How To Fix Fall Guys Error Code 10011?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a popular platformer battle royale game that was released in 2020. The game has become widely popular, amassing over 10 million downloads within the first month of its release. However, some players have encountered error code 10011 when trying to launch Fall Guys. This error prevents the game from starting properly.

How To Fix Fall Guys Error Code 10011?

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss what Fall Guys error code 10011 is, what causes it, and most importantly, how to fix it so you can get back to playing the game. We will provide actionable steps and easy-to-follow instructions to resolve error 10011 in Fall Guys.

What is Fall Guys Error Code 10011?

Fall Guys error code 10011 indicates that the game is unable to connect to the game’s servers. This connectivity issue prevents players from being able to launch and play Fall Guys normally.

Some common symptoms when encountering Fall Guys error code 10011 include:

  • Inability to get past the loading screen when launching the game
  • Error message popping up stating “Unable to connect to server. Please check your internet connection and try again”
  • Getting stuck on the loading/connecting screen

Error 10011 is often caused by problems with the player’s internet connection. However, there could also be issues with the Fall Guys servers themselves. Thankfully, there are a number of potential solutions that players can try to resolve this error.

Causes of Fall Guys Error Code 10011

Here are some of the most common reasons why players encounter connectivity issues and error code 10011 in Fall Guys:

Internet Connection Issues

An unstable internet connection is one of the main causes of error 10011. Issues like low bandwidth, high ping, packet loss, or using a VPN/proxy can prevent you from maintaining a steady connection to Fall Guys servers.

Restarting your router or modem may help resolve temporary network problems. Switching from WiFi to wired ethernet connection can also improve connectivity.

Outdated Game Version

Make sure Fall Guys is updated to the latest version. Outdated game files can sometimes lead to connection issues with the servers.

Check for any available updates for the game and install them. Update your gaming platform (PlayStation, Steam, etc) if needed as well.

Fall Guys Server Issues

Sometimes the problem lies with Fall Guys servers themselves. Server outages, maintenance, or technical issues can all prevent players from connecting.

Check the @FallGuysGame Twitter account or Fall Guys Server Status page to see if servers are down. Trying again later may fix error 10011 in this case.

Firewall/Antivirus Blocking Connectivity

Overly restrictive firewalls or antivirus software can block Fall Guys from accessing the internet and servers. Adding exceptions for Fall Guys in your firewall or antivirus settings may help overcome this.

Corrupt Game Files

In rare cases, corrupted or missing game files can cause connectivity issues. Reinstalling or verifying the integrity of game files may help if other solutions aren’t working.

How to Fix Fall Guys Error Code 10011

Now that we’ve covered the main causes behind error 10011, here are the detailed steps and solutions to fix it:

1. Restart Your Network Devices

The first step is to restart your modem, router, and gaming platform/PC. This refreshes the network connection and clears out any temporary glitches.

Follow these steps:

  • Unplug your modem and router from power for 30 seconds then plug them back in. Wait for them to fully reboot.
  • Restart your gaming platform (PlayStation, Steam, etc) or restart your PC/laptop if playing on Windows.
  • Try launching Fall Guys again and see if error 10011 is fixed.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure there are no issues with your internet connection preventing access to Fall Guys servers:

  • Run a speed test to check your internet speed and ping. Consistent speeds above 10-15Mbps download should be sufficient.
  • Connect a device directly to your modem via wired ethernet and test Fall Guys. If it works, the issue may be your WiFi network.
  • Disable any VPN or proxy connections on your gaming platform/PC as they can interfere with connectivity.
  • Try disconnecting other devices from your network that may be using bandwidth.

3. Update Fall Guys to the Latest Version

Outdated game files can cause connectivity problems. Update Fall Guys to the latest version:

  • On PlayStation, visit the Fall Guys page on the PlayStation Store and download any available updates.
  • On Steam, right click on Fall Guys in your Library, select Properties > Updates and install any pending updates.
  • If playing on Epic Games, open the Epic Games launcher and select Fall Guys. It will automatically update if new updates are available.

4. Check Fall Guys Server Status

See if Fall Guys servers are down for maintenance or experiencing outages:

  • Check the @FallGuysGame Twitter page for server status announcements.
  • Visit the Fall Guys Server Status page and see if any issues are reported.
  • Try launching Fall Guys again after some time has passed once servers are back up.

