How To Fix Just Dance Error Code 2811-6001 On Nintendo Switch?

The Just Dance video game series by Ubisoft is a popular dancing and rhythmic game playable on various gaming platforms including the Nintendo Switch. However, some Nintendo Switch users have reported receiving error code 2811-6001 when trying to play Just Dance.

How To Fix Just Dance Error Code 2811-6001 On Nintendo Switch?

This error prevents users from properly loading and playing Just Dance on their Switch consoles. Fortunately, there are a few troubleshooting steps Switch owners can take to resolve error 2811-6001 and get Just Dance working again.

Why Do You Get Error Code 2811-6001 in Just Dance for Nintendo Switch?

Error 2811-6001 typically appears due to outdated or corrupt Just Dance game data saved locally on your Nintendo Switch console. It seems to occur most frequently after installing game updates or downloadable content packs.

Basically, there is a mismatch between the Just Dance data on your Switch and the latest version of the game files available from Ubisoft’s servers. This confuses the Switch as it tries to launch Just Dance with the outdated game data.

So fixing this requires you to fully refresh and synchronize your local Just Dance files and data with the newest version maintained by Ubisoft’s servers.

How To Resolve Error Code 2811-6001 in Just Dance

The good news is that Just Dance error 2811-6001 can usually be repaired fairly easily by following these troubleshooting steps:

1. Close Just Dance and Power Cycle Your Switch

First, make sure the Just Dance game software is completely closed if it is currently running.

Press the Home button on your Switch controller and fully close the Just Dance software.

Next fully power off your Switch console. Do not just put it into Sleep mode. Instead hold the power button down for a few seconds until you get the Power Options menu and select “Power Off”.

Leave your console off for at least 30 seconds. This gives its systems a chance to fully reset.

Then power your Switch console back on as normal by pressing the Power button.

Once it has finished booting back up, continue to the next step.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Your Switch will need to be connected to the Internet to synchronize your Just Dance files with Ubisoft’s servers.

So double check that your Switch has an Internet connection before proceeding.

  • Test the connection using the Internet option in System Settings.
  • If no Internet connection shows here, try troubleshooting your Wi-Fi network or ethernet setup.

You may need to reboot your wireless router or cycle your Switch’s Internet connection off and on again if there are any connection problems. Resolve any issues before moving on.

3. Delete and Redownload the Latest Just Dance Update Data

  • From the Home Screen, go to System Settings -> Data Management -> Manage Software
  • Select the Just Dance game software icon
  • Choose “Delete Update Data” to remove any existing updates
  • Press the Home button and launch the Just Dance game software
  • When prompted, select “Download Latest Data” so it re-downloads the newest update files again from Ubisoft’s servers
  • Allow this process to fully complete before trying to play Just Dance

This forces your Switch to freshly install all Just Dance game data which often corrects mismatched files that cause error 2811-6001 during startup.

4. Power Cycle Your Switch Again and Retest Just Dance

With the latest Just Dance update files now reinstalled cleanly, power cycle your Switch console one more time:

  • Fully close the Just Dance software
  • Power down your Switch via the Power button menu, wait 30 seconds
  • Turn your console back on and sign in to your user profile
  • Launch the Just Dance game

Hopefully it can now properly read the updated files and let you play without showing error 2811-6001.

But if the error persists, move on to the final resolution steps covered in the following section.

Last Resort Fixes for Persistent Just Dance Error Code 2811-6001

For any gamers still encountering Nintendo Switch error 2811-6001 even after trying the above basic troubleshooting, these last resort fixes provide a good chance for success:

5. Factory Reset Your Switch Console

Resetting your Switch system back to factory default settings will force a total refresh of issues related to bad Just Dance data on the device.

To factory reset:

  • Go to System Settings -> System -> Formatting Options -> Initialize Console
  • This will warn you it erases all data – be sure your game saves are backed up to Nintendo cloud or SD card!
  • Initialize Console – your Switch will reboot into a clean factory default state.
  • Reconfigure basic settings, sign in, and try launching Just Dance again.

A clean slate for the Switch OS can resolve stubborn game data errors like code 2811-6001.

6. Delete and Redownload Just Dance’s Entire Game Software

If a factory reset did not fix Just Dance issues, next attempt to reinstall the entire Just Dance game application fresh:

  • From your Switch home screen, press “+” with Just Dance highlighted
  • Select Manage Software -> Delete Software
  • Confirm deleting this software from the console
  • Open the Nintendo eShop and redownload the Just Dance game
  • Let the entire download and installation complete
  • Try launching the game again

This ruled out any corruption issues with the Just Dance install itself. Re-downloading can provide a fully clean game file set.

7. Contact Ubisoft Customer Support

As a last option if the above solutions do not successfully fix Nintendo Switch error code 2811-6001, it’s recommended that you contact Ubisoft’s customer support team directly.

The game publisher should be able to further troubleshoot and provide specialized technical assistance for persistent issues running Just Dance software on the Switch gaming platform.

You can reach out to their support team for help via:

  • Online Support Site –
  • By Phone – Check site for your country’s number to call
  • Community Forums –
  • Social Media Accounts – Twitter @UbisoftSupport or Facebook

Explain your situation with Just Dance for Nintendo Switch and error 2811-6001. Their technical staff may be able to reveal additional solutions or file system tweaks that can get it working properly again.

