How To Fix Google Pay (GPay) Error Code u16?

Google Pay (GPay) has become one of the most popular digital payment platforms. It allows you to make contactless payments, transfer money to friends and family, pay bills, recharge mobile, and more. However, users sometimes encounter error code u16 when trying to make payments or transfer money on GPay.

How To Fix Google Pay (GPay) Error Code u16?

This comprehensive guide will help you understand what causes the GPay u16 error and how to easily fix it on both Android and iOS devices. We have provided detailed troubleshooting steps and workarounds that will help resolve the u16 error promptly.

What Causes Google Pay Error Code u16?

Here are some of the common reasons why you may get the u16 error on Google Pay:

  • Outdated version of the GPay app
  • Server issues or connectivity problems
  • Account authorization problems
  • Insufficient account balance
  • Device compatibility issues
  • Corrupt app cache/data
  • Automatic top-up problems with bank

The u16 error typically shows up when initiating a payment and means there is some issue verifying the transaction details. If the problem is temporary, just trying again after some time may resolve it. However, in most cases, specific troubleshooting is required to fix the Google Pay error code u16.

How to Fix Google Pay Error Code u16 on Android

Follow these steps to troubleshoot and fix the u16 error if you get it while using Google Pay on your Android phone:

1. Update the Google Pay App

An outdated version of the GPay app can sometimes lead to u16 errors. Open the Play Store on your Android phone and check if there are any pending updates for Google Pay. Tap on Update to install the latest version of the app.

2. Reboot Your Android Device

Simply restarting your Android phone can often clear out minor glitches that may be causing u16 errors. Power off your phone, wait for 30 seconds, and power it back on. Then open Google Pay and check if the error persists.

3. Enable Airplane Mode

Network issues between your phone, bank, and Google servers can also trigger u16 errors sometimes. Put your device in Airplane mode for a minute, disable it, and then try making the payment again on GPay.

4. Clear Cache and Data of GPay App

Corrupt cache and app data files can sometimes lead to authorization issues with Google Pay. Open your phone’s Settings > Apps > Google Pay > Storage. Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Then relaunch GPay and add your accounts again.

5. Add Your Bank Account Again

One of the main causes of u16 errors is account authorization failure. Delete your bank account(s) registered on Google Pay. Now add them back again and set up the payment methods properly. This should resolve any account verification issues.

6. Factory Reset Your Android Device

If none of the above steps work, you can consider doing a factory reset on your Android device. This will clear out all system data and apps and reinstall the latest software. Make sure to backup your data before resetting the device.

Post reset, install the latest version of GPay, set up your accounts again, and see if the u16 error has been resolved.

How to Fix Google Pay Error u16 on iPhone

For iOS users who encounter the u16 error on Google Pay, here are some things you can try:

1. Update the GPay App

Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for any available updates for the Google Pay app. Tap Update to install the latest iOS version of GPay.

2. Force Quit and Relaunch the App

Double click the iPhone Home button and swipe up on the GPay preview to force quit the app. Now open it again and try making the payment. This refreshes the app and may fix u16 error.

3. Toggle Airplane Mode

Turn on Airplane mode on your iPhone for 60 seconds and turn it off again. This will disable network connectivity briefly and re-establish the connection. Then open GPay and check if the issue is resolved.

4. Log Out and Re-add Your Bank Account

Go to Google Pay app > Tap your profile icon > Select bank account > Remove account. Now add the account again by verifying details. In some cases, this will fix account authorization issues.

5. Offload and Reinstall the App

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Google Pay > Offload App. This will temporarily uninstall the app while retaining your data. Now go to the App Store, search for Google Pay, and reinstall it. Setup your accounts again and see if the u16 error has been fixed.

6. Factory Reset Your iPhone

The last resort is to backup your iPhone data to iCloud and reset the device to factory settings. This will wipe out all contents and settings from your phone. Post reset, install the GPay app, add your bank accounts again, and check if the error u16 is resolved.

Contact Google Pay Customer Service

If none of the above troubleshooting tips work, it’s best to directly contact Google Pay customer support for further assistance on fixing the u16 error.

Some ways to reach the customer service team are:

  • Via App: Open GPay > Profile > Help & Support > Contact Us
  • Live Chat: Start a chat at
  • Twitter: Send a DM to @GooglePay on Twitter
  • Request Call: Submit a call back request at

When you get in touch with support, provide details like your phone model, GPay app version, registered bank accounts, and steps taken. The customer care team can look into your account, diagnose the issue, and resolve the u16 error promptly.

