How To Fix Google Pay (GPay) Error Code AF?

Google Pay, also known as GPay, is a digital wallet platform and online payment system. It allows users to make contactless payments, in-app purchases, peer-to-peer transfers, and more using Android devices. However, users may sometimes encounter error codes like “Error Code AF” which prevents transactions from going through.

How To Fix Google Pay (GPay) Error Code AF?

This comprehensive guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix GPay Error Code AF across different devices. We will also look at the possible reasons for this error code and preventative steps you can take. Follow along as we break it down in a simple, easy-to-understand manner and get you back to making seamless digital payments in no time.

Overview of GPay Error Code AF

The “AF” error code typically appears with the message – “Something went wrong. Please try again later. [Error Code: AF]” when users attempt transactions on GPay.

This error prevents payments, money transfers and any other GPay services from completing successfully. It is often encountered sporadically but can also occur frequently depending on the underlying cause.

Some key things to note about the AF error code:

  • It can occur on Android devices during peer-to-peer transfers, Uber payments, mobile recharges or any other GPay transaction.
  • The error message itself does not indicate the specific reason for the failure.
  • Fixing it requires troubleshooting various factors like network issues, app configurations, account issues and device compatibility.
  • The error code can recur even after temporary fixes requiring further investigation and preventative measures.
  • While sporadic instances may resolve on their own, consistent AF errors point to a definite problem that needs addressing.

Likely Reasons for GPay Error Code AF

Before we get into the fixes, let’s first understand what typically causes the AF error so you can take preventative steps:

Network Connectivity Issues

Weak cellular data connectivity or unstable WiFi networks are a prime suspect for AF errors. Payments require real-time communication between your device, bank servers and Google servers. Network drops or lags can interrupt this communication and cause failures.

Switching between WiFi and cellular data or moving to a location with a stronger signal is the first step in troubleshooting. This narrow downs if network issues are the culprit.

Outdated GPay App

The AF error may be triggered if you are running an outdated version of the GPay app. New updates include bug fixes, performance improvements and support for latest devices.

Not updating to the latest GPay version can make your app prone to errors like AF during transactions.

Incompatible Device Software

GPay requires the Android device to be running on a compatible version of the operating system to function smoothly.

Using a very outdated Android OS version that is not supported by GPay anymore may be the reason behind AF errors.

Account Configuration Problems

Issues with your Google account, payment methods or app settings can also lead to failed GPay transactions.

Problems like invalid account credentials, expired cards, incorrect payment settings can trigger AF errors.

Temporary Technical Issues

In some cases, Google servers responsible for facilitating GPay transactions may be facing temporary technical issues. The problem may get automatically resolved in sometime.

This can sporadically lead to AF errors for users till the underlying problem is fixed by Google.

Unstable Device Performance

Devices that are performing sluggishly due to reasons like low storage, outdated software, hardware wear and tear may also be prone to AF errors during GPay transactions.

The device may struggle to smoothly process the real-time transaction leading to failure.

With the likely reasons covered, let’s now move onto the detailed troubleshooting steps.

Fixing Google Pay (GPay) Error Code AF:

Follow these methods sequentially for systematically diagnosing and fixing the AF error:

1. Check Network Connection

As discussed before, network issues are the most common trigger for AF errors. As a first step, check if you have a stable internet connection:

  • If using WiFi, switch to cellular data to see if transactions go through.
  • If using cellular data, move closer to the WiFi router or network cell tower for stronger connectivity.
  • Disable VPN connections temporarily if enabled as it may interfere with GPay working smoothly.
  • Check if you can access other internet dependent apps and websites smoothly to confirm there are no general network problems.
  • Reboot the phone or do a airplane mode toggle to refresh network connectivity.
  • Avoid public WiFi hotspots as they tend to have interference and connectivity drops.

If the AF error persists despite switching between WiFi and cellular data, network issues can be ruled out as the cause.

2. Update GPay App

Next, ensure that you are running the latest version of the GPay app:

  • Go to Play Store > Menu > My Apps & Games > Check for GPay app updates.
  • If an update is available, install it and then try the transaction again. Updates often contain bug fixes.
  • You can also visit the GPay app page on Play Store and check the latest version. Compare it with the version you have installed.
  • If your GPay app is very outdated, updating to the latest version may resolve any incompatibility issues.

