How To Fix Freevee Error Code plr-5027?

Freevee, previously known as IMDb TV, is a free ad-supported streaming service owned by Amazon. It allows users to watch popular movies and TV shows at no cost. However, some users have encountered the error code “plr-5027” when trying to use Freevee. This error can prevent you from watching content on the platform. In this article, we will discuss what the plr-5027 error code means, why you may be getting it, and the various methods you can use to resolve the issue.

How To Fix Freevee Error Code plr-5027?

What is the Freevee plr-5027 Error Code?

The plr-5027 error code on Freevee indicates that there is an issue connecting to the content delivery network (CDN) server when trying to play a video. CDNs are systems of distributed servers that provide quick delivery of internet content by storing copies of data on multiple servers across various locations.

When you attempt to watch a video on Freevee, it pulls the content from the nearest CDN server to stream it to you seamlessly. The plr-5027 error essentially means that Freevee is unable to connect to the CDN server closest to your location. This connectivity issue prevents the video from loading and playing back properly, leading to interruptions or the content not loading at all.

Common Causes of the plr-5027 Error

There are a few common reasons why the plr-5027 error occurs on Freevee:

  • Internet Connection Issues – Problems with your internet connectivity are the most likely culprit. Slow speeds, unstable connections, using a VPN or proxy, or other network errors can interrupt communication between your device and Freevee’s CDN servers.
  • Outdated App – An outdated version of the Freevee app may be incompatible with the current CDNs. Make sure you have upgraded to the latest version of the app.
  • Server Outage – Temporary outages or maintenance on Amazon’s CDN servers will also lead to plr-5027 errors across Freevee. These are usually resolved within a few hours.
  • Region Restriction – Some content may be geo-restricted and unavailable for streaming in your current location. Using a VPN that places you in a different region can trigger the error.
  • Device Incompatibility – Very old or outdated devices may have trouble supporting video playback from Freevee. Lack of software/hardware support can lead to connectivity issues.

How to Fix Freevee Error Code plr-5027

Fortunately, there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the plr-5027 error on your own:

Check Your Internet Connection

The first step is to check that your internet connection is strong and stable enough for streaming. Connect your device directly to the router via ethernet if possible and perform a speed test. You want speeds of at least 5Mbps, but speeds of 25Mbps or higher are ideal for the best Freevee streaming experience. If speeds are consistently low, contact your ISP.

Restarting your modem and router can also help resolve temporary network problems. Check that other devices can access the internet normally to isolate the issue.

Use a Different Network

If your home WiFi seems to be the problem, try switching to a different network like a cellular data or public WiFi connection. Download shows to the Freevee app when on a stable connection for later offline viewing.

This will confirm whether the plr-5027 error is due to problems with your specific home network setup rather than Freevee itself. Check the new connection’s speeds as well.

Update the Freevee App

Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Freevee app for your device. Developers frequently release updates to fix bugs, improve performance, and make the app more compatible with Freevee’s CDNs.

On your mobile device, go to the App Store or Google Play Store to check for available updates. On smart TVs, game consoles and media players, check their respective app stores or run system software updates.

Try Different Devices

See if the error occurs on other devices connected to the same network like smart TVs, gaming consoles, or a second mobile device. This will tell you if the problem is isolated to a single device due to configuration issues or incompatibility.

For example, very old phones may not support video formats served by the CDN servers. Trying a newer device like a smart TV on the same network can bypass such problems.

Bypass any VPN or Proxy Connections

VPN and proxy services often cause connectivity issues with streaming apps and services. Temporarily disable or uninstall any VPN apps on your devices and connect directly to the internet.

Similarly, adjust any proxy server settings in your browser or network configuration back to default settings. This will eliminate any conflicts.

Reset Freevee App and Clear Cache

Resetting the app will clear out any residual configuration problems and cached data that may be causing trouble connecting to Freevee’s CDNs.

On mobile devices, go to the app’s settings menu and select the option to reset or reinstall the app (method varies by platform).

On other platforms, uninstall and reinstall the Freevee app completely. Make sure to login again with your Amazon account afterwards.

Contact Freevee Support

If you have tried all other troubleshooting methods, get in touch directly with Freevee’s customer support. They can look into the specific issue, check server status in your area, and suggest any other workarounds that may be needed.

You can contact them via email or live chat on the Freevee website for assistance. Provide details on the exact error message, your device and network setup to help them diagnose the problem.

Preventing Freevee plr-5027 Errors in the Future

Once you have managed to resolve the plr-5027 error, there are some steps you can take to avoid running into connectivity problems again when using Freevee:

  • Maintain a fast and reliable home internet connection for smooth 4K/HD streaming.
  • Keep all your devices and apps updated to the latest versions. Enable auto app update if available.
  • If issues recur on your home WiFi, investigate router settings, change broadcast channel, or configure QoS rules to prioritize Freevee devices.
  • Avoid using VPNs and proxies that may interrupt CDN communication. Download content when connected without a VPN.
  • Periodically restart your network equipment and streaming devices to clear any accumulated software issues.
  • Configure your router and streaming devices with the Google DNS server addresses ( and for more reliable domain name resolution.

