How To Fix Fall Guys Error code 29?

Fall Guys is a popular battle royale platformer game that can occasionally run into errors. Error code 29 is one of the more common error codes that players may encounter in Fall Guys. This error prevents the game from launching properly.

How To Fix Fall Guys Error code 29?

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot and fix Fall Guys error code 29. Follow the solutions outlined here to resolve the issue and get back to playing Fall Guys smoothly again.

What Causes Error Code 29 in Fall Guys?

Error code 29 in Fall Guys is typically caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Corrupted game files: Corrupted or missing game files can prevent Fall Guys from launching properly and trigger error code 29. Verifying integrity of game files can fix this.
  • Outdated graphics drivers: Outdated graphics card drivers can sometimes lead to error 29 in Fall Guys. Updating to the latest graphics drivers is recommended.
  • Connectivity issues: Network problems like using a VPN or firewall can interfere with Fall Guys connecting to its servers, resulting in error 29.
  • Full hard drive: Insufficient hard drive space can prevent Fall Guys from running correctly. Free up disk space for a potential fix.
  • System file corruption: Corrupted Windows system files required to run Fall Guys normally could lead to error code 29. SFC and DISM scans may repair them.

What Error Code 29 Means in Fall Guys

When Fall Guys displays error code 29, it indicates that the game client is unable to establish a connection with the game’s servers. This connectivity issue prevents you from properly launching into a match.

Error 29 typically appears right when the game is launched, or when matchmaking, with a message that the server can’t be reached. It points to some problem interfering with Fall Guys contacting the game servers.

Now let’s look at the various solutions to resolve this error code and get Fall Guys working again.

Fixes and Solutions for Error Code 29 in Fall Guys

Here are the recommended troubleshooting steps to fix Fall Guys error code 29:

1. Restart Your PC and Router

The simplest initial step is to restart your computer and wireless router. This resets connections and services, clearing out any temporary glitches.

  • Shut down Fall Guys if running and restart your PC.
  • Also restart your wireless router and modem (unplug and replug them).
  • Try launching Fall Guys again after the restart.

Restarting devices will resolve transient network issues that could cause error 29.

2. Verify Integrity of Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files is a common cause of error 29 in Fall Guys. You can verify integrity of game files through Steam to fix such errors.

  • Open your Steam Library and right-click on Fall Guys. Select Properties.
  • Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Steam will scan game files and restore any missing or corrupt files.
  • Restart Fall Guys after verification to see if error 29 persists.

Verifying integrity of game files will restore any damaged files needed to run Fall Guys properly.

3. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can also lead to connectivity issues like error code 29 in games like Fall Guys. Keeping your drivers updated is recommended.

  • For NVIDIA cards, open GeForce Experience and download the latest Game Ready Driver.
  • For AMD cards, open Radeon Software and check for graphics driver updates.
  • Install the latest driver through GeForce Experience or Radeon Software.
  • Restart your PC after the graphics driver update.

Updating to the newest graphics drivers can potentially fix error 29. Make sure to get drivers directly from the NVIDIA or AMD website.

4. Disable VPN or Firewall Software

VPN clients and third party firewall software can sometimes interfere with games connecting to servers. Temporarily disabling them is worth a try.

  • Close any VPN client software running on your system.
  • Also disable any third party antivirus or firewall programs.
  • Launch Fall Guys and see if error 29 appears without the VPN or firewall active.
  • Re-enable the VPN/firewall after testing.

Disabling VPN and firewalls eliminates potential connectivity issues from those programs that could cause error code 29.

5. Run SFC and DISM Scans

Corrupted Windows system files can prevent games like Fall Guys from working right. Running SFC and DISM scans may fix such system file errors.

  • Open an admin Command Prompt and run SFC /scannow to scan system files.
  • Also run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth to repair files.
  • Restart your PC once the scans complete.
  • Retry launching Fall Guys to see if error 29 was resolved.

SFC and DISM scans will replace any damaged operating system files that could be triggering error code 29.

6. Change DNS Server Settings

Connecting to reliable DNS servers is required for Fall Guys to reach its game servers. Switching to alternate DNS servers may help.

  • Go to Network Settings and select the adapter connected to your wifi/ethernet.
  • Click the adapter to change its settings and go to DNS configuration.
  • Set preferred DNS to and alternate DNS to
  • Save changes and restart your PC.

Overriding the DNS servers to Google’s public DNS resolves any issues contacting DNS which may fix error code 29.

