How To Fix Microsoft Movies & TV App Error Code 0xc3360d9?

The Microsoft Movies & TV app allows you to buy, rent, and watch movies and TV shows on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 device. However, users may encounter the error code 0xc3360d9 when trying to open or use the app. This typically prevents the app from launching properly or causes it to crash unexpectedly.

How To Fix Microsoft Movies & TV App Error Code 0xc3360d9?

Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to fix error code 0xc3360d9 and get the Movies & TV app working again. In this guide, we will cover the most common issues that trigger this error and provide solutions to resolve them.

What Causes Error Code 0xc3360d9?

Here are some of the potential reasons why you may see the 0xc3360d9 error in the Microsoft Movies & TV app:

  • Corrupt app files – Corrupted program files or missing DLL dependencies can prevent the app from launching correctly.
  • Outdated Windows OS – Having an outdated version of Windows 10 or 11 can lead to compatibility issues.
  • Driver conflicts – Incompatible, corrupt or outdated drivers may clash with the Movies & TV app.
  • Windows Store cache issues – Glitches with the Windows Store cache can affect app execution.
  • Incorrect region settings – The app may not work if your Windows region does not match your Microsoft account region.
  • Parental control restrictions – Usage restrictions enabled through Family Safety may block the app.
  • Antivirus interference – Some antimalware programs can block execution of the app.

By resolving these types of issues, you can usually get the error 0xc3360d9 fixed and have the app working normally again.

How to Fix Microsoft Movies & TV Error Code 0xc3360d9

Here are the top solutions to fix the 0xc3360d9 error, presented in the order you should attempt them:

1. Restart Your Device

The simplest initial troubleshooting step is to restart your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. This will clear out any temporary glitches that may be preventing the app from opening.

To restart:

  • Click the Start button and select the Power button > Restart.
  • Or press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Restart.

Once your system reboots, try opening the Microsoft Movies & TV app again normally. The issue may be resolved on restart.

2. Update Windows and Drivers

Outdated Windows OS versions and device drivers are common culprits behind app errors like 0xc3360d9. Updating them is highly recommended:

Update Windows

  • Open Settings > Windows Update.
  • Click Check for Updates.
  • Install any pending Windows updates.
  • Restart your PC after updates complete.

Update Drivers

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Expand categories and right-click devices > Update driver.
  • Or select Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • Repeat for other devices that need updates.

Updating Windows and your drivers will help resolve OS and hardware-related conflicts affecting the app.

3. Run SFC and DISM

System File Checker (SFC) and Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tools can check for Windows file corruption and repair damaged system files. This helps fix apps with missing DLLs or dependency issues.

To run SFC and DISM:

  • Open an admin Command Prompt.
  • Run sfc /scannow and let it complete.
  • Then run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restore Health
  • Restart your PC once finished.

Now check if the Movies & TV app will open. Running SFC and DISM checks should resolve any system file errors.

4. Reset the Microsoft Store Cache

Resetting and rebuilding the Microsoft Store cache can fix registry and file system problems affecting Store apps like Movies & TV.

To reset the Store cache:

  • Press Win + R and enter wsreset.exe
  • Click OK and let the Store reset process complete.
  • The Store app may open on its own once finished.
  • You can now try launching the Movies & TV app again.

Resetting the Windows Store cache typically resolves common app conflicts and errors.

5. Create a New User Account

Creating a new user profile and testing the app can determine whether the error is limited to your account only or affecting the entire system.

To add and check a new account:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Family & Other Users.
  • Click Add Someone Else to This PC.
  • Create a local standard user account.
  • Log into the new account and attempt to open the Movies & TV app.

If the 0xc3360d9 error does not appear on the new account, it indicates a problem with your user profile. You can import personalized settings after fixing the issue.

6. Run the App Troubleshooter

Windows includes built-in troubleshooting tools that can diagnose common app issues and apply automated fixes. Running the App troubleshooter for the Movies & TV app may resolve the 0xc3360d9 problem.

