How To Fix Prime Video Error Code 0.28 On Apple TV?

Watching movies and shows on Prime Video is a great way to relax and enjoy entertainment. However, dealing with error codes can quickly get frustrating. If you are getting the Prime Video error code 0.28 on your Apple TV, this guide will help you troubleshoot the problem.

How To Fix Prime Video Error Code 0.28 On Apple TV?

What Does Prime Video Error Code 0.28 Mean?

The Prime Video error code 0.28 indicates that there is an issue communicating with the Prime Video servers. Some potential causes include:

  • Slow internet connection or temporary network issues
  • Outdated app on your Apple TV
  • Problem with your Prime Video account settings
  • Issue on Amazon’s servers preventing communication

Fortunately, there are steps you can take on your end to get Prime Video working again on your Apple TV.

Force Close and Reopen the Prime Video App

The first troubleshooting step is to force close the Prime Video app on your Apple TV:

  1. Go to the home screen on your Apple TV
  2. Find the Prime Video app icon
  3. Press and hold the touchpad on your Apple TV remote
  4. Select the “X” icon when it pops up to force close the app

After closing the app, reopen it and see if the error persists. Forcing the app closed can often resolve temporary communication issues.

Check Your Internet Connection

Slow or unstable internet connectivity is a common trigger for error codes like 0.28. Verify that your internet connection is working correctly:

  • Run a speed test and check for issues with your router if speeds are lower than expected
  • Connect your Apple TV directly to your router with an Ethernet cable, if possible
  • Test other internet-connected apps and devices to isolate the issue

Address any connection problems found before troubleshooting Prime Video further.

Update the Prime Video and Apple TV Software

Outdated software versions can sometimes cause app issues like error codes. Updating to the latest versions may resolve code 0.28:

Update Prime Video

  1. Go to the App Store on your Apple TV
  2. Search for the Prime Video app
  3. Download any available updates

Update Apple TV Software

  1. Go to Settings > System > Software Updates
  2. Install the latest tvOS update
  3. Check for additional Prime Video app updates after

Software updates include fixes for bugs that can interfere with apps like Prime Video. Installing them is an important troubleshooting step.

Sign Out and Sign Back In to Prime Video

Resetting your Prime Video app authorization can help clear out any account issues contributing to error 0.28:

  1. Open the Settings app on Apple TV
  2. Select Apps
  3. Choose Prime Video > Sign Out
  4. Sign back in with your Amazon account credentials

Signing out forces the Prime Video app to re-establish the connection with your Amazon account. Verify your login details are correct when signing back in.

Factory Reset Apple TV

If none of the previous steps have resolved the Prime Video 0.28 error code, performing a factory reset on your Apple TV may get the app working again:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Reset
  2. Select Reset and choose Reset All Settings
  3. Redownload Prime Video and sign back in after the reset completes

Resetting your Apple TV deletes all data and reinstalls the latest software. Repeat the software update steps above after factory resetting before retesting Prime Video.

Contact Amazon Prime Video Support

If all else fails, reach out to the Amazon Prime Video support team:

  • Go to the Prime Video help site
  • Select Contact Us to get options like live chat and phone support

Provide details on the persistent error code 0.28. An Amazon support rep can further investigate issues with your account or provide additional troubleshooting tips.

Key Takeaways

  • Error code 0.28 on Prime Video typically indicates an issue communicating with Amazon’s servers
  • Updating software, checking connectivity, and signing out/in to Prime Video are good first troubleshooting steps
  • Factory resetting the Apple TV or contacting Prime Video support are options if the error persists

And remember – fixing error codes helps you get back to enjoying movies and shows faster!


Dealing with streaming errors like Prime Video code 0.28 can certainly be frustrating. However, some focused troubleshooting steps like force closing the app, verifying internet connectivity, installing software updates, and signing out and into your account often resolve these types of issues. Resetting the Apple TV or contacting customer support are additional options if problems continue. With this straightforward guide, you now have helpful advice for quickly fixing error code 0.28 and getting back to streaming your favorite shows.


  1. Why does error code 0.28 happen on Prime Video?
    Error code 0.28 indicates an issue communicating with the Prime Video servers, often due to internet connectivity problems, outdated software, or account issues.

