How To Fix iTunes / iCloud Error 8364?

iTunes and iCloud errors can be frustrating to deal with. Error 8364 is a common issue that prevents users from accessing their purchased content and media across devices. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to resolve this error and get back to enjoying your Apple services.

How To Fix iTunes / iCloud Error 8364?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover what may cause Error 8364, how to troubleshoot it, and the best methods for fixing it so you can restore full access to iTunes and iCloud. With the right approach, you can get rid of Error 8364 and avoid similar issues going forward.

What Causes iTunes/iCloud Error 8364?

Error 8364 indicates there was a problem connecting to the iTunes Store. There are a few potential causes:

  • Outdated software – Having an outdated version of iTunes or iOS can disrupt communication between your device and Apple’s servers, resulting in Error 8364. Always keep your software updated.
  • Connectivity issues – Slow internet connections, using a VPN or proxy server, Wi-Fi problems, and other network disruptions can interfere with accessing the iTunes Store and Apple services. Check your network settings if you encounter this error.
  • Incorrect Apple ID settings – Issues with your Apple ID configuration, such as having multiple IDs or a wrong home sharing setting, may result in Error 8364. Double check your Apple ID and ensure your login credentials are proper.
  • Hard drive errors – Corrupted files, outdated drivers, bad sectors, or other hard drive failures can prevent proper communication between your device and iTunes services when Error 8364 appears.
  • Temporary outages – Apple’s servers may be temporarily unavailable, producing Error 8364 for some users. Trying again later often resolves these transient outages.

By understanding the source of the issue, you can better troubleshoot and fix Error 8364 when it pops up.

Troubleshooting iTunes/iCloud Error 8364

Before diving into repairs, it helps to do some iTunes and iCloud troubleshooting to properly diagnose Error 8364. Here are steps to try:

  • Check Apple System Status – Verify Apple servers are up and running properly without any service disruptions. Outages may cause temporary 8364 errors.
  • Update your software – Install the latest versions of iTunes, iOS, iPadOS, or macOS. Older software is a common culprit.
  • Reset network settings – Reset network settings on your device to clear any invalid configurations causing connectivity problems behind the error.
  • Sign out of iTunes & iCloud – Sign out then back into your iTunes and iCloud accounts to refresh your authentication.
  • Check restrictions – Ensure there are no restrictions enabled on the device preventing iTunes Store access when Error 8364 appears.
  • Verify time/date – Confirm your device time and date match the actual time. Incorrect settings can interfere with iTunes connectivity.
  • Try different networks – Switch between Wi-Fi, cellular data, Ethernet, etc to see if one network allows connectivity without Error 8364.
  • Check account settings – Login to to check that your account and payment information is correctly configured.

Methodically trying these basic troubleshooting tips can reveal what’s causing Error 8364 without any major fixes being needed.

How to Fix iTunes/iCloud Error 8364

If troubleshooting suggests your account, software, network, or device is the issue behind Error 8364, here are ways to fix it:

Update iTunes and iOS/iPadOS

Outdated software is a prime suspect with Error 8364. To update iTunes on Windows or Mac:

  • Open the iTunes app
  • Click Help > Check for Updates
  • Download and install any available updates

For iOS or iPadOS:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to General > Software Update
  • Install any updates available

Updating to the latest versions of iTunes and iOS/iPadOS prevents software-related instances of Error 8364.

Adjust Date & Time Settings

If your device shows the date and time inaccurately, it can interfere with iTunes connectivity. To set it correctly:

On iPhone/iPad:

  • Go to Settings > General
  • Tap Date & Time
  • Turn Set Automatically to ON
  • Select your time zone

On Windows:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Time & Language
  • Under Date & Time, turn Set time automatically to On
  • Verify the correct time zone

On Mac:

  • Click the Apple logo > System Preferences
  • Select Date & Time
  • Check Set date and time automatically

With correct date and time settings, you avoid mismatches contacting iTunes servers.

Sign Out and Sign Back Into iTunes & iCloud

Sometimes resigning into your Apple accounts can reset things to prevent Error 8364:


  • Open iTunes and go to Account > Sign out
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to sign in again


  • Go to Settings > [your name] > Sign Out
  • Tap Sign In and enter your Apple ID

Signing out renews your authentication, which may stop error 8364 if account issues are present.

Check Network Connections

Since Error 8364 relates to connectivity, it’s worth checking your network:

  • Reset network settings on your device
  • Verify internet access on other devices/connections
  • Disable VPNs, proxies, or firewalls temporarily to test
  • Power cycle modem/routers and troubleshoot Wi-Fi

Strong, uninterrupted access allows proper communication with iTunes for account, activation, and content delivery without errors.

