How To Fix Minecraft P2P/SIG: Error Code 102?

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox video games, allowing players to build and explore worlds made of blocks. However, many players encounter the P2P/SIG: Error Code 102 when trying to join multiplayer servers or play with friends. This error prevents connecting and playing on servers, leading to frustration.

How To Fix Minecraft P2P/SIG: Error Code 102?

Fortunately, there are a few potential fixes that can resolve this error and get you back to playing Minecraft multiplayer again. This guide will outline the common causes of the P2P/SIG: Error Code 102 and walk through the various solutions to try on both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

Common Causes of Error Code 102

Here are some of the most common triggers that can cause the P2P/SIG: Error Code 102 in Minecraft:

  • Outdated Minecraft version – If you are not running the latest version of Minecraft, it may fail to connect to multiplayer servers that have updated. Always ensure you are on the newest version.
  • Firewall or antivirus blocking connection – Overly restrictive firewalls, antivirus or security software can sometimes block Minecraft from making multiplayer connections resulting in Error 102. Temporarily disabling these can determine if they are the culprit.
  • Server outages or maintenance – Sometimes Minecraft multiplayer servers themselves undergo maintenance or have outages, preventing players from connecting. Check the server status before troubleshooting your game.
  • Too many players online – Popular Minecraft servers can hit player capacity, not allowing any new connections. Try joining during off-peak hours or find a server with fewer players online.
  • Corrupted Minecraft files – Occasionally game file corruption can occur, leading to connectivity issues like Error 102. Reinstalling Minecraft can fix corrupted files.

Fixing Error 102 on Minecraft Java Edition

If you are encountering Error 102 in the Java Edition of Minecraft, here are some troubleshooting steps to resolve it:

Update to Latest Version

As mentioned above, an outdated Minecraft client version can cause Error 102. Open the Minecraft Launcher, go to the Installations tab, select your profile and click the green arrow to check for updates. Install the latest version of Minecraft and try connecting to multiplayer again.

Verify Server Status

Before spending time troubleshooting your own game, make sure the Minecraft server you are attempting to join is currently online and accepting connections. Visit the website or social media of the server to check for any status updates or downtime notifications. This can confirm whether the problem is on your end or the server’s.

Disable Firewalls and Antivirus Software

Sometimes security applications will block Minecraft from making connections to multiplayer game servers without advanced configuration. As a test, temporarily disable any firewall, antivirus or security software on your system and try launching Minecraft again.

If Error 102 is resolved, you will need to re-enable your security software and configure it to allow Minecraft access. Add rules to allow connections through port 25565 for both TCP and UDP protocols.

Reinstall Minecraft

If you have tried updating Minecraft and there are no apparent connection blocks, a corrupted game file may be the cause of Error 102. Uninstall Minecraft completely using the standard Windows uninstaller.

Then head to the official Minecraft website to redownload the game launcher. Reinstall Minecraft fresh using this new installer. Run the game and see if Error 102 is resolved after this clean install.

Change Chat Settings

For Minecraft Java servers using online mode for authentication, make sure your chat settings are set properly to connect. Under Multiplayer Settings, set Chat to “Shown” and refer to the server instructions for additional chat and authentication requirements.

Contact Server Admins

If you are connecting to a private Minecraft server, the server administrators may be able to help troubleshoot Error 102 or identify any server-side issues contributing to connection problems. Reach out to the admins indicating your Minecraft username and details of the problem.

Fixing Minecraft Bedrock Edition Error 102

For Minecraft on consoles, mobile and Windows 10, here are troubleshooting tips if you encounter Error 102 on Bedrock Edition:

Update to Latest Version

As with the Java Edition, ensure you are running the latest version of the Bedrock Edition on your platform. Updates can be applied through the platform store for your particular device or operating system. Apply any available Minecraft updates.

Restart Devices and Game

Sometimes a simple restart of your console, mobile device or computer can clear up Error 102 issues. Also, fully quit out of the Bedrock Edition game itself and restart the app or program. This can clear any cached connection errors.

Verify Microsoft Account

Minecraft Bedrock Edition uses your Microsoft account to connect online. Check that your Microsoft or Xbox Live account details are properly entered and verified within Minecraft. If they were entered incorrectly, reconnect with the right details.

