How To Fix Google Pay Error Code upnr?

Google Pay has become one of the most popular mobile payment services, allowing users to make quick and secure payments using their Android devices. However, some users may occasionally encounter error codes like “upnr” when trying to process transactions through Google Pay.How To Fix Google Pay Error Code upnr?This comprehensive guide will provide readers with an in-depth look at the “upnr” error code on Google Pay. It will cover what causes the error, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, as well as tips on how to prevent the issue from occurring again. Follow along for everything you need to know to resolve the “upnr” error and get Google Pay working properly once more.

What Causes the upnr Error Code on Google Pay?

The “upnr” error code on Google Pay typically appears due to one of the following reasons:

Outdated Version of App or Operating System

Using an outdated version of the Google Pay app or an older version of the Android operating system can sometimes trigger the “upnr” error message. Google Pay requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later, so running an older OS may cause compatibility issues.

Additionally, failing to keep the Google Pay app updated to the latest version can also lead to problems processing payments and error codes.

Connection Issues

Connection problems like a weak internet signal, Wi-Fi issues, or mobile data connectivity problems can interrupt transactions and cause the “upnr” error. Google Pay requires a stable internet connection to communicate with bank servers when processing payments.

Unsupported Device

While Google Pay works on most modern Android smartphones, some older or lower-end devices may not fully support it. Using an unsupported phone model can sometimes lead to error messages like “upnr” when attempting payments.

Account or Payment Method Problems

Issues with your Google Pay account settings or linked payment methods can also trigger “upnr” errors during transactions. Problems like expired credit cards, disabled accounts, and limited payment methods can prevent payments from being processed normally.

Google Server Issues

In rare cases, errors like “upnr” may stem from a temporary issue on Google’s servers and not your specific device. Server outages or glitches can cause sporadic payment processing problems. Usually, these are fixed quickly on Google’s end.

Now that we understand the main culprits behind the “upnr” error on Google Pay, let’s go through the steps to fix it.

Troubleshooting the upnr Error Code on Google Pay

Fixing the “upnr” error message requires investigating each of the potential causes above and addressing any issues discovered. Follow this troubleshooting process to identify and resolve the problem:

Step 1: Update the App and Your Android OS

As outdated software is a prime suspect with the “upnr” error, begin troubleshooting by ensuring you have the latest versions of the Google Pay app and Android OS:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device
  • Search for the Google Pay app
  • Check if any Updates are available and install them
  • Then go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update to update your Android OS

Updating provides compatibility fixes, improved security, and may resolve any “upnr” issues stemming from outdated software.

Step 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Next, inspect your internet connectivity, as connection problems are another top cause of Google Pay issues:

  • Reset your Wi-Fi router if using a wireless connection – unplug it for 10 seconds and reboot it
  • Restart your mobile device
  • Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal or mobile data connection (at least 3 bars/LTE)
  • Try toggling your phone’s Airplane mode on and off to refresh the connection
  • If possible, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data to determine if one is unstable

This ensures no connectivity problems are disrupting transactions and causing “upnr” errors.

Step 3: Use a Supported Device

If you are using an older smartphone model, it may not fully support Google Pay, leading to error codes like “upnr.”

Check Google’s list of supported devices and switch to a newer phone if necessary to resolve compatibility issues. Most flagship devices released in the last 2-3 years support Google Pay.

Step 4: Inspect Your Google Pay Account and Payment Methods

Login to your Google Pay app and account settings to check for any problems with:

  • Account status – Make sure your account is active and not disabled/restricted
  • Linked cards – Remove expired cards, update details if needed
  • Preferred payment method – Designate your desired default payment method
  • Google Pay balance – Top up your balance if low

Fixing any account or payment method errors can help process transactions normally without “upnr” mistakes.

Step 5: Contact Google Pay Support

If the first four steps do not reveal the cause of your “upnr” error, it may stem from a temporary technical issue on Google’s end. Contact Google Pay support via chat or email describing your “upnr” problem:

  • Detail your device model, OS version, and Google Pay app version
  • Note when the error started occurring and how often
  • List troubleshooting already attempted

Google can investigate further based on your details and resolve any problems with their servers causing the “upnr” error.

Following this complete troubleshooting guide should help identify and fix the source of your “upnr” error code with Google Pay. Be sure to also try the prevention tips below to avoid any recurrence of payment issues.

Tips to Prevent the upnr Error Code on Google Pay

Once you have addressed your specific “upnr” error, utilizing the following tips can help prevent the problem from popping up again in the future:

  • Maintain your device OS and Google Pay app updated
  • Use only stable trusted Wi-Fi or fast LTE data connections
  • Switch to a newer Android device if your current phone is outdated
  • Add multiple payment methods to your Google Pay account as a backup
  • Clear app cache/data if errors reappear to refresh Google Pay
  • Enable automatic updates for apps and OS in your settings menu
  • Review transaction history periodically to catch errors early
  • Remove and re-add payment methods if issues occur frequently

Applying these best practices provides the optimal environment for smooth transactions in Google Pay without bothersome “upnr” errors.

