How To Fix Singpass Error Code 85-cv900?

Singpass is the national digital identity system used by Singaporean citizens and residents to access many online government services. However, users may occasionally encounter error codes like 85-cv900 that prevent them from logging in or using Singpass services. This comprehensive guide will explain what Singpass error 85-cv900 is, why it occurs, and provide step-by-step instructions to resolve it quickly.

How To Fix Singpass Error Code 85-cv900?

What Does Singpass Error Code 85-cv900 Mean?

Singpass error code 85-cv900 indicates that the system is unable to authenticate the user’s login credentials or verify their identity. Some common reasons why this error occurs include:

  • Incorrect username, password, or security questions: Providing an inaccurate username, password or answers to security questions will prompt the 85-cv900 error code. Double check your login details and try again.
  • Account locked: Too many failed login attempts will automatically lock the Singpass account as a security precaution. This triggers the 85-cv900 error.
  • Outdated app or browser: Using outdated versions of the Singpass app or internet browser that are not compatible with the latest Singpass protocols can also lead to 85-cv900 errors.
  • Server issues: Sometimes server outages or technical problems on Singpass’s end can temporarily cause 85-cv900 errors even with correct login credentials.
  • Incorrectly linked accounts: If your Singpass was linked incorrectly to another governmental account, it may cause conflicts resulting in 85-cv900 errors during login.

Knowing the potential reasons behind the 85-cv900 code makes it easier to troubleshoot and resolve it quickly.

Step-By-Step Guide to Fix Singpass 85-cv900 Error

Follow this straightforward step-by-step guide to successfully troubleshoot and fix the 85-cv900 error with Singpass:

1. Double Check Username and Password

The first step is to ensure you are using the correct Singpass username and password:

  • Your username is your NRIC or FIN number (no spaces or dashes).
  • The password is the one you set up when creating your Singpass account.

Carefully re-enter both and try logging in again. Many 85-cv900 errors are caused by simple typos in the login credentials.

2. Reset Password if Forgotten

If you have forgotten your Singpass password, use the password reset function:

  • Go to Singpass website and click Forgot Password
  • Enter NRIC and email address registered to Singpass account
  • Select delivery method for one-time password (OTP) – via SMS or app
  • Input OTP received to reset password

Create a new strong password you can remember. Test logging in to Singpass with new password.

3. Check Account Security Questions

Singpass uses security questions for identity verification when resetting passwords or unlocking accounts.

Ensure your account security questions are set up properly with answers you can recall accurately.

To update security questions and answers:

  • Log in to Singpass Profile page
  • Click Security Questions tab
  • Edit or update questions and matching answers
  • Save changes

Providing wrong answers to security questions can lead to 85-cv900 errors.

4. Unlock Account if Locked

Too many wrong password attempts will lock access to your Singpass account as a security measure. This causes 85-cv900 errors even with the right password.

To unlock a locked Singpass account:

  • Go to Singpass forgot password page
  • Click Unlock Account option
  • Enter NRIC and registered email
  • Select OTP delivery method and input OTP received
  • Answer security questions correctly
  • Account will be unlocked

You can now log in with the right password credentials.

5. Update Singpass App

An outdated Singpass app version can also be the culprit behind 85-cv900 errors.

Ensure you are running the latest version of the Singpass app:

  • On your mobile device, go to the App Store or Play Store
  • Search for Singpass app
  • Check if there are any available updates and install them
  • Alternatively, uninstall and reinstall the latest Singpass app

Updating to the newest app version helps avoid compatibility issues that cause login errors including 85-cv900.

6. Use Latest Browser Version

Like apps, outdated internet browsers can also conflict with the login protocol and generate 85-cv900 errors.

If accessing Singpass via browser, make sure it is up to date:

  • On your computer, open the browser (Chrome, Firefox etc)
  • Click on Help or About menu to check current browser version
  • Update browser to latest available version
  • Reboot computer for changes to take effect

The newest browser versions have the proper security configurations and compatibility for smooth Singpass access.

7. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Large amounts of cached data and cookies on your browser can sometimes disrupt the Singpass login process and cause 85-cv900 errors.

Clearing this data forces a fresh login attempt:

  • Open your internet browser and click Settings
  • Go to Privacy & Security options
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data button
  • Select cached images/files and cookies & site data to remove
  • Click Clear Data button to confirm
  • This will wipe the browser cache and cookies allowing a fresh Singpass login.

