How To Fix Fall Guys Error code 200_014?

Fall Guys is a popular online multiplayer battle royale game that was released in 2020. It has gained immense popularity among gamers for its fun and chaotic gameplay. However, many players have reported running into the error code 200_014 while trying to play Fall Guys. This error prevents the game from launching properly.

How To Fix Fall Guys Error code 200_014?

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss what exactly the Fall Guys error code 200_014 is, what causes it, and the various methods you can try to fix it.

What is Fall Guys Error Code 200_014?

The Fall Guys error code 200_014 indicates that the game is unable to connect to the game servers. This connectivity issue prevents you from being able to launch and play Fall Guys normally.

Some common symptoms when encountering this error include:

  • Fall Guys game failing to launch
  • Error message popping up mentioning error code 200_014
  • Getting stuck on the loading screen when trying to start a match

The error is typically caused by problems with your internet connection. However, there could be other reasons leading to this error as well.

Common Causes of Fall Guys Error Code 200_014

Here are some of the common reasons why you may be getting the Fall Guys error code 200_014:

Internet Connection Issues

An unstable internet connection is one of the main culprits behind this error. Issues like slow bandwidth, high latency, packet loss etc. can prevent you from establishing a proper connection with the Fall Guys game servers.

Restarting your router and modem can sometimes fix temporary network problems. Connecting via ethernet cable instead of WiFi and upgrading your internet plan may also help mitigate this issue.

Outdated Game Version

Make sure that your Fall Guys game is updated to the latest version. The developers often roll out fixes and updates to patch bugs and improve connectivity.

Having an outdated game version can sometimes cause connection errors like code 200_014.

Server Outages

There could be temporary server outages or maintenance by the Fall Guys developers that hamper connectivity. Trying again after some time could resolve the issue in such cases.

You can check the @FallGuysGame Twitter handle for server status updates.

Firewall/Antivirus Blocking Connections

Overzealous firewalls and antivirus programs can sometimes block Fall Guys from making outbound connections to the game servers. Adding exceptions for the Fall Guys executable in your firewall and antivirus settings may help overcome this roadblock.

Corrupt Game Files

In rare cases, corrupt game file installations may also be the culprit behind error code 200_014. Verifying integrity of game files or reinstalling the game can help fix file corruption.

How to Fix Fall Guys Error Code 200_014

If you are facing the error code 200_014 in Fall Guys, try out these troubleshooting solutions to resolve the connectivity issues:

1. Restart Your Router, Modem and PC

The first basic step is to reboot your network devices and computer. Reset your router and modem to clear any temporary glitches. Also restart your PC. This will refresh all connections and often resolves simple network errors.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure that your internet is working properly by accessing other websites and games. If you are unable to connect on other devices as well, then the problem is with your net connection. Contact your ISP if the issue persists.

Consider switching to a wired ethernet connection instead of WiFi to rule out wireless interference.

3. Verify Integrity of Game Files

Open the Steam client, go to your Game Library and right-click on Fall Guys. Select Properties from the menu and then choose the Local Files tab.

Click the Verify Integrity of Game Files button to check for any corrupted or missing files. Steam will automatically re-download and replace them.

4. Update Windows and Drivers

Outdated Windows OS and device drivers can also hamper connectivity.

  • For Windows, open Settings > Windows Update and install the latest updates.
  • Update graphics card drivers from Nvidia/AMD’s website.
  • Update router firmware, chipset and network adapter drivers as well.

5. Allow Fall Guys Through Your Firewall & Antivirus

Configure your system firewall and security software like Windows Defender to allow Fall Guys through. Add the game executable to the exception list.

You may also need to disable or uninstall any overly protective third party antivirus that could be blocking connections.

6.Flush DNS

Sometimes cached DNS records can cause connection issues. Open Command Prompt as admin and run the following commands:

Copy code

ipconfig /flushdns

This will flush out old DNS data. Now try running the game again.

7. Use Google DNS

Your ISP’s DNS servers could also be the culprit. Switch to Google’s public DNS server to rule that out:

To do this on Windows 10/11:

  • Go to Network Connections > Change Adapter Options
  • Right-click your active network > TCP/IPv4
  • Switch to Use the following DNS server addresses and enter Google’s DNS.

8. Clear Download Cache

Open the Steam client > Settings > Downloads and click Clear Download Cache. Restart Steam and try downloading/updating Fall Guys again.

9. Reinstall the Game

If all else fails, uninstall Fall Guys completely from Steam and reinstall a fresh copy. Make sure to delete any leftover files and folders of the game as well.

Also, reinstall Steam itself from scratch after backing up your game library and saves.

