How To Fix Freevee Error Code 2055?

Freevee, previously known as IMDb TV, is a free ad-supported streaming service owned by Amazon. It allows users to watch popular movies and TV shows at no cost. However, users may occasionally encounter different error codes while using Freevee. One common error code is 2055.


How To Fix Freevee Error Code 2055?

This error could occur due to various reasons. The good news is that there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to potentially resolve error code 2055 on Freevee. This article will discuss what Freevee error code 2055 is, what may cause it, and the different methods you can use to fix it.

What is Freevee Error Code 2055?

Freevee error code 2055 indicates that there is an issue connecting to the Freevee streaming servers. This connectivity issue prevents the app from playing any video content.

Some common situations when error 2055 may appear on Freevee include:

  • When starting to play a video
  • When trying to resume playback after pause/rewind
  • During stream buffering
  • While switching between episodes or movies

The error specifically states: “We’re having trouble playing this video. Please try again. If the error continues, check your network connection and try again.”

So the code implies a network-related problem that’s preventing proper communication between your device and Freevee’s servers.

Potential Causes of Error Code 2055 on Freevee

There can be a few different factors responsible for the 2055 error on Freevee:

Internet Connectivity Issues

One of the most common reasons behind Freevee error 2055 is unstable internet connection or weak Wi-Fi signal. Streaming requires stable broadband connectivity of at least 3 Mbps speed.

So any disruption in the internet connection interrupts the video stream, leading to buffering issues or error 2055. Problems with your ISP or router firmware could also cause connectivity problems.

Outdated App Version

If you are using an outdated version of the Freevee app, it may not be compatible with the current video encoding or streaming methods. This incompatibility can trigger error 2055.

Server Problems on Freevee’s End

In rare cases, the issue might be due to some server-side problems at Amazon’s end. Server outages or technical problems could interrupt video streaming and cause Freevee error code 2055.

Restrictive Network Settings

Some strict firewall settings, port blocking, proxy servers, or VPN configurations on your network could also interfere with video streaming and result in error 2055.

Device Performance Issues

The error might also stem from problems with your streaming device itself. Factors like outdated OS, low storage, too many background apps running etc could affect your device’s streaming performance.

How to Fix Freevee Error Code 2055

If you encounter the annoying error code 2055 on Freevee, don’t worry. Here are some effective troubleshooting steps and solutions to fix the problem:

Restart Your Device

As a first step, simply restart your streaming device – smartphone, smart TV, tablet, or laptop. Restarting will clear any minor glitches, flush DNS cache, release RAM and establish a fresh network connection. This can often resolve random error codes like 2055.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure that your Wi-Fi or broadband connection is strong and stable enough for streaming. Run a speed test to check current internet speeds.

For smooth HD streaming, you need a minimum of 25 Mbps broadband speed or 3-4 bars Wi-Fi strength. If speeds are lower, contact your ISP. Also reset your modem/router if required.

Try streaming closer to the Wi-Fi router or access point if possible. Disconnect and reconnect to refresh the Wi-Fi connection.

Update Your Freevee App

Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and check if any updates are pending for your Freevee app. Download and install the latest updated version of the app.

Updated apps fix bugs, add new features and have better compatibility. Updating apps regularly can prevent error codes like 2055.

Update Your Device Software

Similarly, also check your device has the latest OS version installed. Update your device software to the newest iOS/Android/Fire OS version available. Software updates improve system performance and stability.

Clear Freevee App Cache & Data

Over time, cache and app data accumulation can degrade app performance and cause errors.

On Android: Go to device Settings > Apps > Freevee > Storage > Clear Cache + Clear Data

On iOS: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Find Freevee app > Offload App (this clears cache & data)

Clearing Freevee app data resets the app and resolves many errors like 2055. Just re-login after clearing data.

Check Firewall and Network Settings

Some strict firewalls, port blocking, VPN usage, proxy servers or corporate networks could limit video streaming and cause Freevee error 2055.

Temporarily disable your firewall, VPN or proxy settings to check if that fixes the error. Contact your network admin for assistance with any restrictive enterprise network policies.

Also try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if the error persists on a particular network.

Reset/Reinstall the Freevee App

If the above steps don’t work, uninstall and reinstall the Freevee app from the app store. Before uninstalling, make sure to logout from your Freevee account.

Reinstalling gives you a clean slate by wiping all app data and cache. This often resolves stubborn errors that persist after trying other solutions.

Try Streaming on a Different Device

As a last resort, attempt streaming Freevee on an alternate device like mobile, tablet, streaming stick etc. This helps determine if the error 2055 is device-specific or occurs across all devices.

If Freevee works fine on other devices, then software/hardware issues with your existing device are likely causing error code 2055.

Contact Freevee Customer Support

If you still see Freevee error 2055 after trying all troubleshooting methods, get in touch with customer support. Explain the error you’re facing and steps attempted to resolve it.

The support team can investigate and provide specialized fixes or confirm if technical issues on Freevee’s end are causing the streaming failure with error code 2055.


Freevee error 2055 typically indicates a network connection issue that prevents videos from streaming properly. Restarting devices, updating apps/software, clearing app cache/data, reinstalling the app and checking network settings can all help fix the problem.

