How To Fix MWR (Modern Warfare Remastered) Error Code 34?

Modern Warfare Remastered (MWR) is a remastered version of the 2007 classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. As a remaster, it provides enhanced graphics, rendering, HDR lighting, and much more while maintaining the core gameplay.

How To Fix MWR (Modern Warfare Remastered) Error Code 34?

However, like any online multiplayer game, MWR can run into errors that prevent you from properly connecting to matches. One common error is Error Code 34, which typically means connectivity issues are disrupting your ability to find matches.

Fortunately, Error Code 34 can often be resolved with some troubleshooting on your end. Here are some tips to try fixing Error Code 34 so you can get back in the match:

Check Your Internet Connection

Error Code 34 suggests your internet connection is unstable or experiencing issues. As MWR requires an internet connection for online multiplayer, any disruption in service can prevent connecting to matches.

First, reset your router and modems by unplugging them for 30 seconds. This will refresh their connections.

Run an internet speed test to check for any bandwidth issues, latency problems, or packet loss. Contact your ISP if speeds are lower than usual.

Connect via ethernet if possible for a more stable wired connection over WiFi.

Restart your platform (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) to refresh network adapters.

Check for any internet or outage alerts from your ISP for maintenance.

Verify MWR Server Status

Beyond your own network, make sure the MWR servers are up and running. Server outages can prevent matchmaking and cause Error Code 34.

Check the Activision Support Twitter or MWR Server Status Page for any service alerts. This will confirm if others are experiencing issues.

If servers are down for maintenance, you’ll have to wait until services are restored to play.

Forward Ports on Router

If your network seems fine, try forwarding some ports on your router to improve connectivity for gaming and matchmaking.

Recommended ports to forward for MWR include:

  • TCP 80, 443, 3478-3480
  • UDP 88, 500, 3074, 3478-3479

Refer to your router manual for exact steps on port forwarding as processes vary by brand and model. Opening these ports can resolve strict NAT issues.

Reset MWR Settings

If you’ve customized any network settings in MWR’s options, resetting everything to default could resolve Error Code 34 problems.

Go to Settings > Account > Clear Saved Data to reset all settings. Restart the game after clearing saved data.

You can also uninstall and reinstall the game to refresh all files or profiles causing issues.

Contact Activision Support

If Error Code 34 persists through all troubleshooting steps, reach out to Activision’s customer support for further assistance.

They can help dig deeper into any account, connectivity or region locking issues. Provide any error codes and details on troubleshooting you’ve tried.

Activision Support can be contacted via:

  • Twitter @ <a href=””>ATVIAssist</a>
  • Live Chat on <a href=””>Activision Support</a>
  • Phone: US 1-(310)-255-2000, UK +44 (0) 844 338 000

Explaining the full issue provides them info to properly investigate and resolve Error Code 34.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fixing Error Code 34

  1. What causes Error Code 34 in MWR?
    Error Code 34 is typically caused by an unstable internet connections, disruptions in service, strict NAT issues, or server outages. It indicates a problem with connectivity preventing matchmaking.

  2. Can I fix Error Code 34 myself?
    Yes, you can try fixing Error Code 34 yourself first by troubleshooting your network, adjusting settings, verifying server status and more based on our tips above. Contact Activision if issues persist.

  3. Does Error Code 34 mean I’m banned in MWR?
    No, Error Code 34 does not indicate any bans or suspensions on your account. It is purely a connectivity issue, not related to disciplinary actions.

  4. Is there maintenance happening if I get Error Code 34?
    Possibly, but Error Code 34 can happen at any time. Check Activision’s server status page and Twitter to confirm if maintenance is related.

  5. Can I prevent Error Code 34 from happening?
    While intermittent internet issues can’t always be prevented, using a wired connection and port forwarding can increase connectivity stability to avoid Error Code 34.

  6. Will reinstalling MWR fix Error Code 34?
    A fresh install can potentially help by resetting any corrupted files or profile issues. But if the root cause is your network, reinstalling alone won’t fix Error Code 34.

  7. Does Error Code 34 happen on all platforms?
    Yes, Error Code 34 can happen on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. It indicates a connectivity issue regardless of platform.

  8. Can I fix Error Code 34 without internet access?
    No, having an active, stable internet connection is required to resolve and troubleshoot Error Code 34. The error means connectivity issues are disrupting play.

