How To Fix Flipkart 500 Internal Server Error?

Flipkart is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in India. Millions of users visit Flipkart everyday to shop for products across various categories including electronics, fashion, home & furniture, and more.

How To Fix Flipkart 500 Internal Server Error?

However, sometimes users may encounter the frustrating “500 Internal Server Error” page when trying to access Flipkart. This error essentially indicates that there is some issue with Flipkart’s server that is preventing you from browsing the site properly.

Heading 2: What Causes The 500 Internal Server Error on Flipkart?

The 500 internal server error on Flipkart is typically caused by one of these reasons:

  • Server overload – Too much traffic on Flipkart servers causes them to crash. This usually happens during big sale events when millions of users flood the site.
  • Website maintenance – Flipkart may intentionally take down servers for maintenance purposes. This leads to the 500 error.
  • Technical issues – Glitches with Flipkart’s server configuration or hardware can trigger the 500 error message.
  • Internet problems – Issues with your own internet connection like slow speed or instability can also show the 500 error sometimes.
  • Outdated app or site – Using an outdated version of the Flipkart app or website may cause conflicts leading to 500 error.
  • Browser problems – An outdated browser, extensions, cookies or cache issues can also display 500 error on Flipkart.

So in most cases, the 500 internal server error occurs due to temporary technical problems either on Flipkart’s end or the user’s end. Understanding the potential causes will help troubleshoot the issue better.

Heading 2: Fixes To Try On Your End First

Before contacting Flipkart customer support, there are some basic troubleshooting steps you should try on your end to resolve the 500 internal server error:

Heading 3: Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing to check is your own internet connection. Reset your modem and router, reconnect to the wifi, try switching to mobile data, or simply try again after some time. Slow or unstable connections can sometimes show 500 errors on any website.

Heading 3: Use A Different Browser

Open Flipkart in a different browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. There may be some browser-specific conflict like extensions, cookies or cache issues causing problems. Trying a different browser isolates the issue.

Heading 3: Clear Cache and Cookies

Clear your browser cache and cookies for Flipkart. Old cached files or cookies may cause conflicts and the 500 error. Here are the steps to clear cache and cookies:

  • Chrome – Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Clear Browsing Data. Select the desired time range and check cookies, cache.
  • Firefox – Go to Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data. Click “Clear Data”.
  • Safari – Go to Preferences > Privacy. Click “Manage Website Data” and remove Flipkart data.

Heading 3: Try Incognito or Private Browsing Mode

Incognito or private browsing modes load webpages in a fresh, clean environment without extensions or customizations. Open Flipkart in incognito mode and see if the 500 error still appears. If it doesn’t, some extension/customization is the issue.

Heading 3: Update Your Browser

Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Outdated browsers may not display Flipkart properly leading to 500 errors. If your browser is very old, consider switching to a modern one like latest Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Heading 3: Disable Browser Extensions Temporarily

Browser extensions, especially ad blockers like AdBlock can sometimes interfere with page loading and cause 500 errors. Try disabling all extensions one by one and opening Flipkart to isolate the problematic extension.

Heading 3: Try On Your Mobile Device

Try accessing Flipkart on your smartphone or tablet. If the mobile app or site loads fine, then it’s likely a browser, extension or system issue with your desktop causing problems. Mobile verifies the issue is localized.

Heading 3: Restart Your System and Router

Restarting your computer and router flushes out any corrupt temporary files or DNS issues that may cause 500 errors. First restart your system. If the error persists, restart your wireless modem/router too.

Heading 3: Try Later

In many cases, the 500 internal server error on Flipkart is temporary, for example due to overloaded servers during sales. Trying again after a few hours may resolve such temporary glitches automatically.

Heading 2: Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

If you still see the 500 internal server error on Flipkart after trying the above basic fixes, here are some more advanced troubleshooting tips:

Heading 3: Reset TCP/IP

Resetting TCP/IP flushes your system’s DNS cache and assigns a new IP address. Here are the steps:

  • Windows – Open Command Prompt as admin and run “netsh int ip reset”
  • Mac – Go to System Preferences > Network > Select connection > Advanced > Renew DHCP Lease

Heading 3: Flush DNS

Flushing DNS refreshes your DNS caches to resolve any issues connecting to Flipkart:

  • Windows – Open Command Prompt as admin and run “ipconfig /flushdns”
  • Mac – Open Terminal and run “sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder”

Heading 3: Disable Antivirus or Firewall Temporarily

Antivirus software or firewalls can sometimes block connections to websites. Try temporarily disabling them and opening Flipkart to see if that fixes the issue.

Heading 3: Reset Your Network Adapter

Resetting your network adapter renews all network configurations and resets any issues.

  • Windows – Open Device Manager > Network adapters > Right-click your adapter > Select disable > Right-click again > Select enable.

Heading 3: Access Flipkart via VPN

If Flipkart opens properly via a VPN, then there are issues with your own ISP blocking connectivity. Using a VPN routes your traffic through a different server, resolving any ISP issues.

Heading 3: Update Network and Graphics Drivers

Outdated network card or graphics drivers can also prevent accessing Flipkart properly. Visit your device manufacturer’s site to download the latest drivers.

Heading 3: Scan System For Malware

Malware on your system can modify important files leading to connectivity issues and 500 errors. Scan your system with a good antivirus program to remove any malware.

Heading 3: Reset Your PC (Advanced)

If nothing else works, doing a factory reset of your Windows PC may resolve any deep issues causing 500 errors. Backup important data first before resetting.

