How To Fix Fall Guys Error Code 30005?

Fall Guys is a popular online multiplayer battle royale game that was released in 2020. It quickly became very popular due to its fun, chaotic gameplay and colorful visual style. However, like any online game, Fall Guys can sometimes run into technical issues and errors. One common error that players may encounter is Error Code 30005.

How To Fix Fall Guys Error Code 30005?

What Causes Error Code 30005?

Error Code 30005 in Fall Guys indicates that the game client has lost connection to the Fall Guys game servers. There are a few potential reasons why you may get this error:

  • Your internet connection has been disrupted or lost. This could be due to temporary connectivity issues with your home network, ISP problems, or server outages on Fall Guys end.
  • There are issues with the Fall Guys game servers themselves. Sometimes the servers become overloaded or unstable, leading to players getting disconnected.
  • Your firewall or antivirus software is blocking the game from maintaining a stable connection. Certain security software can interfere with games if their rules are too restrictive.
  • Ports required by Fall Guys are being blocked. The game uses various ports to communicate with the servers. If they are being blocked, it will lead to connection issues.
  • Outdated network drivers on your PC. Using outdated or faulty drivers can sometimes cause connectivity problems for online games.

So in summary, the Error Code 30005 usually points to some sort of interrupted network connection between your device and Fall Guys game servers. The solution lies in restoring that connection.

How to Fix Error Code 30005

If you encounter Error Code 30005 in Fall Guys, there are a number of troubleshooting steps you can take:

1. Check your internet connection

First, check that you have an active, stable internet connection. Try loading some web pages or running a speed test to confirm your network connectivity. If your internet is down or running slow, that could easily explain the error code. Power cycle your modem/router and restart your device to refresh the connection.

2. Restart your game and device

Often a quick restart of the Fall Guys app or a reboot of your device can resolve transient network issues. This will clear any cached connection data and start fresh. Be sure to close the game client fully before restarting for the best results.

3. Verify Fall Guys server status

Check the Fall Guys server status page or social media to see if the game servers are down for maintenance or having widespread technical troubles. If so, you’ll have to wait until the developers fix the issues on their end.

4. Check your firewall and antivirus software

Configure your computer’s firewall and security suite to allow Fall Guys to maintain network access. Add the game executable and ports as exceptions to the firewall rules. You may need to temporarily disable certain antivirus features like intrusion prevention as well.

5. Forward the necessary ports

Fall Guys requires certain network ports to be open for communication with the game servers. Forward ports 80, 443, and 9942 on your router to the IP address of the device running Fall Guys. This opens up those ports in your router’s firewall for the game traffic.

6. Update your network drivers

On your gaming PC or console, update your network drivers to the latest available versions. Outdated drivers can sometimes impede normal network functions for online games. Keeping them updated avoids potential compatibility issues.

7. Switch to a wired connection

For the most reliable connectivity, plug your gaming platform directly into your router via Ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. Wired connections have much better stability compared to wireless and could fix your Error Code 30005.

8. Change DNS server settings

Using an alternate DNS server like Google’s public DNS or Cloudflare’s DNS could potentially resolve connectivity problems caused by a misbehaving DNS server. You can usually configure the DNS under your network settings.

If none of those troubleshooting tips resolve the issue, your last resort may be to contact Fall Guys customer support for further assistance. Be sure to include your platform, game version, and any error logs. They may be able to identify and troubleshoot the problem on their end.

Preventing Error Code 30005 in the Future

Once you’ve corrected the Error Code 30005, there are some things you can do to prevent it from popping up again in the future:

  • When playing Fall Guys, use a wired internet connection rather than WiFi whenever possible for maximum stability.
  • Run an internet speed test periodically to check for potential ISP issues that could affect connectivity. Contact your ISP if speeds are consistently low.
  • Ensure any security software running on your device is configured to allow Fall Guys network access. Adjust firewalls and antivirus to minimize interference.
  • Periodically check your network drivers are updated, especially after major operating system updates which can sometimes change default drivers.
  • Keep your router firmware updated for the latest features and bug fixes that can improve connectivity and performance.
  • If connecting to Fall Guys through a VPN, choose reliable VPN providers that are optimized for gaming and avoid highly congested servers.
  • When playing on console, set your console’s connection settings to automatically obtain IP and DNS for the easiest online gaming experience.

Keeping your internet in good working order and reducing background network interference makes Error Code 30005 much less likely to interrupt your Fall Guys sessions.


Q: Does Error Code 30005 mean I’ve been banned from Fall Guys?
A: No, Error Code 30005 is not related to being banned. It is caused by connection issues between your device and the Fall Guys servers.

Q: Will restarting my router fix Fall Guys Error Code 30005?
A: Yes, restarting your router can often resolve Error Code 30005 by refreshing all network connections. Be sure to restart your gaming device after resetting the router.

Q: Should I delete and reinstall Fall Guys if I get Error Code 30005?
A: Usually there is no need to reinstall Fall Guys just for Error Code 30005. The problem is likely due to network connectivity, not game file issues. Try troubleshooting your network before reinstalling.

Q: Does Error Code 30005 affect a specific platform more?
A: No, this error code can appear across all platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It is not isolated to any one platform.

Q: Will upgrading my internet speed prevent Error Code 30005?
A: Faster internet won’t necessarily stop Error Code 30005 if the underlying cause is something like a firewall blocking Fall Guys. But in some cases, a bandwidth upgrade could help if slow speeds are disrupting the game connection.

Q: Can using a VPN cause Fall Guys Error Code 30005 to appear?
A: Yes, some VPN connections can introduce instability that leads to Error Code 30005. Try switching VPN servers or disabling the VPN as a troubleshooting step.

Q: Is there a way to troubleshoot Fall Guys network problems before connecting?
A: Yes, you can visit Downdetector or status sites to check if others are reporting Fall Guys connection issues. That gives a clue that Error Code 30005 may happen when connecting.

Q: Does port forwarding completely fix Error Code 30005?
A: Port forwarding can resolve some instances of Error Code 30005, but not all cases. You still may need to troubleshoot other network factors like VPNs, firewalls, or wireless interference.

Q: Will playing Fall Guys on mobile data avoid Error Code 30005?
A: Not necessarily; mobile hotspots can still have connectivity problems that produce Error Code 30005. But mobile data is worth testing as an alternative if you can’t resolve the error on WiFi.

Q: Can my ISP fix Error Code 30005 remotely if I contact them?
A: The ISP probably can’t fix this particular error code remotely, as it is a game connectivity issue. But they could assist you with troubleshooting steps like checking connection levels or adjusting hardware.


Error Code 30005 can certainly be frustrating, but resolving it simply comes down to troubleshooting and optimizing your network connection to the Fall Guys servers. By methodically applying the various solutions like restarting your router, forwarding ports, whitelisting Fall Guys in security apps, and ruling out server outages, you should be able to eliminate Error Code 30005 and get back to enjoying the chaotic fun of Fall Guys. Persistence and patience during the troubleshooting steps is key – don’t give up too quickly or assume the problem is unfixable. In most cases, Error Code 30005 can be remedied with one of the fixes outlined above.

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