To use the troubleshooter:

  • Right-click the Start button and select Settings.
  • Go to Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
  • Select Additional troubleshooters.
  • Run the App troubleshooter tool.
  • Follow the prompts to troubleshoot your Movies & TV app.

The troubleshooter will analyze the app and attempt any repairs if possible. This can fix common errors related to the app.

7. Update or Reinstall the App

If your Movies & TV app is outdated, updating it may resolve compatibility issues leading to the 0xc3360d9 error. Or you can reinstall the app to fix any corrupted files.

Update the app

  • Open the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the Library icon > My Library tab.
  • Select Updates to see pending app updates.
  • Update the Movies & TV app if available.

Reinstall the app

  • Go to My Library > Movies & TV.
  • Click the More options (⋮) icon.
  • Select Uninstall to remove the app.
  • Open the Microsoft Store and reinstall Movies & TV.

Updating or reinstalling the app can replace any damaged files or outdated components causing issues.

8. Check Your Microsoft Account

An incorrect region, billing address or subscription issues with your Microsoft account can also create problems with the Movies & TV app.

To check your Microsoft account:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts.
  • Select your info under Your Microsoft account.
  • Verify your region, billing address and payment options.
  • Check your account subscriptions and benefits.
  • Sign out and back in if needed.

Ensuring your Microsoft account details are accurate and up-to-date will prevent mismatches with the app’s requirements.

9. Review Parental Controls

If you have Microsoft family safety controls enabled on your device, they may be blocking usage of the Movies & TV app. Reviewing and adjusting these restrictions can resolve access issues:

  • Open Settings > Accounts > Family & Other Users.
  • Select the family member account.
  • Go to Manage Family Safety settings.
  • Adjust filters under Content restrictions as needed.
  • Disable limits or unblock the Movies & TV app.

Modifying parental control policies will allow usage of the app if it is being blocked.

10. Allow the App Through Firewall and Antivirus

Third-party firewalls or security software may sometimes interfere with the Movies & TV app and cause error 0xc3360d9 to appear. Adding exceptions will permit the app to run without conflicts:

Windows Firewall

  • Go to Settings > Windows Security > Firewall & Network Protection.
  • Select Allow an app through the firewall.
  • Check if Movies & TV is allowed in Public/Private networks.
  • Click Change settings to add exceptions if needed.

Third-Party Security

  • Open your antivirus/internet security app.
  • Go to its firewall, quarantine or allowed apps section.
  • Add the Movies & TV app as a permitted program.
  • You may need to disable certain protections temporarily.

Allowing the Movies & TV app through security software helps resolve conflicts that can trigger the error. Remember to re-enable protections afterwards.

11. Perform Windows Recovery Options

For persistent error 0xc3360d9 issues that other troubleshooting cannot fix, you may need to use Windows recovery tools for a more complete repair:

  • Open Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.
  • Under Advanced startup, click Restart Now.
  • On the Choose an Option screen, select Troubleshoot.
  • Go to Advanced Options > Startup Repair.
  • Or if the issue is with your account, select Command Prompt to run DISM and SFC scans.

Using Startup Repair or the Command Prompt with recovery tools can fix underlying OS issues and repair damaged system files if needed.


The Movies & TV app error 0xc3360d9 prevents the application from opening and playing video content normally on Windows 10 and 11 devices. The problem is often caused by app file corruption, OS and driver issues, software conflicts, or account restrictions. Following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide can help resolve the error so you can use the app seamlessly again. Restarting your device, updating Windows and drivers, running SFC and DISM scans, resetting the Store cache, and reinstalling the app are usually effective solutions. For persistent 0xc3360d9 errors, using Windows recovery options can repair damaged system files and configuration issues to get the app working properly again.

