How To Fix PayPal Error Code 70049?

PayPal is a widely used online payment system that enables users to securely send and receive money. However, users may sometimes encounter error codes that prevent transactions from going through. One such error is the PayPal Error Code 70049.

How To Fix PayPal Error Code 70049?

This error typically occurs when there is an issue processing payments using PayPal. The error message usually states “We’re sorry. We cannot process your payment using your PayPal account at this time”. Error 70049 indicates there is a problem with the buyer’s PayPal account that prevents them from sending payments.

Don’t worry if you get this error message. Here is an in-depth guide on how to troubleshoot and fix PayPal Error Code 70049 to resolve payment issues.

Understanding PayPal Error Code 70049

Error code 70049 occurs on the PayPal platform when a user tries to process a payment but their account has activity limitations enabled. This means that the user’s account is either:

  • New and unverified
  • Under review for suspicious activity
  • Temporarily limited for security reasons

These limitations prevent payments from going through successfully. PayPal enforces them to protect users against potential fraudulent transactions or abuse.

Some common reasons why a PayPal account may have activity limitations include:

  • New User Account – PayPal limits certain features for very new accounts until the user’s identity is fully verified. This is done for security purposes.
  • Unverified Account – Users must complete PayPal’s account verification process by providing personal information and linking bank accounts/cards. Unverified accounts face restrictions.
  • Suspicious Activity – PayPal constantly monitors accounts for suspicious patterns like receiving large payments from various users indicating potential scamming. Restrictions may be imposed if found.
  • Security Concerns – PayPal may temporarily limit accounts if they detect a security threat like someone trying to illegally access the account. Limits protect the user.
  • Violation of PayPal Policies – Users who violate PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy for payments may get activity limitations imposed on their account.

So in summary, Error Code 70049 signifies that the sender’s PayPal account is facing some sort of activity limitation that prevents them from successfully sending a payment to the recipient.

Troubleshooting Steps for PayPal 70049 Error

If you encounter the 70049 error when trying to pay with PayPal, don’t panic. Here are some useful troubleshooting steps to identify the reason for the payment failure and fix the problem:

  1. Log in and Review Account Status

First, log into your PayPal account and check if there are any limitations or holds indicated. This is shown under the Account Overview or Account status page.

Look for any notifications about sending limits, pending identity verification, or account under review. This will give you insights into why Error 70049 is occurring.

  1. Verify Your Email and Bank/Card

If your PayPal account is new or unverified, complete the verification process to lift any activity limitations.

You need to confirm your email address and link a bank account or card to verify account ownership. PayPal will provide on-screen instructions for how to complete the verification.

This usually resolves Error 70049 for new users by verifying their identity.

  1. Contact PayPal Customer Service

If your account has no obvious holds or limitations, contact PayPal’s customer support directly for assistance.

A PayPal agent can review your account and see if there are any restrictions active that you cannot see. The agent can then advise you on how to lift the limitations or provide other solutions.

You can contact customer service by email, phone, chat or Twitter. Provide details of the error and your public ID so they can look into the issue.

  1. File Dispute/Appeal for Review

For accounts placed under limitation due to policy violation or suspicious activity, you may have to file a dispute or appeal to get your account reviewed again.

The dispute process allows you to explain your case and have PayPal re-evaluate their decision for limiting your account. Provide clear evidence and reasons supporting why your account should not be limited.

If your appeal is successful and limitations lifted, the 70049 error should also get resolved allowing you to transact again.

  1. Try Again Later

In some cases, the account limitation may be temporary e.g. for security reviews. The block may automatically lift after some time.

Do not make any transactions for a while and try processing your payments again later. The 70049 error will go away once temporary limitations expire allowing payments through.

Be patient and avoid further transactions that may re-trigger limitations while the review is underway. The issue typically resolves within a few days.

Preventing PayPal Error Code 70049

Here are some tips to avoid getting the 70049 error when using your PayPal account to make payments:

  • Complete Account Verification – Fully verify your PayPal account by providing your personal information and linking payment sources like a bank or card. This establishes your legitimacy as a user.
  • Build a Positive History – Develop a good track record over time by receiving normal payments and making purchases without issues before sending large amounts. This lowers risk.
  • Withdraw Funds – Withdraw funds from your PayPal balance to your linked bank regularly. Keeping large balances can lead to account review triggers or limitations.
  • Follow All Policies – Carefully abide by PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy and stay away from violations to avoid account limitations
  • Stay Vigilant – Monitor your account frequently and respond promptly to any communication from PayPal regarding identity verification or risk of limitation.
  • Maintain Updated Contact Info – Always keep your email, mobile number, address and other contact/identity details updated in your PayPal profile. This helps avoid problems.