5. Add Fall Guys as an Exception in Firewall & Antivirus

Make sure your security software is not blocking Fall Guys connectivity:

Windows Firewall

  • Open your Windows Firewall settings
  • Click Allow an app or feature through Firewall
  • Select Change Settings > Allow another app
  • Browse to the Fall Guys executable file location (usually C:\Program Files\Epic Games\FallGuys\FallGuys.exe on Epic Games version or location where Steam is installed)
  • Add FallGuys.exe as an allowed app

Windows Defender Antivirus

  • Open your Windows Security settings
  • Click Virus & Threat protection
  • Under Allowed threats select Add or remove exclusions
  • Click Add an exclusion > Folder
  • Browse to the Fall Guys install folder location and select it
  • Click Exclude this folder

Other Antivirus Software

Consult your antivirus software’s settings to add an exclusion for the entire Fall Guys install folder.

6. Reinstall or Verify Fall Guys Game Files

If all else fails, reinstalling or verifying game files can help replace any corrupted files causing issues.

On Steam:

  • Right click Fall Guys in your Library and select Properties
  • Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files
  • Let Steam scan files and repair anything missing or corrupted

On PlayStation/Epic:

  • Uninstall Fall Guys completely through the PlayStation Store or Epic Games Launcher
  • Reinstall Fall Guys fresh from the store/launcher

Following these steps should successfully fix Fall Guys error code 10011 in most cases. Reach out to Fall Guys support if the error persists. Now get back out there and start qualifying!


Q: Does error 10011 only affect PC or console players?
A: Error 10011 can occur on both PC and consoles. It’s mainly related to connectivity issues and affects all platforms.

Q: Can I fix error 10011 without internet access on my gaming PC/console?
A: Unfortunately no, having an active internet connection is required as error 10011 is tied to connectivity issues with Fall Guys servers.

Q: Does reinstalling Fall Guys delete my progress or unlockable?
A: No, your saved data, progress, and unlocked items are stored separately and will not be deleted if you reinstall the game.

Q: Can I get error 10011 if my gaming platform like Steam or Epic Games is offline?
A: Yes, being offline on your gaming platform can prevent connecting to Fall Guys servers and trigger error 10011.

Q: I can connect to other online games but still get error 10011 in Fall Guys, why?
A: Fall Guys may be blocked specifically by your firewall or antivirus software. Be sure to add it as an allowed program through Windows Firewall and Windows Security.

Q: Does verifying game files delete any customizations or settings I’ve applied?
A: No, verifying game files through Steam only replaces corrupt files and does not alter any settings or customizations you have applied.

Q: Can router QoS settings cause connectivity issues with Fall Guys?
A: Yes, having bandwidth throttling or other restrictions enabled on your router could potentially interfere with connecting to Fall Guys servers.

Q: I keep getting disconnected with error 10011 after joining a match, how can I fix this?
A: Frequent mid-match disconnects are usually caused by an unstable internet connection. Switch to a wired connection or contact your ISP for assistance.

Q: What ports does Fall Guys use for connectivity? Can I forward ports to fix error 10011?
A: Fall Guys uses UDP ports 443, 7000-8005. Port forwarding is generally not required, but you can try opening these ports if connections are blocked.

Q: Is there a way to fix error 10011 using command prompts or hosts file edits?
A: No, error 10011 cannot be fixed with commands or hosts file edits. The solutions provided in this guide related to internet, updates, files are recommended.

Q: I keep getting error 10011 on Nintendo Switch but my internet is fine. Help!
A: Try manually setting up the network connection on Switch rather than using Auto-Connect. Setting DNS to Google (, may also help.

Key Takeaways on Resolving Fall Guys Error Code 10011

Fixing error code 10011 enables you to connect to Fall Guys servers so you can play the game online properly. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Error 10011 means Fall Guys can’t communicate with the game’s servers due to connectivity issues.
  • Restarting network devices, checking internet speed/stability, and uninstalling VPNs can resolve temporary network problems.
  • Update Fall Guys and gaming platforms to latest versions to avoid version mismatch issues.
  • Make sure your firewall, antivirus, and security software allow Fall Guys through their connections.
  • Reinstalling or verifying game files replaces any corrupt data that could prevent connecting.
  • Check @FallGuysGame on Twitter or the Server Status page during server outages or maintenance.

Following the troubleshooting steps in this guide will get error 10011 fixed and let you dive back into the wacky world of Fall Guys in no time!


Error code 10011 can certainly be frustrating, but resolving it is possible with the right fixes and solutions. The main takeaway is that this error is generally caused by connectivity issues between the game and Fall Guys backend servers. While the servers themselves may sometimes be down, there are a number of things players can try on their end to troubleshoot their game and internet connection.

The solutions provided in this guide, such as rebooting network devices, checking for game and platform updates, verifying game file integrity, and allowing Fall Guys connections through firewall and antivirus software have proven effective for most users encountering error 10011. Persistence and systematically working through these steps can help resolve the issue for good.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what causes error 10011 and a variety of options to try in order to fix it. Don’t let this error keep you from enjoying all the chaotic fun that Fall Guys has to offer. Use this guide to troubleshoot the problem so you can get back to grabbing crowns in no time!

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