  9. Is my account locked if Error Code 34 appears?
    No, Error Code 34 has nothing to do with account suspensions or bans. Your account remains fully accessible once connectivity issues are resolved.

  10. Does port forwarding help fix Error Code 34?
    Opening the recommended ports for MWR can improve NAT issues related to Error Code 34. Port forwarding optimizes connectivity for matchmaking.

  11. Should I contact my ISP for help with Error Code 34?
    Yes if you still experience Error Code 34 after other troubleshooting steps, contact your ISP to check for any service disruptions on their end causing problems.

  12. What info does Activision need to fix Error Code 34?
    Provide Activision details on when the error occurs, your network setup, any fixes attempted, and results of connectivity tests to help them troubleshoot.

  13. Does Error Code 34 eventually fix itself?
    The error won’t fix itself if caused by underlying network issues. But it may clear up when temporary ISP or server disruptions are resolved.

  14. Is Error Code 34 a common problem in MWR?
    Yes, it is a common connectivity error players experience as matchmaking can be sensitive to any minor network disruption on your end or the game’s servers.

Key Takeaways on Fixing Error Code 34

To summarize troubleshooting Error Code 34 in Modern Warfare Remastered:

  • The error means connectivity issues are preventing matchmaking
  • Check your own network settings, speed and stability
  • Verify server status and any maintenance alerts
  • Forward recommended ports on your router
  • Reset in-game network settings to default
  • Contact Activision Support if still unresolved after troubleshooting
  • Provide details on the error and your connectivity tests
  • Having a strong, stable wired connection can prevent the issue

Following these steps to optimize connectivity from your end, while staying updated on server status, will help resolve Error Code 34 stopping you from playing MWR online.


Error Code 34 can be frustrating as it prevents enjoying Modern Warfare Remastered’s iconic multiplayer modes. But the error is typically caused by fixable connectivity problems either on your network or the game servers.

By troubleshooting your own connection stability, port forwarding, resetting network settings and verifying server maintenance status, you can often resolve Error Code 34 yourself without much hassle.

If problems persist after trying these steps, Activision Support can help investigate deeper underlying issues and get Error Code 34 fixed for good.

Maintaining a strong, stable wired internet connection and keeping gaming ports open are proactive ways to avoid connectivity problems that lead to errors like Code 34 while playing online.

With some diligent troubleshooting and patience, Error Code 34 can usually be overcome, allowing you to relive and enjoy the definitive Call of Duty 4 online multiplayer experience once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Error Code 34 in MWR?
    Error Code 34 is a connectivity error in Modern Warfare Remastered that typically prevents players from matchmaking and connecting to online multiplayer modes. It indicates an issue with the stability of your internet connection or the game servers.

  2. Why does Error Code 34 happen?
    It’s generally caused by an unstable internet connection, disruptions in network service, strict NAT issues, port blocking on routers, or server outages/maintenance by the game developers. Any of these can disrupt matchmaking.

  3. How can I fix Error Code 34 myself?
    Try steps like checking your own internet connection stability, resetting networking equipment, forwarding ports on your router, verifying server status, reinstalling the game, and restoring network settings in-game to default.

  4. Who can help fix Error Code 34?
    If you can’t resolve it yourself, Activision’s customer support can help troubleshoot and provide fixes for Error Code 34. Reach out to them via live chat or on Twitter if it persists.

  5. Is there anything I can do to avoid Error Code 34?
    Using a wired internet connection and port forwarding your router properly for gaming can help avoid NAT issues that commonly contribute to Error Code 34.

  6. Will Error Code 34 damage my account or get me banned?
    No, Error Code 34 is not related to any account suspensions or bans. It is solely a technical connectivity issue and your account remains in good standing.

  7. Does reinstalling MWR fix Error Code 34?
    It may help reset any corrupted files or settings causing problems. But if internet issues are at fault, reinstalling alone won’t necessarily get rid of Error Code 34.

  8. Can I fix Error Code 34 without an internet connection?
    No, you need an active internet connection to be able to troubleshoot and resolve Error Code 34. The error means connectivity is being disrupted during play.

  9. Is Error Code 34 a temporary issue?
    It can be temporary if related to short ISP disruptions or routine game server maintenance. But it could keep recurring if due to underlying technical problems.

  10. Does port forwarding prevent Error Code 34?
    Opening the proper ports recommended for MWR can optimize connectivity for matchmaking and prevent strict NAT issues contributing to Error Code 34.

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