Key Takeaways:

  • Error code 0xc3360d9 appears when the Microsoft Movies & TV app crashes or fails to open.
  • Common causes include corrupted files, outdated OS/drivers, Windows Store issues, account problems, and software conflicts.
  • Solutions involve restarting your device, updating Windows/drivers, running SFC and DISM scans, resetting the Store cache, reinstalling the app, and using Windows recovery tools.
  • Allowing the app through firewall and antivirus programs can help resolve software conflicts triggering the error.
  • Updating your Microsoft account details and reviewing parental control settings may also fix app access issues.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does the Microsoft Movies & TV app show error code 0xc3360d9?
    This error appears when there are issues with corrupted app files, Windows OS problems, driver conflicts, or software incompatibilities preventing the app from launching properly.
  2. How can I fix error 0xc3360d9 on Windows 10?
    Restart your device, update Windows and drivers, run SFC and DISM scans, reset the Store cache, reinstall or update the app, check your Microsoft account, and use the App troubleshooter.
  3. What causes the Movies & TV app to crash in Windows 11?
    Corrupted app files, an outdated Windows 11 version, driver conflicts, parental control blocks, firewall/antivirus blocks, and Microsoft account mismatches can make the app crash.
  4. Why does the Movies & TV app fail to open after a Windows update?
    Windows updates can sometimes break app compatibility until you reinstall app updates from the Microsoft Store.
  5. How do I uninstall and reinstall the Movies & TV app to fix error 0xc3360d9?
    You can uninstall it from Settings > Apps > Movies & TV. Then open the Microsoft Store and reinstall the app.
  6. What is error 0xc3360d9 in the Windows Event Viewer?
    It indicates an exception or crash occurred with the Movies & TV app’s process (wwahost.exe), often due to an error loading a .dill file used by the app.
  7. Does error 0xc3360d9 affect the Xbox app on Windows as well?
    No, 0xc3360d9 is specific to the Movies & TV app. But the Xbox app may show its own error codes you can troubleshoot similarly.
  8. Can third-party antivirus software cause the 0xc3360d9 error?
    Yes, firewalls, antivirus programs, and security tools can sometimes block execution of or interfere with the Movies & TV app files.
  9. Is there a way to repair the Movies & TV app to fix this error code?
    Yes, you can use the SFC and DISM commands to check for system file corruption and repair damaged app components and dependencies.
  10. What should I do if restarting, updating, reinstalling, etc does not resolve error 0xc3360d9?
    Performing a Windows recovery using Startup Repair or Command Prompt tools often resolves persistent Movies & TV errors related to OS file corruption.
  11. Does this error affect playing movies from my PC library too?
    No, 0xc3360d9 is an issue specific to the Movies & TV app itself. Playing local media files should not be affected.
  12. Can I still rent or buy movies if the Movies & TV app isn’t working?
    No, you have to get the app working again to access its store and content. But you can view your purchased or rented content on other devices in the meantime.
  13. Will uninstalling app updates resolve the 0xc3360d9 error?
    It’s worth trying, as a recent faulty app update may be the cause. You can uninstall updates from the Microsoft Store app page.
  14. Why does the error say my region is unsupported when trying to use the app?
    Your Microsoft account region needs to match the region set in Settings on your device for the app to work properly.
  15. If my Windows OS is 32-bit, could that be why the error appears?
    Yes, the Movies & TV app requires a 64-bit version of Windows 10 or later. A 32-bit OS will trigger compatibility issues.
  16. Can I still use the Xbox app if I’m getting error 0xc3360d9 on the Movies & TV app?
    Yes, the Xbox app is separate and should function normally if only the Movies & TV app is affected by this particular error.
  17. Does this error affect watching purchased movies or shows?
    Yes, 0xc3360d9 prevents access to any content or features within the Movies & TV app until resolved.
  18. Will resetting my PC fix the Movies & TV error 0xc3360d9?
    Yes, a full system reset will wipe all apps and data and reinstall a fresh Windows OS, which should resolve the error.
  19. Does the Movies & TV app work on Windows 7 or 8.1?
    No, it requires Windows 10 or later. The error appears on older Windows versions lacking app support.
  20. Where can I find the logs to help diagnose the 0xc3360d9 error code?
    Check the Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application section for app crash events with details on the error.

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