How To Fix Forza Horizon 5 (FH5) Error Code 0x0?

Forza Horizon 5 is an open-world racing video game where players compete in various races across a fictional representation of Mexico. However, some users have reported seeing Error Code 0x0 when trying to launch the game. This error prevents the game from opening properly.

How To Fix Forza Horizon 5 (FH5) Error Code 0x0?

This article provides troubleshooting steps to help fix Forza Horizon 5 error code 0x0 so you can play the game again.

Common Causes of Error Code 0x0

There are a few potential reasons why Forza Horizon 5 shows error code 0x0:

  • Corrupted game files or invalid downloads
  • Issues with Windows OS files needed to run FH5
  • Incorrect or missing Visual C++ packages
  • Outdated graphics card drivers
  • Hardware incompatibility

Checking these common causes first can help troubleshoot the 0x0 error code.

10 Ways To Fix Forza Horizon 5 Error 0x0

If your FH5 game shows error code 0x0 on launch, try these troubleshooting solutions:

  1. Restart Your PC and Launch the Game Again
    Simply restarting your computer can often resolve many errors. Close FH5 fully, restart your PC, and try launching the game again fresh.
  2. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers
    Outdated GPU drivers frequently cause issues with games. Go to your graphics card manufacturer website, download the latest drivers for your GPU model, install them, then restart and test FH5.
  3. Update Windows and Install Latest Updates
    Sometimes system file errors or missing OS components leads to gaming issues. Go to Windows Update and install the latest updates and patches for your version of Windows.
  4. Reinstall Visual C++ Packages
    Forza Horizon 5 relies on Microsoft Visual C++ packages to work properly. You can download the latest versions here or use the Visual C++ Redistributable runtime installers from 2013, 2015-2022 x64 and x86.
  5. Turn Off Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily
    Over-aggressive antivirus or firewall software can sometimes interfere with games. Try adding FH5 as an allowed app, disabling security temporary during gameplay, or using Windows Defender only.
  6. Verify Integrity of Game Files
    If Forza Horizon 5 installed incorrectly or game files got corrupted, it may show error 0x0. Open Steam or Windows Store, go to Forza Horizon 5 in your library, and use the “Verify Integrity” or scan game files options.
  7. Update Windows DirectX and .NET Frameworks
    Outdated DirectX and .NET files can sometimes break game launching and functionality. Visit Microsoft websites to update DirectX and download the newest .NET runtime libraries.
  8. Check if Your Hardware Meets System Requirements
    Make sure your PC hardware, GPU, CPU, RAM and OS meets the minimum and recommended system requirements to properly run FH5. If components are too outdated, upgrade or lower graphic settings.
  9. Reinstall or Repair Forza Horizon 5
    If you’ve tried the above steps, fully uninstalling FH5 using Revo Uninstaller or the Steam cleanup tool, clearing out registry entries and game folders, then reinstalling fresh may resolve file issues causing 0x0.
  10. Contact Forza Horizon 5 Support
    If no fixes resolve error code 0x0, contact Microsoft Forza support or submit a ticket explaining your system specs and troubleshooting steps attempted. Include any error logs or crash dumps. Support can further advise or escalate.

Following those 10 troubleshooting tips should help successfully fix Forza Horizon 5 error 0x0 for most users. Restarting hardware, verifying game files, installing the necessary dependencies, updating system software, checking for conflicts and reinstalling the game as a last resort provides detailed solutions.

Key Takeaway

  • Error code 0x0 appearing when trying to open Forza Horizon 5 prevents the game from launching properly on PC
  • Causes include corrupted files/downloads, Visual C++ issues, outdated drivers, firewall conflicts
  • Try restarting your PC, updating graphics drivers/Windows/C++, verifying game integrity, reinstalling FH5
  • Following the structured 10 step troubleshooting guide will help fix error 0x0


In summary, Forza Horizon 5 error code 0x0 typically appears due to corrupted or missing game files, software conflicts, outdated system components like graphics drivers or Windows files, hardware incompatibilities, or similar launch issues.

Methodically trying each of the 10 troubleshooting tips – restarting your PC, updating critical system software and drivers, scanning and reinstalling game files, checking for hardware or software conflicts, verifying files integrity and reinstalling Forza Horizon 5 as a last resort should resolve error 0x0 allowing you to play FH5 again.

