How To Fix Scotiabank Error Code 1007?

Scotiabank error code 1007 can be frustrating to deal with when trying to access online or mobile banking. This error indicates there is a problem connecting to Scotiabank’s servers. The good news is that error 1007 can often be fixed by the user relatively easily without having to contact Scotiabank.

How To Fix Scotiabank Error Code 1007?

This article will walk through the main causes of Scotiabank error 1007 and the steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue on your own. We’ll cover fixes like rebooting your device, ensuring you have an internet connection, updating apps, clearing cache/cookies, trying a different browser or device, and more.

Follow the troubleshooting tips here to get error code 1007 fixed quickly so you can access your Scotiabank accounts online or via mobile banking again.

What Does Scotiabank Error Code 1007 Mean?

Scotiabank error code 1007 indicates there is a connectivity issue when trying to access Scotiabank online or mobile banking platforms.

Specifically, error 1007 means that there is a problem with the connection between your device ( computer, smartphone, tablet) and Scotiabank’s servers. This prevents you from being able to log into your accounts.

Some common messages associated with Scotiabank error code 1007 include:

  • “Error 1007: Unable to connect to Scotiabank server”
  • “Error 1007: Connection timed out”
  • “Error 1007: Server unavailable. Please try again later”

Essentially error 1007 signifies some kind of network, server, or device-related issue is disrupting the communication between your device and Scotiabank’s system. As a result, online/mobile banking features cannot be accessed until connectivity is restored.

Common Causes of Error Code 1007

There are a few common culprits that typically lead to Scotiabank error code 1007 appearing for users:

  • Internet or network connectivity issues – If you have an unstable internet connection, weak wifi signal, or network issues, this can cause problems connecting to Scotiabank servers resulting in error 1007.
  • Server outages or maintenance – Sometimes error 1007 occurs due to temporary outages or maintenance on Scotiabank’s end. The servers may be down for upgrades or fixes.
  • App requiring update – Using an outdated version of the Scotiabank mobile app can generate connectivity errors like 1007. An app update may be required.
  • Browser or device compatibility problems – Certain browsers or devices may have compatibility issues accessing Scotiabank’s online banking platform, leading to error 1007.
  • Cache or cookies need clearing – Over time, cached data and cookies can get corrupted and disrupt connectivity. Clearing them may resolve error 1007.
  • Session timeouts – If you leave your Scotiabank session inactive too long, the timeout may lead to error 1007 when trying to reconnect.

Knowing the source of the issue makes troubleshooting easier. Next we’ll go through the steps to diagnose and fix error 1007 yourself.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Scotiabank Error Code 1007

The following troubleshooting tips can help identify and resolve the root cause of error code 1007:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

First, verify that you have a stable internet connection on the device you are using to access Scotiabank. Connect via Ethernet if possible or move closer to your wifi router. Run a speed test to confirm your network connectivity is strong.

2. Reboot Your Device

Sometimes a simple reboot or power cycle can resolve transient network or app issues causing error 1007. Completely shut down your device then power it back on. This clears any memory errors.

3. Update Your Apps

Make sure both your Scotiabank mobile app and your device OS are fully updated. Outdated apps commonly have compatibility bugs that lead to error 1007. Install the newest iOS or Android OS updates too.

4. Try Alternate Browsers or Devices

Attempt to access Scotiabank’s online banking platform from a different web browser or device like a laptop instead of mobile. If error 1007 only appears in one browser or on one device, that points to a compatibility issue.

5. Clear Cache and Cookies

Clear your browser cache/cookies and app cache on mobile. Corrupted temporary data can disrupt connectivity. Wipe it out and error 1007 may disappear.

6. Use Incognito or Private Browsing

Launch your browser in incognito or private mode with no cache/cookies. If error 1007 goes away in this mode, it indicates corrupted temporary data was causing it.

7. Check Scotiabank Server Status

Visit Scotiabank’s system status page or social media accounts to see if any reported outage aligns with the timing of error 1007. This would signify the issue is on their end.

8. Use Alternate Access Route

As a workaround, see if you can access online banking via Scotiabank’s mobile site on your phone browser instead of the Scotiabank app. This tests if the problem is app-specific.