10. Contact Customer Support

Get in touch with Fall Guys customer support if the error persists. Explain your troubleshooting steps so they can investigate and resolve any underlying issues from their end.


The Fall Guys error code 200_014 can certainly be annoying but using the solutions outlined above should help you fix it. The problem is usually due to network and connectivity issues. Check your internet, update the game, verify game files, and reinstall Fall Guys if needed. Also make sure your firewall, antivirus and DNS settings are configured correctly. Contacting customer support is your final option.

I hope this guide helped you resolve the error code 200_014 so you can get back to enjoying Fall Guys without headaches! Let us know if any of these fixes worked for you.


Q1. What is the Fall Guys error code 200_014?
A1. Error code 200_014 in Fall Guys indicates the game is unable to connect with the game servers, preventing you from playing.

Q2. Why do I keep getting Fall Guys error code 200_014?
A2. This error is typically caused by network problems, outdated game version, server issues, firewall blocking connections or corrupt game files.

Q3. How can I fix the Fall Guys 200_014 error?
A3. Restart your devices, check internet connection, update game & Windows, allow Fall Guys in firewall, flush DNS, use Google DNS, clear Steam download cache, reinstall game, contact support.

Q4. Does error 200_014 means I’m banned from Fall Guys?
A4. No, error code 200_014 has nothing to do with being banned. It is a simple connectivity error that can be fixed.

Q5. I get Fall Guys error 200_014 on PlayStation/Xbox, how to fix?
A5. On consoles, restarting the console and game, checking internet connection, reinstalling the game, and power cycling network devices may fix this.

Q6. Why does Fall Guys error 200_014 happen on one device but not others?|
A6. The error could be caused by local network problems or issues with game file installation unique to that device. Try the troubleshooting steps to isolate the cause.

Q7. Should I uninstall Fall Guys to fix error code 200_014?
A7. Reinstalling Fall Guys is one of the troubleshooting steps worth trying if you have exhausted all other options. But try less invasive solutions first.

Q8. Does Fall Guys error 200_014 mean my account is hacked?
A8. No, there is no account security relation with this connectivity error. Resetting your password may not help resolve this specific issue.

Q9. I can’t login to Fall Guys due to error 200_014, what should I do?
A9. Error 200_014 prevents connecting to Fall Guys servers, not logging in. Try the troubleshooting steps outlined in the guide to fix the connectivity problem first.

Q10. How can I contact Fall Guys support for error code 200_014?
A10. You can contact Fall Guys customer support via email at [email protected] or reach out on their official Discord server. Explain the error and troubleshooting steps tried.

Q11. Does using a VPN help fix Fall Guys error code 200_014?
A11. A VPN can sometimes resolve connection issues by routing your traffic through a different path. Try connecting via a reputable VPN service to see if it fixes error 200_014.

Q12. Should I upgrade my internet plan to resolve Fall Guys error 200_014?
A12. If you have very slow internet speeds, upgrading to a faster plan may help. But first try troubleshooting your existing connection before spending on an upgrade.

Q13. Where can I find details on current Fall Guys server status?
A13. You can check the @FallGuysGame Twitter page for updates on any server outages and maintenance downtimes that could cause connectivity issues.

Q14. Does Fall Guys error 200_014 affect gameplay?
A14. Yes, error 200_014 prevents you from being able to launch and play Fall Guys properly. The game may crash or get stuck at the loading screen when this occurs.

Q15. Is there a workaround to play Fall Guys when getting error 200_014?|
A15. Unfortunately no workarounds exist to bypass error 200_014 and play normally. You have to fix the underlying connection problem first.

Q16. Will reinstalling Steam help fix Fall Guys error code 200_014?
A16. Reinstalling Steam can sometimes resolve connectivity issues, so it’s worth trying if other options have failed. Make sure to backup your game library first.

Q17. How long does Fall Guys error 200_014 last?
A17. The error duration depends on the underlying cause. It could be temporary or persist indefinitely until properly troubleshooted and resolved.

Q18. Does Fall Guys error 200_014 happen on Xbox One/Series X/S?
A18. Yes, this connectivity error can occur across platforms including Xbox consoles. Follow the same troubleshooting methodology to identify and fix the issue.

Q19. Can multiple people play Fall Guys if one gets error 200_014?
A19. If the error is caused by local system issues, others can still play. But if it’s a network or server outage, all players may face disruptions.

Q20. Is it safe to port forward Fall Guys to fix error 200_014?
A20. Port forwarding is not required or recommended for resolving error 200_014. The solutions outlined in the guide should help resolve connectivity issues without needing to modify router settings.

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