Heading 2: Contact Flipkart Customer Support

If you still see the 500 server error on Flipkart after trying all the above methods, then the issue is likely on Flipkart’s end. Some options to contact them:

  • Live chat – Initiate a live chat on Flipkart app or site to report the 500 error.
  • Call customer care – Call Flipkart customer support at +91 93500 93500. Explain the persistent 500 error.
  • Email support – Email Flipkart customer support at [email protected] with details of the 500 error.
  • Social media – Tweet to @FlipkartSupport on Twitter or comment on their Facebook page about the 500 error and ask for help.

The Flipkart support team will troubleshoot issues on their end or provide specialized fixes based on the problem circumstances.

Overall, while the 500 internal server error on Flipkart can be annoying, a bit of patience and following the right troubleshooting methods will help resolve the problem in most cases.

Key Takeaway

  • The 500 internal server error on Flipkart typically occurs due to server problems on Flipkart’s end or browser/connectivity issues on the user’s end.
  • Try basic troubleshooting like clearing cache, using incognito mode, switching browsers etc before trying advanced methods like resetting TCP/IP, VPN access etc.
  • If all self-troubleshooting fails, contact Flipkart customer support via live chat, call or email for resolution.


In conclusion, the 500 internal server error on Flipkart can often be fixed with some basic troubleshooting steps like clearing your cookies/cache, trying incognito mode, restarting your network equipment, or simply waiting for some time. For persistent errors, advanced fixes like updating drivers, using VPNs, resetting network settings may be required. And if all else fails, Flipkart’s customer support is available to investigate and resolve the matter for you. Just a little patience and following these troubleshooting methods should have you shopping on Flipkart again in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why does the 500 internal server error show on Flipkart?
The 500 error on Flipkart usually appears due to server overload issues on Flipkart’s end or browser/connectivity problems on the user’s end. It indicates some temporary technical issue is preventing access to Flipkart.

2. How can I fix the 500 error on Flipkart myself?
You can try basic troubleshooting like clearing cookies/cache, using incognito mode, changing browsers, restarting your network, or simply trying after some time. Advanced fixes involve resetting network settings, updating drivers, using VPNs etc.

3. What should I do if basic troubleshooting does not resolve the 500 error on Flipkart?
If basic fixes don’t work, you can try advanced methods like resetting TCP/IP, flushing DNS, scanning for malware etc. As a last resort, you can back up data and reset your PC.

4. Who do I contact for help with a persistent 500 error on Flipkart?
If you still see the error after troubleshooting yourself, contact Flipkart customer support via live chat, call, email or social media. They will investigate and resolve persistent 500 errors.

5. Does the 500 error mean my Flipkart account is hacked?
No, the 500 error is a general server-side issue and is not related to your Flipkart account security in any way. Your account credentials remain safe.

6. Why does the 500 error appear on Flipkart even when my internet is working fine?
An unstable internet connection can sometimes display 500 errors even if basic connectivity is present. Try resetting your network equipment and check if the error persists on mobile data.

7. Should I be worried about viruses if I see the 500 error on Flipkart?
The 500 internal server error is not caused by viruses itself. But malware on your system can lead to connectivity issues that may show 500 errors, so scan your system just in case.

8. Does using incognito mode fix the 500 error on Flipkart?
Incognito mode isolates browser-specific issues. If Flipkart loads properly in incognito mode, it indicates extensions, cache or cookies are problematic in regular browsing.

9. How long does it take for Flipkart to resolve the 500 internal server error?
It depends on the underlying cause. If it’s a server overload issue, Flipkart usually resolves it within a few hours max. Persistent errors may take longer to investigate and fix.

10. What details should I provide when contacting Flipkart about the 500 error?
Give your order ID if applicable, Flipkart username, URL where you see the error, screenshots, your browser details, and any troubleshooting steps you may have tried already.

11. Does the 500 error occur more often on the Flipkart app or website?
The 500 error can appear on both the Flipkart app and website. It depends more on their server issues and your network connectivity rather than the platform.

12. Is it safe to access Flipkart from another device after getting the 500 error?
Yes, the 500 error is device-specific and doesn’t spread across devices. Trying Flipkart on another device helps isolate the issue.

13. I keep getting a 500 error on Flipkart during sales. What should I do?
Heavy traffic during sales often crashes Flipkart’s servers. Try accessing later or use the app which handles load better. Contact support if the issue persists for too long.

14. How can I prevent the 500 internal server error on Flipkart in the future?
There’s no definitive way since it depends on Flipkart’s servers, but using a fast, stable internet connection and updated browser helps avoid connectivity issues.

15. Does a 500 error mean my Flipkart account is permanently blocked?
No, the 500 error is temporary and doesn’t indicate any permanent blocking of your Flipkart account. Your account access remains intact.

16. Should I use a VPN to resolve the 500 error on Flipkart?
Using a VPN can help bypass any ISP-level blocking that may be causing a 500 error on Flipkart. But try easier fixes first before setting up a VPN.

17. Where can I find my nearest Flipkart customer support center?
You can locate your nearest Flipkart customer support center by checking Click on Contact Us and search for support centers near you.

18. What details should I have ready when calling Flipkart support about 500 error?
Keep your order ID if applicable, Flipkart username, device details, screenshots of error, browser name and version, and any troubleshooting steps you tried handy when calling.

19. Why does my internet work on other sites but not on Flipkart?
If other sites load normally but Flipkart shows 500 error, it indicates an issue with Flipkart’s server connectivity. Contact their support for resolution.

20. Does Flipkart charge any fees for helping fix 500 internal server errors?
No, troubleshooting assistance for issues like the 500 error is provided free by Flipkart customer support as part of their services.

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