How To Fix H1Z1 Error Code G15?

The H1Z1 error code G15 is a common issue that prevents players from launching or connecting to H1Z1 servers. This frustrating error can be caused by various factors like an outdated game client, antivirus software conflicts, corrupted game files, and more.

How To Fix H1Z1 Error Code G15?

Fortunately, there are several potential solutions that users can try to resolve the H1Z1 error code G15 on their own without waiting for an official patch. This guide will outline the most common fixes and steps that players can take to get H1Z1 back up and running on their PC.

What Causes the H1Z1 Error Code G15

Before diving into the potential fixes, it helps to understand what causes the H1Z1 error code G15 in the first place. Here are some of the most common culprits:

  • Outdated Game Client – If you haven’t updated H1Z1 to the latest version, that can easily trigger error G15. Always ensure Steam has installed the newest game patches.
  • Antivirus Interference – Overprotective antivirus or firewall apps can sometimes block H1Z1’s .exe files or interfere with its connectivity. Adding exceptions can help.
  • Corrupted Game Files – If some core H1Z1 files got damaged or changed, that can lead to error code G15 when launching. Verifying the game files can uncover and replace corrupted data.
  • System File Errors – Sometimes the error is not even H1Z1’s fault. If your Windows system files have become corrupted or changed, that can prevent games and programs from working properly.
  • DNS Server Issues – Your computer may fail to translate H1Z1’s server addresses if your DNS settings are misconfigured. Resetting those can help resolve the problem.

Now let’s go through the most effective troubleshooting steps and fixes for H1Z1 error code G15.

Update H1Z1 and Steam

The first thing to try is ensuring H1Z1 and Steam are fully updated and running the latest version of the game. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Steam and go to the Library tab
  2. Right-click on H1Z1 in the list and select Properties
  3. In the Updates tab, check if there is a pending update. If so, install it.
  4. If not, select Verify Integrity Of Game Files. This scans and replaces missing files.
  5. Relaunch H1Z1 and see if error G15 persists

Steam downloads updates and patches automatically, but verifying the files forces a manual integrity check. If there was a partially corrupted file preventing launch, this often resolves G15 errors.

Add Exceptions to Antivirus and Firewall

Overprotective antivirus and firewall apps can sometimes interpret H1Z1’s normal network connections and activities as suspicious or malicious. Adding exceptions for the Steam and H1Z1 folders in those programs allows the .exe files to launch properly without interference.

  1. Open Windows Security or your 3rd party antivirus software
  2. Navigate to the settings to add exclusions/exceptions
  3. Add entire Steam installation folder
  4. Also add the H1Z1 installation folder separately if possible
  5. In your firewall software, permit all H1Z1 and Steam executables through
  6. Restart your PC and retry launching H1Z1

Give your antivirus a chance to recheck the added exceptions first with a reboot. This prevents it from automatically blocking those folders again before recognizing the changes.

Run H1Z1 as Administrator

Another common solution is launching the H1Z1.exe client as an Windows Administrator user. This grants the program elevated permissions that can overcome some file access issues.

  1. Go to the H1Z1 install location (usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/H1Z1)
  2. Right click on H1Z1.exe application
  3. Choose Run as Administrator
  4. Click Continue in the permission popup
  5. Attempt to run H1Z1 normally and observe any G15 errors

Running as an Admin is less ideal than other fixes since it must be done every time. But for troubleshooting purposes, it helps narrow down any permission related causes.

Disable Chat Features in Windows

There is a known conflict that can occur between Windows 10/11’s chat feature and certain games. Disabling chat can resolve error code G15 in some cases.

  1. Open the Start menu and search for services
  2. Scroll down and open the properties for Chat feature
  3. Switch Startup Type to Disabled
  4. Click Stop to halt the service
  5. Reboot PC and retry H1Z1

If error G15 disappears after disabling chat features, you’ve confirmed that conflict as the cause. Consider keeping it disabled or re-enabling it later see if a Windows or H1Z1 update has addressed the clash.

Reset DNS Server

An often overlooked source of connectivity issues is misconfigured DNS server settings preventing programs from locating game servers by name. Resetting can fix G15.

  1. Go to Windows Network Connections settings
  2. Select your active WiFi/Ethernet connection
  3. Open Properties and navigate to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  4. Toggle “Obtain DNS server address automatically”
  5. Restart computer and relaunch H1Z1

Automatic DNS values assigned by your network are generally more reliable than static custom entries. Allowing them fixes most common name resolution problems.

