How To Fix Hilton Wifi Error Code 299?

Staying connected while traveling is crucial these days. However, you may encounter issues connecting to the WiFi at your Hilton hotel and see an error code like 299. Don’t worry – this error is fixable with some simple troubleshooting steps.How To Fix Hilton Wifi Error Code 299?What Causes the Hilton WiFi Error Code 299?

Seeing the 299 error code when trying to connect to Hilton WiFi indicates an authentication issue. Essentially, it means the network isn’t recognizing your device or account credentials.

Here are some potential reasons for the Hilton WiFi 299 error:

  • Outdated app or software – If you’re using an old version of the Hilton app or software, it may not work properly with the current network protocols. Always keep apps updated.
  • Wrong login details – Double check you’re using the correct Hilton Honors login email and password. Reset your password if unsure.
  • Too many devices – Hilton WiFi networks often limit the number of devices you can connect per room. Try disconnecting some to fix the 299 error.
  • Website or app glitches – Occasional tech glitches can prevent successful WiFi authentication. Try logging out and back in.
  • Too weak signal – If you’re too far from the router, the weak signal strength can cause issues. Move closer and try again.
  • Bandwidth overload – During peak usage times, the network bandwidth may be overloaded preventing connections. Try again later.
  • Outdated network hardware – The hotel may need to update routers or extenders if the WiFi network hardware is outdated.

Steps to Fix Hilton WiFi Error Code 299

Thankfully, there are several troubleshooting tips you can follow to resolve the 299 error and connect to Hilton WiFi:

1. Update Software and Apps

Make sure any Hilton apps and software on your device – like the Hilton Honors app – are updated to the latest versions. Outdated apps can prevent connecting.

  • On your phone or laptop, go to the app store and check for any Hilton app updates. Install any available updates.
  • Also update your device’s operating system software if updates are available.

2. Re-enter Login Details

Double check that you’re using the correct login details for the Hilton WiFi:

  • For your Hilton Honors membership login, enter the email address associated with your Hilton account.
  • Enter the correct password. If you can’t remember, use “Forgot Password” to reset it.
  • When entering your credentials, be sure to avoid typos in the email or password.

3. Disconnect Extra Devices

Too many devices connected to your room’s WiFi can overload the signal and cause issues.

  • Disconnect any extra devices like tablets, second laptops, or mobile phones that you don’t urgently need WiFi access for.
  • Just connect 1-2 primary devices you need, like your phone and laptop.

4. Move Closer to the Router

If your device is too far from the WiFi router, the weakened signal can prevent connecting.

  • Determine where the WiFi router or extenders are located in the hotel. Sometimes they are in the hallway or a nearby room.
  • Move your device closer to the router to boost the signal strength. Being in the same room usually helps.
  • Try connecting again once you’re in closer proximity.

5. Restart Your Device

Sometimes simply restarting your phone, laptop, or tablet can clear up any software glitches causing WiFi problems.

  • Power down the device completely, don’t just put it in standby mode.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds before powering the device back on. This clears out any memory issues.
  • Try reconnecting to the Hilton WiFi once the device has fully restarted.

6. Turn Off VPN or Proxy Servers

Active VPN or proxy server connections can interfere with WiFi authentication protocols.

  • Temporarily disable or turn off any VPN services or proxy server settings on your device.
  • Try connecting to the Hilton WiFi again without VPN active.
  • Re-enable your VPN after successfully connecting to the Hilton network.

7. Log Out Then Log Back In

Sometimes logging out then back into the Hilton connection process can reset any software glitches.

  • On your device, log out and disconnect from the Hilton WiFi network.
  • Force close any Hilton apps like the Hilton Honors app.
  • Reopen the Hilton apps and try logging into and connecting to the WiFi again from scratch.

8. Try Alternate Browsers or Apps

If you can’t connect using one web browser or app, try alternate options:

  • Switch from Chrome to Firefox, or vice versa, when logging into Hilton WiFi via a web portal.
  • Or use the Hilton Honors mobile app instead of a browser on your smartphone.
  • Different browsers or apps may have better compatibility.

9. Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

An overabundance of cached data in your browser can sometimes create conflicts for WiFi login pages.

  • In Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, clear your browser cookies and cache data.
  • Also force quit and restart the browser app before trying to reconnect.
  • The cleared cache allows the login page to fully reload fresh.

10. Contact Hotel Staff

If you still can’t resolve the 299 error after trying these troubleshooting tips, contact the hotel front desk or IT staff for assistance. They can verify all the routers are operational or potentially reset your room’s WiFi connection.

Preventing Future Hilton WiFi Connection Issues

Once you successfully fix the 299 error, there are some steps you can take to avoid further WiFi problems during your Hilton stay:

  • When first connecting, stand near the room’s WiFi router for the best signal. Ask the front desk for the closest router location if unsure.
  • Connect your devices one at a time instead of simultaneously.
  • Limit streaming of high bandwidth video and music when using the WiFi. This avoids overloading the shared network.
  • If the connection seems slow, try using a wired ethernet connection instead, if one is available in your room.
  • When leaving your room for a while, logout from the WiFi on your devices to free up bandwidth for other rooms.
  • If connection issues recur, restart your device before contacting hotel staff to see if that quickly resolves it.
  • Provide feedback to hotel management if you continue having frequent WiFi disconnections or speed issues so they can address it.