  2. Will uninstalling and reinstalling the app fix error code 0.28?
    Reinstalling Prime Video might help resolve software issues causing the problem. However, try less disruptive steps like force closing and updating the app first.

  3. Do other Prime Video devices have error code 0.28?
    Yes, error code 0.28 can happen on other platforms like Fire TV, smart TVs, iOS/Android mobile devices, and web browsers. Troubleshooting steps are generally similar across devices.

  4. Does error code 0.28 mean my internet is too slow for Prime Video?
    Not necessarily – it often indicates a temporary network disruption instead. Run a speed test when the error appears to check your available bandwidth and verify sufficient speeds.

  5. Why do I only get Prime Video error code 0.28 on my Apple TV?
    If Prime Video works on other devices, the issue may be specific app bugs or software conflicts unique to TVs. Updating the Apple TV and checking for Prime Video app updates can help resolve them.

  6. Can using a VPN connection cause Prime Video error code 0.28?
    Yes, VPNs can sometimes interfere with regional content availability, causing errors. Try disconnecting VPN to see if that resolves code 0.28.

  7. I keep getting Prime Video error code 0.28 – will a factory reset definitely fix it?
    While not definitive, factory resetting the Apple TV often resolves persistent technical issues – make it one of your final troubleshooting steps for code 0.28.

  8. Why does my Prime Video work fine on my iPhone but not Apple TV?
    The apps are coded differently across platforms – an issue specific to the TVs Prime Video app could cause problems not affecting the iOS version. Force closing and updating the Apple TV app can help.

  9. I only get Prime Video error 0.28 when trying to stream certain movies or shows – why?
    Regional rights issues may block accessing some content, triggering connectivity errors like 0.28. Using a VPN connection can possibly bypass these types of restrictions.

  10. How can I optimize my home network to prevent Prime Video error code 0.28?
    Upgrading internet speeds, using Ethernet backhaul on mesh WiFi, enabling QoS prioritization for streaming devices, and minimizing interference can improve video streaming reliability.

  11. Will completely deleting and re-adding my Amazon account to Apple TV fix error 0.28?
    Possibly – signing out and signing back in essentially does the same thing, so try that or a full factory reset first. Re-adding your account is fairly disruptive to set back up.

  12. Why do Prime Video error codes happen more frequently than issues with Netflix or other streaming apps?
    More technical issues arise with Prime Video because content is hosted on Amazon servers instead of more robust third-party content delivery networks used by some competitors.

  13. I only get Prime Video error code 0.28 with 4K videos – how can I fix this?
    Your network bandwidth and speed may not reliably support 4K streaming. Check your internet speeds, minimize other network activity during 4K playback, or force Prime Video to play in lower HD quality instead.

  14. Will switching my DNS settings potentially resolve Prime Video error code 0.28?
    Changing DNS servers can bypass network routing issues causing connectivity problems in some cases. It’s relatively easy to test and change back if it doesn’t resolve code 0.28.

  15. Why do Prime Video errors seem to only happen in the evenings and weekends?
    More people streaming during peak usage times can strain Amazon’s servers, sometimes interfering with video connectivity. Issues may clear up later at night or early mornings with less network congestion.

  16. Does Prime Video error code 0.28 eventually go away on its own?
    The error might clear up if caused by temporary network or server blips. But persistent account, software, settings or connectivity issues require proactively troubleshooting and fixing the potential causes.

  17. Is there a way to improve my chances of successfully streaming on Prime Video without errors?
    Using a wired Ethernet connection, pausing other internet activity that can consume bandwidth, avoiding peak streaming hours, and lowering video quality settings can provide better connectivity.

  18. Why do Prime Video errors happen more frequently compared to problems with other apps and services?
    Video streaming uses much more bandwidth than most internet activities and is impacted more by network issues. Compression used for streaming can magnify even small disruptions into video buffering, errors and quality loss.

  19. Does Prime Video error code 0.28 eventually go away on its own?
    The error might clear up if caused by temporary network or server blips. But persistent account, software, settings or connectivity issues require proactively troubleshooting and fixing the potential causes.

  20. Can Prime Video customer support resolve error code 0.28 or other playback issues?
    Yes – they have additional troubleshooting tips and access to diagnose account or app issues. If self-fixes don’t resolve error 0.28, Prime Video support should be your next step before Apple TV support.

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