How To Fix Steam #phone_error_invalid_number?

Steam is a popular digital distribution platform developed by Valve for purchasing and playing video games. Sometimes when trying to add a phone number to your Steam account, you may encounter the #phone_error_invalid_number error. This error indicates that the phone number you entered is not in a valid format accepted by Steam. Don’t worry – this guide will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to help fix the #phone_error_invalid_number error on Steam.

How To Fix Steam #phone_error_invalid_number?

Verify Phone Number Format

The first step is to double check that your phone number is entered in the correct format accepted by Steam.

  • For US phone numbers, the accepted format is: +1 5551234567
  • For other countries, the phone number should be entered in the international format starting with the country code. For example:
    • Canada: +1 5141234567
    • UK: +44 2012345678
    • Australia: +61 289123456

Steam requires the country code and area code to be included. Enter your phone number following the international formatting guidelines. Re-try adding the phone number after verifying the format is correct.

Try Adding Number Without Spaces or Special Characters

Another common reason for the invalid number error is if your phone number contains spaces, dashes or special characters. Steam only accepts phone numbers as a continuous string of numbers.

Remove any spaces, dashes, brackets or special characters from the phone number. For example, if your number is (555) 123-4567, remove the brackets and hyphen so it’s 5551234567. Re-try adding the phone number to your Steam account using only numbers.

Use a Different Phone Number

If you have tried the above steps and still receive the #phone_error_invalid_number error, try using an alternate phone number. Add a mobile number or other number that you have access to.

Steam may not accept certain VOIP or landline numbers. A mobile phone number is ideal. Make sure to follow the international formatting when entering the new number.

If the error persists after trying a different valid number, there may be an issue on Steam’s end.

Contact Steam Support

If you have verified your phone number is in the correct format accepted by Steam and still encounter the error, you should reach out to Steam Support for assistance.

  • In the Steam client, go to the Help > Steam Support section
  • Select the appropriate Contact Us option and choose the Issue Type as “Account”
  • In the description, explain that you are getting the #phone_error_invalid_number error when trying to add your phone number to Steam. Provide details on the steps you have tried.
  • Attach a screenshot of the error if possible.
  • Steam Support will look into the issue and assist with troubleshooting solutions.

Steam Support is usually very responsive and provides quick resolutions for common errors like this. Explaining the specific error message and troubleshooting details will help them investigate and identify the problem.

Wait and Try Again Later

In some cases, the #phone_error_invalid_number error may occur due to temporary issues with Steam’s servers. Network outages or service disruptions can sometimes interfere when trying to add information to your Steam account.

If you are certain your phone number format is correct, consider waiting a while and trying again later. Give it an hour or two for Steam services to stabilize. The error may resolve on its own without needing to contact Steam Support.

Retry adding your phone number – the issue preventing it previously may have been temporary. Waiting a bit often clears up intermittent errors.

Double Check Restrictions and Blockers

Some phone carriers or networks may block calls or messages from certain types of numbers. This can sometimes affect Steam’s verification process when adding a phone number.

Check if your phone carrier has any restrictions set up that could block Steam’s verification call or text message. Temporarily adjusting these call/text block settings can allow the verification to go through so your number can be added.

Also, check any apps on your phone that block spam calls or texts. You may need to whitelist Steam’s number so the verification call or text can reach you. After adding your number to Steam, you can revert any changes made to call/text blocking settings.

Reset Steam Login

As a last resort, you can attempt resetting your Steam login which forces re-verification of your account and can clear up issues like the invalid phone number error.

Note that resetting your Steam login invalidates existing login tokens, removes imported friends, and returns broadcast settings to defaults. Games and personal data will remain unaffected.

To reset your Steam login:

  1. Go to the Steam Support site and select the ‘My Account’ option.
  2. Choose ‘Reclaim Account’ and enter your account email address.
  3. Follow the steps to verify your account ownership. This will reset your Steam login.

Once your login is reset, try adding your phone number again. This should force a re-check and may resolve any issues that were preventing verification of the number previously.

