How To Fix Just Dance ‘Wrong Code’ Error?

Experiencing the ‘Wrong Code’ error in Just Dance is frustrating, but there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve it. This guide will walk you through the common causes and solutions to fix the Just Dance ‘Wrong Code’ error across various platforms.

How To Fix Just Dance ‘Wrong Code’ Error?

Common Causes of ‘Wrong Code’ Error

Here are some typical reasons why you might encounter the ‘Wrong Code’ error in Just Dance:

  • Entered code does not match the code on screen
  • Code expired before entering
  • Connectivity issues leading to failed code validation
  • Server issues on Just Dance side
  • Outdated game version with code redemption bugs

Before trying specific solutions, check these basic things first:

  • Double check the code to ensure it matches the code displayed on screen
  • Check if you’re entering it before expiration timer
  • Retry with a stable internet connection without any firewalls/restrictions

Entered Code Does Not Match

Carelessly entering the wrong code is the most common reason for this error. Pause the game, recheck the code on the Just Dance screen and carefully enter it. Minor differences like entering O instead of 0 can also lead to issues.

Code Expiry Issues

Each unlock code in Just Dance has an expiration timer before it becomes invalid. Typically this is 2-3 minutes. Enter the code as soon as you see it to avoid such expiry issues.

Fixes and Solutions

If you have ruled out the basic issues above, try these platform-specific solutions to fix Just Dance ‘Wrong Code’ errors:

Just Dance on Xbox One

  • Hard reboot your Xbox One console
  • Check for and install latest Just Dance updates
  • Delete and reinstall Just Dance game
  • Clear alternate MAC address under Network settings

Just Dance on PS4

  • Close and restart the Just Dance app
  • Check your PSN account has an active subscription
  • Rebuild PS4 database in safe mode

Just Dance on Nintendo Switch

  • Power cycle the Switch completely
  • Try code redemption in handheld vs docked mode
  • Factory reset the Switch device

Just Dance on PC

  • Update GPU drivers and DirectX software
  • Allow Just Dance app in antivirus and firewall settings
  • Run as administrator and in compatibility mode

Just Dance Mobile App

  • Force close and reboot the mobile app
  • Check for any pending app updates
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Just Dance app
  • Enable permissions if prompted on mobile

If the basic troubleshooting does not help, contact Ubisoft support for further assistance on resolving the ‘Wrong Code’ error based on your platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Carefully enter codes and double check for accuracy
  • Retry codes before they expire in 2-3 mins
  • Confirm internet connectivity is stable if playing online modes
  • Keep Just Dance game and system software updated
  • Reinstalling app/game can help fix software bugs
  • Contact Ubisoft support if issues persist after troubleshooting


The ‘Wrong Code’ redemption error in Just Dance can be annoying but using the appropriate troubleshooting steps for your platform should help resolve it in most cases. Key things to focus on are checking expiry, connectivity, game updates and reinstalling the app as necessary. If basic fixes do not address the issues, seeking assistance from Just Dance technical support teams is advised to identify and correct any account or system-specific problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Just Dance ‘Wrong Code’ error?
A. The ‘Wrong Code’ error occurs when trying to redeem an unlock code in Just Dance but the entered code does not match or expires before input, leading to failed validation.

Q. Why does my Just Dance code not work?
A. Typical reasons for unlock codes not working in Just Dance include incorrectly entering codes, expired codes, connectivity issues blocking verification, game bugs and server problems.

Q. Can expired Just Dance codes be reused?
A. No, expired unlock codes cannot be reused in Just Dance. Each code has a short 2-3 minutes expiry timer before it becomes invalid forever.

Q. How long do Just Dance unlock codes last?
A. Just Dance unlock codes usually last for only 2-3 minutes on screen before they expire and become invalid for redemption forever.

Q. How can I prevent Just Dance code errors?
A. Being careful when inputting codes, having a stable online connection, regularly updating the game, restarting apps after errors are ways to avoid Wrong Code issues.

Q. Why does my Just Dance keep saying Wrong Code?
A. The game keeps showing Wrong Code error when you enter multiple incorrect codes, when trying expired codes repeatedly, due to connectivity problems or bugs causing failed code verifications.

Q. How do I troubleshoot Just Dance Wrong Code issues?
A. Troubleshooting steps include checking code accuracy, internet connectivity, installing game updates, power cycling gaming devices, reinstalling the app, and contacting Ubisoft support.

Q. What should I do if rebooting did not fix Just Dance code issues?
A. If rebooting and reinstalling the Just Dance app did not fix the code redemption issues, contact the Ubisoft support team for further troubleshooting assistance.

Q. Can I play Just Dance offline without codes?
A. Yes, most Just Dance game modes work offline without needing unlock codes except the online multiplayer modes which require validation.

Q. Why does my code not work on Just Dance mobile app?
A. On the mobile app, check your internet connection, update to latest version, force close and retry, and enable app permissions if prompted to fix Wrong Code problems.

Q. How do I contact Just Dance support for code issues?
A. You can contact the Just Dance consumer support team via live chat on their website, opening a support ticket or posting on their community forums after registering.


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