8. Try Logging in on Different Device

As a test, attempt to log in to your Singpass account on another device like a mobile phone or tablet.

If you can successfully access Singpass without 85-cv900 errors on the second device, the issue lies with your original device. This confirms it is a device-specific technical issue rather than your account credentials.

You can then troubleshoot the original device further or simply use the working second device for Singpass access in the interim.

9. Contact Singpass Technical Support

If you still face 85-cv900 errors after trying all the above troubleshooting steps, technical issues on Singpass’s end could be causing the problem.

Contact Singpass support for assistance:

  • Live chat with support agents at Singpass website
  • Call 6643-0555 during office hours for Singpass helpdesk
  • Email [email protected] with details of issue

Singpass technicians can then diagnose server or system problems causing the 85-cv900 error and resolve it.

Preventing Future 85-cv900 Errors

Once you have fixed the current 85-cv900 error, take these measures to avoid recurring issues in the future:

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Add another credential like OTPs during login to enhance security.
  • Change password periodically. Reset your Singpass password every few months as a security best practice.
  • Use strong unique passwords. Create passwords that are long, complex and not used on other accounts.
  • Keep software updated. Regularly update Singpass app, browser, operating system and security software.
  • Use antivirus software. Install a robust antivirus program to detect malware that may disrupt Singpass access.
  • Beware of phishing. Do not click suspicious links asking for Singpass credentials to avoid getting scammed.
  • Log out properly. Always use Singpass’s proper log out function instead of just closing the app or browser.

Following these tips boosts Singpass security and significantly reduces risks of further 85-cv900 errors occurring.


Q: Why do I get 85-cv900 errors occasionally even with the right password?
A: This happens if your account gets locked after too many failed login attempts. Unlock your account and the 85-cv900 error will stop.

Q: How long does the 85-cv900 error last?
A: It lasts until you troubleshoot the specific cause, whether re-entering login credentials, unlocking account etc.

Q: Can someone else cause my Singpass to show 85-cv900 errors?
A: Unlikely, as the error is triggered locally when your credentials do not match those stored in Singpass’s databases.

Q: Will my Singpass account be suspended if I get too many 85-cv900 errors?
A: No, your account only gets locked for security reasons after multiple wrong password entries. It is not suspended or deactivated.

Q: Is there a problem with Singpass servers when I see the 85-cv900 code?
A: Sometimes, but usually the error is caused by your local device, app or browser. Contact tech support to check server status.

Q: How can I change my Singpass username that keeps showing 85-cv900 errors?
A: You cannot change the username from your NRIC/FIN number. You have to fix the actual source of the error instead.

Q: Why does my old saved password no longer work and give 85-cv900 error?
A: Passwords expire after a period for security. Reset your password again via email OTP to resolve this issue.

Q: How do I unlock my Singpass if I forgot answers to my security questions?
A: You will need to personally visit a Singpass agent with identification to verify your identity and unlock account.

Q: Will reinstalling Singpass app fix the 85-cv900 error?
A: It may help if your app is outdated. But first try app update and troubleshoot other causes like credentials.

Q: Is there a way to find out why 85-cv900 occurs and how to fix it?
A: Yes, the detailed guide above provides all the common reasons for 85-cv900 errors and step-by-step solutions to resolve them quickly.

Key Takeaway

The Singpass error code 85-cv900 indicates the system cannot authenticate your credentials or identity. It is often caused by incorrect logins, account lockouts, outdated apps/browsers or technical issues. Follow the guide above to troubleshoot the specific reason in your case and successfully resolve the 85-cv900 error. Enabling enhanced account security features can prevent future occurrences of this error code as well.


Singpass provides Singaporeans with convenient digital access to many public services online. However, users may encounter the common 85-cv900 error during login which can disrupt access and cause frustration. By leveraging the detailed troubleshooting guide and preventive tips outlined here, citizens can swiftly diagnose the source of their 85-cv900 error and implement the appropriate solution to regain access to Singpass smoothly. Technical issues may occur but need not remain roadblocks for long with the proper remediation steps. Equipped with this knowledge, you can now handle Singpass 85-cv900 errors confidently and keep enjoying seamless digital government services.

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