3. Update Android OS

An outdated version of the Android OS can also cause compatibility issues and bugs that lead to AF errors. So check for any pending OS updates:

  • Go to Settings > System > System update > Check for system updates.
  • If an update is available, install it and reboot the device.
  • Ensure your device is running on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher as older versions do not support GPay.
  • Update to the latest Android OS version recommended for your smartphone model for best performance.

4. Clear GPay App Cache

Corrupted residual app files can also interfere with smooth functioning. Clearing the cache forces data regeneration:

  • Go to Device Settings > Apps > GPay > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • This will wipe temporary app files without deleting any important data.
  • Try making a payment after clearing cache to see if it resolves the error.

5. Reinstall GPay App

If updating and cache clearing does not help, try reinstalling the app:

  • Uninstall GPay from your device.
  • Restart your device.
  • Reinstall GPay app from the Play Store.
  • Set up the app from scratch, add accounts and payment methods again.
  • A clean install erases any corrupted residual data that may be causing AF errors.

6. Check Account Details

With the app troubleshooting done, next step is to check for any issues on your account-end:

  • Ensure your Google account credentials used on GPay are correct. Log in via web to confirm.
  • Check if your account has multi-factor authentication enabled which can cause signing issues.
  • Look for any pending updates or verification requests in the account.
  • Ensure your cards added on GPay are active, have sufficient limit and are not blocked.
  • Check card details like validity, CVV, billing address are accurate in GPay payment methods.
  • If you are using another Google service like Uber on GPay, check its app and account for any issues.

7. Contact Google Pay Support

If none of the above steps work out, get in touch with Google Pay customer care for further help:

  • In the GPay app, go to Settings > Help & Support.
  • Tap on Contact Us and select the relevant transaction issue you need help with.
  • Fill in the required details and explanation of the problem.
  • The GPay team will assist you in resolving the AF error for your account.
  • You can also check the Google Pay Help Community forums for finding a solution.

8. Factory Reset Device

The final option is to factory reset the Android device which will wipe any underlying app or software issue causing persistent AF errors.

Note that this will erase your data so first take backups. Then:

  • Go to Device Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data (factory reset).
  • Follow the prompts to complete the reset.
  • Set up your device again and check if GPay works fine without errors now.
  • As a last resort, this fail-safe should clear out any problematic data or configurations responsible.

Preventing G-Pay Error Code AF in Future

While the troubleshooting steps should resolve the AF error, you can also take certain measures to prevent it from occurring frequently in the future:

  • Maintain a stable internet connection when making GPay transactions. Avoid public WiFi.
  • Promptly install app and OS updates for compatibility with latest Google services.
  • Periodically clear GPay cache to wipe out temporary glitches.
  • Create Google account backups so you can easily reset GPay and restore data if issues reappear.
  • Ensure your payment methods and account details added to GPay are always accurate and up-to-date.
  • Track transactions made via GPay to identify any suspicious or unknown activity causing problems.
  • Check Google Pay Help community and Downdetector for reported issues before making transactions.

Key Takeaways on Resolving GPay Error Code AF

  • The AF error code prevents successful GPay transactions with the message “Something went wrong. Please try again later”.
  • Possible reasons include network problems, outdated apps, account issues, software bugs and temporary technical faults.
  • Switching between WiFi and cellular data is the first step in diagnosing connectivity issues.
  • Updating GPay app and Android OS can fix compatibility bugs causing AF errors.
  • Reinstalling the app, clearing cache and factory resetting device are other troubleshooting methods.
  • Checking account settings, payment methods and contacting GPay support provides help to identify and fix account-specific problems.
  • Proactive measures like updating apps regularly and using stable networks can prevent recurrence of AF errors.


In conclusion, the GPay error code AF can create hindrances when trying to make payments or transfers. However, carefully following the step-by-step troubleshooting guide outlined here should help you identify the probable reason and resolve the issue for smooth transactions. Don’t forget the preventative measures as well for avoiding AF errors in the future.

With the comprehensive solutions provided, you should now be well-equipped to handle the “Something went wrong AF” error message in GPay. Stay aware of latest app updates and maintain proper account settings for the best digital payments experience.

FAQs Related to GPay Error Code AF

1. Why does Google Pay show error code AF?
The AF error code in Google Pay generally appears due to network problems, outdated app/OS versions, account issues or temporary technical faults disrupting transactions.

2. How can I fix Google Pay error AF instantly?
Switching between WiFi and cellular data is the fastest way to check if network issues are causing the AF error. Updating G-Pay app next can instantly fix compatibility bugs.