Key Takeaways: Resolving Steam #phone_error_invalid_number

  • Double check phone number is in proper international formatting accepted by Steam
  • Remove any spaces, dashes or special characters from phone number
  • Try adding alternate mobile/phone number if error persists
  • Contact Steam Support for assistance if following correct format
  • Wait and retry later in case of temporary server issues
  • Check for call/text blocks on phone carrier or network
  • Reset Steam login to force re-verification as last resort

Following these troubleshooting steps should help identify and correct any issues that are causing the #phone_error_invalid_number error on Steam. Verifying the phone number format, trying alternate numbers, and contacting Steam Support covers the common factors that typically resolve this problem.


In summary, the #phone_error_invalid_number error on Steam is generally caused by an improperly formatted phone number or technical issues during the verification process. To resolve it, double check the phone number follows international format, remove any spaces/punctuation, and retry adding it. If the error persists, use an alternate number, wait and try again later, or contact Steam Support for help troubleshooting. Resetting your Steam login forces re-verification and can also correct this error in persistent cases. With the right troubleshooting steps, you should be able to successfully add your phone number to Steam and correct the #phone_error_invalid_number error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the #phone_error_invalid_number error mean on Steam?
A: This error indicates the phone number entered is not in a valid format accepted by Steam. The number needs to follow international formatting starting with the country code.

Q: Do I need to include the country code when adding my phone number to Steam?
A: Yes, Steam requires the full international formatting including country code and area code, such as +1 5551234567 for US numbers.

Q: I keep getting the invalid number error on Steam even though my number format looks correct. What should I do?
A: Try removing any spaces, dashes or other punctuation from the phone number and entering just the continuous numbers. Also try an alternate phone number in case there are issues with your current one.

Q: What is the correct phone number format for the UK for Steam?
A: For the UK, phone numbers should be entered in international format starting with +44, such as +44 2030123456.

Q: How do I contact Steam Support to get help with the invalid phone number error?
A: In the Steam client, go to Help > Steam Support and select Contact Us. Choose ‘Account’ issue type and explain the error details and troubleshooting steps tried.

Q: Does resetting my Steam login get rid of games or other data?
A: No, resetting your Steam login only affects account login credentials and broadcast settings. Games and personal data remain unaffected.

Q: I keep getting #phone_error_invalid_number even after trying all troubleshooting steps. What else can I do?
A: As a last resort, try signing up for a new Steam account and adding your phone number during initial setup. The error may be caused by issues with your current account.

Q: Can I add a VOIP number like Google Voice to my Steam account?
A: Steam may not accept VOIP numbers. It’s recommended to add a standard mobile or landline number to avoid any verification issues.

Q: What information should I include when contacting Steam Support about this error?
A: Provide your account username, explain the exact error message, and detail all troubleshooting steps you have tried to resolve the issue. Screenshots are also helpful.

Q: Does Steam require phone number verification for all accounts?
A: Phone number verification is required for accounts with Steam Guard enabled, which is highly recommended for security. It is optional for basic accounts.

Q: What do I do if my phone carrier blocks Steam’s verification call or text message?
A: Check your carrier settings and temporarily adjust call/text blockers to allow the verification message to go through when adding your number.

Q: I entered my number in Steam format but still get invalid number error. Any other suggestions?
A: Try logging out and back into Steam, restarting the client, or verifying the Steam game files. This may clear up any corruption causing the persistent error.

Q: Can I use a landline number for Steam phone verification?
A: Steam recommends using a mobile number if possible, but landline numbers should also work in most cases. Make sure it is formatted correctly.

Q: Does Steam require phone verification for extra security?
A: Yes, adding a phone number enables two-factor authentication through Steam Guard for better account security. It also allows for password recovery.

Q: I tried all troubleshooting steps but the #phone_error_invalid_number persists. What should I do now?
A: As a final option, you can try creating a new Steam account and carefully re-adding your phone number during initial setup. Something with your existing account may be causing the issue.

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