Common Questions about Fixing the upnr Error Code

  1. What is the upnr error code in Google Pay?
    The “upnr” error code indicates there was a problem processing a transaction through Google Pay, often due to device compatibility, connectivity, or account issues.

  2. Why does Google Pay show upnr error even when internet is working fine?
    While the “upnr” error is sometimes caused by network problems, it can also occur on strong connections. Outdated apps, unsupported devices, and account/server issues can trigger it even with good Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  3. How can I be sure my device supports Google Pay properly?
    Check Google’s list of supported Android models – most recent Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Motorola, and other flagship devices are compatible. Using an older unsupported phone can lead to “upnr” errors.

  4. Is “upnr” a problem with my bank or with Google Pay?
    The “upnr” error is typically on Google Pay’s end as it failed to process a transaction properly with your bank after you authorized it. The bank itself is usually not the direct cause of this specific error message.

  5. How can I prevent “upnr” errors when using Google Pay?
    Updating your device OS/apps regularly, using stable connections, having multiple payment methods, and clearing app cache can help avoid “upnr” issues. Also ensure your Google Pay account itself has no restrictions.

  6. Do I need to delete my Google Pay account if I keep getting “upnr”?
    No, deleting your account is not necessary. The problem likely stems from an outdated or unsupported device, connectivity issues, or fixable account/payment method errors – not a need to fully reset Google Pay.

  7. Why does Google Pay fail even when I have sufficient account balance?
    If your Google Pay balance is adequate but you get “upnr”, the error is not due to low funds. Something else like outdated apps, device compatibility, or bank/card problems is the more likely cause in this case.

  8. Does “upnr” mean my Google Pay account is hacked or compromised?
    No, the “upnr” code does not indicate hacking or account security breaches. It is a processing error unrelated to the security of your Google Pay account, usually stemming from device, connectivity, or Google server issues.

  9. How can I explain the problem when contacting Google Pay support about “upnr”?
    Mention your Android OS/Google Pay app versions, when the error started/frequency, troubleshooting steps tried, payment methods added, and relevant account/transaction details. This helps Google investigate the “upnr” issue.

Key Takeaways on Resolving upnr Errors with Google Pay

  • The “upnr” error typically occurs due to outdated apps, no internet connectivity, incompatible devices, account issues, or Google server problems.
  • Updating software, checking connections, using supported phones, and inspecting account settings can identify the cause.
  • Preventative measures involve maintaining updates, enabling auto updates, and diversifying payment methods.
  • Contact Google support if troubleshooting does not reveal the reason for persistent “upnr” errors.
  • “upnr” does not indicate hacking and can be resolved without fully resetting your Google Pay account.


Dealing with “upnr” errors in Google Pay can be frustrating, but this error code can be solved by methodically checking for outdated apps, connectivity problems, account issues, and Google server glitches. Addressing the specific cause, whether it stems from your device or Google’s systems, reduces the chances of “upnr” recurring in the future.

With the right troubleshooting steps and preventative measures, Google Pay users can get back to seamlessly making mobile payments without encounters with “upnr”. Just be sure to keep software updated, use supported hardware, and contact Google support if needed – this comprehensive guide arms you with the key knowledge to ably conquer any future “upnr” errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What causes the upnr error in Google Pay?
    The upnr error in Google Pay is typically caused by an outdated app or OS version, connection issues, an unsupported device, account problems, or a glitch on Google’s servers.
  2. How can I update the Google Pay app?
    You can update the Google Pay app by opening the Google Play Store, searching for Google Pay, and installing any available updates.
  3. What should I do if my internet connection is stable but I still get the upnr error?
    If you get the upnr error even with a stable connection, try updating your device OS and Google Pay app, switching payment methods, or contacting Google Pay support for further troubleshooting.
  4. Which Android devices support Google Pay?
    Most newer flagship Android devices support Google Pay, including phones from Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia, ZTE, Xiaomi, HTC, Asus, Huawei, and more. Refer to Google’s compatibility list.
  5. How do I contact Google Pay support about an upnr error?
    You can contact Google Pay support via chat or email in the app. Explain your device model, OS and app versions, when the error started, and steps you’ve tried to resolve it.
  6. Why does Google Pay fail even when I have enough balance?
    If Google Pay fails with upnr despite having enough balance, the issue is likely with your device, connectivity, or card/account rather than insufficient funds.
  7. Does upnr mean my Google Pay account was hacked?
    No, upnr does not indicate your Google Pay account was hacked. It is an error unrelated to account security that is usually fixable with troubleshooting.
  8. How can I avoid upnr errors going forward?
    You can avoid further upnr errors by keeping your Android OS and Google Pay app updated, using stable internet connections, adding multiple payment methods, clearing app cache, and addressing any account restrictions.
  9. What should I check first if Google Pay shows upnr?
    If Google Pay shows upnr, first check to make sure you have the latest app and OS version installed, then verify your internet connection is strong and stable.
  10. Who can I contact for additional help fixing the upnr error?
    If you need help fixing the persistent upnr error, you can contact Google Pay customer support through the app or website for troubleshooting assistance.

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