7. Clear Download Cache

Clearing Fall Guys’ download cache files can eliminate potentially corrupted files that cause error 29.

  • Press Windows + R and enter “%LocalAppData%\FallGuys_client” and hit enter.
  • Delete files in the ‘downloads’ folder.
  • Launch Fall Guys and check if error 29 is now gone.

Deleting the download cache forces re-download of files when launching Fall Guys, fixing any corrupted files.

8. Reinstall or Update Fall Guys

If all else fails, fully reinstalling or updating Fall Guys may be necessary to permanently fix error code 29.

  • First try verifying integrity of game files again in case any files got corrupted.
  • Next fully uninstall and then reinstall Fall Guys from your Steam library.
  • Make sure Fall Guys is also updated to the latest version.
  • Run the game again to see if error 29 comes up after a fresh install/update.

Reinstalling or updating eliminates any possibilities of corrupted game files triggering the error and may fully resolve error code 29.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

  • Error code 29 in Fall Guys indicates connectivity issues reaching the game servers.
  • Restarting your PC/router, verifying game files, updating graphics drivers are good initial troubleshooting steps.
  • Disabling VPN/firewall, running SFC/DISM scans, changing DNS servers may also help fix the issue.
  • Reinstalling or updating Fall Guys is the final fix if all else fails.

Error 29 can be frustrating but following the solutions outlined here should help you resolve it and get back to enjoying Fall Guys properly. Start with simpler steps like restarts and verifying game files. Move on to fixes like DNS changes or reinstall if needed.

Updating graphics drivers and disabling interfering programs is also recommended. Be sure to keep Fall Guys patched to latest version. Following this troubleshooting guide should help you narrow down and correct whatever is causing error code 29.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does Fall Guys error code 29 happen?
A: Error 29 is typically caused by connectivity issues that prevent the game from reaching its servers. Corrupted files, outdated drivers, VPN/firewall conflicts or OS issues can trigger it.

Q: Where can I find the error code 29 message in Fall Guys?
A: The error 29 message will pop up right when you launch Fall Guys or when matchmaking. It states that the servers can’t be reached due to connectivity issues.

Q: How can I fix the Fall Guys error code 29 on PC?
A: Restarting your PC/router, verifying game files, updating graphics drivers, disabling VPN/firewalls, running SFC/DISM scans and reinstalling the game are potential fixes for error 29.

Q: Does reinstalling Fall Guys get rid of error 29?
A: Yes, fully reinstalling Fall Guys will eliminate any corrupted game files that could be causing error code 29. Updating to latest version can also fix it.

Q: Can third party antivirus cause Fall Guys error 29?
A: Yes, third party firewalls and antivirus programs can sometimes interfere with Fall Guys connecting to servers, resulting in error code 29. Temporarily disabling them may resolve it.

Q: Is error 29 a server issue for Fall Guys?
A: No, error code 29 is not on the server end. It indicates connectivity issues on the user’s PC end preventing connecting to Fall Guys servers. It can be fixed with solutions mentioned in the guide.

Q: Does Fall Guys error 29 happen on Xbox/PlayStation?
A: Yes, error 29 can occur on all platforms including PC, Xbox and PlayStation when there are connectivity issues. The troubleshooting steps like reinstalling the game apply to consoles as well.

Q: What is the difference between Fall Guys error 42 and error 29?
A: Error 42 deals specifically with login/authentication issues accessing your Fall Guys account. Error 29 indicates general connectivity problems reaching Fall Guys game servers.

Q: Is there a way to contact Fall Guys support about error 29?
A: Yes, you can contact Fall Guys customer support through their support page if the error persists after troubleshooting. They can further help diagnose the cause.

Q: Will uninstalling Steam fix Fall Guys error code 29?
A: Uninstalling Steam itself is unlikely to fix error 29. Reinstalling just Fall Guys through Steam is recommended as a fix for any corrupted game files causing the issue.

Q: Can I prevent Fall Guys error 29 from happening again?
A: Keeping Fall Guys updated, verifying game files occasionally, updating graphics drivers and disabling interfering programs can help prevent error 29 in the future. Proper PC maintenance helps avoid connectivity issues.


In summary, Fall Guys error code 29 is a connectivity issue that prevents accessing the game servers. Following the step-by-step troubleshooting guide outlined here should help you resolve the problem. Start with simpler solutions and work your way up to reinstalling Fall Guys if needed. Let us know if any of these fixes worked for you! Game on.

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