Following these best practices will minimize connectivity problems and create the optimal setup for enjoying Freevee without frustrating plr errors.


1. Why do I keep getting Freevee error plr-5027?
The most common reasons for a recurring plr-5027 error are internet connectivity problems, outdated app/firmware versions, incompatible or restricted devices/networks, and temporary CDN outages.

2. How can I fix Freevee plr-5027 on my Firestick?
Try force closing the app, updating your Fire OS and Freevee app, clearing cache/data, reinstalling the app, connecting Firestick directly to the router, and using a different network if needed.

3. Does Freevee plr-5027 error mean I’m banned?
No, the plr-5027 error is not related to an account ban. It is simply a technical connectivity issue between your device and the Freevee CDN servers.

4. Why does Freevee plr-5027 occur on certain shows only?
In some cases, only specific videos or shows are geo-restricted in your region leading to plr-5027. Using a VPN may allow you to bypass the restriction but is not guaranteed.

5. How long does Freevee plr-5027 last?
It depends on the underlying cause. If it is a server outage, it should resolve within a few hours max. But issues like network problems could persist indefinitely without intervention.

6. Should I delete and reinstall Freevee to fix error plr-5027?
It is worthwhile to try deleting and reinstalling the Freevee app after trying simpler app reset steps. Reinstalling can clear up any corrupted app data or settings.

7. Does Freevee plr-5027 happen on certain devices only?
Yes, very old smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, and smart TVs may have compatibility issues leading to frequent plr-5027 errors that newer devices connected to the same network won’t encounter.

8. How can I contact Freevee support for plr-5027 help?
You can contact Freevee customer support by submitting a request form on their website or starting a live chat. Provide details like error code, device, steps taken to troubleshoot when explaining the issue.

9. What is the solution for plr-5027 on Samsung Smart TV?
On your Samsung TV, try rebooting the TV, reinstalling the Freevee app, checking for firmware updates, changing DNS settings to Google DNS, or trying a wired internet connection instead of WiFi.

10. Why does Freevee plr-5027 happen on my iPhone but not iPad?
This likely indicates your iPhone is connected to a weaker WiFi signal in comparison to the iPad, faces app issues, or has an outdated iOS version. Try moving the iPhone closer to the router or use cellular data instead.

11. Can weak internet cause Freevee error plr-5027?
Yes, a slow or unstable internet connection is the most common trigger for the plr-5027 CDN connectivity error. Minimum internet speeds of 5Mbps are recommended, with 25Mbps ideal for 4K Freevee streaming.

12. Will deleting history and cookies fix Freevee plr-5027?
Clearing browser history and cookies may help if you face the issue when accessing Freevee through a web browser. But for mobile/TV apps, resetting or reinstalling the app itself is more likely to resolve plr errors.

13. Is Freevee not working due to plr-5027 error?
Yes, the plr-5027 error essentially means Freevee is down and unable to stream content to you temporarily until the underlying connection issue is resolved.

14. Does using a VPN cause Freevee plr-5027?
VPNs can often interfere with communication between your device and Freevee’s CDN server, leading to plr-5027 errors. Try turning off the VPN and connecting directly.

15. How can I prevent Freevee error plr-5027 in the future?
Updating apps/firmware, using reliable high-speed internet, avoiding VPNs, and periodic resets of devices/router help avoid plr connectivity issues with Freevee long term.

16. Will resetting my router fix Freevee plr-5027?
Yes, restarting or resetting your router can help clear up underlying network issues or conflicts that may be interfering with Freevee connectivity and leading to plr-5027.

17. Does Freevee plr-5027 get fixed automatically?
The error will automatically be resolved once connectivity is restored, like when temporary CDN outages are fixed. But issues like network problems require user intervention.

18. Is plr-5027 a permanent ban for Freevee?
No, the plr-5027 error displayed in Freevee is always caused by temporary technical connectivity issues and not account bans or blocks.

19. What is the phone number for Freevee customer support?
Freevee does not offer phone support. You will need to contact them through email or live chat available on their website for assistance fixing plr-5027 errors.

20. Is there a fix for Freevee plr-5027 on PS4?
On PlayStation 4, try closing and restarting the app, updating your system software and Freevee app, reinstalling the app, and changing DNS settings to Google public DNS to resolve the connectivity error.


The plr-5027 error message in Freevee can be annoying but resolving it is possible in most cases with minimal troubleshooting. The key is to isolate whether the issue stems from your device, home network, or problems on Freevee’s end. Maintaining updated apps, fast internet speeds, and avoiding proxies/VPNs also helps avoid intermittent connectivity problems that ruin your streaming experience.

Patiently trying the various fixes discussed can help get Freevee working again so you can pick back up binge watching those shows. Don’t hesitate to leverage Freevee’s customer support channels if problems persist after trying all recommended solutions.

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