Key Takeaways 

  • Error code 2811-6001 typically appears due to outdated/corrupted Just Dance data on your Switch
  • Always close Just Dance fully and power cycle your console during troubleshooting
  • Double check that your Switch has a solid Internet connection
  • Deleting and re-updating the Just Dance game data often resolves the issue
  • For persistent problems, try factory resetting or reinstalling the full Just Dance software
  • If all else fails, contact Ubisoft Support to aid further troubleshooting

Refreshing your local Just Dance files, saves, and installations usually eliminates mismatched data that triggers error 2811-6001. But additional support is available if needed to get Just Dance running properly again.


Error 2811-6001 can certainly be frustrating when it interrupts your Just Dance gaming on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully this guide has equipped you to fully resolve it using the troubleshooting techniques provided here.

Getting your local Switch copy of Just Dance synced up cleanly with Ubisoft’s latest game data is key. Following this process carefully melds together any mismatches that confuse the software and trigger cryptic errors.

Overall the problem is reasonably straightforward to correct on your own. But Ubisoft’s support team is ready to provide further assistance if required.

With the fixes above, Just Dance should once again be providing no shortage of kinetic fun on your Nintendo console. Grab your Joy-Cons and get your dance on!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does Just Dance error code 2811-6001 happen on Nintendo Switch?
    Error 2811-6001 is typically caused by outdated, corrupt, or mismatched Just Dance data on your Switch conflicting with the latest game files from Ubisoft’s servers.
  2. What triggers the Just Dance error 2811-6001 to show up?
    Installing new Just Dance updates or DLC without properly deleting old data first is the most common trigger. Power interruption during an update can also cause it.
  3. How do I refresh Just Dance data on my Switch to fix 2811-6001?
    Deleting Just Dance’s update data followed by redownloading the latest files can refresh your local copy cleanly and reconcile issues triggering this error.
  4. Does factory resetting the Switch fix error 2811-6001 in Just Dance?
    Yes, factory resetting your Switch OS resolves not only Just Dance issues but most system-wide errors related to bad software data files or app installs. It erases all content on the console however.
  5. What happens when I delete all Just Dance software to reinstall it?
    Re-downloading the entire Just Dance software erases any corruption that may have happened with the old cached game files associated with error code 2811-6001.
  6. Will my Switch lose all my game data if I factory reset it?
    Factory reset erases all data including game save files unless you have it backed up to Nintendo cloud or SD card beforehand. You will have to start your gameplay progress over.
  7. How do I back up Switch game data before a factory reset?
    To preserve game progress before factory reset, connect to internet and upload saves to Nintendo cloud or copy them to microSD card from System Settings area.
  8. Does power cycling the Switch actually help fix game data issues?
    Yes, fully powering down the Switch gives its operating system and data files a chance to completely reset/refresh which can resolve software error conditions like 2811-6001.
  9. What happens if I delete Just Dance update data on the Nintendo Switch?
    This forces Just Dance to freshly re-download the latest update files when launched again. It resyncs your local data cleanly to Ubisoft’s servers to correct mismatch issues.
  10. Why does my Switch have no internet connection available?
    If you get no Internet on your Switch, check Wi-Fi router connections, reboot router, ensure correct network password entered, or try changing Switch’s DNS settings to and
  11. How do I contact Ubisoft support about Just Dance issues?
    If nothing fixes Just Dance error 2811-6001, visit Ubisoft’s technical support website, email them, or call their helpline to receive additional troubleshooting assistance.
  12. What details should I provide Ubisoft about the Just Dance error?
    Give them clear description of error 2811-6001 popping up in Just Dance for Nintendo Switch along with game version info, console details, troubleshooting you did, and hardware or settings involved when it appears.
  13. Does Ubisoft offer any special tricks for fixing this Switch game issue?
    Their technical support staff may have specialized internal troubleshooting tips beyond this guide that can isolate why Just Dance continues showing error 2811-6001.
  14. What if my Just Dance game disc is just scratched or damaged?
    If you see the error appear only when using an older physical Just Dance game card/disc, try installing the latest digital version from the eShop instead as the disc itself may have developed read issues.
  15. Can update data issues affect other Switch games too?
    Yes, corrupted update data can plague many Switch games and produce crashing or errors. Always delete old updates first before installing new ones to keep data matching latest release.
  16. Will these steps work for error codes other than 2811-6001?
    This overall process of refreshing game data, reinstalling software, factory resetting the Switch OS, and contacting game developer support will resolve many error code scenarios beyond just fixing 2811-6001.
  17. Why do I lose internet connection when downloading game updates?
    If console disconnects from internet randomly when downloading big updates, try moving Switch closer to router, remove objects causing interference, reboot router, or tilt console/joycons to improve shaky wireless connection.
  18. Can I fix the issue without deleting Just Dance and reinstalling?
    Typically no – since it involves corrupted cached data files, the only way to reliably fix error 2811-6001 is to fully erase, power cycle, and freshly re-download a clean set of the latest Just Dance game files.
  19. What is the best approach to troubleshoot and fix error 2811-6001?
    Follow steps sequentially – close software, power cycle console, ensure internet connection, delete/redownload update data, retry loading game. Factory reset or reinstall game if it still does not work properly afterward.
  20. Why does fully powering off my Switch help fix some errors like 2811-6001 in games?
    Rebooting the Switch hardware and OS instead of just restarting into sleep mode gives all components and data files a chance to completely reset. This remedies some game issues caused by fragmented app data. Fresh starts fixes bugs.

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