How To Fix Netflix Error Code tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0)?

The Netflix error code tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0) is a common issue that many Netflix users encounter. This error prevents you from streaming content on Netflix and can be frustrating to deal with. However, there are several methods you can try to fix the tvq-pb-101 error on your own before contacting Netflix support.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0)?

This comprehensive guide will provide step-by-step instructions to help you troubleshoot and resolve the Netflix tvq-pb-101 error quickly. We will cover solutions like restarting your device, checking for updates, reinstalling the Netflix app, clearing cache and data, adjusting DNS settings, and more. With the right troubleshooting steps, you can easily get back to streaming your favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

What Does the Netflix Error tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0) Mean?

The tvq-pb-101 (1.9.0) error code indicates that there is an issue connecting your device to the Netflix servers. Some common causes for this error include:

  • Poor internet connection
  • Outdated Netflix app
  • Problems with device software/firmware
  • DNS server issues
  • Using VPN or proxy connections
  • Cache or data issues on the device

When this error message pops up, it means your device is unable to verify an authentic and stable connection with Netflix servers. As a result, the app cannot access the content library or stream anything.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and fix the Netflix tvq-pb-101 error:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing to check is your internet connection. For streaming, you need a stable broadband or WiFi connection of at least 5Mbps speed.

  • Run a speed test to check your current bandwidth speed.
  • If the speed is low, try disconnecting and reconnecting to the WiFi.
  • Switch to a different band if available (2.4GHz vs 5GHz).
  • Move closer to the router if on WiFi or plug in an ethernet cable for the most reliable connection.

This ensures any network issues are ruled out before troubleshooting further.

2. Restart Your Device

Simply power cycling your streaming device is one of the easiest ways to clear up common errors like tvq-pb-101.

  • Force close or swipe away the Netflix app if it’s running in the background.
  • Power off your smartphone, smart TV, tablet, streaming stick, or other device completely.
  • Leave it off for at least a minute. This clears any temporary glitches.
  • Power back on and launch the Netflix app again.

Restarting your device resets all connections and often fixes error tvq-pb-101.

3. Check for App and System Updates

Outdated software is a prime suspect for connectivity errors.

On smartphones/tablets:

  • Go to the app store and check if there are any pending Netflix app updates to install.
  • Also check for pending system software updates and install them.

On smart TVs:

  • Go to Settings and search for System Update or Software Update options.
  • Let your TV install the latest firmware updates.
  • Also update any built-in streaming apps like Netflix.

On streaming devices/sticks:

  • Go to Settings and check for any system updates.
  • Consult the device manufacturer’s instructions to update them.
  • Also update the Netflix app from the app store.

Updating to the latest versions prevents bugs that can interfere with connecting to Netflix servers.

4. Reinstall the Netflix App

If your Netflix app is corrupted or glitchy, reinstalling it from scratch can resolve tvq-pb-101 errors.

On mobile devices:

  • Uninstall the Netflix app from your phone or tablet.
  • Restart your device.
  • Reinstall Netflix from the app store. Log in again.

On smart TVs:

  • Go to App Settings and select Netflix.
  • Choose Remove/Uninstall app > Confirm.
  • Restart the TV and reinstall Netflix from the TV’s app store.

On streaming devices:

  • From the home screen, select the Netflix app.
  • Choose Remove/Uninstall app > Confirm.
  • Restart your streaming device.
  • Download and install Netflix again from the app store.

Reinstalling flushes out any corrupt app data that could be preventing a server connection.

5. Clear the Netflix App Cache and Data

Over time, corrupt temporary app files and data can accumulate and cause errors like tvq-pb-101. Clearing them forces the Netflix app to start fresh.

On Android:

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Select Netflix and choose Force Stop.
  • Tap Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data > OK to confirm.

On iOS:

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  • Select Netflix and tap Offload App to clear cache.
  • Then tap Reinstall App to get Netflix back.

On smart TVs:

  • Go to Apps > Netflix.
  • Select Clear Cache and Clear Data options if available.
  • Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall the app.