Check Privacy and Family Settings

On Xbox, Windows 10 and mobile devices, your gaming privacy and family settings could block online multiplayer in Minecraft. Go into your account’s privacy settings and verify Minecraft is allowed access to connect online and unblock it if needed.

Reset Modem and Router

For persistent Error 102, try power cycling your network hardware as well. Unplug your modem and router from power for one minute. After plugging them back in and allowing time to reboot, launch Minecraft and see if Error 102 has cleared.

Contact Server Owner

As with the Java Edition, if you are trying to connect to a privately run Minecraft Bedrock server, reach out to the server owner for help. They may need to check the server logs or adjust settings to allow you to connect. Provide your gamertag and connection details.

Key Takeaway

The most common fixes for Error 102 in Minecraft involve updating the game, temporarily disabling security software, reinstalling Minecraft files, double checking account settings, and restarting devices/networks. If the problem persists after trying these solutions, contacting server admins can help identify any issues on their end.

With the proper troubleshooting steps, you can resolve Error 102 and enjoy connecting with friends and exploring multiplayer servers again. Just be sure to methodically check for outdated clients, blocked connections, server outages, account problems and corrupted files.


Error 102 can prevent Minecraft players from enjoying multiplayer games and connecting to servers. By understanding the common causes and methodically working through potential fixes, this error can typically be resolved. The solutions range from software updates and reinstalls, to network and security setting changes.

While frustrating when it occurs, Error 102 can usually be successfully troubleshot, allowing you to return to building and exploring with others in Minecraft’s vast multiplayer worlds. Just be diligent in applying the outlined solutions and reach out for help from server admins when needed. With the right steps, your Error 102 woes will be resolved.


Q: Does Error 102 affect both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft?
A: Yes, Error 102 can occur in both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft when trying to connect to multiplayer servers. The same general troubleshooting steps of updating clients, checking firewalls, reinstalling files and contacting admins can help resolve it in both versions.

Q: Can third-party anti-virus software cause a Minecraft Error 102?
A: Yes, overly restrictive firewalls and anti-virus programs are a common trigger for Error 102 by blocking the outgoing connections Minecraft needs to make. Temporarily disabling these programs can confirm if they are the culprit.

Q: I keep getting Error 102, but other Minecraft players can connect fine. Why?
A: If some players are able to connect when you cannot, it likely indicates a problem on your end rather than the server itself. Things to check include your client version, network issues, corrupted files, or account settings.

Q: Will reinstalling Minecraft delete my worlds and data?
A: No, reinstalling the Minecraft launcher and game files will not delete your saved worlds, resource/texture packs or player data. These are stored separately so you can safely reinstall Minecraft without losing anything.

Q: Does Error 102 mean I’ve been banned from a Minecraft server?
A: Not necessarily. While getting banned can trigger Error 102, there are many other potential causes detailed above. Contact the server admins to check whether you have actually been banned or if it is a different issue.

Q: I keep getting kicked and Error 102 even after fixing port forwarding. Any other ideas?
A: Double check that port 25565 is opened correctly for both TCP and UDP protocols. Also, try granting the Minecraft .exe file permissions through your firewall or antivirus software. Finally, confirming your public IP hasn’t changed and updating the server whitelist is worth trying.

Q: Will switching Minecraft usernames cause Error 102?
A: Sometimes. If you change your username and the server still has you whitelisted under your old name, it can trigger Error 102 when trying to connect. Contact the server owner to update your whitelist name.

Q: Can Error 102 be fixed without resets or reinstalls?
A: If updating clients and checking server status doesn’t work, fixes like restarting devices, reinstalling Minecraft, and reconfiguring network settings are generally required. However, contacting server admins may reveal simpler solutions like whitelist updates.

Q: Why does Error 102 happen more frequently on large servers?
A: High population servers near player capacity are more prone to Error 102 when attempting to join, as new connections are being throttled. Try connecting during off-peak hours when fewer people are online.

Q: I can play single player fine, but get Error 102 on multiplayer. Any tips?
A: This points to a network connection issue when trying to play on servers. Check your firewall, antivirus and internet connection. Also try toggling your chat settings, restarting your router, and updating network drivers.

Q: Does deleting and redownloading Minecraft skins or resource packs help fix Error 102?
A: No, skins and resource packs are not usually a factor in Error 102. Reinstalling the Minecraft game files themselves is generally more effective. Only remove skins and resource packs if they are explicitly causing crashes.

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