If problems continue, submitting details and error logs via a support ticket to the Forza team can help further diagnose the 0x0 issue based on your exact PC setup and logs. Following these structured solutions outlined should successfully get Forza Horizon 5 launching and playable once more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does Forza Horizon 5 show error code 0x0?
    Error 0x0 commonly occurs due to corrupted or missing game files, outdated drivers/software conflicts, hardware incompatibility issues or damaged downloads causing the game to not launch properly.
  2. How can I fix the visual C++ errors with FH5?
    Install the latest Visual C++ Redistributable packages for 2022, 2019, 2017 and 2015 x64 or x86 editions matching your system type from Microsoft to resolve missing C++ errors.
  3. What PC specs are needed to run FH5 error-free?
    Forza recommends at least an i5-3800 series CPU, GTX 970 GPU, 12 GB RAM and 80GB HDD space. Updated graphics drivers on a DirectX 12 compatible system for smooth FH5 performance.
  4. Will using a VPN connection cause error code 0x0?
    VPNs can sometimes cause conflicts with online games and DRM checks. Try launching FH5 with your VPN disconnected first before reconnecting to the VPN after getting in-game.
  5. Is error 0x0 the same as error code 0x800706BA in FH5?
    No, error codes 0x0 and 0x800706BA are different. 0x0 relates to launch and file issues while 0x800706BA involves Windows updates and the MS store. Apply fixes based on the specific code.
  6. What optimization settings fix crashing or freezing in FH5?
    Lower graphic settings to reduce GPU load, disable excess visual effects, maintain consistent 60+ FPS gameplay performance, update graphics drivers, close unnecessary programs and ensure hardware meets recommendations.
  7. Why does FH5 crash instantly on the splash screen?
    If FH5 crashes immediately on launch, error 0x0 is likely occurring due to serious file corruption, missing dependencies or background conflicts/processes interfering before fully opening the game.
  8. How do I contact Forza Horizon 5 game support?
    You can contact the Forza support team via and submit a ticket detailing your issue with CPU, GPU, Windows version and troubleshooting steps tried to help them further diagnose your 0x0 error code.
  9. What error logs or dump files help Forza Horizon 5 troubleshooting?
    Event viewer APP crash logs, DirectX diagnostics, Forza Horizon 5 folder mini dump files generated on crashes all provide useful debug info when submitting an error ticket to the Forza dev and support teams about 0x0 issues.
  10. Is the 0x0 error permanent and impossible to fix for Forza Horizon 5?
    No, error 0x0 preventing FH5 from properly launching is usually fixable following the structured troubleshooting guide outlined in this article using most typical solutions like reinstalling Visual C++ packages or graphics drivers, scanning files, clearing conflicts and repairing the game itself.
  11. Can Forza Horizon 5 error 0x0 be caused by low disk space?
    Yes, having below the recommended 80 GB free HDD space can contribute to a 0x0 error in FH5. The game requires ample storage for smooth functionality, detailed textures, save games and to install updates. Expand disk space for the best experience.
  12. What should I do following fixing initial error 0x0 issues in FH5?
    After resolving the 0x0 error using file verification methods, software/hardware updates or reinstalls, continue optimizing FH5 by closing background programs during play sessions, maintaining the latest Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers, enabling Game Mode in Windows and monitoring for further crashes or conflicts arising.
  13. Is it safe to delete the Forza Horizon 5 folder to fix issues reinstalling?
    Fully deleting old FH5 folders via Revo Uninstaller after backup up save games can help clean out corrupted files for a fresh install. Use Steam or Windows tools first before manual deletion which risks removing needed Windows registry entries if errors continue.
  14. Why does my FH5 benchmark test succeed but the game still shows 0x0 on launch?
    If benchmarks and files verify successfully but the 0x0 persists, deeper Windows conflicts are likely occurring – check for firewall, antivirus or hardware driver issues. Toggle them off as a test during gameplay sessions to isolate the cause.
  15. Can unstable CPU or RAM overclocking cause error 0x0 crashes?
    Yes, overclocking your CPU speed, RAM speeds or voltages too high can lead to hard crashes or 0x0 errors in demanding games like FH5 even if stable in other apps. Back down speeds or return components to default settings if issues arise.
  16. Should I reinstall Windows completely to fix a persistent 0x0 error?
    A complete Windows reinstallation may be required if existing Windows system file corruption is causing persistent crashes specific to FH5 error 0x0 unfixed by typical troubleshooting. Backup data and reinstall Windows before retesting the game as a last resort.
  17. What power supply wattage is recommended for running Forza Horizon 5 smoothly?|
    Forza suggests a 650W 80+ Gold certified power supply minimum for stable FH5 performance, with 850W+ ideal for high-end systems. Insufficient wattage can cause crashes under GPU load. Use a PSU wattage calculator to determine optimal capacity.
  18. Can adjusting processor affinity help Forza Horizon 5 error 0x0?
    Setting FH5 CPU affinity to high priority cores in Task Manager can sometimes resolve crashes if background processes are interrupting gameplay. Right click FH5 while running, select processor affinity and check best cores only for a possible performance fix.
  19. Is Forza Horizon 5 error 0x0 fixable by installing games to an external SSD?
    Using a solid state external drive via Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 can eliminate slow asset streaming issues causing 0x0 crashes in FH5. Faster storage reduces game loading lag spikes for smoother overall performance.
  20. What are the optimal gaming temperatures for stable Forza Horizon 5 gameplay?
    Monitor CPU under 65C, GPU under 75C, hard disk under 55C and ambient case temperature lower than 40C for best FH5 stability. Higher temps risk overheating crashes or error 0x0. Improve case airflow and component cooling if over.

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