3. Why is my Google Pay not working even after updating?
If GPay is still not working after updating, try additional steps like reinstalling the app, checking account settings, clearing cache or factory resetting your device to fix any underlying issues.

4. Does Google Pay error code AF mean my account is blocked?
No, AF error code does not indicate your G-Pay account is blocked. It is a generic transaction failure error that can occur due to multiple reasons. Check troubleshooting steps outlined to identify and resolve the actual cause.

5. How can I contact Google Pay customer service?
You can contact Google Pay customer support from within the app by going to Settings > Help & support > Contact us.Fill in the required details and they will assist you.

6. Why does my Google Pay keep showing error code AF?
If you keep getting the AF error frequently, ensure to maintain a stable internet connection when using GPay. Also periodically update GPay app and Android OS to latest versions. Check your added accounts and payment methods as well.

7. Does Google Pay error AF get resolved by itself?
In some cases, AF errors may be caused by temporary technical issues and get resolved automatically after sometime. But persistent AF errors indicate an underlying problem that needs to be proactively diagnosed and fixed.

8. Is it safe to use Google Pay if I get error AF?
You can safely continue using GPay if you only get sporadic AF errors that get resolved automatically. But frequent AF errors should not be ignored as they indicate problems that can lead to failed transactions or potential account risks.

9. Can two Google accounts on one phone cause GPay error AF?
Yes, having two Google accounts added to GPay on same device can potentially trigger AF errors due to confusion between the accounts during transactions. Try using only one account for best results.

10. Will factory resetting Android phone fix Google Pay error AF?
Yes, factory resetting your Android device can potentially fix persistent AF errors by wiping out any problematic app data, caches or system configurations. Remember to backup data first before resetting.

11. How do I troubleshoot Google Pay error code AF on Android?
Follow the step-by-step Android troubleshooting guide outlined in the article above. It covers solutions ranging from network switching, app updates, reinstalls, cache clearing, account settings check, customer support contact and factory reset.

12. Why does my Google Pay show error AF when sending money?
Error AF during peer-to-peer money transfers on GPay indicates connectivity issues, account problems or software bugs disrupting the transaction. Follow troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve the specific cause.

13. Is Google Pay down when I see error code AF?
Not necessarily. The AF error does not indicate GPay servers are down. It is a generic transaction failure code that can occur due to many possible reasons on your side. Check the troubleshooting guide to fix underlying issues.

14. Does deleting and reinstalling GPay app fix AF error?
Yes, deleting GPay app from your device and reinstalling it afresh can potentially fix the AF error. This will wipe any corrupted app data that may be interfering with transactions.

15. Why am I getting error code AF in Google Pay after transferring money?
If you get the AF error after completing a money transfer on GPay, it indicates a failed transaction due to connectivity drop or account issue. Check account balance to confirm if money was deducted. Contact GPay customer care for resolving failed transfers.

16. How do I fix when Google Pay says error code AF but payment successful?
In some cases, you may get the AF error but the GPay payment actually succeeds. This happens due to temporary network drops that self-recover. Check your bank account to confirm transaction status. Retry payment if charged but not received.

17. Why do I get Google Pay error AF at certain locations only?
If AF error occurs at specific locations only, it likely indicates network issues at those locations. Try switching between WiFi and cellular data to identify potential connectivity dead zones and avoid using GPay there.

18. Does Google Pay error AF go away on its own?
Sporadic instances of AF error may go away on their own if caused by temporary technical glitches. But consistent AF errors require proactive troubleshooting to identify and resolve the underlying issue for long term fix.

19. Is Google Pay error code AF dangerous?
The AF error by itself does not pose any danger and only indicates a failed transaction. But any error that consistently disrupts GPay functionality should be promptly investigated and fixed to avoid potential account risks.

20. Can I still use Google Pay if I get error code AF?
You can continue using GPay if you only get occasional AF errors that do not result in failed payments. But frequent AF errors need troubleshooting as they can lead to transaction issues or account risks until the underlying cause is diagnosed and resolved.


Error code AF in Google Pay can be frustrating but carefully following the detailed troubleshooting guide provided helps identify and eliminate the issue for smooth digital payments. Proactively keeping apps, OS and account settings updated prevents repeat occurrences. Save the solutions covered for quickly resolving AF errors when encountered during GPay transactions.

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