9. Contact Scotiabank Support

If you still cannot resolve error 1007 after trying all troubleshooting steps, reach out to Scotiabank support by phone or chat. Provide details on the error and troubleshooting done. They may have additional fixes or determine if it’s a server problem on their end.

Preventing Future Error Code 1007 Occurrences

Once you’ve resolved Scotiabank error code 1007, there are some steps you can take to avoid it popping up again in the future:

  • Enable auto-updates – For your apps, operating system, and browser so you are always on the latest version with bug/compatibility fixes.
  • Clear cache/cookies regularly – Don’t let temporary internet files build up and get corrupted. Wipe them out manually every few weeks.
  • Ensure connection is secured – Only access Scotiabank accounts on protected networks to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks that may cause connectivity disruptions.
  • Set app permissions – Give Scotiabank mobile apps the needed OS permissions so they can perform properly without issues.
  • Watch for Scotiabank alerts – Keep an eye out for any service alerts Scotiabank posts regarding planned maintenance or outages that could lead to error 1007.

When to Call Scotiabank Support

In most cases, Scotiabank error code 1007 can be fixed with the troubleshooting tips provided above. However, if you continue experiencing error 1007 regularly and cannot find a resolution, contact Scotiabank support for additional help.

You should also call Scotiabank if error 1007 is accompanied by other suspicious activity in your accounts like fraudulent transactions. This could indicate your account security has been compromised.

Scotiabank’s 24/7 customer support can be reached by phone at 1-800-4SCOTIA or locally at 1-416-933-1700. Support is also available through live chat on the Scotiabank website or mobile app.

Calling in error 1007 will allow Scotiabank experts to investigate deeper and provide specialized troubleshooting tailored to your situation.


Error code 1007 can disrupt access to Scotiabank online and mobile banking but is usually fixable with some targeted troubleshooting steps. Issues like internet connectivity, outdated apps, browser conflicts, and corrupted cache/cookies are common triggers.

Clearing app/browser temporary data, trying alternate devices or access methods, installing updates, and rebooting your device can all help resolve error 1007. Contact Scotiabank support if you need additional assistance getting the issue properly diagnosed and fixed.

With the right troubleshooting approach, Scotiabank error 1007 can be eliminated so you can seamlessly access your accounts through online and mobile banking again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Error 1007 indicates a connectivity issue between your device and Scotiabank’s servers.
  • Common causes include internet problems, outdated apps, server outages, browser conflicts, and corrupted cache/cookies.
  • Troubleshoot by checking your connection, rebooting devices, updating apps/OS, trying alternate browsers or devices, clearing temporary data, and verifying Scotiabank system status.
  • Enable auto-updates, secure your connection, watch for Scotiabank alerts to avoid future error 1007 occurrences.
  • Contact Scotiabank support if you cannot resolve the issue through self-troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does Scotiabank error code 1007 happen?
    Error 1007 is caused by connectivity issues between your device and Scotiabank’s servers that disrupt communication. Common triggers include internet problems, outdated apps, server outages, browser conflicts, and corrupted cookies/cache.

  2. How can I fix Scotiabank error code 1007 on my iPhone?
    On iPhone, first make sure you are on the latest iOS version and have updated the Scotiabank app. Restart your iPhone and reconnect to the network. Toggle airplane mode on and off. Clear Safari cache/cookies and Scotiabank app cache. Connect via a different wifi or switch to mobile data.

  3. What should I do if restarting my computer doesn’t fix error 1007?
    If restarting your computer doesn’t work, also try clearing your browser cache/cookies and make sure your web browser is updated. Switch to a different browser like Chrome or Firefox and test if error 1007 still appears. Check your internet connection and Scotiabank server status.

  4. Why does error 1007 happen even with good internet connection?
    Sometimes router issues can cause connection problems even with a strong wifi signal. Or your Scotiabank app itself may have a bug causing error 1007. Try updating the app, toggling airplane mode on/off, and using mobile data instead of WiFi as a workaround.

  5. How can I prevent Scotiabank error code 1007?
    Set your Scotiabank app and operating system to auto-update to avoid bugs causing error 1007. Clear cached data regularly to prevent corrupted files. Ensure your wifi network is secured to avoid connectivity disruptions. Check for any Scotiabank alerts about outages.

