -1 only happen on PC and consoles?
A: Yes, this specific error seems to only affect the PC and console versions of the game rather than mobile.

Q: Is there anything I can do if support can’t resolve my Finals error -1?
A: You can try thoroughly reinstalling your operating system or factory resetting your console if no other fixes work. But support should be able to help resolve it.


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