Reset Hosts File

The Hosts file functions similarly to DNS settings but handles localhost requests instead. If corrupted, it can also block connections.

  1. Launch Notepad or another text editor as Administrator
  2. Open C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts file
  3. Delete all entries besides and ::1 localhost lines
  4. Save changes and restart PC
  5. Attempt to connect to H1Z1 servers again

Removing extra lines in Hosts eliminates any mappings sending H1Z1 to an invalid address locally. Reset it as a general connectivity troubleshooting step.

Turn Off VPN

If you normally use a VPN connection for security or gaming, try launching H1Z1 with VPN software disconnected instead. VPNs can sometimes interfere with game traffic and changing routes fixes G15.

  1. Completely exit out of any active VPN programs
  2. Open your network settings and verify no VPN interfaces are now enabled
  3. Disable any VPN adapters that persist until next reboot
  4. Relaunch H1Z1 and observe error codes

Not all VPN services cause conflict but switching them off narrows down troubleshooting. Whitelist H1Z1 in your VPN app if changing routes fixes the issue permanently.

Port Forward Your Router

If the above steps fail to resolve error G15 in H1Z1, the underlying problem may be an inability to connect to servers directly. Router port forwards can help.

  1. Log into admin panel of your router
  2. Find port forward or virtual server sections
  3. Forward a TCP/UDP rule to your local PC’s IP address on ports 80, 443 and 3724
  4. Choose your PC’s current connection in dropdown and enable rule
  5. Save changes and restart router and PC

Opening those outbound ports allow H1Z1’s traffic to flow properly through routers instead of getting blocked. Can directly fix connectivity G15 problems.

Reinstall H1Z1

If no other fixes work and error G15 persists, doing a clean reinstall of H1Z1 removes any corrupted game files or registry entries causing conflicts under the hood.

  1. Navigate to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common and delete “H1Z1” folder
  2. Open Steam and navigate to Library
  3. Right-click on H1Z1 entry select Uninstall
  4. Follow on-screen steps to fully remove the game from your system
  5. After completed, re-install H1Z1 fresh via Steam interface
  6. Once downloaded, verify integrity of files again before playing

While inconvenient to initially remove, a fresh H1Z1 client minimizes any past issues from creeping up again. The most nuclear troubleshooting option.

Key Takeaway

In summary, error code G15 commonly prevents H1Z1 from properly launching or connecting to servers but has a wide variety of potential fixes:

  • Updating H1Z1 and Steam to latest versions
  • Adding client folder exceptions to antivirus/firewall software
  • Launching H1Z1.exe as Administrator
  • Disabling problematic Windows Chat services
  • Resetting DNS settings to automatic
  • Clearing out Hosts file corruption
  • Turning off VPN adapters temporarily
  • Port forwarding router to allow server access
  • Reinstalling fresh H1Z1 client as last resort

Ensuring software is updated, verifying files, and eliminating conflicts are your first steps. Connection factors like VPNs, blocked ports, or DNS issues come next. And ultimately redownloading a clean H1Z1 copy removes any last traces causing error G15.