Remove and Read Apple ID on Device

If your Apple ID seems wrongly configured on a device, removing it and adding it again may help:

On iPhone/iPad:

  • Go to Settings > [your name] > Sign Out
  • Tap Delete Account and confirm
  • Add your Apple ID again and sign in

On Mac:

  • Go to System Preferences > Apple ID > Overview
  • Click Sign Out to remove your account
  • Add your Apple ID again and sign in

On Windows:

  • Open Settings > Accounts
  • Remove your Apple ID account
  • Add your Apple ID again and sign in

Re-adding your Apple ID resets its device-specific settings to defaults to correct any erroneous configurations causing problems.

Contact Apple Support

If you still encounter iTunes/iCloud Error 8364 after trying these troubleshooting tips and fixes, it’s best to contact Apple. Their technical support can further diagnose any underlying problems and offer additional solutions.

Some instances of error 8364 require intervention by Apple to investigate issues on their back end. Apple can check your accounts, access logs, and possibly apply fixes you can’t do yourself.

Preventing Future Error 8364 Issues

Once remedied, Error 8364 should disappear. But you can take proactive measures to avoid similar issues down the road:

  • Always keep your software updated by enabling automatic updates
  • Use a reliable, fast internet connection for iTunes and iCloud
  • Don’t use VPNs, proxies, firewalls, or restrictive networks with Apple services
  • Check account settings periodically for changes or misconfigurations
  • Only sign into iTunes & iCloud on trusted devices
  • Periodically sign out and back into your Apple ID to refresh things
  • Contact Apple Support promptly if connectivity issues emerge

Following best practices ensures smooth sailing with iTunes and iCloud free of errors.

Key Takeaways on Fixing iTunes/iCloud Error 8364

To recap, the main points on resolving Error 8364 include:

  • Error 8364 relates to connectivity issues accessing the iTunes Store
  • Updating software, resetting network settings, and signing in/out of your Apple ID are common fixes
  • Check date/time, network connections, and Apple ID device settings for potential problems
  • Removing and re-adding your Apple ID can reset problematic account configurations
  • Contact Apple Support if needed for further troubleshooting and backend fixes
  • Keep software updated, use reliable networks, and sign out/in periodically to avoid future issues

Knowing these troubleshooting steps and fixes will help you swiftly deal with Error 8364. You’ll be back to enjoying your iTunes and iCloud content in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What causes Error 8364 when trying to use iTunes or iCloud?
    Error 8364 is typically caused by network connectivity problems, outdated software, issues with your Apple ID account settings, or temporary outages on Apple’s servers.

  2. Why does my iPhone keep showing Error 8364?
    If your iPhone persistently shows Error 8364, it likely has outdated iOS software, problems with network settings like VPNs or proxies, or needs your Apple ID signed out then back in to reset it.

  3. Does Error 8364 mean my Apple ID was hacked?
    Not necessarily. Error 8364 by itself does not mean your Apple ID was compromised. It commonly occurs from software, network, or configuration issues. Check your account details to see if anything was changed without your knowledge.

  4. How can I tell if Error 8364 is caused by iTunes or iCloud?
    Try accessing content on both services from your device. If iTunes fails but iCloud works, the issue is with your iTunes setup. If both show Error 8364, it usually indicates a broader network or authentication problem.

  5. Why does Error 8364 happen even with good Wi-Fi?
    Error 8364 can occur even on a fast, stable internet connection due to factors like VPN usage, firewalls, proxy settings, or date/time mismatches. Troubleshoot beyond just your Wi-Fi to identify the culprit.

  6. Will restarting my iPhone or iPad fix Error 8364?
    Restarting your device will not directly fix Error 8364 in most cases. You need to address the underlying cause related to software, accounts, network, or Apple’s servers. Restarting may help if settings were in a bad state.

  7. Does deleting and redownloading iTunes fix Error 8364?
    Reinstalling iTunes is generally not an effective solution. The error relates more closely to networking issues or your Apple ID. Update iTunes and iOS software first before trying to delete and reinstall iTunes.

  8. What should I do if updating iOS does not fix Error 8364?
    If Software Update does not resolve it, try toggling your network connections, removing your Apple ID from the device and adding it back, or contacting Apple Support for help investigating other causes like account issues.

  9. Why does Error 8364 happen when my Wi-Fi is working fine?
    Even with working Wi-Fi, factors like an outdated VPN, proxy settings, time/date issues, or firewall can disrupt communication between your device and iTunes. Troubleshoot beyond basic Wi-Fi connectivity.

  10. Can I still use iTunes and iCloud if Error 8364 keeps happening?
    Frequent Error 8364 prevents proper functionality of iTunes and iCloud services, so continuous issues will block access to content. Resolve the underlying cause first before services will work reliably.


Error 8364 can certainly be annoying, but a bit of focused troubleshooting and targeted fixes will usually resolve it quickly. By keeping software updated, accounts properly configured, and network connections clean, you can avoid iTunes and iCloud errors like 8364 moving forward. Don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support if problems persist after trying these troubleshooting steps. With the right approach, you can be back to enjoying seamless access to all your content across devices.

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