On streaming devices:

  • From the home screen, select the Netflix app.
  • Choose Clear Cache or Clear Data if the options are available.
  • Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall Netflix.

Clearing the cache and app data forces Netflix to rebuild all temporary files and removes corruptions that could prevent connecting.

6. Adjust DNS Server Settings

Incorrect DNS server settings can prevent your device from reaching Netflix servers.

On your router settings page:

  • Set the DNS 1 to and DNS 2 to which are Google’s public DNS servers.
  • Save settings and reconnect your device.

On Windows PCs:

  • Go to Control Panel > Network & Internet > Network Connections.
  • Select Ethernet or WiFi > Properties.
  • Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 > Properties.
  • Set DNS server to and alternate to

On Mac:

  • Go to System Preferences > Network.
  • Choose Ethernet/WiFi > Advanced > DNS.
  • Replace any listed addresses with and

On iOS/iPadOS:

  • Go to Settings > WiFi > tap the ‘i’ icon next to your network.
  • Disable Automatic and set DNS to

On Android:

  • Open Settings app > Network & internet > WiFi > tap your network.
  • Disable Automatic and set DNS 1 to and DNS 2 to

Using Google’s public DNS resolvers bypasses any ISP issues reaching Netflix servers.

7. Disable VPN and Proxy Connections

VPNs and proxies can interfere with your ability to stream content due to geo-restrictions.

Temporarily disable any VPN apps or proxy connections on your device and test if Netflix works normally without them. Streaming with VPN enabled could trigger tvq-pb-101 errors.

8. Try Netflix on Other Devices

To isolate whether the issue is device-specific, try accessing Netflix from other devices on the same network like smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming sticks etc.

If Netflix works fine on other devices, the problem lies with your original device. You can move forward with app reinstallation or factory reset as needed.

However, if the error occurs on multiple devices, focus troubleshooting on your network connection and DNS settings instead.

9. Contact Your ISP

If you’ve tried all the above steps and the tvq-pb-101 error persists, contact your Internet Service Provider.

There could be network issues between your ISP and Netflix servers preventing connectivity. Your ISP can look into and resolve such problems.

10. Get in Touch with Netflix Support

If nothing else works, reach out directly to Netflix Customer Service online or by phone. Provide details of the exact error message, troubleshooting steps attempted, your device details, ISP etc. Their tech support team can further diagnose the tvq-pb-101 problem and offer additional solutions.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