Hopefully with one or more of these fixes, players can get past frustrating error code G15 and back into enjoying everything H1Z1 has to offer. But further assistance is available in the FAQ section below for additional troubleshooting tips if the problem remains unresolved after following this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does my antivirus detect H1Z1 as a virus or threat when adding exceptions?
    This is a false positive detection since H1Z1 is a legitimate game. You can safely add exclusions for the Steam and H1Z1 folder to whitelist them. Reboot afterwards so antivirus can recheck the updated rules without blocking access.
  2. What ports should I forward to fix error G15?
    Try opening TCP/UDP ports 80, 443, and 3724 which are common to Steam connectivity and services. Point those outbound firewall rules to your local network IP address.
  3. Does error G15 mean I’m banned from H1Z1?
    No, error code G15 is not related to bans or suspensions – it is merely a connection issue. You can still fix it with the troubleshooting steps and play normally afterwards.
  4. Can third-party cheat tools cause H1Z1 error G15?
    Potentially yes. Any unauthorized mods or injectors that modify game files risk causing conflicts and connectivity errors like G15. Fully uninstall them if present.
  5. Why does disabling Windows Chat features fix the error?
    There seems to be a clash between newer chat services in Windows 10/11 and some games utilizing older networking protocols. Blacklisting those preemptively solves it.
  6. I keep getting G15 immediately after fixing it before – why?
    If the error returns right away, there may be an external factor like VPN usage or software changes constantly retriggering a known working fix. Eliminate those one by one.
  7. How can I prevent error G15 in the future after fixing it?
    Keep H1Z1 updated via Steam, maintain exclusions set for antivirus apps, and avoid installing mods or manipulators that may conflict. Also bookmark fixes that worked permanently.
  8. Will uninstalling Steam get rid of error G15?
    It’s unlikely since the underlying issue lies with H1Z1’s files itself. Backup saves, uninstall H1Z1 itself via Steam tools, then redownload fresh. Keep Steam if other games work fine.
  9. Where can I find logs or error reports to help diagnose G15 further?
    Check C:\ProgramData\Daybreak Game Company\Logs folder for the latest H1Z1 crash logs after receiving error G15. They may reveal additional clues towards a particular cause.
  10. Does H1Z1 error G15 affect other Daybreak games too?
    It can! Games like Planet Side 2 or Ever quest building off the same Forge light engine are prone to similar connectivity issues and may benefit from the fixes listed here too.
  11. Why does H1Z1 error G15 affect some people but not others?
    It likely depends on individual system configuration differences. Particular software arrangements, network settings, ISP connections etc may trigger G15 for some while others connect fine.
  12. Should I delete the Daybreak Games folder entirely when reinstalling H1Z1?
    No need usually. The Steam uninstall process removes most files cleanly herself. Only deleting the H1Z1 folder stops leftover registry issues while retaining credentials safely for other titles.
  13. Is there an official fix or patch from the developers for G15 errors?
    No specific G15 patch yet but regular H1Z1 updates attempt to address connectivity issues in general. Ensure you stay updated via Steam to get those fixes automatically.
  14. Can I play H1Z1 while VPN is turned ON to resolve G15 errors?
    You can try adding H1Z1 as an exception or split tunnel exclusion to your VPN connection. That allows VPN to stay always active while keeping game traffic separate and unaffected.
  15. Will updating my Windows version or graphics drivers help fix error G15?
    It’s worth keeping Windows fully updated via Windows Update, as newer revisions sometimes address gaming bugs. For GPU drivers, only update if you know a newer version specifically mentions H1Z1 optimizations.
  16. Why does port forwarding fix the H1Z1 error G15?
    Opening ports through routers allows inbound replies from H1Z1’s servers to reach your PC without getting blocked. This is key for proper back-and-forth connectivity.
  17. Is error G15 caused by my ISP blocking H1Z1?
    Potentially yes – some strict ISPs block gaming traffic and ports which can manifest as G15 errors. Try cellular hotspot connections to test if replacing ISP itself fixes connectivity.
  18. Can I prevent Steam from automatically updating H1Z1 to avoid error G15 returns?
    Wouldn’t recommend it since staying updated includes critical fixes and improvements. Instead take caution with new patches by waiting a few days to see if wider issues arise before applying personally.
  19. Why do I have to reinstall H1Z1 instead of verifying integrity of files to fix G15?
    Verifying does help replace corrupted files but leaves old registry entries, user configs, caches that may retain bad settings linked to error G15 causes. Fresh install eliminates those remnants.
  20. Is there phone or live chat support available if these steps don’t fix my H1Z1 error G15?
    Official options are limited but you can find FAQ help at or ask the community at or their official forums for personalized advice.


Resolving frustrating connectivity issues like H1Z1 error code G15 can feel daunting at first with no launch button fixes in sight immediately. But methodically trying the recommended troubleshooting techniques like software repairs, network changes, and firewall tweaks can isolate then eliminate the problem permanently in nearly all cases.

If one approach fails, move onto the next orderly step rather than repeated guesses. A clean H1Z1 reinstallation for example serves as the ultimate last resort after simpler options. Along the way, documenting what doesn’t work is just as valuable as what does when narrowing variables down.

Soon enough, players can get back to enjoying everything H1Z1 offers – with some learned lessons on maintaining stability for a smooth, interruption-free experience going forward. Consulting online resources or seeking second opinions from technical experts is perfectly fine too if something remains unfixed.

With the right blend of patience and persistence matching the fixes outlined here however, banishing error code G15 becomes totally doable on your own time. So don’t lose hope and keep trying approaches methodically – you’ll have the issue beat sooner than you think!

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