  6. What should I do if error 1007 persists despite troubleshooting?
    If you still get error 1007 after trying all the troubleshooting steps, contact Scotiabank customer support for help. Provide them details on the error and troubleshooting efforts so they can properly diagnose the issue.

  7. Is Scotiabank having server issues when error code 1007 appears?
    Not necessarily. Error 1007 can be caused by connectivity problems on your end rather than Scotiabank server issues. Check Scotiabank’s system status page or social media to confirm if any reported outage aligns with the error 1007 timing.

  8. Can I access my Scotiabank account if error code 1007 appears?
    No, error 1007 prevents access to Scotiabank online and mobile banking. You need to resolve the connectivity issue first before being able to login. Try the troubleshooting steps outlined here or contact Scotiabank support if the error persists.

  9. How long does it take to fix Scotiabank error code 1007?
    It depends on the cause, but simple connectivity fixes like rebooting your device or reconnecting to the network typically resolve error 1007 right away. For issues requiring app updates or Scotiabank maintenance, resolution time may be a few hours or longer.

  10. Is error code 1007 a sign my Scotiabank account was hacked?
    Not necessarily. Error 1007 by itself just indicates a technical connectivity issue. But if error 1007 is accompanied by unauthorized account access or transactions, that could signify a security breach. Contact Scotiabank immediately to report suspicious account activity.

  11. Can I use online banking if I get Scotiabank error code 1007 on my mobile app?
    Yes, try accessing Scotiabank online banking through your desktop web browser as a workaround if the mobile app is giving error 1007. This can help determine if the issue is isolated to the app only.

  12. What information should I have ready when contacting Scotiabank about error 1007?
    Provide the date/time of the error, what troubleshooting steps you took, your device and app versions, and specific error messages seen. Also note if any suspicious account activity occurred with the error. This will help Scotiabank diagnose the issue.

  13. Is Scotiabank experiencing an outage whenever error code 1007 appears?
    Not necessarily – error 1007 can stem from your own device connectivity issues. However, check Scotiabank’s system status page and social media to see if they have reported any outages matching when you got error 1007.

  14. What should I do if error code 1007 appears repeatedly?
    Frequent error 1007 points to an underlying technical issue needing resolution. Ensure apps, OS, and router firmware are updated. Clear cached data regularly. If it persists, contact Scotiabank support to investigate the repeating error 1007 and fix the root cause.

  15. Can I access my Scotiabank account from a different device if I get error 1007?
    Yes, try connecting from another computer, phone, or tablet if you get error 1007 on your primary device. If error 1007 only appears on one device, it indicates an issue with that specific device or configuration rather than your Scotiabank account itself.

  16. Why does my Scotiabank app keep showing error 1007?
    For recurring error 1007 on the Scotiabank mobile app, ensure the app is updated and you have granted the proper OS permissions. Toggle airplane mode on/off to renew the connection. Clear app cache/data and do a fresh reinstall if needed. Test if online banking web access works.

  17. Should I be concerned if I keep getting Scotiabank error 1007?
    Frequent error 1007 could point to an underlying device, connectivity, or account issue, so don’t ignore recurring instances. Run through troubleshooting steps to resolve it, check Scotiabank system status for outages, and monitor account activity closely for any unauthorized transactions.

  18. How can I contact Scotiabank if I cannot fix error code 1007 myself?
    If self-troubleshooting fails to resolve error 1007, contact Scotiabank by calling 1-800-4SCOTIA or through live chat available on their website and mobile app. Provide error details and troubleshooting steps tried to help them diagnose the issue.

  19. What browser is best to avoid Scotiabank error 1007?
    Try using updated modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari when accessing Scotiabank online banking. Avoid older browsers which may have compatibility issues leading to connectivity errors like 1007.

  20. Why does Scotiabank error 1007 happen on my phone but not computer?
    If error 1007 only appears on one device specifically, that points to an issue with that device’s connectivity, configuration or apps rather than your Scotiabank account itself. Try updating apps and OS, clearing cache/data, reinstalling apps, and ensure proper app permissions are set.

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