  • The Netflix error tvq-pb-101 indicates your device cannot connect to Netflix servers. Causes can include network problems, outdated apps, VPN usage etc.
  • First troubleshoot your internet connection and restart your device. Update apps and system software to rule out bugs.
  • Reinstall Netflix app, clear cache/data, adjust DNS settings to and, and disable VPN.
  • If the error occurs only on one device, reinstall or reset that device. If it occurs on multiple devices, contact your ISP.
  • As a last resort, reach out to Netflix Customer Support for additional troubleshooting.
  • With consistent testing and troubleshooting using the step-by-step guide, you should be able to resolve the tvq-pb-101 error and get back to streaming on Netflix again.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does the Netflix error tvq-pb-101 occur?
    The tvq-pb-101 error typically occurs when your device is unable to establish a stable connection with Netflix servers. Issues with your internet connectivity, outdated software, VPN usage etc. can trigger this error.
  2. How can I fix the tvq-pb-101 error on my iPhone/iPad?
    On iOS, try restarting your device, updating iOS software, reinstalling the Netflix app, switching to a stable WiFi or cellular data connection, and adjusting your DNS settings to Google’s and addresses.
  3. I keep getting Netflix error tvq-pb-101 on my Android phone. How to resolve it?
    On Android, restart your phone, check for any system or Netflix app updates, clear cache/data for Netflix app, disable any active VPN connections, and change DNS server in WiFi settings to and
  4. Why does my smart TV show Netflix error tvq-pb-101?
    This could be due to outdated firmware on your smart TV software. Try restarting the TV, installing latest firmware update, updating Netflix app, reinstalling Netflix app, and changing DNS settings on your home router.
  5. How do I fix the tvq-pb-101 error on my Amazon Firestick?
    Force close Netflix app, restart your Firestick, check for Firestick system update, update Netflix app from app store, clear cache/data for Netflix, and adjust DNS settings on your router to Google’s DNS.
  6. I keep getting the Netflix error tvq-pb-101 on my laptop. What should I do?
    On Windows laptops, restart your device, test internet connection, update/reinstall Netflix app, change IP settings to use Google DNS, and disable any active VPNs. On MacBooks, similar steps should resolve the issue.
  7. What’s the easiest way to troubleshoot the tvq-pb-101 error on Netflix?
    The easiest first steps are to simply restart your device completely, test your internet connection speed, and check for any system or Netflix app updates that need to be installed. This resolves the error in most cases.
  8. I get the tvq-pb-101 error on multiple devices. How do I fix this?
    If the error occurs on several devices on your home network, contact your Internet Service Provider as there could be an issue between your ISP and Netflix. They can investigate and resolve network problems.
  9. Can using a VPN cause the Netflix error tvq-pb-101?
    Yes, using VPNs and proxy connections often trigger the tvq-pb-101 error as they mask your IP address and location. Try temporarily disabling any VPN apps and see if Netflix works normally without them.
  10. Should I contact Netflix if the tvq-pb-101 error persists?
    As a last resort, reach out to Netflix Customer Support if you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and the issue persists. Provide your device details, error message, and troubleshooting history. Their team can further help diagnose and fix stubborn tvq-pb-101 errors.
  11. What are some common causes for the Netflix error tvq-pb-101?
    Poor internet connectivity, outdated Netflix app version, old device software/firmware, VPN usage, WiFi issues, incorrect DNS settings, corrupted app files or data are some of the common culprits behind Netflix error tvq-pb-101.
  12. My Netflix was working fine earlier. Why the sudden tvq-pb-101 error now?
    If Netflix was streaming fine and the tvq-pb-101 error started suddenly, causes could be a recent app or iOS/Android update issue, change in your ISP service, DNS server problems, or connectivity issues on Netflix’s side in your location.
  13. Are DNS settings related to fixing the tvq-pb-101 Netflix error?
    Yes, incorrect DNS server settings can prevent your device from reaching Netflix servers, resulting in tvq-pb-101 errors. Try changing your DNS to Google public DNS ip addresses – and
  14. Does resetting my modem help fix the Netflix error tvq-pb-101?
    If your internet connection is working fine, resetting the modem may not help fix Netflix error tvq-pb-101 directly. But it’s still worth power cycling your modem and router if you’ve tried other troubleshooting steps.
  15. How can I prevent the Netflix error tvq-pb-101 moving forward?
    To avoid tvq-pb-101 errors in the future, use a stable internet connection, keep your devices and apps updated, don’t use VPNs while streaming, use Google DNS, and periodically clear Netflix app cache and data.
  16. Why is Netflix not working even after fixing error tvq-pb-101?
    On some devices, after fixing tvq-pb-101, you may need to force close and relaunch Netflix app to kickstart the streaming. Also check for other errors or internet connectivity issues if it still does not work.
  17. Does Netflix error tvq-pb-101 happen on smart TVs and Roku devices too?
    Yes, the tvq-pb-101 error can occur on different Netflix-supported devices like smart TVs, streaming sticks, gaming consoles etc. The same troubleshooting steps like app updates, reinstalls, DNS changes etc. apply.
  18. Is Netflix error tvq-pb-101 a temporary problem?
    The tvq-pb-101 error could be temporary network disruption between your ISP and Netflix or a temporary glitch on Netflix’s end. Trying again later often resolves temporary tvq-pb-101 errors.
  19. How can I contact Netflix support to fix error tvq-pb-101?
    You can contact Netflix customer service through their help website for online chat support, request a callback, or find the phone number to speak to a live representative regarding tvq-pb-101 errors.
  20. What details should I provide Netflix support when troubleshooting tvq-pb-101?
    Provide your full error message, device details (make/model), OS version, Netflix app version, steps attempted, your ISP name, streaming playback details, and any other relevant info to help them quickly diagnose the tvq-pb-101 issue.

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