With a few quick troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve Hilton WiFi error 299 when it pops up. Contact the friendly hotel staff for any persistent connection problems in your room during your stay.

Key Takeaways: Resolving Hilton WiFi Error Code 299

  • Error 299 indicates an authentication issue when trying to connect to Hilton WiFi
  • Updating software, re-entering login details, and moving closer to the router can fix the error
  • Restarting your device, disabling VPN, and logging out then back in may also help
  • If issues persist, contact hotel staff to further troubleshoot the WiFi in your room
  • Prevent future connection problems by connecting close to the router and limiting bandwidth usage


Dealing with a pesky error code when trying to get online can certainly be frustrating, especially if you are counting on using the hotel’s WiFi. Thankfully, Hilton WiFi error 299 is typically easy to resolve with some basic troubleshooting. By updating your device software, double checking login credentials, changing locations or browsers, and contacting staff if needed, you should be back online quickly. With a few simple fixes, you can get back to seamlessly enjoying fast, reliable WiFi throughout your Hilton hotel stay.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What does Hilton WiFi error code 299 mean?
Error code 299 indicates there is an authentication error preventing your device from connecting to the Hilton WiFi network. It likely means your account credentials are not being recognized.

2. Why do I keep getting error code 299 on Hilton WiFi?
Frequent 299 errors are usually caused by using outdated apps, wrong passwords, too many connected devices, or being too far from the WiFi router. Glitches and bandwidth overloads can also cause repeat issues.

3. How can I reset my Hilton Honors password to fix 299?
Visit the Hilton Honors website or app and use the “Forgot Password” link to reset your account password. Enter a new secure password and try connecting again.

4. Where is the WiFi router located at Hilton hotels?
Router locations vary per property but are often in hallways, lobby/reception areas, or a nearby room. Contact the front desk to ask for your nearest router location.

5. Does Hilton WiFi error code 299 mean my device is banned?
No, error 299 does not indicate your device has been banned from the network. It is typically an account authentication issue, not a device block.

6. I see error code 299 on multiple devices. What should I do?
If the error appears on all your devices, the issue is likely with the network or your account, not your individual devices. Try resetting your Hilton password and moving rooms.

7. What can I do if restarting my device does not fix the 299 error?
Additional steps like logging out then back in, clearing your browser cache/cookies, changing browsers, or asking hotel staff to reset your WiFi connection may resolve stubborn 299 errors.

8. How do I contact Hilton support about error code 299?
You can call Hilton customer support or contact them via live chat on the Hilton Honors website or app for further help troubleshooting error 299.

9. Why does my Hilton WiFi work in some areas of the hotel but not others?
If you only see the error in certain spots, it usually means the WiFi router signal is weak there. Move closer to a lobby or hallway router for better reception.

10. How can I avoid Hilton WiFi error 299 in the future?
Update apps regularly, limit bandwidth usage, connect near routers, logout when leaving your room, and provide feedback on any persistent WiFi problems to help avoid error 299 going forward.

11. Does error code 299 indicate my Hilton Honors account is frozen?
No, error 299 is not related to account status. It is simply an authentication error that can be fixed by resetting your password or troubleshooting your network connection.

12. Is it safe to login to Hilton WiFi if I keep getting error code 299?
Yes, it is safe to keep trying to login if you see error 299. The error means your credentials are not authenticating, not that there is any security threat to your information.

13. Can hotel staff fix Hilton WiFi error code 299?
Yes, the hotel IT staff can help troubleshoot and resolve persistent 299 errors. They can reset the WiFi connection for your room or adjust router settings if needed.

14. How long does it usually take to fix Hilton WiFi error 299?
In most cases, 299 can be resolved in under an hour by troubleshooting steps like moving locations, restarting devices, re-entering login details, or asking staff for help.

15. Does using a VPN cause Hilton WiFi error code 299?
Active VPN connections can sometimes interfere with the WiFi login process, so disabling VPN may help resolve 299 errors. Re-enable VPN after connecting.

16. Is my Hilton Honors account locked if I get error code 299?
No, a 299 error does not mean your Hilton account is locked. It is an authentication issue, not an account suspension. You can still login after fixing the error.

17. What happens if I cannot fix Hilton WiFi error code 299?
If the error persists after troubleshooting, contact Hilton customer service for additional support. They can further investigate and resolve ongoing connection issues.

18. How can I prevent getting error code 299 when using public WiFi?
Avoid public networks for sensitive data. Use VPN and HTTPS sites. Don’t auto-connect to open networks and clear cookies after using public WiFi to prevent errors.

19. Does error 299 only happen on Hilton WiFi or other networks too?
Authentication error 299 can occur on other WiFi networks besides Hilton that require login credentials. The steps to resolve it are usually the same.

20. Is my personal information at risk if I get error code 299 on public WiFi?
While the error itself does not indicate a security breach, in general public WiFi does carry risks for personal info. Use strong passwords and encryption.


Error 299 can certainly be annoying, but a few simple tips should have you reconnected to Hilton WiFi quickly. Updating apps, moving closer to the router, changing browsers, and contacting staff if issues persist can all help overcome authentication errors. With the right troubleshooting approach, you’ll be back online and enjoying your Hilton hotel stay in no time.

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