How To Fix Scotiabank Error Code aut003?

The Scotiabank aut003 error code can be frustrating to encounter while trying to access online or mobile banking. This error indicates there was an authorization issue when attempting to log in to your Scotiabank account.

How To Fix Scotiabank Error Code aut003?

The good news is the aut003 error can often be fixed by taking some simple troubleshooting steps on your end. This guide will cover:

  • Common causes of the Scotiabank aut003 error code
  • Steps to try fixing the aut003 error yourself
  • When to contact Scotiabank support

By the end you’ll understand what’s behind the aut003 error and how to get your Scotiabank account access back up and running.

Common Causes of Scotiabank Error Code aut003

There are a few common reasons you may see the Scotiabank aut003 error message:

Session Timed Out

If you take too long entering your login credentials or have Scotiabank open but inactive in your browser, the session can time out. When you finally try to log in, the expired session results in the aut003 authorization error.

Incorrect Login Details

Double check you’re using the correct username, password, and security answers if prompted. Typos or entering old credentials by mistake will lead to a failed login attempt.

Outdated Browser or App

An outdated browser or mobile app version can cause compatibility issues and login failures with Scotiabank’s servers, producing aut003 errors.

Cookies Disabled

The Scotiabank website relies on cookies being enabled to maintain proper login sessions and authorizations. If your browser has cookies disabled, it will trigger the aut003 error.

Site Under Maintenance

Rarely, if Scotiabank’s servers are down for maintenance or upgrades, attempts to login during that time may fail with aut003 errors.

How to Fix Scotiabank Error Code aut003

Before contacting Scotiabank support, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can try to resolve a Scotiabank aut003 error:

Clear Cookies and Cache

Clear your browser cookies and cache from your browser settings or by using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Chrome: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete
  • Safari: CMD + OPT + E
  • Firefox: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete
  • Edge: CTRL + SHIFT + Delete

Restart your browser and attempt to login again after clearing the cookies.

Try a Different Browser

If you normally use Chrome, try logging in instead on Firefox or Edge. A browser switch can resolve site conflicts that may be causing the aut003 error.

Update Your Browser

Make sure you’re running the latest version of your preferred browser. Outdated browsers are more likely to experience Scotiabank login issues.

Use Incognito/Private Browsing

Open an incognito or private browsing window in your browser then attempt to login. This ensures no extensions or account settings interfere.

Double Check Login Details

Carefully re-enter your username, password, and any security question answers. Don’t use saved password autofill when logging in.

Verify Internet Connection

Check that you have a stable internet connection. Connect to a different Wi-Fi network or switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data if needed.

Update Mobile App

If encountering the aut003 error in the Scotiabank mobile app, make sure you have the latest app version installed. Update from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Try Again Later

In rare cases of site maintenance or a widespread outage, waiting a bit and logging in later often resolves temporary aut003 errors.

When to Contact Scotiabank Support

If you still receive the Scotiabank aut003 error after trying all troubleshooting steps, it’s best to contact their customer support team directly for help.

Reach out to Scotiabank support via live chat on their website, visit a branch, or call their phone support line.

When you speak to a Scotiabank agent, they can further diagnose the aut003 authorization error, check for any account restrictions, and may be able to override the error after verifying your identity.

The Scotiabank support team can also confirm whether the aut003 error is occurring due to site errors on Scotiabank’s end that require troubleshooting.

Key Takeaway

  • The Scotiabank aut003 error indicates an authorization issue during login typically due to incorrect details, technical problems, or session timeouts.
  • Try troubleshooting yourself by clearing cookies, using a different browser, updating apps, and re-entering login credentials carefully.
  • If aut003 errors persist, contacting Scotiabank support is recommended so they can diagnose and resolve the problem directly.


Seeing the aut003 error while attempting to access your Scotiabank account can certainly be annoying. However, in many cases this error can be fixed with some simple self-troubleshooting techniques.

Clear your browser cookies and cache, try a different browser, verify your internet connection, and double check you’re using the correct login details. Updating your browsers, mobile apps, and switching to incognito browsing may also help resolve aut003 authorization issues.

If the error continues even after troubleshooting, get in touch with Scotiabank’s customer support team. They can walk through options with you, check for any blocks on your account, and may be able to override the aut003 error after verifying your identity.

With the right troubleshooting steps or help from Scotiabank support, you should be able to get back into your Scotiabank accounts up and running in no time when faced with that frustrating aut003 error.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What causes the Scotiabank aut003 error code?
A: The main causes are session timeouts, incorrect login details, outdated browsers/apps, disabled cookies, and site maintenance.

Q: How can I fix Scotiabank error aut003 myself?
A: Try clearing cookies, using a different browser, updating your browser/app, enabling cookies, double checking login details, and verifying internet connection.

Q: Why does Scotiabank aut003 error happen on mobile app?
A: On the Scotiabank mobile app, the aut003 error is typically due to an outdated app version that needs updating or connectivity issues.

Q: What is the best way to contact Scotiabank for help with aut003?
A: The best way is to contact Scotiabank support directly via live chat on their website, by phone, or in person at a branch.

Q: What info does Scotiabank need to fix aut003 error?
A: Scotiabank will verify your identity by asking for account details, personal info, and possibly security question answers in order to override aut003.

Q: Why does Scotiabank aut003 error occur on one device but not another?
A: Differences like browser type, extensions, app version, and device settings on different devices can cause the aut003 error to appear on some but not others.

Q: How can I prevent Scotiabank error code aut003 in the future?
A: Always log out properly, avoid saved passwords, keep browsers/apps updated, and don’t let sessions time out to help prevent aut003 errors going forward.

Q: Is the Scotiabank aut003 error dangerous or a sign of hacking?
A: No, aut003 is not dangerous or related to hacking, it is just a common authorization error that can be fixed by troubleshooting or contacting support.

Q: My password is correct but Scotiabank still shows aut003 error. Why?
A: This can happen if your session timed out before entering the password. Clear cookies and cache and re-enter the password carefully when starting a fresh session.

Q: How long does it take Scotiabank to fix aut003 error?
A: Scotiabank can usually resolve aut003 errors right away by overriding the error message once you’re verified. Actual troubleshooting may take longer.

Q: What should I do if Scotiabank website is down and causing aut003?
A: If the Scotiabank site is down for maintenance, try again later. You can also access accounts via mobile app or other banks’ ATMs in the meantime.

Q: Why does Scotiabank say my password is wrong when I know it’s right?
A: This is likely an aut003 authorization error, not an actual wrong password. Re-enter your password carefully in a new browser session after clearing cookies and cache.

Q: I entered my information too slowly and got aut003. How can I speed it up?
A: Make sure you have good connectivity. Also have your login details handy to enter them more quickly to avoid session timeouts causing aut003.

Q: What should I do if I keep getting Scotiabank error aut003 over and over?
A: Persistent aut003 errors will require help from Scotiabank’s support team to fully diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

Q: Is there a way to login to Scotiabank without cookies to avoid aut003 errors?
A: Unfortunately no, Scotiabank requires cookies to maintain proper login sessions and authorization. Enabling cookies is needed to avoid aut003.

Q: How do I clear my cookies and cache to fix Scotiabank aut003?
A: On Chrome press Ctrl + Shift + Delete, on Firefox press Ctrl + Shift + Delete, on Safari press Cmd + Opt + E, on Edge press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Q: Will switching browsers always fix Scotiabank aut003 error?
A: Trying a different browser often helps resolve aut003 but not guaranteed. May require additional troubleshooting if error persists across browsers.

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