How to Fix Printer Color Problems Canon IP2770 ?

Experiencing color problems with your Canon IP2770 printer? You’re not alone. Printer color issues can happen for a variety of reasons, but the good news is that many color problems can be easily fixed with some simple troubleshooting.

How to Fix Printer Color Problems Canon IP2770 ?

Common Canon IP2770 Printer Color Problems

Here are some of the most common color problems that can occur with the Canon IP2770:

Faded Colors

If your printouts have faded, dull, or washed out colors, this is typically due to low ink levels. Check your ink levels, and replace any ink cartridges that are getting low.

Streaks in Printouts

Ink streaks on your printouts are usually caused by clogged print heads on your printer. Try cleaning the print heads to clear out any dried ink or debris.

Only Printing Black Ink

If your color documents are printing only in black ink, this points to an issue with your color ink cartridges. Remove and reinstall the color cartridges, print a test page, and replace any cartridges not working properly.

Mixing of Colors

When colors seem to bleed into each other on printouts, this can indicate an alignment issue with the print head. Run an automatic print head alignment to straighten out the issue.

Small White Streaks

Tiny white streaks on color printouts typically mean some nozzles are clogged on your print heads. Perform multiple cleaning cycles to unclog the nozzles.

Grainy Printouts

Grainy or speckled printouts signify contaminated, dried out ink. Clean the print heads thoroughly and replace old ink cartridges.

Step-by-Step Guide to Troubleshoot Color Problems

Follow these steps below to troubleshoot your Canon IP2770 color problems:

1. Check Ink Levels

Open the printer properties on your computer and view the estimated ink levels for each cartridge. Replace any ink cartridges that are running low.

2. Print a Test Page

Print a test page to analyze the color quality. This will help you determine which colors are problematic.

3. Examine the Test Printout

Look closely at the test page for any faded colors, missing colors, streaks, mixing, graininess or white lines. Take note of which color is causing the issue.

4. Clean the Print Heads

Open the printer cover and locate the print heads inside. Clean all the print heads thoroughly using a soft cloth.

5. Run Print Head Alignment

Initiate an automatic print head alignment using the buttons on your printer. Follow the on-screen prompts.

6. Replace Failing Ink Cartridges

If cleaning the print heads didn’t help, remove and reinstall the cartridge for whichever color is causing problems based on your test printout. Replace the cartridge if the issue persists.

7. Call Canon Support

If you still see color quality problems after trying all troubleshooting, call Canon printer support to resolve any underlying mechanical issues with your printer.

Tips to Maintain Color Quality

Follow these tips to keep your Canon IP2770 printing vibrant, high quality color documents:

  • Use Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges: Non-Canon cartridges can cause color issues. Only use ink designed for your model.
  • Print Regularly: Print color documents weekly to stop ink from drying out in nozzles.
  • Shut Down Properly: Always use the Power button to shut off your printer to protect print heads.
  • Keep Dust Out: Dust buildup near print heads can block ink. Keep your printer covered when not in use.
  • Don’t Move While Printing: Vibrating or moving your printer during operation can disrupt color alignment.

Key Takeaways

  • Faded, streaked or missing colors with the Canon IP2770 printer typically indicates dried ink, clogged print heads or faulty cartridges.
  • Fix color problems by cleaning print heads, aligning print heads properly, replacing old ink cartridges and using genuine Canon ink.
  • Print color test pages to identify which specific color is causing issues with graininess or white lines.
  • Maintain color quality by printing regularly, keeping dust away from print heads and using Canon brand ink at all times.


With some basic troubleshooting and maintenance, you can easily resolve any color printing problems with your Canon IP2770 printer. Simply analyze a test printout to identify the problematic color, clean the correlating print heads thoroughly, run print head alignments as needed, and replace old or non-Canon ink cartridges. Maintaining fresh Canon ink and keeping your print heads dust-free will help prevent color quality issues in the long run. Following the step-by-step guide outlined here will have you printing vibrant color documents again in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it mean if my printer is only printing in black ink?
    This typically indicates an issue with one or more of your color ink cartridges. Remove and reinstall the color cartridges, print a test page, and replace any cartridges that seem faulty.
  2. Why do I see white streaks on my printouts?
    White streaks are caused by clogged nozzles that prevent ink from being deposited on certain areas of the page. Perform cleaning cycles to clear the clogs.
  3. What causes grainy or rough printouts?
    Graininess is usually caused by dried out, contaminated ink that needs to be replaced with a fresh supply. Replace old cartridges and clean the print heads.
  4. How do I align the print heads?
    You can initiate an automatic print head alignment using the buttons the control panel of your printer. Simply follow the alignment prompts on the LCD display.
  5. My color documents are printing slowly. What should I do?
    Slow color printing is an early indicator that your ink levels are running low. Check your cartridges and replace any that show less than 20% ink.
  6. Why am I suddenly having color problems after months of normal printing?
    This often occurs when dust has built up around the print head area over time. Carefully clean around the print heads inside your printer using a soft cloth.
  7. What’s causing streaks and mixing of colors on my printouts?
    Ink streaks and mixing colors indicates a print head alignment issue. Run an automatic alignment to correct the positioning.
  8. Which areas should be cleaned inside my printer?
    Gently wipe print heads and surrounding components to remove dust, dried ink, and debris. Avoid cleaning areas away from the print path.
  9. Do I really need to replace all the cartridges if only one color has a problem?
    No, determine which color is specifically causing issues based on test prints, and only replace the cartridge relating to that color.
  10. Can I clean the print heads if the ink cartridges are removed?
    No, don’t attempt to clean print heads without ink cartridges properly installed. The cleaning fluid runs through the cartridges.
  11. Why do my black printouts look purple or brown?
    This means the black ink cartridge is running low and cyan, magenta and yellow inks are mixing in. Replace the black cartridge.
  12. How often should I clean the print heads?
    For optimal performance, clean print heads thoroughly once per month. Clean more frequently if you notice color quality declining.
  13. What does a print head alignment accomplish?
    Print head alignment positions and spaces the print heads properly so ink is precisely deposited onto the paper.
  14. Can I use a cotton swab to clean the print heads?
    No, cotton swabs could damage delicate printer parts. Always use a soft, dry lint-free cloth when cleaning print heads.
  15. What’s the best way to clean ink stains off my printer?
    Carefully wipe exterior ink stains with a slightly damp cloth and mild cleaner. Never use harsh chemicals on your printer’s finish.
  16. Is there a way to test my printer without using paper?
    Yes, you can run a printer nozzle check which prints a test pattern on the platen instead of actual paper.
  17. My color test page shows missing grid lines. What should I do?
    Missing grid lines indicate clogged print head nozzles. Run multiple cleaning cycles until all colors print properly on test pages.

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