Carefully following these best practices will help minimize the chances of encountering PayPal Error 70049 down the road.

What To Do If 70049 Error Persists?

In rare cases, the PayPal Error Code 70049 may persist and you may be unable to proceed with any transactions or payments. Here are a few last resort steps to try:

  • Retry the transaction through an alternate payment method not linked to your limited PayPal account.
  • Temporarily transfer the PayPal balance to a trusted friend/family member who can then send the payment on your behalf.
  • Withdraw your PayPal balance to your bank account, close the existing PayPal account and then open a brand new account.
  • Contact PayPal support and request that they cancel/close your existing account so you can start fresh with a new account not facing limitations.
  • If all else fails, consider using an alternative payments provider and closing your limited PayPal account permanently.

Implement these suggestions cautiously one by one. Eventually, you should be able to find a workaround or resolution for the persistent 70049 error limiting your PayPal account.


Q: Why am I suddenly getting a 70049 error on PayPal?
A: This error usually appears when your PayPal account has been restricted by activity limitations to prevent transactions. It is likely due to a new unverified account, suspicious activity, security concerns or policy violations.

Q: How can I remove the activity limitation on my account?
A: Complete account verification, file disputes/appeals, contact PayPal customer support, or wait for temporary limits to expire. This will get rid of any limitations triggering the 70049 error.

Q: I need to make a payment urgently but am blocked by 70049 error. What can I do?
A: Try processing the payment through another source not linked to your PayPal account. Or have a trusted friend/family member make the payment from their PayPal account on your behalf.

Q: Are there ways to avoid getting the 70049 error code?
A: Yes, complete account verification promptly, maintain a positive history, withdraw balances regularly, follow policies diligently, and keep contact information updated. These best practices minimize your risk.

Q: I appealed the limitation but PayPal still has restrictions. How can I send my payment?
A: You can try transferring your balance for someone else to make the payment, withdraw to bank and close account, or use an alternate payments provider as workarounds.

Q: What causes the 70049 error to occur in a PayPal account?
A: Main reasons are new/unverified account status, suspicious activity triggers, security reviews, violation of Acceptable Use Policy, or temporary blocks on the account.

Q: Can I simply close my existing PayPal account and sign up again to resolve error 70049?
Yes, closing your limited account and creating a brand new one is one way to work around persistent 70049 errors if you are unable to lift restrictions.

Q: How long does the 70049 error limitation last on my PayPal account?
A: It depends on the reason. Unverified account errors remain until you complete verification. Security or policy violations may last up to 180 days. Contact PayPal to confirm.

Q: If my appeal/dispute is rejected, is there anything else I can do to regain access to my PayPal account?
A: Your final options are closing the account entirely, waiting out temporary limitations, or initiating legal action against PayPal to regain account access.

Q: I need to receive payments urgently but am blocked by error 70049. What should I do?
A: Temporarily provide an alternate payment method to receive funds such as direct bank transfer. Or request the payer to use an alternate service until your PayPal account is restored.

Key Takeaways: Fixing PayPal 70049 Error

  • Error 70049 arises when a PayPal account has activity limitations placed for protection against risks.
  • Complete account verification, contact support, file disputes, or wait for temporary blocks to expire.
  • Prevent this error by fully verifying your account, maintaining a clean history, following policies, and staying vigilant.
  • Try workarounds like using other payment methods, transferring balance, or closing your account if error persists.
  • Getting limitations lifted through verification, appeals, or temporary expiration will ultimately resolve the 70049 error.


We hope this detailed guide provides clarity on how to troubleshoot and fix PayPal Error Code 70049 when it blocks your transactions. The problem arises due to activity limitations on your account. By taking suitable corrective actions such as verification, disputes or contacting customer support, you should be able to lift the limitations and restore your account access. Implement preventive best practices as well to minimize running into a 70049 error going forward. Use the smarter workarounds if the error persists in the long run. With this helpful resource, you will be equipped to smoothly navigate and overcome the 70049 error in PayPal for seamless payments.

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