Key Takeaway

  • Error code u16 on Google Pay generally indicates issues verifying transaction details due to account, app, or device problems.
  • On Android, updating GPay app, rebooting device, clearing cache/data, re-adding bank account, and factory reset can fix u16 errors.
  • For iPhones, update GPay, force quit the app, toggle airplane mode, reinstall GPay, or factory reset device to resolve u16 problems.
  • If DIY troubleshooting does not help, contact Google Pay support for further assistance on fixing error code u16.


The u16 error on Google Pay can be annoying and prevent you from sending or receiving money via the app. However, in most cases it can be easily fixed by following simple troubleshooting steps related to your GPay app, bank account, or mobile device.

Clearing app cache, updating GPay, re-adding accounts, toggling airplane mode, or factory resetting your phone are some common ways to solve the u16 error. If the issue still persists, get in touch with Google’s customer support team for specialized assistance in rectifying error code u16 on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why do I get Google Pay error u16?
Error code u16 typically appears due to issues verifying your account, payment details or connectivity problems between device, bank, and Google servers.

Q2. How can I fix if my Google Pay is not working?

  • Update the GPay app
  • Reboot your Android/iPhone
  • Clear cache and data of GPay app
  • Add bank account again
  • Factory reset device
  • Contact GPay customer support

Q3. Why is my Google Pay not sending or receiving money?
If Google Pay is not sending/receiving money, it could be due to connectivity issues, account authorization failure, app crashing, outdated version or device incompatibility.

Q4. How do I troubleshoot Google Pay problems?
To troubleshoot Google Pay, update the app, restart your phone, re-add bank accounts, clear GPay cache/data, check for connection issues, uninstall/reinstall GPay or do a factory reset of your device.

Q5. Why is my Google Pay not working after factory reset?
If Google Pay stops working after factory reset, it could be because you need to setup your accounts again. Add bank accounts, cards details again in GPay app and check if it works.

Q6. Does Google Pay work offline?
No, Google Pay requires an active internet connection to process transactions. Offline payments are not supported. Ensure mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity to use Google Pay.

Q7. How can I contact Google Pay support?
You can contact GPay customer support directly within the app, via live chat on their website, through Twitter DMs, or by submitting a callback request.

Q8. Where can I find Google Pay customer service number?
Google Pay does not have a dedicated phone number. You need to request a call back from their support page and a representative will contact you.

Q9. Why is my Google Pay linked account not working?
If your linked account is not working on Google Pay, unlink the account and add it again. Also, ensure the bank account is active and has sufficient balance.

Q10. How do I unlink bank account from Google Pay?
Open GPay > Profile > Payment methods > Select bank account > Scroll down and tap ‘Remove account’ to unlink it. Add the account again if needed.

Q11. How can I update Google Pay?
On Android, update Google Pay by going to Play Store. On iPhone, go to App Store and search for GPay to update to latest version. Also enable auto updates.

Q12. Will reinstalling Google Pay erase my data?
No, reinstalling the app alone will not erase data if you Sync with Google account. However, clearing app data before reinstalling or factory reset will erase your GPay data.

Q13. Why does Google Pay keep stopping?
Google Pay keeps stopping or crashing generally due to issues like outdated app, insufficient storage space, software bugs, payment account problems or connectivity failures.

Q14. How can I recover money sent to wrong account on Google Pay?
If you sent money to a wrong account on GPay, immediately contact Google Pay support for help. Do not make any other transactions from that account.

Q15. Can Google Pay be hacked?
Unlikely, as Google Pay has secure encryption and tokenization to protect transactions. Avoid sideloading apps or sharing OTPs to stay safe. Enable two-factor authentication for added security.

Q16. Is Google Pay banned in any country?
Yes, Google Pay is banned in some countries including China, Afghanistan, Crimea region of Russia etc. due to various regulations and compliance issues.

Q17. Is Google Pay free to use?
Yes, Google Pay is free to use for making payments and money transfers. However, a small transaction fee may be charged when transferring money to a bank account.

Q18. Can I use Google Pay abroad?
You can use Google Pay to make payments abroad if you have added an international credit/debit card to it. Charges for forex or cross-border transactions may apply.

Q19. Is Google Pay better than Apple Pay?
Google Pay and Apple Pay offer similar tap-to-pay functionality. GPay works on both Android and iOS while Apple Pay is limited to Apple devices only.

Q20. Is Google Pay safe for transactions?
Yes, Google Pay is generally safe for making payments. It uses tokenization, encryption, fraud detection, and biometrics for secure transactions and data privacy.


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