In rare cases, the error may result from problems with Freevee’s servers. If troubleshooting does not resolve error 2055, contact Freevee’s customer support team for assistance.

With the right troubleshooting steps, you should be able to successfully get rid of error code 2055 and enjoy seamless streaming on Freevee.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does Freevee error code 2055 happen?
    Error code 2055 on Freevee typically occurs due to problems with network connectivity that interrupts video streaming between your device and Freevee’s servers. Issues with your ISP, weak Wi-Fi, outdated apps, firewalls or device performance could trigger it.

  2. How can I fix Freevee error code 2055 on my iPhone?
    On iPhone, you can fix error 2055 by resetting your router, checking for Freevee app updates, switching to a stable Wi-Fi/cellular network, clearing the app cache and data, reinstalling the app, or contacting Apple support if needed.

  3. Does error 2055 mean my Freevee account is suspended?
    No, Freevee error code 2055 does not indicate an account suspension or ban. It is a technical error related to connectivity issues that prevent streaming from working properly. Your account access remains unaffected.

  4. What should I do when restarting my device does not fix Freevee error 2055?
    If restarting your device does not resolve the error, also try updating your operating system and Freevee app, clearing app cache/data, changing network connections, reinstalling the app, and contacting customer support for further assistance.

  5. How can I prevent error code 2055 on Freevee?
    You can prevent Freevee error 2055 by using a stable high-speed internet connection, regularly updating your apps, OS and firmware, avoiding restrictive networks/firewalls, clearing app cache/data periodically, and maintaining good device health and performance.

  6. Does using a VPN cause Freevee error 2055?
    Yes, using VPNs and proxy servers can sometimes interfere with video streaming and cause Freevee error code 2055. Try disabling your VPN temporarily to see if that fixes the issue.

  7. Why does Freevee error 2055 happen even with good internet speed?
    In some cases, even with adequate internet speeds, factors like Wi-Fi congestion, router firmware, firewalls, outdated apps/OS or device issues can cause problems. Try different troubleshooting steps to isolate the cause.

  8. How can I contact customer support for help with Freevee error 2055?
    You can contact Freevee customer support directly within the app via Help > Contact Us. Alternatively, you can tweet to @FreeveeHelp on Twitter or find support contact options on the Freevee website.

  9. What’s the easiest way to fix Freevee error 2055?
    The easiest fixes for error code 2055 are typically restarting your device, checking for app/OS updates, and clearing the Freevee app cache and data. These provide quick solutions in many cases.

  10. Does Freevee error 2055 happen on smart TVs too?
    Yes, the error code 2055 related to connectivity issues can occur across devices – mobiles, tablets, streaming sticks, consoles, smart TVs etc. Similar troubleshooting steps apply.

  11. Is it safe to clear cache and data to fix Freevee error 2055?
    Yes, clearing the cache and app data for Freevee is completely safe. It simply resets the app to default settings and clears temporary files. Your profile, subscriptions or anything important will not be lost.

  12. How can I improve video streaming performance on Freevee?
    Use fast stable internet, update software/apps regularly, avoid too many simultaneous streams, clear cache/data periodically, disable background apps, and use wired connections for best Freevee streaming performance.

  13. Should I uninstall Freevee when getting error code 2055?
    You can try uninstalling and reinstalling Freevee as one of the troubleshooting steps after other fixes don’t work. But uninstalling may not be necessary in all cases when resolving error 2055.

  14. Is Freevee error 2055 different from other playback errors?
    Yes, error 2055 specifically indicates inability to connect to Freevee’s streaming servers. Other playback errors may occur for other reasons like account issues, video availability etc.

  15. What should I do if Freevee error 2055 persists for a long time?
    If the error persists for a long time even after trying all basic fixes, get in touch with Freevee support. Provide details of troubleshooting steps attempted and support can further investigate and resolve persistent 2055 errors.

  16. Is it possible that my ISP is blocking Freevee and causing error 2055?
    It’s unlikely your ISP specifically blocks just Freevee alone, unless you face the issue across multiple devices and networks. Generally ISPs don’t block individual streaming services.

  17. I only get Freevee error 2055 on my Wi-Fi and not on mobile data. Why?
    This indicates an issue with your home Wi-Fi rather than your ISP connection. Problems like wireless interference, congestion, firewalls, throttling or firmware bugs could affect your Wi-Fi connectivity and cause error 2055.

  18. Does Freevee error 2055 happen because of slow internet speeds?
    Yes, slow unstable internet speeds are one of the main reasons for connectivity issues leading to error code 2055 on Freevee. Minimum 3-4 Mbps speeds are recommended for streaming without buffering or errors.

  19. How can I determine if Freevee error 2055 is due to my device or my network?
    The easiest way is to try streaming Freevee on a different device connected to the same network. If the error appears only on one device, it is device-related. If it occurs across devices, it is a network issue.

  20. Is it possible to prevent Freevee error code 2055 from occurring?
    While occasional errors may be unavoidable, you can take measures like using strong stable connections, updating apps/software, clearing cache, avoiding VPNs, and maintaining device performance to prevent frequent 2055 errors.

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